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双语对照 | 书虫二级《钢琴之恋》:6.戈登先生发现了音乐家

所属教程: 牛津书虫系列 钢琴之恋





6.Mr Gordon Finds a Musician


Mr Gordon was the teacher at the little village school. He was a kind old man and the children liked him. They enjoyed his lessons and he enjoyed teaching them. There was no piano at the school. This sometimes made him a little unhappy, because he loved music very much. But he sang with the children. He filled their young minds with songs and stories. It was a happy school.


One night during the summer holidays Mr Gordon wanted a book. He looked everywhere.


'I know!' he said suddenly. 'I left it at school. I'll go there at once. It isn't far away.'


He walked through the school garden. The door of the school was open! He felt in his pocket for the key — it was not there!


'Oh dear!' thought Mr Gordon. 'I forgot to lock the door. Now somebody is in the school. Perhaps it's a thief! What can I do?' Then he heard the music...


Tony played the same line of music again and again. It was not easy.


'Prestissimo,' said the words at the top of the page. 'Very fast.' His fingers flew over the keys.


Mr Gordon stood and listened. There was a happy smile on his face. Then Tony stopped playing.


'That wasn't right,' he said to himself. He looked carefully at the little black notes on their thin black lines. 'The left hand goes like this.'


Mr Gordon spoke. 'And the right hand goes like this...'


Tony turned round. His face was white. 'Don't tell the police,' he said. 'Please. I haven't stolen anything. I haven't done anything wrong.'


'No, no, of course not,' said the teacher. 'But who are you? What are you doing in my classroom? And how did this piano get here?'


Mr Gordon visited the farm and talked to Mr and Mrs Wood.


'Tony is very special,' said Mr Gordon. 'I have been a teacher for forty years, but I have never met a boy like Tony. He must have music lessons at once. Then he must go to the College of Music in London. He needs to work with other musical boys and girls.'


'But his mother and father are poor,' said Mrs Wood. 'They can't pay for music lessons. They can't send him to college. They have five small children at home. Tony sends them money every month.'


'I can give Tony his first lessons,' said Mr Gordon. 'I don't want any money — I'll be very happy to teach this wonderful boy. I feel — oh, how can I explain to you? ... This is a very exciting time for me. Last night I came to school to look for a book, and I found a musician! ... But Tony learns very quickly. Soon he will need a really good teacher. Then we'll have to think about money. Perhaps Tony can go to the College of Music in the daytime and work in a restaurant in the evenings. ...'


'No, he can't!' said Mr Wood. Suddenly his face was red and angry. 'Tony is a good boy. He's like a son to us. His father is poor, but we are not.'


'That's right!' said his wife. She was usually a quiet woman, but her eyes were bright and excited. 'We will send Tony to the College of Music,' she said.


Tony knew nothing about their conversation. He was cleaning Mr Wood's new car when Mr Gordon visited the farm. But that visit changed his life. Mr Wood had a quiet talk with him later.


'Mr Gordon wants to give you piano lessons,' he told Tony.


Tony's eyes shone like stars. Then he shook his head. 'I haven't any money, sir,' he said.


'Mr Gordon doesn't want any money. I've had a talk with him. You are going to go to the school at four o'clock every afternoon. You will have your lesson, and you will practise on the piano for two hours. Then you'll come back to the farm and have your supper.'


'But my work...' began Tony.


'I can find another farm boy,' said Mr Wood, 'but good musicians are special people. Give me three tickets for your first concert, and I'll be happy.'


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