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听美剧学英语_生活大爆炸第三季 第23集 (上)





《生活大爆炸第三季》(英文:The Big Bang Theory Season 3)是由马克·森卓斯基执导,查克·罗瑞、比尔·布拉迪编剧,吉姆·帕森斯、约翰尼·盖尔克奇、卡蕾·措科、西蒙·赫尔伯格、昆瑙·内亚、梅丽莎·劳奇共同主演的美国情景喜剧。第三季于2009年9月21日在哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)播出。讲述了从北极回来的Howard、Raj、Leonard、Sheldon发生的又一系列令人啼笑皆非的事情。

Ok, we've got the power to the laser.

搞定 激光接上电源了
I should've brought an umbrella.
What for? It's not gonna rain.
作甚啊 又不会下雨
I know that. But with skin as fair as mine, moon burn is real possibility.
我知道 但我如此白嫩的肌肤还是有可能被月光灼伤的
That's a "Bazinga," Right?
这是个"逗你玩儿" 对吧
One of my best, don't you think?
我的巅峰之作 你觉得呢
Howard, do you want to doublecheck the equatorial mount on the laser?
霍华德 你要不要再检查一下激光上的赤道仪装置
We need it locked onto the Sea of Tranquility. You got it.
我们得把它锁定到"宁静之海"上(月面某部名称) 没问题
Oh, Raj, no. Billions of dollars have gone into inventing the Internet and filling it with pictures of naked women,
天 拉杰 别这样 人们花了无数美元发明了英特网 并在上面发了无数艳照
so we don't have to peep through windows.
It's not like that. I'm watching someone's TV. The Good Wife is on.
我才没有呢 我只不过在看别人的电视而已 正在播《傲骨贤妻》呢
I tell you, this is my new Grey's Anatomy.
告诉你 这就是我的新《实习医生格蕾》
Leonard, Leonard. What is that? What is that?
莱纳德 莱纳德 那是啥 那是啥
Relax, it's just a dirty sock.
别紧张 不就是只脏袜子嘛
How on earth can you say
"Dirty sock" And "Relax" In the same sentence?
Sheldon, the world is filled with dirty discarded socks.
谢尔顿 这个世界上到处都有被遗弃的脏袜子
Not my world.
Hey, you know who'd really dig seeing this experiment? Penny.
嘿 你们知道谁会非常想看这个实验吗 佩妮
I wasn't aware that lunar ranging was her thing.
Although, I suppose the retroreflector left on the moon by Neil Armstrong does qualify as a shiny object.
Why don't you ask her to come up?
I don't know, it's still a little weird since, you know...
不知道 自从那之后就有点怪怪的
She dumped you? She didn't dump me. We were just in different places in the relationship.
她甩了你吗 她没有甩了我 我们只不过在这段关系中处在不同方位罢了
I fail to see how a relationship can have the qualities of a geographic location.
Oh, it's very simple. Leonard was living in a little town called "Please don't leave me"
唔 这很简单 莱纳德住在一个叫做"请别离开"的小镇里
while Penny had just moved to the island of "Buhbye."
Screw you guys. I'm gonna go see if she's home.
去你丫的 我去看看她在不在家
If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to point this at the moon now.
如果方便的话 我想把望远镜瞄准月球了
Wait a second. The good wife is crying. Something's very wrong.
且慢 好老婆正哭呢 出大问题了
Oh, hi. What's going on? We're up on the roof bouncing laser beams off the moon.
嘿 怎么了 我们在屋顶上尝试从月球将激光射回来呢
I'm sorry, what? It's pretty cool. We've got a twometer parabolic reflector and everything.
抱歉 什么 很酷的哦 我们准备了直径两米的反射器和其他仪器
I thought you might want to see it.
That makes no sense. How can you bounce stuff off the moon? There's no gravity.
这完全说不通啊 你怎么可能从月球上弹射东西 那儿可没有重力
Uh, Leonard, This is Zack. Zack, Leonard. Hey.
呃 莱纳德 这是扎克 扎克 这是莱纳德 嘿
Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were busy. Maybe another time. Yeah, maybe.
抱歉 我不知道你们正忙呢 或许下次吧 嗯 或许吧
Hey, I want to see this laser thing.
嗨 我想看看这个激光
Oh, but what about the party?
It's a surprise party doesn't matter when we get there.
只不过是个惊喜派对而已 什么时候到完全没所谓
Right. Okay, well, yeah, come on up.
那倒是 那好吧 上来吧
So, how'd you guys meet?
My company designs the menus for the Cheesecake Factory.
Your company? Well, my dad. But me and my sister are VPs.
你的公司 事实上是我爸的 但我和我妹妹是副总
So... menus. I know it sounds easy, but there's a lot of science that goes into designing them.
呃 菜单啊 听起来貌似简单 但在设计当中是包含了不少科学知识的
Happy now? I'm moving the dirty sock.
开心了吧 我把脏袜子丢开了
Thank you. Raj, keep an eye out for the other one.
谢谢 拉杰 时刻注意另外一只
Hey, guys, this is my friend Zack. Hello. Zack. Whoa!
各位 这是我朋友扎克 你好扎克 哇哦
Is that the laser? It's bitchin'. Yes.
这就是那激光吗 太他妈帅了 没错
In 1917, when Albert Einstein established the theoretic foundation for the laser in his paper "Zur Quantentheorie der Strahlung,"
1917年 当爱因斯坦在他的文章《关于辐射的量子理论中》阐述了激光的理论基础时
His fondest hope was that the resultant device be bitchin'.
Well, mission accomplished.
唔 那任务达成了
Let me explain what we're doing here.
Um, in 1969, the astronauts on Apollo 11 positioned reflectors on the surface of the moon,
and we're going to shoot a laser off one of them and let the light bounce back into this photomultiplier.
而我们则要发射激光到其中的一个上面并反射回来 到这个光电倍增器上
Oh! That's very cool. One question. How can you be sure it won't blow up?
哇 那很酷啊 只有一个问题 你怎么确定它不会爆炸
The laser? The moon. See, now this is a man for Penny.
激光吗 月球 看 这才是配得上佩妮的男人
That's a great question, Zack. No, it's not.
问得好 扎克 才不是呢
Sheldon! Play nice.
谢尔顿 要友好
It's not a great question. How could somebody possibly think we're going to blow up the moon?
问得不好 怎么能有人觉得我们会炸掉月球
That's a great question. Don't worry about the moon. WeWe set our laser to stun.
这才叫问得好 不用担心月球 我们把激光调弱了
Smart. Now, we'll be able to see the beam when it leaves, but it won't be strong enough when it comes back to be seen by the naked eye.
聪明 发射时我们能看到光束 但返回时的光束减弱 裸眼看不到
Naked. Right. Uh... funny.
裸 是很搞笑
Uh, that device, there, will measure the photons that return and let us see it on this computer.
那个装置能测量返回的光子 我们能在电脑上看到
Raj, get them some glasses.
拉杰 给他们眼镜
Cool, it's gonna be in 3D?
酷 还有三维效果
Preparing to fire laser at the moon.
Make it so. There it is. There's the spike!
开始吧 有了 看到峰值了
2.5 seconds for the light to return. That's the moon! We hit the moon!
返回时间2.5秒 是月球 我们击中月球了
That's your big experiment? All that for a line on the screen?
这就是你们的大实验 搞这么多就为了屏幕上的一条线
Yeah, but, uh, think about what this represents.
话虽如此 想想这代表着什么
The fact that we can do this is the only way of definitively proving that there are manmade objects
on the moon, put there by a member of a species that only 60 years before had just invented the airplane.
What species is that?
I was wrong. Penny can do better.
我错了 佩妮能找更好的
Okay, guys, thank you, it's been fun. Yeah, thanks.
好了 谢谢各位 很有意思 谢谢
Should we invite them to the party? No, just keep walking.
能请他们参加派对吗 不行 只管走
He must be very skilled at coitus.
I'm telling you, dude, the only way to feel better about Penny going out with other guys is for you to get back on the whores.
告诉你 唯一能让你接受佩妮结交新欢的办法就是再奸再厉
Horse. What? The phrase is "Get back on the horse," not "Whores."
接 什么 那个词是"再接再厉" 不是"奸"
That's disgusting, dude.
老兄 你真恶心
No, it's not... Never mind. He is right, though.
不是 算了 不过他说得对
If you want, I can turn you on to this great new dating site I found. No, thanks.
你愿意的话 我可以给你介绍我找到的新交友网 不了 谢谢
You sure? They say they can find a match for anybody. Have they found a match for you?
你确定 上面说能给任何人牵红线 他们给你牵了吗
Tons. I've had, like, eight dates in the last month. And 12 if you count the ones who showed up and left.
多着呢 上个月就有八个呢 如果算上见我就闪的 有12个呢
I can't bring the nitrogen tank down.
Why not? All right, let me restate that.It's very heavy, and I don't want to.
为什么 我重申一遍 它很重 我不想搬
I'll help you. Thank you.
我去搬吧 谢谢
Lift with your knees, not your back. Good night.
用膝盖 别用背 晚安
You know what would be fun? Signing Sheldon up for online dating.
知道什么才好玩吗 帮谢尔顿申请网上交友
Yeah, right. No, think about it. We make it an experiment.
算了吧 不 想一想 我们当实验做
Like when Frankenstein's monster was lonely and he found a wife.
He didn't find a wife. They built him a wife out of dead body parts.
他没有找老婆 而是用死尸器官造了个老婆
Okay, we'll call that plan B.
Coming! Damn you, you rat bastard.
来了 你个该死的混蛋
Are you drunk? Zack was a perfectly nice guy, and then you ruined him!
你醉啦 扎克是个绝好男友 你把他毁了
How did I ruin him?
'Cause in the olden days, I never would've known he was so stupid.
Come on, he wasn't that stupid.
拜托 他没那么傻
Yes, he was! He thought you were gonna blow up the moon!
不 他是傻 他觉得你们会炸掉月球
Okay, yeah, he's stupid. He spent the entire night bragging about how he invented the word "Appeteasers."
对 他确实很傻 他一整晚都在吹嘘自己怎么造出"阑胃菜"这个词
How is that my fault?
You have destroyed my ability to tolerate idiots. Now, come with me.
你毁了我容忍傻逼的能力 现在跟我走
WhWhere are we going? We're gonna have sex.
去哪 我们去做爱
Why? I mean, okay.
为啥 不过我没意见
What's going on?
Put on your noisecanceling headphones, 'cause it's gonna get loud.
把你的降噪耳机戴上 这边会很吵的
Oh! Not this again. In what universe is this lowpulp?
怎么又来了 这怎么可能是少果肉呢
Good morning, Penny. What, do you have eyes in the back of your head?
早啊 佩妮 你后脑勺长眼睛了吗
When one gets beaten up every other day in school, one of necessity develops a keen sense of hearing.
隔天就在学校挨揍的某人 必然会进化出更敏锐的听觉
Incidentally, one can get beaten up in school simply by referring to oneself as "One."
而且 在学校挨揍的某人 通常都把自己称为"某人"
I'm making English muffins. Would you like an English muffin?
我准备做英式松饼 你想吃吗
Oh, thanks, I'm not hungry. FYI, my noisecanceling headphones proved ineffective last night.
不了 我不饿 另外昨晚证明我的降噪耳机无效
Yeah, sorry about that. As a native Texan,I must say I've never heard the phrase "Yeehaw" used in quite that context.
不好意思 作为本土德州人 我得说"驾"这个词在交媾中很少用到
Oh, God. "Oh, God." That I've heard on multiple occasions.
天呐 天呐 这个我倒是听过很多次
In what universe is that lightly toasted? This has to be the worst day of my life.
这算哪门子"微"烤 今天真是我一生之中最扯淡的一天


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