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英语晨读精华 Week 5 Day 5 The Man I Respect Most 我最尊敬的人

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The Man I Respect Most


My father is the man I respect most. Stern as he may be, he never fails to show his care and consideration. Once I broke a neighbor’s window. Seeing nobody around, I ran away immediately. When Dad came home, he noticed my uneasiness and asked me what had happened. I could only tell him the truth. Rather than scold me, he praised my honesty and then encouraged me to apologize to our neighbor. I learned from this episode that not only does Dad take care of our health but he also teaches us how to be good citizens. How lucky I am to have such a good father!  

stern : severe, strict 严厉的 
consideration : careful thought; deliberation 体谅,考虑 
uneasiness : 不安 
episode : an incident or event that is part of a progression or a larger sequence 插曲,有趣的事件