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Spoken American English Volume 5 ;标准美国语 5
Chapter 1 Lack of Money ;第一章 缺钱
I'm short this week. ;我这星期手头很紧。
I'm broke this week. I'm short ten bucks. ;我这星期没钱用。 我还少了十块钱。
I'm all out of money. ;我的钱都用完了。
Many businessmen are strapped for cash. ;许多商人万分火 急需要现款。
Now we are penniless. ;现在我们一文不名了。
I'm flat broke, literally. ;我真的囊空如洗。
I'm all tapped out. ;我能动用到的钱都 已用了,
Lack of money has plagued us all our lives. ;我们一生中都经常为 无钱可用而苦恼。
Indians is a poverty- stricken country. I need money to keep warm. ;印度是个赤贫的国家。 我需要钱好活下去。
This man is living in the sewer. I'm just a pauper. ;这个男人过着惨淡的 日子。我只是个靠领 救济金的贫民。
Chapter Two Paying Bills ;第二章 付账
It isn't easy raising a family these days. ;这年头养活一个家 庭可真不容易。
The rent has taken a major bite out of my paycheck. ;房租耗掉了我大部 分的收入。
You borrow from Peter to pay Paul. ;你挖肉补疮 (终就不是办法)。
She scraped up just enough money to pay the rent. ;她东拼西凑,勉强付 了房租。
Oh dear,I'm behind in my rent. ;啊,糟了,我逾期没 交房租。
Can you make ends meet? ;你得收支能相抵吗?
Small leaks can sink a ship. ;许多小漏洞也会沉掉 一艘大船。
This is the easiest way to get rid of debt. ;这是避免债台高筑 的最简单遍方法。
I have to break into my nest eggs. ;我必须动用救急基金。
Those car repairs set me back 300 dollars. ;汽车修理,使我的 积蓄少了300元。
It might break the bank if we buy this new car. ;买这部新车,会使我 们的积蓄一扫而空,
We've hit bottom. ;我们的口袋见底了。
My wife ran up big bills on my credit card again. ;内人又在我的信用卡 里挂了一大堆帐。
Where is the money to come from? ;钱从哪里来?
If I get laid off, things could get tight in a hurry. ;如果我失业,家计可 能立刻无法维持。
I'm in debt over my head because of her. ;为了她我债台高筑。
I simply can't afford it. ;我实在买不起。
My wife has no concept of money. ;内人没有理财的概念。
He has to learn to live within his income. ;他必须学会量入 为出地生活。
He's struggling to stay afloat in a sea of debt. ;他挣扎着不被债务淹没。
I may as well pay it off now. He's all paid up. ;我干脆现在就付 清这笔帐。 他的帐都付清了。
He paid me down to the last penny. ;他付清了欠我的 每一分钱。
A:I think I still owe you. B:No.We're even. ;A:我想我还亏欠你。 B:没这回事,我们早 就扯平了。
Just kiss the money good-bye. Reputation doesn't pay your debts. ;跟你的钱吻别吧。 好名声并不能当饭吃。
Love can't pay the rent. He's the breadwinner of the house. ;爱情不能当饭吃。 他是赚钱养活一家的人。
Husbands are supposed to bring home the bacon. ;做丈夫的理应赚钱养家。
Don't overwork your husband ;不要教你先生过分操劳,
or you will be killing the goose that lays the golden egg. ;否则你是在杀鸡取卵。
Chapter Three Borrowing & Lending ;第三章 借贷
A:Can I borrow one thousand dollars from you? ;A:我可以向你借一千 美元吗?
B:I'd say that's a long shot. ;B:我看不太可能。
I hate to borrow,but I don't have any choice. ;我不愿跟你开口借钱, 但别无选择。
I need to borrow 50 bucks.I'll pay you back on payday. ;我想向你借五十块, 等发饷的日子再还你。
I always pay my debts. ;我总有借有还。
You're asking for a princely sum. I borrowed on everything. ;你在狮子大开口。 可以典当的东西, 我都已当了。
I took out a second mortgage on the house. ;我把房子拿去当第二 期贷款的抵押品。
Money is out of the question. ;钱的事情免谈。
Money is too tight. I can't grant you the loan. ;现在银根太紧, 没办法借钱给你。
He's always pestering me for money. ;他一天到晚缠着我要钱。
Why would I loan any money to a loafer? ;我何必借钱给 一个混混呢?
You're on your own. ;现在全靠你自己了。
You can't squeeze blood from a stone. ;你无法从铁公 鸡身上拔毛。
Ask me to cut off my arm before you ask me for loan. ;你要跟我借钱的话, 就先砍了我的手臂吧。
You're my biggest debtor. It's time to cash in all your chips. ;你是我最大的债务人。 这时你尝债的日子.
What's mine is mine. Give it back. These creditors have my back to the wall. ;我的就是我的,你还我。 这些债主已逼得我无路 可走。
You know I'm good for it. ;这一点儿钱, 我不会拆烂泥。
I lend you this money in good faith. ;我信得过你, 才借给你这笔钱。
A:Do you think he's going to pay back the loan? ;A:你想他会还我的钱吗?
B:It's a tough call. ;B:这很难说。
He's always a day late and a dollar short. ;他老是不按时付款, 而且所付的金额短少。
You keep the money. You need it more than I do. ;你把钱留着吧, 你比我更需要它。
Neither a borrower nor a lender be. ;不向人借钱, 也不借钱给别人。
Lend your money and lose your friends. ;把你的钱借给朋友 会失掉你们的友谊。
Lending can turn friends into enemies. ;借钱给人会化友为敌。
Chapter Four Taxes ;第四章 税金
I dread filing income tax returns. ;我讨厌申报所得税表格。
Read my lips.No new taxes. ;你仔细听着, 我决不会课征新税。
At the IRS,our motto is "Never trust anyone." ;在美国财务局里的格 言是:绝对不相信任 何人。
Chapter Five Donations ;第五章 捐款
Got any spare change? ;可以赏点儿零钱给我吗?
Won't you help?It's for a good cause. ;这是做善事, 你不想帮忙吗?
He pledged $100 to the orphanage. ;他认捐了一百美元 给孤儿院。
Chapter Six Being Frugal ;第六章 节俭
A penny saved is a penny earned. Skimp and save. ;省一分钱,就是赚 一分钱。 节俭才能存钱。
Take care of every penny and every penny will take care of you. ;你节约每一分钱, 自然不至缺钱用。
She's stretched our dollars amazingly. ;她不可思议的善用 了我们的钱。
During hard economic times ,you must tighten your belt. ;经济艰困时, 你非勒紧裤带不可。
Stretch your dollars. ;你要一分钱当两分用。
We have a tight budget .Every penny counts. ;我们的预算很紧, 每一分钱都不可乱花。
Have you saved anything for a rainy days? ;你可曾未雨绸缪, 先贮备些钱应急?
She squirrels away any extra money for a rainy day. ;她把任何额外的钱储 存起来,以备不时之需。
He's penny-wise and pound-foolish。 ;他小处聪明,大处糊涂。
It's not cost-effective. ;钱没花在刀口上。
Let's streamline our operation to cut costs. ;我们来精简作业, 以减少花费。
Chapter Seven Being Miserly ;第七章 吝啬
He's cheap. He's tight. ;他很吝啬。 他一文钱打二十四个结。
He's miserly cheap. He's so stingy. ;他小气到家。 他小气得可以了。
You can't squeeze blood out of a stone. ;你无法从铁公鸡身 上拔毛。
He's a hoarder. Scrooge! That cheapskate! ;他是个守财奴。 守财奴! 那个小气鬼!
She's the quintessential cheapskate. ;她好像是个不折 不扣的小气鬼。
Chapter Eight Unwilling to Pay ;第八章 不愿付钱
This will cost me an arm and a leg. ;这笔开销活像要砍掉 我一手一脚。
I'm a little concerned about who's picking up the tap. ;我在关心到底谁会付帐。
He had to cough up the dough to send his kids to college. ;他不太情愿花钱给子 女念大学。
Chapter nine Being Selfish ;第九章 自私
Remember,every man for himself. ;切记,每个人 都是自私的。
Everybody is selfish. You're selfish and egocentric. ;每个人都自私。 你自私,以自我为中心。
Look out for number one. You're not the center of the world. ;要多替你自己设想。 你不是世界的核心。
What's in it for me? This is no way to treat others. ;做这件事对我有 什么好处呢? 这不是待人之道。
Chapter Ten Being Greed ;第十章 贪婪
Give him an inch. He'll take a yard. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. ;他得寸进尺。 你的心眼比肚子大。
Greed has no limits. People always want more. ;贪婪无止境,人总是 有了还要更多,
Everyone wants a piece of the pie. ;每个人都想分一杯羹。
They just keep coming back for more. ;他们贪求不厌。
You bit off more than you could chew. ;你承担了超过你所 能胜任的工作。
People will steal the gold from your teeth. ;到了口的肉, 还有人想叼走。
Take all you want, but eat all you take. ;你要多少尽管拿, 但要全吃掉。
Most people take without giving. Vultures don't get lonesome. ;大多数人光拿不给。 贪婪的人比比皆是。
Chapter Eleven Being Kind and Generous ;第十一章 宽厚
It's better to give than to receive. He's so nice and helpful. ;施比受有福。 他心地善良,乐于助人。
He doesn't skimp on things. Go buy yourself a cup of coffee. ;他对财物从不吝啬。 这点钱拿去买咖啡吧。
He enjoys doing good. He's a regular Boy Scout. ;他乐善好施。 他并非你所想 得那么仁慈。
She's tenderhearted. She's caring and thoughtful. ;她的心肠软。 她关心又体贴别人。
She's softhearted. She's considerate. ;她是个软心肠的女人。 她处处为人着想。
You're a warm and tender person. He sure has a big heart. ;你是富有感情 的温馨人物。 他的心地很好。
He's generous to a fault. He's a big teddy bear. ;他慷慨的不像话。 他的块头大、孔武有力, 但却心地善良。
He's a sentimental old softy. ;他是重感情的 软心肠人物。
Good Samaritans like Bert are rare to come by. ;像白特那样的 好人很少见。
That's country hospitality. This will do my heart good. ;村里人待客就是 如此热情。 这使我心安理得。
You're a rare breed. ;你这种人很少见。
If you're not a fool,you must be a saint. ;如果你不是 傻瓜就是圣贤。
Nice guys wind up in the bottom of the barrel. ;做好人到头来都吃大亏。
A virtue can become a vice. Charity begins at home. ;美德也可能变成罪恶。 仁慈应该先从家人做起。
Love is stronger than hatred. Good conquers evil. ;爱比恨更坚强。 邪不胜正。
Chapter Twelve Economic Crisis ;第十二章 经济危机
The economic future doesn't look promising. ;经济远景并不乐观。
The trade deficit is likely to balloon. ;贸易上的赤字 很有可能扩大。
Our wages may rise, but so will prices. ;即使我们的工资提高, 物价也会跟涨。
Small businesses are feeling the pinch. ;小型企业都感到 生意大不如昔。
The economic is robust.The market is strong. ;经济力量强劲, 市气旺盛。
Chapter Thirteen Trade ;第十三章 贸易
The U.N. imposed an oil embargo on Haiti. ;联合国禁运石油到海地。
The U.N. lifted sanctions against South Africa. ;联合国已撤销对 南非的经济制裁。
Chapter Fourteen Budget Reduction ;第十四章 减少预算
Our budget is already stretched to the limit. ;我们的预算已拉满弓。
They pulled the switch on the project. ;他们不再支持那项工程。
Chapter Fifteen Stocks ;第十五章 股票
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. ;不要将你所有的 财产孤注一掷。
Good call!Those stocks made money. ;好见识! 那些股票赚钱了。
In the stock market, if you don't know which way the wind is blowing , ;在股票市场里, 如果不懂得见风使舵,
you could lose everything. ;会蚀光老本。
To do well in stocks you need to keep your ear to the ground . ;想做好股票投资, 非得有灵通的消息不可。
Blue-chip stocks are usually safe bets. ;蓝股通常是保险的投资。
You'll lose your shirt if you put money in that stock. ;如果你投资那种股票, 准会教你蚀光老本。
What's the dollar to yen exchange rate? ;现在美金和日元的 兑换率是多少?
The stock market took a real nose dive that October 13th a few years ago. ;几年前股票市场在 10月13日来了个倒栽葱。
Chapter Sixteen Investment Strategies ;第十六章 投资策略
There's a huge untapped market for this product. ;这件产品尚未 开发的市场极大。
Start small, but think big. ;大处着眼,小处着手。
Where are you going to set up shop? ;你打算在哪里开张?
The time is ripe for another start-up. ;开创另一新行业 的时机已成熟。
Where are you going to get the seed money? ;你要上哪儿去筹措 你的创业基金呢?
We need some fat cat investors to pluck some money down. ;我们需要找些 肥羊来投资。
She bankrolls his business. ;她供应他事业上的基金。
That is a big business and there's a big money at stake ;那时大生意, 但风险也不小。
Compared to your business,mine is a nickel-and-dime operation. ;比起你的事业, 我的只是小本生意。
Chapter Seventeen Credit and Banking ;第十七章 信用与银行
His credit isn't worth a penny. ;他的信用不值一文。
My credibility is better than his. ;我的信用比他的好。
My credit line is up to $300,000 in this bank. ;我在这家银行的信用 额度,高达30万美元。
His checks are good. ;他开的支票都 不会有问题。
You don't have sufficient funds against this check. ;你的存款不足, 无法兑付这张支票。
You checking account is overdrawn. ;你的支票户头透支了。
He's a check bouncer. ;他是乱开空头支票的人。
Chapter Eighteen The Person in Charge ;第十八章 主管
You run things here? ;你负责管理这儿吗?
Who's in charge around here,anyway? ;到底是谁在这里当家?
I'd like to know who's running the show. ;我想知道谁是负责人?
I want the man who gives the orders around here. ;我要找这里的负责人。
He's the boss here. He has the last word. ;他是这儿的老大, 他说了算。
She's the one who pushes all the buttons. ;她就是控制全场的人。
He's just a puppet with no real power. ;他只是个没实权的傀儡。
There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. ;官多兵少。
You had your chance. Now I'm in the driver's seat. ;你的时机已过, 现在由我掌握。
When you're wealthy and powerful,you can write your own ticket. ;人一有钱有势, 便可随心所欲。
Who gave him a free passport? ;是谁同意他为所欲为?
I see you're taking things into your own hands again. ;我看你又擅做主张了。
As long as it's my money,I have all the say here. ;只要是花我的钱, 我就有权说话。
Around here,I call the shots. ;我在这里当家。
Don't go over my head. ;不要越级报告。
I'm in no position to do this. ;我不便做这件事。
I don't want to step on anybody's toes. ;我不想侵犯 任何人的权利。
Chapter Nineteen Stern Authority Figure ;第十九章 严厉的掌权者
He runs a tight ship. ;他的要求很严格。
He throws his weight around. ;他到处利用职权压迫人。
His domineering wife keeps him on a tight rein. ;他那个跋扈的妻子 把他管的动弹不得。
She's a witch. He's a Hitler in the making. ;她是个巫婆。 他是正在塑造中 的另一个希特勒。
I don't like these totalitarian tendencies. ;我不喜欢这种 独裁的倾向。
He's an overbearing supervisor. He's nothing but a dictator. ;他是个好支配的上司。 他根本就是暴君。
No one reigns forever. ;没哪个人可以永远掌权。
Chapter Twenty Handling Things ;第二十章 掌管事务
We'll take it from here. Leave it to me. ;我们从这儿接手吧。 把那个交给我来办。
Can you manage it? You question my efficiency? ;你做得来吗? 你怀疑我的办事效率吗?
I can't hold those guys in check. ;我管不动那些人。
Chapter Twenty-one Blocking Action ;第二十一章 遏止
Knock it off! Stop all this foolishness. ;少来! 不要再做这种蠢事。
Will you please cut it out? Stop!Enough is enough! ;别再做了行不行? 停!我说够了就够了!
That does it! ;我受够了!
This is going to stop right here, right now! ;这件是必须当场停止!
There ought to be a law against it. This is a taboo. ;这种是应该有法律 禁止才对。 这是禁忌。
That type of behavior is frowned upon. ;那种行为不被容许。
That's strictly a no-no. It's unlawful to litter. ;那是绝对不可以做的事。 随地抛弃杂物,抵触法 规。
That's against the law. There's a $200 fine for spitting. ;那是违法的。 随地吐痰罚两百美元。
Chapter Twenty-two Issuing Commands ;第二十二章 下令
All hands on deck! Stand by for further instructions. ;所有的人都一起来 (帮忙)! 稍候更进一步的指示。
Get in there! Get back to your seat. ;会屋里头去。 回你的座位去。
Get your butt up here! Go back to your position. ;到上面来! 回你的工作岗位去。
Come back here, damn you! Get over here this very minute! ;该死的你,给我回来! 马上给我过来!
Come back!Don't you listen anymore? ;回来!你不听话了吗?
A:I'm not sure how to get this going. ;A:(这东西坏了) 不知道如何让它运转。
B:Make it work! ;B:那你就想办法修好它!
B:Make it happen! ;B:想办法把它弄好!
I called and called. Why didn't you answer? ;我叫了又叫, 干嘛你不回答我?
Chapter Twenty-three Commanding Obedience Well ;第二十三章 服从我
Do as I say! You listen good. ;照我说得去做! 你好好的听着。
I'm not asking you to walk on water. ;我并没要求你做 办不到的事。
You heard me. ;你已听到我所说的话了。
Go on! Go ahead! Proceed! ;继续做下去! 开动吧! 动手吧!
No slip-ups! You question my authority? ;不许出差错! 你质问我的权力吗?
As long as you live under my roof,you live by my rules. ;只要你住在我屋里, 就必须遵守我的规矩。
My car,my rules. ;坐我的车, 就得依我的规矩。
You play by my rules or you don't play at all. ;不按我的规矩, 就别想玩。
Chapter Twenty-four Breaking The Rules ;第二十四章 违纪
Parents make the rules.Kids break the rules. ;做父母的订下规矩, 小孩子破坏规矩。
Rules are meant to be broken. You broke the rules. ;法规就是制定来 让人们打破的。 你违反了规定。
You can't always go by the book. Sometimes you have to bend the rules. ;你不能墨守成规, 要稍作权宜变通。
There's no law against it. ;没哪条法律禁止人 做这种事。
See it through. ;你看着把这件事办好。
I need to see an immediate results. ;我要立刻看到效果。
Is that too much to ask? ;这样是过分的要求吗?
Throw the book at him. ;给他最严厉的处罚。
People with money think they're above the law. ;富人以为法律拿 他们没辙。
Chapter Twenty-five Abiding by the Rules ;第二十五章 守规
Here are the do's and don'ts of dating. ;这里是一些约会时 可行何不可行的规矩。
Follow the Golden Rule. ;要奉行己所不欲、 勿施于人的金科玉律。
Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. ;要人家怎么待你, 就应当先怎么待人。
Rules are rules. I don't make the rules around here. ;规定怎样就是怎样。 这规矩可不是我订的。
Those are the house rules. It's hard-and-fast rule. ;这里的规矩就是如此。 这是不容违背的铁规。
Strictly speaking, this is against regulation. ;严格说,这违反规定。
We have our orders. ;我们奉命行事。
Chapter Twenty-six Lawful Behavior ;第二十六章 合法行为
Is that against the law? ;那算犯法吗?
Let's make sure this is on the level. ;我们一定要弄清楚 这是否合法。
You could go to jail for this. ;这种事很可能会 被捉去坐牢。
The law is quite clear on this issue. ;法律对这一点规定 的很清楚。
It's a criminal behavior. ;这是犯罪的行为。
Chapter Twenty-seven Red Tape ;第二十七章 官样文章
Fill out this form in triplicate. ;请把这表格一式 三份填好。
Please print. ;请用正体字书写。
Both copies must be legible. ;两份文件都必须 缮打清楚。
It's just procedure. Don't take it so personal. ;这是必须的手续, 不要以为有人存心整你。
There's too much red tape involved. ;办这种事,会牵涉到 许多官样文章。
I feel I've been given a runaround. ;我觉得有人在跟 我踢政治皮球。
Getting a green card is a big long paper chase. ;要取得美国绿卡, 是一番漫长的文书追逐。
Nobody has the guts to cut the red tape. ;谁都没魄力来扫除 这些官样文章。
Chapter Twenty-eight Being Submissive ;第二十八章 顺从
Your wish is my command. ;你的愿望就是我的命令。
Anything you say! ;你怎么说,我就怎么做!
A:Anything else? B:Nothing else. ;A:还有其他的事吗? B:没别的了。
B:That will be all. ;就是这样, 没其他的事了。
You may be excused. ;你可以退下去了。
Chapter Twenty-nine Willingness ;第二十九章 乐意
Did you come of your own accord? ;你自愿来这里的吗?
If I were in your place,I'd do it without any hesitation. ;如果我是你, 我会毫不犹豫去做。
He's a cheerful helper. ;他是个乐意助人者。
That's a woman's job. ;那是女人家做的差事。
Why me? ;为何挑我?
Don't stick me with that job. ;不要把那件差 事硬派给我。
Like hell I will. He does a halfhearted job. ;我才不要呢。 他做事三心两意。
Chapter Thirty Forced Against One's Will ;第三十章 违愿
I didn't want to come.My mom made me. ;根本不想来, 是我妈硬逼的。
He made me promise. ;他强迫我答应他。
You can lead a horse to water,but you can't make him drink. ;你可强拉一匹马到水边, 但你无法强迫它喝水。
You've forced my hand. ;是你逼我下毒手的。
He's driven me into a corner. ;他已经把我逼到墙角。
Chapter Thirty-one Insubordination ;第三十一章 抗命
Are you telling me what to do? ;你在命令我做事吗?
Who the hell do you think you are? ;你自以为是老几?
Why should I? Do it yourself. ;我何必呢? 你自己去做吧。
Don't boss me around. ;少支使我做这做那的。
Don't press your luck. Don't lecture me. ;别太依赖好运气。 不要跟我说教。
No one tells me how to do my job. ;用不着谁来教 我该如何做事。
I know my job. ;我对自己分内的 工作很熟悉。
So what? Says who? ;是又怎样? 是谁说的?
That bossy woman barks out orders to everyone. ;这个跋扈的女人, 对任何人都不客 气地下命令。
I can do as I please. ;我可以做我所 高兴做的事。
Finally,the sermon ends. I bow to none! ;说教总算完了。 我不向任何人低头!
I'm tired of being led around by the nose. ;我烦透了被人牵 着鼻子走。
Are you going to defy his orders? ;你要违抗他的命令吗?
The employee paid his boss lip service but then proceeded to ignore his orders ;员工在老板跟前 唯唯诺诺,却阳 奉阴违。
That bitch is getting out of line! ;那只母狗越来越 不像话了。
You can't tame him. ;你无法驯服他。
He's rebellious at heart. ;他表面顺服, 实则内心叛逆。
Chapter Thirty-two Leadership ;第三十二章 领导
I'm their voice. I speak for them. ;我是他们的喉舌, 我代表他们发言。
He's a born leader. ;他是天生的领导人物。
It's not the little guy we want.We're after the kingpin. ;我们要的不是这些 小角色,我们想抓 的是首脑人物。
I'm the decision maker. ;我是决策者。
He's the man behind the scenes. ;他是幕后指使人。
You have to break out of the mold. ;你应该破除窠臼。
He's a quiet leader with loud results. ;他是个沉默的领导人物, 但却创下许多功勋。
Peter is very charismatic. ;彼得的号召力很大。
Chapter Thirty-three Following ;第三十三章 跟从
He's a follower, not a leader. ;他是跟屁虫而 非领导人物。
The office is full of yes-men. ;办公室里应声虫充斥。
You're my guiding light. ;你是指引我道路的光。
He's decided to follow in his father's footsteps. ;他已决定子承父业。
I'm following in your footsteps. ;我在学你的行为。
He takes after me. ;他的作为与我如出一辙。
Money see,monkey do. ;猴子有样学样。
Behold,children are watching. ;当心,孩子们再瞧着呢。
He recently latched onto this trend in a big way. ;他最近如痴如醉 的爱上此道。
Chapter Thirty-four Role Models ;第三十四章 模范
You're the pride of our profession. ;你是我们这一行的荣耀。
You're my inspiration. ;你是我灵感的来源。
You are a bad influence on him. ;你对他有不良的影响。
Don't set any bad examples for her. ;不要给她立下坏榜样。
There's no better way than to teach by example. ;身教重于言传。
He's a prince among men. He's my hero. ;他鹤立鸡群。 他是我心目中的英雄。
He's the salt of the earth. ;他如同盐之于人, 是社会的中坚。
Get with it. ;要跟上别人的脚步。
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