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I'll call for you at nine. 我九点钟来接你。

We called for the package at the post office. 我们到邮局取包裹。

They called for a show of hands. 他们要求举手表决。

I think we ought to call in a specialist. 我想我们应当去请一位专家来。

They've called the game off. 他们取消了这次比赛。

I called on Mr. Black this evening. 今天晚上我去拜访了布莱克先生。

They called on the workers to oppose it. 他们号召工人反对它。

She called on a student to answer the question. 她叫一名学生回答这问题。

The police couldn't control the mob so troops were called out. 警察无法控制暴乱的人群,因此请来了军队。

All right, I'll call up again. 好的,我回头再打电话来。

That teacher didn't really care about his students. 那位教师并不真正关心他的学生。

He doesn't care for films about war. 他不喜欢战争片。

The mother cared for the sick child day and night. 这位母亲日夜照顾生病的孩子。

We have carried on a correspondence for years. 我们相互通信了好多年。

We'll carry on our conversation tomorrow. 明天我们继续谈。

Carry on with your work. 继续干你的工作。

He had carried out my instruction to the letter. 他严格执行了我的指示。

His courage carried him through. 他的勇气使他度过了难关。

I started last in the race but I soon caught up with the others. 赛跑时我最后一个起跑,但不久我就赶上了其他人。

They charged him with theft. 他们控告他偷窃。

He had to choose between death and dishonour. 他得在死和羞辱之间作出选择。

I must clean out the spare room. 我必须把那间备用房收拾干净。

Clean up the yard. 把院子打扫干净。

Could you clear away these papers? 你可否把这些报纸收走?

The mist cleared away as the sun came out. 太阳出来时雾气就消散了。

He told them to clear off or he'd call the police. 他让他们走开,否则他要叫警察了。

He cleared out the cupboards. 他把柜子收拾干净了。

The cop told the boys to clear out. 警察让那些男孩子走开。

The weather has cleared up. 天放晴了。

Clear up the mess. 把这些脏东西清扫掉。

I'd like to clear up two or three points. 我想澄清两三点。

I've lots of work to clear up by the weekend. 我有大量工作需在周末前完成。

Trade was so bad that many small shops closed down. 生意那样不好,许多小商店关门了。

The troops were closing in on the enemy. 军队从四面八方向敌人围了上来。

Darkness (Night) closed in on us. 夜色向我们逼近。

Perhaps I shall come across him in Japan. 或许我在日本会碰到他。

You go now. I'll come along later. 你先走,我稍晚就来。

Take every chance that comes along. 抓住任何出现的机会。

How is your work coming along? 你的工作进展情况如何?

And so Saturday night came around again. 于是星期六晚上又来临了。

The crazed man came at me with a meat-axe. 那个疯子拿着一把剁肉的斧子向我扑来。

Come away now. It's time to go home. 走吧,该回家了。

How did you come by this painting? 这张画你怎么得来的?

The price of meat has come down this week. 这星期肉价下降了。

The doctor came down on him hard. 医生厉声斥责了他。

He has come down with influenza. 他患上了流感。

I've come for my belongings. 我来拿我的东西。

Summer is supposed to come in during May. 夏天应在五月来临。

The socialists came in at the last election. 上次选举社会党人上台了。

She came in for a lot of criticism. 她受到很多批评。

The trees are late coming into blossom this year. 这些树今年开花很晚。

The treaty will come into force next month. 条约将在下月生效。

The present government came into power a year ago. 现政府是一年前开始执政的。

He came of a poor peasant family. 他出生于一个贫穷的农民家庭。

This comes of your carelessness. 这是你粗心大意造成的。

His hair began to come off. 他的头发开始脱落。

When does the concert come off? 音乐会什么时候举行?

His plans haven't come off. 他的计划没有成功。

I hope his plans are coming on all right. 我希望他的计划进展顺利。

The wheat was coming on nicely. 小麦长势良好。

Winter is coming on. 冬天正在来临。

Come on, make haste, or we'll be too late for the party. 来吧,赶快,否则就来不及参加晚会了。

Pulling open a drawer, she came on (upon) Jim's diary. 拉开抽屉时她看到了吉姆的日记本。

When did the book come out? 这书什么时候出版的?

Some flowers have begun to come out. 有些花已经开始绽放了。

She came out first in the examination. 她考了第一名。

The truth has come out at last. 真相终于大白。

She always comes out well in photographs. 她总是很上相。

The men've come out (on strike) for more pay. 工人们罢工要求增加工资。

Ink stains don't usually come out. 墨水印通常洗不掉。

Many congressmen came out against (for) the bill. 许多参议员表示反对(支持)这项法案。

He came out with some funny ideas. 他提出了一些滑稽的想法。

You must come over some evening. 哪天晚上你一定要到我家来。

A strange feeling came over me. 我突然产生一个奇怪的感觉。

I'm very much obliged to you for coming round. 你来我家我非常感谢。

The unconscious man slowly began to come round. 那个失去知觉的人开始慢慢苏醒过来。

She would come round—that was the best of her. 她会回心转意的,这是她最大的优点。

He came through the operation on his heart. 他安全经受了心脏手术。

As he came to a bridge, he heard a train approaching. 他来到桥头时听到有火车开过来。

The bill comes to$50. 账单总共是50美元。

In a few moments she suddenly came to. 过了一会儿她突然苏醒过来。

We must come to a definite decision. 我们必须作出一个明确的决定。

The train came to a stop. 火车停了下来。

The summer term had come to an end. 夏天的这个学期结束了。

Presently they came to blows. 不久他们就打起来了。

He never came to anything in the end. 最后他从未取得什么成就。

Don't act so foolishly. Come to your senses. 不要干傻事了,清醒清醒吧。

But Aunt Josephine came to his rescue. 但约瑟芬姨母来援救他了。

Don't talk all round the question, come to the point. 不要绕圈子,谈正题吧。

While we were talking, a man came up. 我们正谈话时一个人走了过来。

The bill came up for debate. 法案被提交大家辩论。

You might come up against a bit of opposition. 你可能会遭到一点反对。

The concert did not come up to expectations. 音乐会没达到预期的水平。

He came up with a new suggestion. 他提出了一个新建议。

The poet compared her teeth to pearls. 诗人把她的牙齿比作珍珠。

He cannot compare with Shakespeare. 他不能和莎士比亚相比。

Nothing can compensate for the loss of one's health. 丧失了健康什么也不能弥补。

They competed for the gold medal. 他们争夺金牌。

We can't hope to compete with him. 我们不能指望和他抗衡。

She complained about the food (of his rudeness). 她抱怨伙食不好(他粗鲁无礼)。

We must comply with the rules. 我们必须遵守这些规定。

The school conferred a medal on him. 学校颁发给他一枚奖章。

I must confer with my lawyer first. 我得先和我的律师商量一下。

He confessed to having done it. 他承认这是他干的。

All students must conform to the rules. 所有学生都要遵守规定。

Carbon dioxide consists of carbon and oxygen. 二氧化碳含有碳和氧。

Goodness consists in being honest. 善良也包含诚实。

All sorts of difficulties cropped up. 产生了各种各样的困难。

If you cut down all the trees you will ruin the land. 如果你把所有的树都砍掉,这片地就毁了。

We must cut down expenses. 我们必须削减开支。

Could you cut the article down to 2,000 words? 你能把这篇文章压缩到两千词吗?

They have cut off our electricity supply. 他们切断了我们的电源。

The village was cut off by the snow for more than a month. 大雪把村子和外界隔绝了一个多月。

Let's cut out the unimportant details. 咱们把不重要的细节删掉。

The boy is cut out for an artist. 这男孩天生适合当画家。

He always cuts up his food before he eats it. 他总是把食物切碎后再吃。

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