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李阳疯狂英语标准美语发音宝典齿龈后部破擦辅音 /dr/ 下

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本单元音标:齿龈后部破擦辅音 /dr/


 4.The game ended with a dramatic last-minute goal.
 5.Ask the children not to play in the bedroom.
 6.I hate these dry,dreary days.
 7.Children,be careful not to drop your drinks.
 8.Drat!It's raining.My laundry will never get dry.
 9.The children drew pictures of dragons on the wall.
 10.I drank a lot last night,and then I dreamed a dreadful dream.
Americans's Favorite Sentences:
Jim's Favorite Sentences:
 1.I enjoy driving in the countryside.
 2.Her dream has come true.
 3.Bill Gates is a college dropout.He dropped out of Harvard University at the age of nineteen.
 Nabil's Favorite Sentence:
 Don't drink and drive.
 Kim's Favorite Sentence:
 We should drink plenty of water because it's so dry.
 Andrew's Favorite Sentence:
 This drudgery makes me drowsy.
 1.I know that my future is not just a dream.
 2.You can drive my car as long as you drive carefully.
 3.I believe the stock market is going to drop again.
 4.It's strange that many people like to drink dry wine mixed with Sprite.
 5.I was nothing but a dropout.But look at me now!
 6.If you say it a hundred times,you will never forget it.
 7.You should dress formally for the interview.
 1.Sweet dreams.做个好梦。
 2.Would you care for a drink?
        A:Would you care for a drink?去喝一杯怎么样?
        B:Absolutely!Let's go.当然好,我们走吧。
 3.My dream has come true.我的梦想成真了。
 4.It drives me crazy.它快要使我发疯了。
        A:I hate the way he talks.It drives me crazy. 我讨厌他说话的方式,快让我发疯了。
        B:Oh,don't let it bother you. 哦,别为这个烦恼了。
 5.How do you like my new dress? 你喜欢我的新裙子吗?
 6.Could you drop me off at the supermarket?你能让我在超市下车吗?
 7.Say no to drugs.对毒品说不。
 8.The time is drawing close.时间就快到了。
疯狂实战:A:The time is drawing close.时间就快到了。
         B:Well,we're almost ready.哦,我们就好了。
 9.The temperature is dropping.温度下降了。
 10.Housework is such a drag.家务活真让人厌烦。
        A:Housework is such a drag.家务活真让人厌烦。
        B:Yeah,but you don't want to live like a pig,do you?是啊,但你不能像只猪一样生活,对吧?
 1.My husband dressed the children while I got breakfast ready.我准备早餐,我丈夫就替孩子穿衣服。
 2.The boring speech dragged on for hours.那个无聊的演讲没完没了的拖了好几钟头。
 3.The cold medicine I'm taking makes me drowsy,so I only take it before I go to bed!
Jim's Words:
I know your dream is to speak good English.Keep practicing,and your dream will come true!