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英语晨读精华 Week 8 Day 3 Pitch in for the Planet 为这颗星球努力

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Pitch in for the Planet



Five ways for you to be an Earth Day hero   

When then Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson developed the idea for the first Earth Day in 1970, little did he know how that idea would take root and bloom. Earth Day was meant to draw attention to environmental problems. America’s enthusiasm for Earth Day helped persuade lawmakers to pass the 1970 Clean Air Act and to create the Environmental Protection Agency. This Earth Day, April 22, people around the world will gather to show that they care about our planet. But you can celebrate Earth Day every day. Here are some easy things you can do to protect the air, water and soil. 

1. Recycle batteries. The batteries used in toys, cell phones and other devices can be harmful to the environment. If your batteries contain cadmium, nickel, lead or mercury, don’t throw them in the garbage. Take used batteries to a recycling or collection center in your community. 

2. Cut down on garbage. Prevention is the best way to fight pollution! If you don’t create garbage then no one has to clean it up. Buy products that don’t have a lot of packaging. Reuse containers instead of throwing them out. Try to make Earth Day a garbage-free day.  

3. Avoid chemicals. Plant marigolds, mint, garlic or onions in a garden instead of spraying pesticides. Insects don’t like these plants and will stay away. Use natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and salt to make cleaners in place of store-bought chemical cleaners.  

4. Don’t waste energy. Just think how much electricity you could save if you always turned off lights and appliances when not using them.

Remind your parents and friends to conserve energy. Is the heat in your classroom on high with the window open? Do you let the faucet or shower run longer than needed? It takes energy to make hot water. Use less and you’ll save precious resources.  

5. Get involved. Is there a place in your community that needs to be cleaned up? Get the job done by organizing an event. Working with others is fun, and teamwork will get it done faster. Write letters to government leaders. Let them know that you care about the environment. 

pitch in: 努力投入 
Wisconsin: 威斯康星州(美国州名) 
Senator: a member of a senate 参议员 
Earth Day: 地球日 
enthusiasm: a source or cause of great excitement or interest 狂热,热心 
lawmaker: one who makes or enacts laws; a legislator 立法者 
Clean Air Act: (美国)空气清洁法案 
battery: a single cell, such as a dry cell, that produces an electric current 电池 
cadmium: 镉 
nickel: 镍  
lead: 铅 
mercury: 水银,汞 
marigold: 万寿菊,金盏草 
mint: 薄荷 
garlic: an onionlike plant (Allium sativum) of southern Europe having a bulb that breaks up into
separable cloves with a strong, distinctive odor and flavor 大蒜 
onion: 洋葱 
spraying pesticide: 喷洒杀虫剂 
baking soda: 碳酸氢钠,发酵粉 
appliance: a device or instrument designed to perform a specific function, especially an electrical
device, such as a toaster, for household use 用具,器具 
faucet: a device for regulating the flow of a liquid from a reservoir such as a pipe or drum 龙头,旋塞