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D: ;
dance[da:ns] vi.& n. ;跳舞 舞蹈,舞会
The rumba is a Latin- American dance. ;伦巴舞是拉丁美洲的 舞蹈。
danger['deind] n. ;危险
There's a lot of danger in rock climbing. ;攀登岩壁非常危险。
dangerous ['deindrs] adj. ;危险的
It's dangerous to smoke. ;抽烟是危险的。
dark[da:k] adj. ;深(浓)色的
He has a pair of dark brown eyes. ;他有一双深棕色的眼睛。
date[deit] n. ;日期
This book has no date on it. ;这本书没印出版日期。
daughter[d:t] n. ;女儿
They have three daughters and one son. ;他们有三个女儿和一个 儿子。
day[dei] n. ;天,日
They travelled day and night without stopping. ;他们日夜兼程地旅行。
daytime['deitaim] n. ;白天
You hardly ever see owls in the daytime. ;白天几乎看不到猫头鹰。
dead[ded] adj. ;死的,无生命的
He has been dead for three years. ;他已经死了三年了。
dear[di] interj.& adj. ;(表示惊愕等)哎呀 亲爱的;贵的
He lost everything that was dear to him. ;他所珍贵的一切都丢 失了。
December[di'semb] n. ;十二月
December is the last month of the year. ;十二月是一年的最后一个 月。
delicious[di'lis] adj. ;美味的,可口的
What delicious food you've cooked! ;你做的菜真可口!
decide[di'said] vt.&vi. ;决定,下决心
After seeing all the candidates,we've decided on this one. ;我们见到所有的候选人 后,决定选这位。
deep[di:p] adj. ;深的,深厚的
The ditch is 100 feet deep. ;这条沟有100英尺深。
desk[desk] n. ;书桌
There is a desk near the window in the room. ;房间里有张桌子靠近 窗户。
develop[di'velp] vt.&vi. ;发展,开发
The place has developed from a fishing port ;这地方由原来的渔港发展
into a thriving tourist centre. ;成一个繁荣的旅游胜地。
diagram['daigrm] n. ;图表,图样
You can use this diagram. ;你可以用这张图表。
dialogue['dailg] n. ;对话
At last,there can be a reasonable dialogue between our two governments. ;我们两国政府终于可以 理性地对话了。
diary['dairi] n. ;日记,日记簿
I have a pocket diary. ;我有一本袖珍日记簿。
dictation [dik'tein] n. ;听写
Hand in your dictations,please. ;请把你们的听写交上来。
dictionary ['diknri] n. ;字典,词典
Look up for the word in the dictionary. ;这个词查一查字典吧。
die[dai] vi. ;死
To die for the people is a glorious death! ;为人民而死,虽死犹荣!
different['diffrnt] adj. ;不同的
We should take different approaches to the problem. ;我们应该采取不同的方法 去解决问题。
difference['difrns] n. ;不同
Young people must be taught to learn the differnces between good and evil. ;必须教导青年人学会区分 善与恶。
difficult['difiklt] adj. ;难的,困难的
Their refusal puts us in a difficult position. ;他们拒绝后,我们便陷入 了困境。
dig[dig] vi.&vt. (dug[dg],dug) ;挖,掘
They are digging through the hill to make a tunnel. ;他们正在凿山建一条 隧道。
dinner['din] n. ;正餐,宴会
She didn't eat much dinner. ;她这顿饭没吃多少。
dirty['d:ti] adj. ;脏的
Don't touch the dirty dog! ;不要碰那条小脏狗。
display[dis'plei] n. ;陈列,展览
Put things in the display case. ;把东西摆在陈列柜里。
doctor['dkt] n. ;医生
You should see a doctor. ;你得看看医生。
dog[dg] n. ;狗
A dog is often called "man's best friend". ;狗通常被称为“人类最好 的朋友”。
doll[dll] n. ;玩具娃娃
LIly is busy dressing her doll. ;莉莉忙于给洋娃娃穿 衣服。
dollar['dl] n. ;美圆
Oil from these fields is priced in dollars. ;这些油田产的油以美圆 定价。
door[d:] n. ;门
It's impolite to knock at the door in that way. ;那样子敲门是很不礼 貌的。
doorbell['d:bel] n. ;门铃
The doorbell can be rung by visitors outside. ;来访者在门外可以按响 门铃。
double['dbl] adj. ;双重的,双的
John is a man with a double character. ;约翰是一个双重性格 的人。
down[daun] adv. ;向下
Miss,would you like to pull down the blind for me? ;小姐,能否帮我拉下窗 帘呢?
downstairs ['daun'stz] adv. ;在楼下,到楼下
He fell downstairs and broke his wrist. ;他从楼梯跌下,摔伤了 手腕。
draw[dr:] vt.&vi. n. (drew[dru:], drawn[dr:n]) ;画,绘制 平局
The report drew a grim picture of inefficiency and corruption. ;该报告描绘出一幅缺乏 效率和贪污腐化的可怕 情景。
dress[dress] n. ;女的连衣裙,(统指) 衣服
Joanna makes all her own dresses. ;乔安娜的连衣裙都是自己 做的。
dress[dres] vt. ;给……穿衣服
Dress yourself more neatly! ;穿得整齐一点!
drink[drik] vi.&vt. (drank[drk], drunk[drk]) ;喝
Would you like something to drink? ;你想喝点什么吗?
drive[draiv] vt. (drove[druv], driven['drivn]) ;开(汽车等,)驾驶
I want to town today. ;我今天想开车进城。
driver['draiv] n. ;架机;驾驶员
She is only a learned driver. ;她只是一个实习司机。
drop[drp] vt.&vi. ;(使)落下
The climber slipped and dropped to his death. ;攀登者一失足摔死了。
dry[drai] adj. ;干的,干燥的
Keep dry! ;请勿受潮!
duck[dk] n. ;鸭(子)
Ducks can swim. ;鸭子会游泳。
dumpling['dmpli] n. ;饺子
The dumpling is the traditional food of China. ;饺子是中国的传统食物。
during['djuri] prep. ;在……期间
There are extra trains to the seaside during the summer. ;通往海滨的火车在夏季有 加车。
duty['dju:ti] n. ;责任,职责
It's not something I enjoy.I do it purely out of a sense of duty. ;那并不是我喜欢做的 事情,我纯粹是处于责任 感才做的。
E: ;
each[i:t] pron.&adj. ;各个,每个
Each of them phoned to thank me. ;他们每个人都打电话来向 我道谢。
eagle['i:gl] n. ;鹰
The eagle is a kind of very strong meat- eating bird ;鹰是一种很强壮的食肉动 物,
with a hooked beak and very good eyesight. ;有着钩子样的嘴,眼 光很敏锐。
ear[i] n. ;耳朵
You needn't shout into my ear like that,I can hear you perfectly well. ;你不必大声在我耳边 喊,我听得很清楚。
early[':li] adv. ;早
The secretary always arrives early. ;秘书一向到得早。
earth[':] n. ;土,泥;地球,大地
The balloon burst and fell to earth. ;气球破裂而落到地上。
easily['i:zili] adv. ;容易地
I can easily finish it tonight. ;我今晚轻而义举就可以 把它做完。
east[i:st] n.&adj. ;东,东方(的)
The wind is blowing from the east. ;风从东方来。
easy['i:zi] adj. ;容易的
It was an easy job and we did it quickly. ;这是件容易的活儿,我们 很快就做完了。
eat[i:t] vt.(ate[eit], eaten['i:tn]) ;吃
Have you eaten your breakfast yet? ;你吃过早餐了吗?
egg[eg] n. ;蛋
The hen laid four large eggs. ;这母鸡生了四个大蛋。
eight[eit] num. ;八(基数)
Eight people were killed in the conflict. ;有八个人在这次冲突中 被杀。
eighteen['ei'ti:n] num. ;十八
It is hard for the beginner to tell the pronunciation between eighteen and eighty. ;初学者很难分辨十八和八 十的发音。
eighth['eit] num. ;第八
Do you live on the eighth floor? ;你住八楼吗?
either['ai,'i:] adv. ;也(不)
Keep either one of the forms. ;两张表格保留哪张都行。
elephant['elifnt] n. ;象
The elephant is the largest four-footed animal in the nature. ;大象是自然界中最庞大的 四脚动物。
eleven[i'levn] num. ;十一
A football team consists of eleven members. ;足球队由十一个人组成。
else[els] adv. ;另外,其他的
How else would you do it? ;你做这件事还有其他的 办法吗?
empty['empti] adj. ;空的
That is an empty house. ;那是一座空房子。
end[end] n. ;终点,结束,末尾
We've travelled from one end of Britain to the other. ;我们已经从英国这一头 旅行到另一头。
engine['endin] n. ;引擎,发动机
Do you know what the engine is? ;你知道什么是引擎吗?
enjoy[in'di] vt. ;喜欢,享受……的乐趣
Did you enjoy yourself at the party? ;你在舞会中玩得痛快吗?
enjoyable [in'dibl] adj. ;愉快的,有趣的
The film was quite enjoyable. ;这部电影很有趣。
entrance['entrns] n. ;入口,入场,进入
I'll meet you at the entrance to the theatre. ;我在剧院门口和你见面。
enough[i'nf] adj. ;足够的,充分
I've got enough money to pay for a taxi. ;我的钱足够付计程车 费的。
eraser[i'reiz] n. ;橡皮擦
An eraser is a piece of rubber used for erasing something wrong in your writing. ;橡皮擦是一块用于擦去错 字的橡胶。
eve[i:v] n. ;(节日或大事件发生的) 前夕
The eve of the wedding was an exciting time for the bride. ;婚礼的前夜对新娘来说是 一个令人激动的时刻。
even['i:vn] adv. ;甚至,更
He never even opened the letter. ;他甚至都没把信打开。
evening[i'vni] n. ;傍晚,晚上
Do you have any appointments this evening? ;你今天晚上有约会吗?
event[i'vent] n. ;项目,事件
It was quite an event. ;这的确是件大事。
ever['ev] adv. ;曾经
I wondered if he'd ever stopped to think how I felt. ;我不知道他是否曾考虑过 我的感受。
every['evri] adj. ;每一,每个的
He was given every chance to try the job. ;他得到每一个可能的机会 去做这件事。
everyone[evriwn] n. ;每人,人人
Would everyone who wishes to attend the dinner let me know by Friday afternoon? ;任何人谁想参加晚宴的请 在星期五下午之前让我知 道好吗?
everything ['evriw] pron. ;每件事,每样东西
Everything is ready now for the party. ;宴会的准备工作现在都已 就绪。
everywhere ['evriw] adv. ;到处,无论哪里
I've looked everywhere. ;我到处都看过了。
exam[ig'zm] n.(examination [ig妟mi'nein] 的缩写形式) ;(口语)考试
This time,we'll take an open-book exam in political economics. ;这次我们的政治经济学进 行开卷考试。
example[ig'za:mpl] n. ;例子,榜样
Her rudeness was an example of her typically bad manners. ;她的粗鲁正式她态度恶劣 的典型例证。
except[ik'sept] prep. ;除……之外
I can answer all the questions except for the last one. ;所有的题我都会答,只是 最后一道不会。
excuse[iks'kju:s] n. ;借口,托辞
He's always making excuses for being late. ;他迟到总是有借口。
excuse[iks'kju:z] vt. ;原谅
Please excuse me for my mistake. ;请原谅我的过错。
exercise['eksasaiz] n. ;练习
The teacher gave her class a mathematics exercise for homework. ;那个女教师给同学们布置 了数学家庭作业。
exit['eksit] n. ;太平门
The exit signs in cinemas are usually illuminated. ;电影院的出口标记通常都 有照明。
expensive[iks'pebsiv] adj. ;昂贵的
It's too expensive for me to buy. ;太贵了,我买不起。
eye[ai] n. ;眼睛
He lost an eye in an accident,and now he has a glass eye. ;意外事故里他伤了一只眼 睛,现在装上一只玻璃做 的假眼。
F: ;
face[feis] n. ;脸,面孔
The boy slept with a smile on his face. ;那个小男孩面带笑容地睡 着了。
factory['fktri] n. ;工厂
His father is a factory worker. ;他的父亲是工厂工人。
fail[feil] vi.&vt. ;不及格;失败
If you don't work hard,you may fail. ;不努力就可能失败。
fall[f:l] vi.(fell[fel], fallen['f:ln]) ;落下,跌倒
The leaves fall in autumn. ;秋天树叶凋落。
family['fmili] n. ;家庭
I come from a large family. ;我来自一个大家庭。
famous['feims] adj. ;著名的
Paris is a famous city. ;巴黎是著名的城市。
far[fa:] adj.&adv. ;远的(地)
They live not far beyond the hill. ;他们住在山那一边不远的 地方。
farm[fa:m] n. ;农场
We've lived on this farm for twenty years. ;我们已经在这农场住了 二十年。
farmer['fa:m] n. ;农民,农场主
A farmer is a person who owns and manages a farm. ;农场主是拥有并打理农场 的主人。
farther['fa:] adj.&adv. ;(far的比较级) 更远的(地)
We can't go any farther without resting. ;我们要是不休息就再也走 不动了。
farthest['fa:ist] adj.&adv. ;(far的最高级) 最远的(地)
Go to the farthest house in the village and I'll meet you there. ;到村上最远的那座房子 那儿去,我在那里与你 会面。
fast[fa:st] adj.&adv. ;快地(的)
Night was fast approaching. ;黑夜转瞬而至。
fat[ft] adj. ;肥的
If you eat too much chocolate you'll get fat. ;如果你吃很多的巧克力是 会发胖的。
father['fa:] n. ;父亲
My father often takes me to watch the football match. ;我的爸爸经常带我去看 足球塞。
favourite['feivrit] n. adj. ;特别喜爱的人(或物) 喜爱的
These books are my favourite. ;这些是我最喜爱的书。
feather['fe] n. ;羽毛
He gave her a red feather as a birthday gift. ;他给了她一只红色的羽毛 作为生日礼物。
February['februri] n. ;二月
How many days are there in February? ;二月有多少天?
feel[fi:l] vi. (felt[felt],felt) ;感觉
Can you feel the bump on my head? ;你能摸到我头上的 肿块吗?
festival['festvl] n.&adj. ;节日(的),喜庆(的)
Christmas and Easter are Christian festivals. ;圣诞节和复活节是基督教 的节日。
few[fju:] adj. n. ;少数的,不多的 (表示否定)很少数, 几乎没有
I have very few chocolates left. ;我剩下的巧克力不多。
field['fi:ld] n. ;地,田地
It's really a fine field of wheat. ;这可真是一片好麦田。
fifth[fif] num. ;第五
The Fifth Element is my favourite movie. ;《第五元素》是我最喜爱 的一部电影。
fight[fait] vi.&vt. (fought[f:t], fought) ;打架(仗), 与……打架(仗)
Britian fought with France against Germany in the last war. ;在第二次世界大战中,英 国与法国联合作战抗击德 国。
fill[fil] vt. ;填空,装满
Smoke filled the room. ;房间里烟雾弥漫。
film[film] n. ;影片,电影
What's your favourite flim? ;你最喜欢哪部电影?
find[faind] vt. (found[faund],found) ;找到
I hope to find somewhere to live near my office. ;我希望能够找到一个离我 上班很近的地方住。
fine[fain] adj. ;(身体)好的
The weather forecast said it would be fine in the morning. ;天气预报说明天早上天气 晴朗。
finger['fig] n. ;手指
There are five fingers on each hand. ;每只手有五个手指。
finish['fini] vt. ;完成,结束
When do you finish your college course? ;你何时念完大学课程?
fire['fai] n. ;火,火炉
Have you insured your house against fire? ;你的房子保火险了吗?
fireplace ['faipleis] n. ;壁炉
The fireplace is usually made of brick or stone. ;壁炉通常是用砖或石头 作成。
first[f:st] num. adv. ;第一 最初,首先
He was one of the first people to collect picasso's paintings. ;他是最先收集完毕加索的 画的人之一。
fish[fi] n. ;鱼
We caught several fish. ;我们捕了一些鱼。
fit[fit] vi.&vt. ;合适,吻合
This dress doesn't fit me. ;这件衣服不适合我。
fit[fit] adj. ;健康,身体好
He run 3 miles every morning,that's why he's so fit. ;他每天上午跑三里路,因 此才那么健康。
flight[flait] n. ;航班;飞行
The bird had been shot down in flight. ;这只鸟是在飞行中打下来 的。
floor[fl:] n. ;(室内)地,地板, (楼房的)层
The bathroom floor needs cleaning. ;洗手间的地板需要清洁。
I live on the ground floor of a block of flats. ;我住在公寓的底层。
flour['flau] n. ;面粉
Flour is the powder made from grain,esp. wheat, ;用以制作面包、糕点、 蛋糕。
and used for making bread,pastry,cakes. ;面粉就是由谷物尤其是小 麦磨成的一种粉末,
flower['flau] n. ;花
I would like my boyfriend to send me a bunch of flowers on my birthday. ;但愿我男友在我生日那天 给我送一束花。
fly[flai] vt.(flew[flu:], flown[flun]) ;放(风筝,飞机模型)
I can hear a plane flying overhead. ;我听见一架飞机正从上空 飞过。
follow['flu] vt.&vi. ;跟随,照,仿效
One misfortune followed another. ;不幸的事情一件接着一件
following['flui] adj. ;接着的,以下的
It rained on the day we arrived,but the following day was sunny. ;我们到达的那天正在下 雨,但次日天气晴朗。
food[fu:d] n. ;食物
We cannot survive for long without food and drink. ;我们没有食物和饮料就活 不了多久。
foot[fut] n. (pl.)feet[fi:t] ;脚
I usually come to school on foot. ;我经常步行上学。
football['futb:l] n. ;足球
Football is quite popular all over the world now. ;足球在全世界都很流行。
for[f:,f] prep. ;为,给
This parcel isn't for you,it's for your sister. ;这个包裹不是给你的,而 是给你妹妹的。
for[f:,f] prep. ;(表时间、距离、数量 等)达,计 conj.因为
We listened eagerly, for he brought news of our families. ;他给我们到来了家里的消 息,我们都迫不及待地听 着。
foreign['frin] adj. ;外国的
Make the past serve the present and foreign things serve China. ;古为今用,洋为中用。
foreigner['frin] n. ;外国人
The foregner was eating a hamburger. ;那个老外正在吃汉堡包。
forest['frist] n. ;森林
Very little forest is left unexplored nowdays. ;如今未经开发的森林已经 是少之又少了。
forget[f'get] vt. (forgot[f'gt], forgetten[f'gtn]) ;忘记
I forgot to bring my key with me this morning. ;我今天早上忘了带钥匙。
forgetful[f'getful] adj. ;健忘的,不留心的
Old people are sometimes forgetful. ;老人有时爱忘事。
form[f:m] n. ;表格
Please fill in an application form. ;请填写一份申请表。
found[faund] vt. ;成立,建立
The ancient Romans founded colonies throughout Europe. ;古罗马人在整个欧洲建立 了殖民地。
fourth[f:] num. ;第四
The fourth day,we came to London. ;第四天我们来到了伦敦。
free[fri:] adj. ;空闲的,自由的
Wild animals in their natural state are free. ;在自然状态下野生动物是 自由自在的。
fridge[frid] n. ;电冰箱 (=refrigerator)
A fridge is used to keep food cold. ;冰箱是用来冷藏食品的。
fried[fraid] adj. ;油煎的
Would you like a fried chicken? ;要来一只炸鸡吗?
friend[frend] n. ;朋友
A friend in need is a friend indeed. ;[谚]患难见真情。
friendly['frendli] adj. ;友好的
He is friendly to us all. ;他对我们大家都很友好。
frisbee['frizbi] n. ;飞盘(塑料玩具)
The frisbee is a light plastic disc, shaped like a plate, ;飞盘是一种碟形塑料盘,
thrown between players in a game. ;供游戏者互相抛扔玩耍。
from[frm] prep. ;从, 从……到……
Polly sends me a postcard from Australia every month. ;波利每个月都从澳洲给我 寄来一张明信片。
Lucy goes to school from Monday to Friday. ;露西从周一到周五要去 上学。
front[frnt] n. adj. ;前面 前面的
The teacher called the boy out to the front of the calss. ;老师叫这个男孩到教室 前面。
fruit[fru:t] n. ;水果
All this fruit has gone bad. ;这些水果腐烂了。
fry[frai] vt. ;油煎
The bacon is frying in the pan. ;煎锅里正在煎着咸肉。
full[ful] adj. ;满的,全部的;(肚子) 饱的
Her eyes were full of tears. ;他的眼中充满了泪水。
Please give full information to me. ;请把全部的资料给我。
You ought not to go swimming on a full stomach. ;你不应吃饱便去游泳。
fun[fn] n. ;乐事,有趣的人,玩笑
He's too fond of fun. ;他太喜欢闹着玩了。
furthest['f:ist] adj.&adv. ;最远 (=farthest)
Go to furthest house in the village and I'll meet you there. ;到村上最远的那座房子 那儿去,我在那里与你 会面。
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