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Phrases ;
A: ;
a few ;一些,少数
I am going to buy a few apples. ;我准备去买一些苹果。
a kind of ;一种,一类
He had a kind of feeling that he'd never had before. ;他有一种以前从未有过的 感觉.
a little ;一点,少量
Jack has a little money,but John has little money. ;杰克有一些钱,但是约翰 没有.
a moment later ;片刻之后
When I heard the bad news,at first I couldn't say a word, ;当我听到这个坏消息时, 起初我说不出话。
a moment later I cried out. ;片刻之后,我放声大哭。
after all ;毕竟,到底
So you see,I was right after all! ;你看,到头来还是我对!
agree to do sth. ;同意
We agreed to leave at once. ;我们同意立即离开。
agree with sb. ;同意某人
He knew they'd agree with his standpoint. ;他知道他们会同意他的 观点的。
all day (long) ;整天,一天到晚
My parents often work all day. ;我的父母经常整天工作。
all kinds of ;各种各样的
There are all kinds of flowers in the garden. ;花园里有各种各样的花。
all one's life ;一生,终生
My grandma lived there all her life. ;我奶奶在那儿住了 一辈子。
all over ;到处,结束
We've been hunting for her all over. ;我们一直到处找她。
all right ;行了,好吧
It's quite all right! ;(病)好了没有关系!
all the same ;仍然
I'm sorry,I don't know. ;对不起。我不知道。
Thank you all the same (anyway). ;我还是要谢谢你。
all the time ;一直
The children are running and jumping all the time. ;孩子们一直在跑、在跳。
and so on ;等等
He talked about how much we owed to our parents, ;他谈到我们受到父母多少 恩惠、
our duty to our country and so on. ;我们对国家应尽的 义务。
arrive in(at) ;抵达,到达
She arrived at Beijing airport in the morning ;她在早上到达北京机场。
as soon as ... ;一……就……
As soon as Joanna arrive in California, she will call you. ;乔安娜一到加利弗尼亚就 会给你打电话。
as soon as possible ;尽快
Please answer the invitation as soon as possible. ;请尽快回复邀请信。
as usual ;像平常一样
I shall leave the office at the same time as usual. ;我将和平常一样准时离开 办公室。
ask for ;询问,请求
Did you ask for a pay increase? ;你要求加薪了吗?
at all ;全然
I've got no money at all,not even ten cents. ;我根本没钱,连一角钱都 没有。
at first ;起先,起初
At first,the movie star was not good at English. ;这个电影明星的英语不大 好。
at home ;在家
I stayed at home to read. ;我呆在家里读书。
at last ;最后,终于
Here they are at last. ;他们终于来了。
at least ;至少
It requires at least two days. ;这事至少需要两天。
at once ;立刻,马上
After school,I want to go home at once. ;放学后,我想马上回家。
at school ;在学校,在上学
From Monday to Friday students are at school and study hard. ;从周一到周五学生们在学 校上课,他们学习都很努 力。
at the beginning of ;起初,开始
At the beginning of the show,a famous scientist made a speech. ;在展览开始的时候,一个 著名的科学家作了讲话。
at the end of ;在……尽头
At the end of the road you will see a book center. ;在路的尽头,你会看到 购物中心。
at the foot of ;在……脚下
At the foot of White Cloud Moutain,there is a big orchard. ;在白云山脚下有一个大的 果园。
at the head of ;在……的前面
At the head of the queue was my classmate. ;在队伍前面是我的同班 同学。
at the moment ;此刻
I'm afraid he's out at the moment. ;恐怕此刻他不在。
at the same time ;同时
It's difficult to cook ans watch TV at the same time. ;很难一边烧饭一边看 电视。
at this time of the year ;在(一年)这个时节里
It's very different from Australia at this time of the year. ;这时节这里的气候和澳洲 截然不同。
at times ;有时,不时
At times Joe was in good temper,at times bad. ;乔的脾气有时好有时坏。
at work ;在工作
It is Sunday today, but my teacher is at work now. ;今天是星期天,但是我的 老师还在工作。
B: ;
be able to ;能够(有能力)做某事
As I had plenty of money,I was able to help her. ;我钱很宽裕,能帮助她。
be afraid of ;害怕
Don't be afraid of asking for help. ;不要害怕向别人求助。
be angry with sb. ;生(某人)的气
I was angry with myself. ;我在生我自己的气。
be away from ;远离……
The sea is 2 miles away from the hotel. ;大海距旅馆两英里。
be busy with sth. ;忙于做某事
She was busy writing letters. ;她正忙着写信呢。
be busy with sth. ;忙于做某事
She was busy with her homework. ;她正忙着做家庭作业呢。
be careful ;当心,小心
Be careful.A car is coming. ;小心,一辆车正开过 来了。
be different from ;和……不同
Students' ideas are different from teacher's at times. ;有时学生的想法和老师的 不同。
be full of ;充满……的
This work's full of mistakes!I've never seen work more full of mistakes. ;这件作品有很多错处!我 从未见过比它有更多错的 作品。
be good at ;在……方面好,擅长于
What subject are you good at? ;你擅长哪一科?
be good /bad for ;对……有益/有害
Is watching too much TV good or bad for your health? ;看电视太多是对你的身体 好还是不好?
be in hospital ;(生病)住院
He was ill in hospital. ;他生病住院了。
be late for ;迟到
How often are you late for school? ;你多长时间上学迟到 一次?
be made of(from) ;……制的,用……制成的
What's the shelf made of? ;(看得出来制造的原料) 这架子是什么做的?
This paper is made from bamboo. ;这纸是用竹子制造的。 (看不出来制造的原料是 什么)
be on display ;陈列,展览
A collection of photographs was on display in the hall. ;大厅里展出了一辑照片。
be out ;出去,在外
He's out at the moment. ;他现在出去了。
be pleased with ;对……感到满意
They were all very pleased with the news. ;他们听到那消息都很 高兴。
by air(bike,car,bus etc.) ;乘飞机(自行车、汽车、 公共汽车等等)
She hated travelling by air. ;她讨厌坐飞机旅行。
by the way ;顺便说,顺便问一下
Oh,by the way,there is a telephone call for you. ;哦,顺便说一下,有你的 一个电话。
by then ;到那时
If you are not better by then,I'll take you to see the doctor. ;如果到那时你还不好,我 就带你去看病。
C: ;
catch a bus ;赶公共汽车
Do you always catch such an early bus? ;你总是赶这样的早 班车吗?
catch a cold ;伤风,感冒
Put on more clothes or you will catch a cold. ;多穿些衣服,否则你会 感冒的。
catch up (with) ;赶上
You start walking to the bus station,and I'll catch up with you in a few minutes. ;你先去公共汽车站,我几 分钟后会赶上你的。
change one's mind ;改变想法(注意)
I have changed my mind--I'll have vanilla ice cream too. ;我改变了主意,我也要香 草冰淇淋。
come (a)round ;(走)过来
The teacher is coming around. ;老师正走过来。
come back ;回来
You came back very late last night. ;昨晚你回来得很晚。
come down ;下来
The rain came down in torrents. ;下着倾盆大雨。
come from ;出生(于),来自
She comes from a long line of actresses. ;她出身于演员世家。
come in ;进来
Mrs.Wang?Are you in the classroom? Yes,come in. ;王老师,是你在教室 里吗? 是的,进来吧!
come on! ;跟我来,快来
Come on,we'll be late for the theatre. ;快点吧,我们要迟到了。
come out ;出来
The rain stopped and the sun came out. ;雨停了,太阳出来了。
come over ;过来;顺便来访
Please come over here. I have got something to tell you. ;过来呀,我有些事情要告 诉你。
Can you come over on Sunday? ;你星期天能来吗?
come to ;共计
I never expected those few items to come to so much. ;我绝想不到就那么几项合 计起来竟要这么多钱。
D: ;
day after day ;日复一日地
Day after day,she waited in vain for him to telephone her. ;日复一日,她徒劳地等待 他的电话。
do one's best ;尽力
I don't think you did your best this term. ;我认为本学期你没有尽最 大的努力。
do one's homework ;做家庭作业
You can't go to bed until you have done your homework. ;做完作业,你才能上床 睡觉。
do the shopping ;买东西
Dear,do you want to do the shopping with me? ;亲爱的,想和我一起去买 东西吗?
dress up ;穿上盛装,乔装打扮
Kate wanted to go to dinner but didn't feel like dressing up. ;凯特想去参加晚宴,但不 愿打扮。
E: ;
each other ;彼此,互相
After the match,the football players shook hands with each other. ;比赛之后,足球运动员们 互相握手。
eat up ;吃完,吃光
Eat up your dinner! ;把饭吃完!
either...or... ;或者……或者……
Either you or I am right. ;不是你对了就是我对了。
enjoy oneself ;过得愉快
All the children enjoyed themselves at the Christmas party. ;所有的孩子在圣诞晚会上 都过得很开心。
even though ;尽管,虽然,即使
I like her even though she can be annoying. ;尽管她有时很恼人,但我 还是喜欢她。
ever since ;从……起一直到现在
Sting has been here ever since Monday. ;自从星期一以来斯汀就在 这里了。
every now and then ;每隔一些时间,不时
Every now and then she went upstairs to see if he was still asleep. ;她时而到楼上看看他是否 还在睡觉。
F: ;
fall asleep ;睡着,入睡
Grandpa often falls asleep when he is watching TV in the evening. ;爷爷在晚上看电视的时候 常常睡着。
fall behind ;落后,掉下
Smith fell behind in the race. ;史密斯在赛跑中落后了。
fall off ;跌落,掉下
Kim fell off the stairs. ;金从楼梯上跌下。
fall over(down) ;向前摔倒
Five trees fell over in the storm. ;暴风雨刮倒了五棵树。
far away ;遥远的
Where they live is far away from here. ;他们住的地方离这儿 很远。
feel worried ;感到忧虑
My parents feel worried about my future. ;父母为我的前途而担忧。
find out ;找出,查明
I read the newspaper to find out about the World Cup. ;我读报纸想了解一下世界 杯的情况。
for ever ;永远
You'll never get this kind of girl for ever. ;你永远也找不到这样的女 孩儿了。
for example ;例如
You can buy fruit here--oranges and bananas,for example. ;你可以在这里买水果,例 如柑橘和香蕉。
for long ;长久
I won't live in America for long. ;我不会在美国常住的。
from now on ;从现在起,今后
From now on,you can work on your own. ;你从现在起可以独立工作 了。
from... to... ;从……到……
I stay at school from Monday to Friday. ;我周一到周五在学校。
G: ;
get back ;返回
I heard you were away. Where did you get back? ;听说你离开了,什么时候 回来的?
get down ;下来,落下
The cat climbed up to the top of the tree but became afraid to get down. ;这只猫爬到树顶可是害怕 下来。
get dressed ;穿衣服
The little boy doesn't know how to get dressed. ;这小男孩不知道怎样穿 衣服。
get home ;回到家
What time does Sam get home everyday? ;山姆每天几点回家?
get in ;收(庄稼)
The farmers are getting the crops in. ;农民在收割庄稼。
get into ;进入,陷入,搭乘
He gets into the lift. ;他走进电梯。
They got into the car and drove off. ;他们搭乘小汽车,然后奔 驰而去。
I have got into trouble.What should I do? ;我已经惹上麻烦。我该怎 么办?
get on (bus) ;上车
Here comes the bus. Let's get on it. ;公车来了,让我们 上车吧。
get on with ;与某人相处
Our new manager is very easy to get on with. ;我们的新经理非常随和。
get ready for ;为……作准备
Have you got ready for your examination? ;你为考试作好准备了吗?
get to ;到达
You should get to the essence of things. ;你应该触及事物的本质。
get up ;起床
She always gets up early. ;她一向早起。
get warm (long) ;变暖和(长)
The weather gets warmer and the days get longer. ;天气变暖和,白天变长。
give...a call ;给……打个电话
Don't give me a call at this moment.I'm busy. ;现在别给我打电话,我 很忙。
give a talk(speech) ;作一次演讲
President George.W. Bush gave a talk in Tsinghua University. ;布什总统在清华大学作了 演讲。
give back ;归还,送回
Could you give me back my pen? ;你把我那支笔还给我 好吗?
give...the message ;捎口信给……
Could you give my parents the message? ;你能给我的父母捎个信息 吗?
give up ;放弃
They gave up without a fight. ;他们不战而降。
go back ;回去
To trace the origins of the Irish problem, ;要探讨爱尔兰问题的起因
we have to go back over three hundred years. ;就要追溯到三百年以前。
go for a walk ;去散步
Going for a walk after meals is good for your health. ;饭后散步对你的健康有益 处。
go home ;回家
Do you go home when the class is dismissed? ;你是一放学就回家吗?
go into ;从事
He goes into business. ;他从事商业。
go on (with) ;继续
If we don't finish painting the kitchen today,we can go on with it tommorrow. ;要是今天厨房粉刷不完, 明天可以接着干。
go on (doing sth.) ;继续(做……)
You can't go on working without a break. ;人不能不听地工作而不 休息。
go shopping ;买东西
I want to go shopping. Can you come with me please? ;我想买东西,你能和我一 起去吗?
go to bed ;睡觉
When did you go to bed last night? ;你昨晚几点睡的?
go to school ;去上学
I often go to school on foot. ;我常常走路去上学。
grow up ;成年,长大成人
Oh,grow up!Behave in a more mature way! ;噢,别那么不懂事了,表 现得成熟些吧!
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