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英语晨读精华 Week 4 Day 2 Antelope and Lion 羚羊和狮子

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Antelope and Lion


In Africa, when the antelope wakes up every morning, the first thing that comes to his mind is“, I must be able to run faster than the fastest lion, or I will be killed by a lion.” And at just the same time, the lion wakes out of his dream, and the first thing flashing into his mind is, “I must be able to catch up with the slowest antelope; otherwise I will starve to death.” So, almost at the same moment both the antelope and the lion jump to their feet, and start running toward the rising sun.  

Such is life — whether you are an antelope or a lion, you ought to dash forward without hesitation when the sun rises.  

antelope: 羚羊 
flash: to cause (light) to appear suddenly or in intermittent bursts 闪现,闪光 
hesitation: a pause or faltering in speech 犹豫,踌躇