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Emmy nominee Rachel Bloom's future looks wide open


Rachel Bloom's absolutely ready for you to introduce her to your kids as Silver from "The Angry Birds Movie 2."


"Oh, I think that would be lovely!" she tells CNN, "I do remember ages four through seven: it was 'The Brave Little Toaster,' and then I would say, like, seven through nine was 'Aladdin.' And then I loved 'Space Jam. 'And then when I was in middle school, it was 'Shrek' -- I loved 'Shrek!' I watched it so much!"

“哦,我想那会很可爱!”“我记得四岁到七岁的时候,那是《勇敢的小烤面包机》(The Brave Little Toaster),然后我会说,七岁到九岁的时候是《阿拉丁》(Aladdin)。然后我爱上了《太空堵塞》(Space Jam)。我上中学的时候,是《史瑞克》——我喜欢《史瑞克》!“我看得太多了!”


"There are some actors who I still think of primarily as voices in the animated films of my childhood," she adds. "I think of Jeremy Irons as Scar from 'The Lion King.' I think of Eartha Kitt as Yzma from 'The Emperor's New Groove.' I think it's a huge compliment."

她补充道:“我仍然认为,有些演员主要是我童年时期动画电影中的配音演员。”“我认为杰里米·艾恩斯(Jeremy Irons)是《狮子王》(The Lion King)中的伤疤。我认为Eartha Kitt是《皇帝的新沟》(The Emperor's New Groove)中的Yzma。我认为这是一个巨大的恭维。”

And while she's admits she's "terrible" at the video game, she's very fond of her character Silver, an original creating for the sequel who, despite being raised by pigs, is revealed to be a skilled flyer and extremely resourceful.


"She's super into the ideas that she has -- the only way to describing it is kind of like dork-ily into the ideas," laughs Bloom. "And the reason that I describe it as that is because I'm the same way. You get so into your own idea that it turns anyone into like an 11-year-old kid -- that's how she is about her ideas." The actress enjoyed "saying everything through kind of a smile, even if sometimes it's gritted teeth. I've been giving her that 1,000,000% energy at all times because she really wants to make the world a better place."


Voice acting's been in Bloom's wheelhouse since well before her TV breakout with "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" four years ago, although not every gig has been as high profile as "The Angry Birds Movie 2."


Her edgy musical-comedy series concluded its four-season run on The CW in the spring, and Bloom has spent the ensuing months on a bit of celebration tour, first on a multi-city concert trek performing songs from the series with her castmates, and currently with one or two solo shows every few weeks.


Even knowing the level of devotion "Crazy Ex's" fanbase demonstrated through its run, Bloom wasn't entirely prepared for the reception she received from the live audience.



"It's a whole other level: the fan interactions at these shows because it's incredibly personal for them. When you make a TV show you're kind of doing it in a vacuum, unless the times that you're on Twitter and kind of actively talking to fans." Bloom said.


"When we do anything live, we try to not just redo the songs the way we did them on the show," Bloom adds. "We try to make them special for live performance, and we play a version of ourselves, because it feels like we want to be there and connect with the audience. Our audiences are the most just devoted, devoted, sweet people you'll ever meet."


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