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LECTURE 184 基本介词 FOR 2






LECTURE 184 基本介词 FOR 2


1. for sale ** 待售

解 习语;词义溯源:为了[出售(sale)];参照on sale

例 For Sale: 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG. Limited edition—only 100 produced that year. In excellent condition. You have to see it to appreciate it. Call 786-5124.

2. for sure ** 确实;毫无疑问地

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:为了[确定(sure)]

例 At first, I just thought I was seeing things . It looked as if the shark was trapped inside the net I had brought down with me to collect rock samples from the ocean floor. Since it didn't try to attack me, I figured it was actually trapped, but I'd have to go down and get closer to see for sure.

3. for the asking ** 免费赠送

解 习语;词义溯源:为了[要求的(asking)]

例 Notice All Senior Students: The Education Guidance office will make copies of the annual Congressional Report on Accredited Universities and Colleges available to all graduating seniors. They will be in Mrs. Sandford's office and they're there for the asking.

4. for the birds ** 不值得,毫无意义

解 习语;词义溯源:为了[小鸟(birds)]

例 Senator Wiley from Oregon called the Health Care Reform Bill “a useless piece of legislation that needs to be killed now before it wastes another minute of our time.” Asked what he thought of the President's threat to veto any budget that doesn't contain the bill, the senator sneered, “that's for the birds!”

5. for the record ** 记录在案;正式声明

解 习语;词义溯源:为了[记录(record)]

例 There's been a lot of speculation in the press about whether my being a Catholic would stand in the way of my ability to make a fair and unbiased decision in this case. Let me state for the record that my personal beliefs have never played and never will play a role in the decisions I make as a judge.


(A) for sale

(B) For sure

(C) for the asking

(D) for the birds

(E) for the record

1. A: Excuse me, how much is this lantern? B: Sorry, it's not ______. It's part of our store's decor. A: Too bad. I really like it. If you ever decide to make it available for purchase, give me a call. Here's my business card.

2. A: You'd better put on your helmet. Haven't you heard about the new law for motorcycles—riders and passengers both have to wear a helmet. B: That's ______!A totally worthless, meaningless law. A: You may disapprove of it, but it's still the law. Put it on.

3. A: I wish to make it clear what the facts are. My company has never... B: Excuse me, Mr. Slate, but before you tell us ______ what you view as the facts, could you tell us if you have documents to back up your claims?

4. A: Your father's life may be at stake . Are you certain the man who came to pick him up this morning was driving a black Cadillac? B: Yes. Definitely. A: ______? B: Absolutely.

5. A: Go over to the Tourists Information Office. I think they've got maps there ______. I'll go with you if you want. B: They're free? A: Yeah, anytime you want one, they're available. All you have to do is ask.


1. (A)

2. (D)

3. (E)

4. (B)

5. (C)


I. 1. 待售:2004年梅赛德斯-奔驰SL65 AMG,当年仅限量生产100辆。车况良好。看车机会不容错过,请致电786-5124。

2. 一开始,我以为自己出现了幻觉。好像有只鲨鱼进入了我用来收集海底岩石标本的网中。因为它没有试图攻击我,我觉得它确实是被困住了,但是我不得不下去,靠近一点去确认一下。

3. 所有高年级学生请注意:教育指导办将向所有即将毕业的高年级学生提供国会年度认证大学报告的复印本。可在桑福德女士的办公室免费领取。

4. 俄勒冈州的参议员威利将《医改法案》称为“无用的立法,现在需要被禁止,避免以后浪费我们更多的时间”。当被问及对于总统威胁将否决任何没有包括这个法案的预算,他有何看法时,这位参议员冷笑道,“这毫无意义!”

5. 媒体都在猜测我的天主教徒身份会不会影响我作出公正判决。我正式声明,我的个人信仰从来没有、将来也不会影响我作为法官作出的判决。

II. 1. A:请问这个灯笼多少钱? B:对不起,这个不卖。这是我们商店的装饰。 A:真遗憾。我真的喜欢它。你要是决定卖的话,给我打电话。这是我的名片。

2. A:你最好戴上头盔。你没有听说新法律规定骑摩托车的人和乘客都必须佩戴头盔吗? B:这毫无意义!一项完全没有意义的法律。 A:你可以不赞成,但它仍然是法律。戴上吧。

3. A:我希望明确说明事实。我的公司从来没有…… B:对不起,斯莱特先生,在你正式声明之前,能否告诉我们你有没有凭证支持你的声明?

4. A:你父亲可能有生命危险。你确定今天早上来接他的那个人开的是黑色的凯迪拉克吗? B:是的,我肯定。 A:确定? B:绝对确定。

5. A:去游客咨询处吧。我想他们那里提供免费地图。如果你愿意,我和你一起去。 B:免费的? A:是的,无论什么时间都是免费的。你只要去领就行了。

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