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Words And Their Stories教程汇总和最近更新


[tctab]中英[/tctab]Seeing an Eclipse Is Good! Being Eclipsed Is Not日食很美,被人盖过风头就不美啦Hello and welcome to ... [查看全文]


[tctab]中英[/tctab]From News Event Comes Common Expressions词汇掌故:别喝迷魂汤和斯德哥尔摩综合征Hello and welcome to ano... [查看全文]


[tctab]中英[/tctab]New 'Words to the Wise' from Merriam-Webster韦氏辞典新收录的单词The American English dictionar... [查看全文]


From VOA Learning English, this is Words and Their Stories.Many people say not enough Americans speak a foreign ... [查看全文]


Now, the VOA Learning English program Words and Their Stories.Part of the "American Dream" is to own a home. Ma... [查看全文]


For this Words and Their Stories, we leave Earth and travel deep in space."... five ... four ... three ... two... [查看全文]

2015-07-26VOA慢速英语: “你让我起了一身鸡皮疙瘩”

Now, the VOA Learning English program Words and Their Stories.Americans can sometimes begin a sentence with the w... [查看全文]

2015-07-19VOA慢速英语:OK 的几种形式

Now, the VOA Learning English program, Words and Their Stories.Millions of people all over the world use the wor... [查看全文]

2015-07-12VOA 慢速英语:这是什么?

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]By VOAWhat is this? If you don't the name of something, just point to it and call it ... [查看全文]

2015-07-04VOA慢速英语: 独立日

Hello and welcome to the VOA Learning Englishprogram Words and Their Stories.Independence Day is a huge celebratio... [查看全文]