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双语对照 | 书虫二级《格雷丝·达林 》:1.福法尔郡号

所属教程: 牛津书虫系列 格雷丝·达林





The For farshire
Daniel Donovan was a passenger on the For farshire. He stood on the deck of the ship, and looked at the sea. It was difficult to stand on the deck, because the wind was so strong. The ship was moving up and down uncomfortably and Daniel felt ill. Then a big wave hit the side of the ship, and salt water flew into his face.
'The wind is getting stronger,' said a passenger beside him. He was a tall, dark man with a black coat — Mr Robb, a churchman. 'And it's getting darker, too.'
'Yes,' said Daniel. 'I can't see the land now.' He looked to the west, but he could see no land, no lights. Only water — big grey waves with white tops, which went up and down, up and down.
'But the For farshire is a good modern ship,' said Mr Robb. 'Nothing can happen to a new ship like this. Listen to those fine strong engines!'
Daniel looked down at the big paddle wheel on the side of the ship. It went round and round, down under the white water, and up again... under the water, and up. Then he looked up at the black smoke which came from the For farshire's funnel.
'Yes,' he said. 'They're good, strong engines.' But he was not really sure. He was an engineer, so he knew about engines. Sometimes the For farshire's engines made strange noises, and the paddle wheels went round slowly. Then there was a crash, and they went quickly again. Daniel was not happy.
A sea-bird flew low across the white tops of the big, grey waves. Daniel watched it, and felt wind and rain on his face. Then a door opened behind him, and a woman screamed.
'Simon, come back! Come back at once!'
Daniel looked behind him, and saw a small boy. He was running across the deck. He was only three or four years old, and the wind was much too strong for him. He fell over on the deck and began to cry. Then another big wave hit the side of the ship. The white water came over the side and carried the boy along the deck.
'Help!' the woman screamed. 'Save my child!'
Daniel put out a hand and caught the boy's coat. Then he carried him quickly back to his mother.
'Quick! Get back in, out of the wind, woman!' he shouted. He hurried through the door and closed it with a crash. 'It's too dangerous for children out there!'
'Yes, I know,' the woman said. 'Come here, Simon!' She sat down and held the boy with one arm. She had another child in her other arm — a little girl, about one or two years old. 'Thank you, sir,' she said.
The ship moved up and down very quickly, and Daniel sat down beside the woman. She smiled at him, but she looked very white and ill.
'I'm Daniel Donovan,' he said, 'What's your name?'
'Mary Dawson,' she said. 'This is my son Simon, and my daughter Sarah.'
'Isn't your husband with you?'
'No,' she said. 'He's in Scotland. We're going home to see him. It's good we're in a strong, modern ship.'
'Yes,' said Daniel. Then for a few seconds he said nothing. It was quiet in this room. Much quieter than outside.
'Mr Donovan,' said Mrs Dawson suddenly. 'What's happened to the engines? I can't hear them now. Can you?'
Daniel listened. 'My God,' he thought. 'She's right! The engines have stopped!' He could hear the noise of the wind and the sea, but not the engines. 'You're right, Mrs Dawson,' he said. He stood up, and ran to the door. 'Excuse me. I...' But then he opened the door, and his words were lost in the wind.
Outside, he looked up at the ship's funnel. There was no smoke above it. He looked over the side of the ship, at the big paddle wheels. He watched them for two minutes, but they did not move. And all the time the big grey waves lifted the For farshire up and down, and white water blew over the deck.
'What's happening?' screamed Mr Robb. 'Why aren't we moving?'
'The engines have broken down!' shouted Donovan. 'This isn't a sailing ship — it can't move without its engines!'
A big wave hit the side of the paddle wheel and sent white water over their heads. Some sailors were trying to put up a small sail, but the wind belw it out of their hands, away across the sea into the night.
'There are women and children on this ship,' shouted Mr Robb. 'It's nearly dark, and the weather is getting worse. What can we do?'
Daniel looked at him. 'I don't know, my friend,' he shouted back. 'I can't do anything. Why not ask God — you're a churchman! Perhaps He'll send an angel to save us!'

* * *
steamship n. non-military ship driven by steam power 汽船,轮船
passenger n. a person, not the driver, traveling in a public or private vehicle 乘客,旅客
deck n. a floor built across a ship over all or part of its length 甲板,舱面
engine n. a machine that changes energy into mechanical force or motion 发动机,引擎
paddle wheel a wheel with boards or paddles affixed around its circumference, usually driven by steam to propel a ship 明轮,桨轮
funnel n. a metal chimney for letting out smoke from a steam engine or steamship (机车或轮船的)烟囱
crash n. a sudden loud noise made e.g. by a violent blow, break, etc. 碰撞声
hurry v. to move or act with speed or haste 快速地移动或行动
lift v. to direct or carry from a lower to a higher position 举起,升高
sail n. a piece of strong cloth fixed in position on a ship to move it through the water by the force of the wind 帆,篷
angel n. a messenger from God 天使

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