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英语晨读精华 Week 6 Day 6 Hip—Hop World 嘻哈音乐的世界

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Hip-hop World

饶舌歌曲方兴未艾,布袋挎裤、运动鞋、闪亮配件样样齐全!没有跳过街舞也必定看过打扮一身行头的帅哥酷妹吧?!一探劲爆的hip-hop 文化如何攻占你的心!


Every age has its music. Jazz was once king. Rock had its day. Now rap is in the house, and the party is just getting started. 

Like other musical forms—such as jazz and rock—that have their roots in the black community, rap has faced its share of criticism. Rap music was once called a fad, but it’s been around for more than two decades, and it’s more popular than ever. Rap is a way of speaking or singing rhythmically, in rhyme. Hip-hop first refers to the backing music for rap. It also refers to rap culture. Hip-hop is not just music; it’s a way of life, a culture. Look around you: wherever there are young kids hanging out, you’re sure to see the signs. Baggy jeans, sports jerseys, and baseball hats worn sideways are just a few of hip-hop trademarks that have begun appearing on the streets of somewhere. 

Technically there are four elements that make up hip-hop: graffiti, break-dancing, rap music, and mixing. Most agree that the culture of hip-hop started in New York’s Bronx in the late 1970s. Early hip-hop music focused on the difficulties of living in the poor urban ghettoes. It talked to African-Americans directly about their problems.It was a way for inner-city youths to publicize the problems they faced. 

The music of hip-hop is rap. It’s a style based on rhythm and spoken words. The music went hand-in-hand with break-dancing, a dance style that took off around the same time. Mixing records started as a way to produce new music cheaply. The other element, graffiti, has long been a part of urban culture. Originally used by gangs as a way to mark their territory, graffiti eventually developed into an independent form of street art. 

That’s how it started, so then where did hip-hop go? Everywhere, man, it went everywhere. From England to Brazil to Japan, hip-hop spread everywhere and it spread fast. Now even the Eskimos have hip-hop!  

Jazz : 爵士乐 
Rock:to move back and forth or from side to side, especially gently or rhythmically 摇滚乐 
label :to attach a label to 标签 
rapper :one that raps or strikes, especially a door knocker 叩击者(物), 敲门者 
rap :a quick, light blow or knock 叩击,轻拍 
criticism :a critical comment or judgment 批评,批判 
fad :a fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze 时尚,一时
rhythmically :of, relating to, or having rhythm; recurring with measured regularity 有节奏地 
rhyme :to compose rhymes or verse 韵,押韵 
backing :approval or endorsement 支持者,赞助者 
graffiti :涂鸦 

jersey :运动衫 
ghetto :犹太人区