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H ;
hand in ;交上,交进
Please hand in your papers. ;请把你们的试卷交上来。
hands up ;请举手
Who knows the answer? Please hands up. ;谁懂这个问题?请举手。
have a look ;看一看
May I have a look at your wedding photos? ;我可以看看你们的结婚 照吗?
have a good time ;玩得很高兴 过得很愉快
Did you have a good time at the party last night? ;你昨晚在晚会上玩得开心 吗?
have a rest ;休息一会儿
When I got home,I had a short rest and a glass of water. ;当我到家后,我休息了 一会,然后喝了一杯水。
have a swim ;游泳
Why not have a swim with us instead of staying at home doing nothing? ;为什么不和我们一起游泳 不要呆在家里无所事事。
have breakfast (lunch,supper) ;吃早饭(午饭、晚饭)
What time do you have breakfast? ;你几点吃早饭?
hear from ;收到。。。的来信
How long has it been since you heard from your parents? ;自从你收到你父母来信 有多长时间了?
hear of ;听到,听说
I have never heard of that kind of food. Is it tasty? ;我从未听说过那种食物, 好吃吗?
help oneself to... ;自用(食物等)
Please help yourself to some fish. ;请随便吃鱼。
help... with ;帮助(某人做某事)
Thank you very much for helping with my English lesson. ;非常感谢你在英语方面 对我的帮助。
here and there ;各处,处处
He looked for his cellphone here and there,but he couldn't find it. ;他到处找他的手机可是 都找不到。
hole a (sports) meeting ;举行(运动)会
A sports meeting will be held in our school on Friday. ;我们学校在星期五将举行 一场运动会。
hold on ;(电话用语)不挂断; (口语)等一等,停住
Please hold on for a moment. ;请不要挂线,等一下。
hold out ;伸出
He held out his hand in friendship. ;他伸出友谊之手。
hour after hour ;一小时又一小时地, 连续地
So it goes on,hour after hour. ;因此这种情况继续下去, 一小时接着一小时。
how about... ;。。。怎么样?
How about going to have dinner together? ;一起去吃饭怎么样?
how often ;多久,多长
How often do I take this kind of medicine? Three times a day, after meals. ;我多长时间服一次这种药 一天三次,饭后服。
hundreds of ;数百。。。
Some of the paintings were hundreds of years old. ;当中的一些画有数百年 之久。
hurry off ;匆匆离去,赶快去
After she heard the bad news,she hurried off without any words, almost running. ;当她听说这个坏消息以后 她匆忙离开,一句话也 没说,几乎跑起来。
hurry up ;赶快,着急
Tell Mary to hurry up, or we'll miss the train. ;告诉玛丽快一点,否则 我们将赶不上火车。
I ;
in a minute ;一会儿,立刻
Just wait for me,I will come to pick you up in a minute. ;等等我,我会立刻过来 接你。
in bed ;睡着
Please be quiet. The baby is in bed. ;请安静点,孩子睡着了。
in English ;用英语
What's this in English? ;这用英语怎么说?
in front ;在前面
The bus driver sits in front and the other people sit behind. ;公车司机坐在前面, 其他人坐后面。
in front of ;在。。。前面(在事物] 的外部)
Who's in front of me? ;谁在我的前面?
in line ;排成一行,成线
Please keep the queue in line. ;请让队伍成直线。
in surprise ;惊奇地
When I entered the classroom,all my classmates looked at me in surprise. ;当我走进教室时,所有 同学都惊奇地看着我。
in the end ;最后
The terrorists would pay for what they had done in the end. ;恐怖分子最后会为其 所作所为付出代价。
in the front of ;在。。。前面 (在事物的内部)
When I go out by bus. I prefer sitting in the front of the bus. ;当我乘公共汽车外出时, 我喜欢坐在公共汽车的 前面。
in the hat ;戴帽子
Who's the boy in the hat under the tree? ;站在树下戴帽子的男孩 是谁?
in the open air ;在户外,在野外
The English party will be held in the open air. ;英语晚会将会在户外举行
in time ;及时
You are just in time for the football game. ;你正好赶上足球比赛。
in trouble ;处于困难中
I don't want to get you in trouble. ;我不想让你陷入麻烦中
J ;
jump into ;跳进
Don't jump into the river in that way. It's dangerous. ;不要那样跳进河里,很 危险。
just a moment ;等一会儿
Just a moment,I will come back soon. ;请等一会,我很快就回来
just now ;现在,刚才
Your friend came by just now but you weren't here. ;你朋友刚刚来过但你不在
just then ;正在那时
Just then,the bell rang. ;正在那时,铃声响了。
K ;
keep dong sth. ;继续(做谋事)
How can I trust you if you keep lying to me? ;你要是一直欺骗我,我 怎么能相信你呢?
keep fit ;保持身体健康
He keeps himself fit by running 5 miles every day. ;他每天跑五英里以保持 身体健康。
keep off ;离开
Keep your hands off me! ;别碰我!
L ;
laugh at ;嘲笑
We all laughed at Jane when she said she believed in ghosts. ;简说她相信有鬼,大家 都笑话她。
learn by oneself ;自学
I learn English by myself. ;我自学英语。
leave a message ;留话
Can I leave a message to your parents? ;我可以留话给你的父母吗
less(more)than a week ;不到一周
My mother has been in Beijing less than a week. ;我妈妈在北京呆了不到 一个星期。
line up ;排队
Get the suspects to line up! ;让嫌疑犯站成一排!
listen to ;听。。。(讲话)
You're not listening to what I'm saying. ;你没注意听我说话!
look after ;照看,照顾
Mom,don't worry about me.I am old enough to look after myself. ;妈妈,别担心,我已经 长大了,能够自己照顾 自己。
look around ;四处看看
I am looking around in the exhibition hall. 我在展览厅里四处参观。 ;
look at ;看,观看
Lucy looked at herself in the mirror for a moment. ;露西看着镜中的自己 好一会儿。
look for ;寻找
Policemen are looking for the missing children. ;警察正在寻找失踪的 小孩。
look like ;看起来像
The mountain looks like an elephant. ;这山看起来像一头大象。
look over ;(医生)检查
The doctor looked over Mr.Green very carefully. ;医生仔细地给格林先生做 了检查。
look the same ;看起来一样
Your friend and you look the same. ;你朋友和你看起来很像。
look up ;(在词典、参考书)查寻
You may look up the new words in the dictionary. ;你可以在字典中查新 单词。
lots of ;许多
There are lots of English books in our school library. ;我们学校的图书馆里有 很多英语书。
M ;
make a mistake ;犯错误
It's a big deal to make a mistake in an exam. ;在考试中犯错误没什么 大不了。
make faces ;做鬼脸
The monkey is making faces. ;猴子正在做鬼脸。
make friends ;交朋友
Chris has made a lot of Chinese friends since he came to China ;自从柯里斯来中国后, 他结交了很多中国朋友。
make out ;开(帐号,收据)
The doctor made out a prescription for me. ;医生给我开了一个处方。
make sure ;务必,确信
Please make sure that all the lights are off before you go to bed every night. ;请在每天晚上睡觉前确定 所有的灯都关上了。
make the bed ;整理床铺
I'll go to make the bed for you to sleep in. ;我去给你整理床铺然后你 好休息。
more or less ;或多或少,差不多
Are you really going to America for a holiday? ;你真的去美国度假吗?
It's more or less certain. ;基本上是确定的。
move away ;搬开,搬走
Ten strong men tried to move the heavy stone away. ;十个强壮的男子试图搬开 这个沉重的石头。
N ;
neck and neck ;(赛跑时)起头并进, 不分上下
Most runners are running neck and neck. ;大部分的赛跑选手 不分上下。
neither... nor... ;既不。。。也不。。。
My father neither smokes nor drinks. ;我的爸爸既不抽烟也 不喝酒。
never mind ;不要紧,没关系
Sorry,I forgot to bring your book. ;对不起,我忘记把你的书 带来了。
Never mind,I'll get it myself tomorrow. ;不要紧,明天我自己去拿
next time ;下次
Please come to school earlier next time. ;下次早一点来上学。
next to ;贴近
The girl next to you dressed in blue. ;靠近你的那个女孩穿着 蓝衣服。
no longer ;不再
He broke his leg so he could no longer play football. ;他摔断了腿,所以他不能 再踢足球了。
O ;
on and on ;继续,不断
My heart will go on and on. ;爱无止境。
on duty ;值日
Who's on duty today? ;今天谁值日?
on fire ;着火
The house is on fire! ;房屋起火了!
on foot ;步行
Shall we go there on foot or by bus? ;我们是走着到那儿,还是 乘坐公共汽车?
on one's way to... ;去。。。的路上
On his way to America, he bought some postcards for his daughter. ;他在去美国的路上给女儿 买了一些明信片。
on show ;展览,陈列
The good works will be on show in the windows ;好的作品将在橱窗里 展出。
on the earth ;在地球上
We live on the earth, so we must take care of the earth. ;我们生活在地球上,所以 必须保护地球。
on the other hand ;在另一方面
I know this job of mine isn't much,but on the other hand I don't feel tied down. ;我知道我的这份工作不 重要,但从另一方面来说 我不觉得受束缚。
on time ;按时,准时
We must return our library book on time. ;我们必须按时将图书馆 的书还回来。
on the top of ;在。。。上面
The campsite is on the top of the hill. ;露营地点在山上。
once upon a time ;很早以前,从前
Once upon a time, ;从前,
there was a beautiful princess who slept in a castle for nearly 100 years. ;有个美丽的公主,她 在一座城堡里沉睡了将近 100 年。
one after another ;相继,顺次
We achieved one victory after another. ;我们取得了一个又一个 的胜利。
one by one ;一个接一个地,一次一个 地
Please go through the items on the list one by one. ;请逐个处理单子上的项目
P ;
pass on ;传递
Jack quickly passed the stick on to Jim. ;杰克迅速把棒子传递给 吉姆。
pay for ;付款
How much did you pay for the new dress? ;这件新衣服你付了 多少钱?
place of interest ;名胜
There are many places of interest in Beijing ;北京有很多的名胜古迹。
play with ;玩耍
Don't play with fire. It's too dangerous. ;不要玩火。这太危险。
plenty of ;许多
There are plenty of eggs in the basket. ;篮子里有很多鸡蛋。
point to ;指向
It's impolite to point to others. ;指着别人是不礼貌的。
prefer... to... ;比起。。。来还是。。。 好,喜欢。。。(而不 喜欢。。。)
I prefer pink to white ;我喜欢白色的多于红色的
pull ... out of ;把。。。从。。。拉出来
Please pull me out of the mud. ;请把我从泥潭里拉出来。
pull ... up from ;把。。。从。。。拉上来
The passerby pulled me up from the deep hole. ;过路人把我从深坑里 拉上来。
put ... away ;把。。。收起来(放好)
Put away your clothes. They're all over the room! ;你的衣服丢地到处都是, 把它们放好!
put on ;把。。。穿上
Put on more clothes before you go out. ;出门之前多穿件衣服。
put sth. down ;把。。。放下来
Put down that knife before you hurt somebody! ;把稻子放下,以免伤人!
R ;
right away ;立刻,马上
I'll do it right away. ;我马上就做。
right now ;现在,刚刚
Sorry,he is out right now. ;对不起,他现在不在。
ring up ;大电话给。。。 (英式英语)
Ring up when you get back from your holidays. ;你度假回来后请打个电话 来。
S ;
sell out ;售完
Ticket for the concert have sold out. ;音乐会的门票销售一空。
send away ;撵走,开除,解雇
The president wanted to send the teacher away from school. ;校长想把这个老师从 学校开除。
send for ;派人去叫(请)
My friend sent for a doctor for me last night. ;昨晚我的朋友为我请了 医生。
send up ;发射
Man-made satellites have been sent up into space by many countries. ;人造卫星已经被许多国家 发射到了太空。
sit down ;坐下
After P.E. class,Jim wanted to sit down and have a rest at once. ;体育课后吉姆想马上坐 下来休息一会儿。
so far ;到现在为止
I have lived in China for 2 years so far. ;迄今为止我已在中国住了 两年了。
so... that... ;如此。。。以致
They were son pleased to see each other that they forgot everything else. ;他们彼此见了面,高兴得 什么都忘了。
stop... from... ;阻止,阻拦
Mom,can you stop Dad from eating thest cakes? ;妈妈,你能叫爸爸别吃 这些蛋糕吗?
T ;
take a look ;看一看
Could I take a look at your book report? ;我可以看一看你的读书 报告吗?
take a rest ;休息
Take a rest from all your hard work. ;放下繁重的工作休息一下
take away ;拿走
These books must not be taken away from the library. ;这些书不准带出图书馆。
take back ;收回
I want to take back what I've said just now. ;我想我收回我刚才所说 的话。
take care of ;照顾;保管
Please take good care of my cat when I got out for my holiday. ;请照顾好我的猫当我外出 度假的时候。
take down(off) ;取下;脱掉衣物
Will you help me take the curtains down? ;你能帮我把帘幕取下来吗
take exercise ;运动
Taking exercise every day is good for your health. ;每天做运动有益健康。
take it easy ;不要紧张,放松一点
Take it easy.It's not so difficult. ;不要紧张,这一点也不难
take off ;脱去(帽子,衣服等)
I usually take off my shoes before I enter the house. ;我常常在进门之前先脱掉 鞋子。
take one's time ;不急,慢慢来
The old man took his time walking in the park. ;那位老人在公园里慢慢 散步。
take place ;发生
We have never discovered what took place between them that night. ;我们从未发觉那天晚上 他们之间发生了什么事情
take part in ;参加
How many countries will be taking part in the World Cup? ;有多少个国家要参加 世界杯赛?
take turns ;替换,轮流
My little cousins are taking turns on the swing. ;我的小表妹们在轮流 玩秋千。
the day before yesterday ;前天
I visited my friend the day before yesterday. ;我前天去看了我的朋友。
the day after tomorrow ;后天
I will go to Shanghai the day after tomorrow ;我后天将要去上海。
think about ;思考,考虑
I never think about being a teacher. ;我从没有想过成为老师。
too ...to... ;太。。。而不能
You spoke too quickly for us to understand. ;你说得太快了,我们跟 不上。
turn down ;关小,调低(音量)
Would you mind turning down the radio a little bit? ;你介意把收音机关小声 点吗?
turn green ;变绿
The spring has come and trees turn green. ;春天来了,树变绿了。
trun off ;关掉
They've turned off the water while they mend a burst pipe. ;他们修理爆裂的水管时, 关上了水门。
turn on ;开,旋开(电灯; 收音机等)
Let's turn on the radio and listen to the weather report. ;咱们把收音机打开听听 天气预报。
try on ;试穿(衣、鞋、帽等)
David had tried on many new pairs of shoes. ;大卫已经试穿了许多双 新鞋。
try out ;试验,尝试
I'd like to try out this car. ;我想试试这辆车。
U ;
up and down ;上上下下
Little Jim is jumping up and down on the bed ;小吉姆在床上蹦上蹦下的
W ;
want a go ;要试一试
Do you want a go at this task? ;你要试一试这个任务吗?
wait for ;等候
I waited for two hours at the bus-stop. ;我在公车站等了两个小时
wake up ;醒,醒来
I was woken up by the plane at midnight. ;我半夜被飞机吵醒。
with one's help ;在(某人)帮助下
With the help of my classmate.I found my lost book. ;在同学的帮助下,我找 回了我弄丢的书。
with pleasure ;高兴
I do it for you with pleasure. ;我很乐意为你做。
write down ;写下
I wrote down a beautiful essay in the notebook. ;我写了一段美文在 笔记本里。
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