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Pompeo Names N. Korea Special Representative

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has named Steve Biegun as special representative for North Korea. He will direct U.S. policy towards North Korea and lead efforts to achieve President Donald Trump's goal of the final, fully verified denuclearization of North Korea, as agreed to by Chairman Kim in Singapore.

As special representative, Mr. Biegun will lead negotiations and spearhead diplomatic efforts with American allies and partners.

“Mr. Biegun has had an extensive career in foreign policy and in tough negotiating settings”, said Secretary Pompeo. This will place Mr. Biegun in good stead as his primary task will be to use diplomacy to resolve the North Korean security threat once and for all.

In remarks, Mr. Biegun acknowledged the challenges ahead, “The issues are tough, and they will be tough to resolve. But the President has created an opening, and it's one that we must take by seizing every possible opportunity to realize the vision for a peaceful future for the people of North Korea.”

“This begins,” said Mr. Biegun, “with the final, fully verified denuclearization of North Korea. . . .I will work closely with my colleagues here at the State Department and throughout the U.S. Government, as well as our allies and partners around the world, to achieve our shared goal of a safer and more peaceful world.

Secretary Pompeo expressed his confidence in Mr. Biegun saying he “is eminently qualified for the task and clear-eyed in the challenge before us. I'm fully confident that he will be able to lead our mission in ensuring a secure future for the American people and – we hope – a far brighter future for the people of North Korea.”

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