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Iranian-born Farsi teacher Hanna Jahanforooz writes on a white board in a class at the Ben-Gurion High School in Petah Tikva, Israel, May 29, 2018. Picture taken May 29, 2018. REUTERS/Nir Elias

Rule 1: Rules are made to be broken.


高中英语老师迈克尔·古德温(Michael Goodwin):

"Really good education is all about risk-taking and about making a mess; learning is chaotic, right?”


Rule 2: All for one, and one for all.


六年级老师阿尔玛·苏妮·帕克(Alma Suney Park):

"On the first day of school I always tell my students that our classroom is their second home and that our class is an extension of their family. I believe this is just as important as creating an exceptional curriculum.”


Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

Rule 3: Bring your passions into the classroom.


高中英语老师克林特·史密斯(Clint Smith):

"As a professional spoken-word poet, I try to embody how learning to read and write well serves a purpose beyond the academic. These are critical skills that have the power to open up new worlds of opportunities. My poetry provides an entry point for my students to engage in literature, and empowers them to delve into text when they may have otherwise been hesitant to do so.”


Rule 4: Never teach to the test.


高中英语老师、辩论导师乔什·安德森(Josh Anderson):

"Exceptional test scores, brilliant job applicants, and competitive colleges should simply be by-products of a great education, not the sole purpose of it.”


Rule 5: Keep it real.


英语、生态学、戏剧老师达里尔·比兰季亚(Daryl Bilandzija):

"If you’re willing to take a little bit of a risk with some of your curriculum and experiment with more hands-on experiences with the kids, you can develop programs that are so much better adapted to the needs of the particular students you’re teaching, offering them real ways to apply their learning instead of just passively receiving information.”


Photo by Rhone on Unsplash

Rule 6: There is no such thing as an un-teachable child.


数学和阅读老师朱莉亚·金(Julia King):

"My students are kids just like any other kids. Of course they can learn. Of course they can love school. Of course they can build good relationships. Of course they have a voice. They just need to learn how to use it.”


Rule 7: Necessity is the mother of all invention.


巡回音乐老师杰森·章(Jason Chuong):

"So here I was, a first-year teacher, with 250 students and a hundred-dollar budget. My solution was bucket drumming. I had the idea to go to Home Depot and buy a bunch of five-gallon paint buckets to use as drums. The kids loved it . . . . This is my fourth year now, and it’s really taken off.”


Photo by Sophie Elvis on Unsplash

Rule 8: Produce good people, not just good students.


五年级老师雷夫·艾斯奎斯(Rafe Esquith):

"The greatest challenge I face is to teach my students to be honorable in a dishonorable world. I want them to be decent even though they are growing up in an environment surrounded by indecency and a media that celebrates awful behavior . . . . My job is to show children that there is an alternative way to live one’s life.”


Rule 9: Be the person you want your students to become.


AP统计学、微观经济学老师简·克利尔·维奥(Jane Klir Viau):

"In order to expect commitment from my students, I must first demonstrate my own commitment to each of them. I take the time to try to understand each of them personally; I make myself available during lunch hours, free periods, and after school . . . . Through seeing that my motivations lie with their success and not my own track record, the students come to their own conclusions about my sincerity. It is after this realization that I begin to see my students, one by one, meeting me halfway.”


Photo by Lonely Planet on Unsplash

Rule 10: You can’t do it alone.


高中物理、化学、工程学、建筑学老师杰弗里·沙博诺(Jeffrey Charbonneau):

"Success does not occur in isolation . . . . It’s only because of the teacher next door, the teacher down the hall. It’s because of the secretaries. It’s because of the administration. It’s because of a whole staff working together to try and make good things happen. The magic formula in education is not hiring the right person. It’s hiring the right group of people, who all want to achieve the same goals.”


Rule 11: Be a student of your students.


初中多媒体、播音和社交媒体老师杰伊·霍夫曼(Jay Hoffman):

"Teaching reflects you. If you can look at that reflection, you will really learn about yourself. That humbles me and brings me to tears when I talk about it. Because in the beginning, I was scared of what I saw. Kids find the cracks in your armor. It is not that they set out to, they just do. But if you are willing to step back and reflect, you can grow so much. You think you are going to teach, but boy, do you learn. I have come to understand that, truly, I am my students’ student.”


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