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Look,Listen and Learn! ;
Book 2 Lesson 1-Lesson 63 ;
Revision Lesson 1 The holidays are over ;复习课1 假期结束了
Mother:Hurry up, children!It's eight o'clock! ;母亲:孩子们,快点! 八点钟了.
Mother:Wash your hands and faces,and clean your teeth! ;母亲:洗手,洗脸,刷牙!
Mother:Now put on your clothes and go downstairs! ;母亲:现在穿衣服, 下楼去!
Mother:Now eat your breakfast both of you,and be quick! ;母亲:你们俩吃早饭, 快点!
Sandy:Oh,mum! Do this! Do that! ;桑迪:噢,妈妈, 又叫我们做这个, 又叫我们做那个!
Sue:What a rush! ;苏:这么匆匆忙忙的!
Mother:I'm sorry, children.The holidays are over.Off you go to school! ;母亲:孩子们,对不起, 假期结束了. 去上学吧!
Revision Lesson 3 Photographs of our holiday ;复习课3 我们的假日照片
Narrator:Sandy and Sue are going to school. On the way they meet Billy and Tom. ;旁白:桑迪和苏去上学. 路上他们遇见了 比利和汤姆.
Sandy and Sue:Hullo, Billy!Hullo,Tom! ;桑迪和苏: 比利,你好! 汤姆,你好!
Billy and Tom:Hullo, Sandy!Hullo,Sue! ;比利和汤姆: 桑迪,你好! 苏,你好!
Sandy:Look at these photographs of our holiday,Billy. ;桑迪:比利,看看我们在 假日里拍的照片.
Billy:Show them to me please,Sandy. ;比利:桑迪,让我瞧瞧.
Sandy:Give them to Billy please,Sue. ;比利:苏,请把照片给比利
Sue:Here you are, Billy. ;苏:比利,给你.
Tom:Pass them to me, too,Billy. ;汤姆:比利, 也传给我看看.
Tom:Look at this funny photograph of Sandy at the seaside! ;汤姆:你们看这张桑迪在 海边的照片,多好玩!
Revision Lesson 5 A pair of sunglasses ;复习课5 一副太阳镜
Narrator:Mother is at a shop with father. She wants to buy a pair of sunglasses. ;旁白:妈妈和爸爸在一家 商店里,妈妈想买一副 太阳镜.
Mother:I want to buy a pair of sunglasses, please. ;母亲:我想买副太阳镜.
Assistant:Try on this pair,madam. ;营业员:太太,请试这副.
Mother:Do you like them,Jim? ;母亲:你喜欢这副吗? 杰姆?
Father:No,I don't like them at all. They don't suit you. ;父亲:不,我一点也不喜欢 你戴着不合适.
Father:Take them off. Put on this pair. ;父亲:摘下来,戴上这副.
Mother:Do you like them? ;母亲:喜欢吗?
Father:Yes,dear.They suit you very well. ;父亲:是的,亲爱的, 你戴着非常合适.
Revision Lesson 7 Please pay attention! ;复习课7 请注意听讲!
Narrator:Miss Grant is Sandy's new teacher. She is giving her class a lesson. ;旁白:格兰特小姐是 桑迪的老师. 她正在给班级上课.
Narrator:But Sandy isn't paying attention to Miss Grant. ;旁白:但是,桑迪不注意 听讲.
He's looking out of the window. ;他在看窗外.
Miss Grant:What can you see out of the window,Sandy? ;格兰特小姐:桑迪 你在窗外看见什么了?
Sandy:I can see some boys playing football in the playground, Miss Grant. ;桑迪:我看见一些男孩 在操场上踢足球, 格兰特小姐.
Miss Grant:Is it an interesting game, Sandy? ;格兰特小姐:桑迪,这是 个有趣的游戏,是吗?
Sandy:Yes,Miss Grant. ;桑迪:是的,格兰特小姐.
Miss Grant:Well,our lesson is interesting,too. ;格兰特小姐:那么, 我们的课也有趣.
Miss Grant:Please pay attention to me and don't look out of the window! ;格兰特小姐:请听我讲, 不要看窗外.
Sandy:I'm sorry, Miss Grant. ;桑迪:对不起,格兰特小姐
Revision Lesson 9 Can you tell us the way? ;复习课9 您能告诉我们 怎么去那儿吗?
Mother:We don't know the way to Station Road. ;母亲:我们不知道怎样 去车站路.
Father:Let's ask that man. ;父亲:咱们问问那个人.
Father:Excuse me!Can you tell us the way to Station Road, please? ;父亲:劳驾,您能告诉我们 怎么去车站路吗?
Man:I don't understand. ;人:我听不懂.
Mother:Can you tell us the way to Station Road? ;母亲:您能告诉我们怎么 去车站路吗?
Man:I don't speak English very well. ;人:我英语说得不好.
Man:I'm a tourist.I come from France. ;人:我是个旅游者, 我从法国来.
Man:I live in Paris. ;人:我住在巴黎.
Father:We always ask tourists the way! ;父亲:我们总是向旅游者 问路!
Revision Lesson 11 Professor Boffin ;复习课11 伯菲教授
Professor Boffin lives opposite the Clarks. ;伯菲教授住在克拉克一家 对面.
He is a very clever man,but he never remembers little things. ;他是个非常聪明的人. 可他永远记不住小事情.
The professor usually leaves home at eight o'clock. ;伯菲教授通常八点离家.
His wife often runs after him and gives him his umbrella. ;他妻子常常在他后面追他 给他雨伞.
He always forgets it! Sometimes there's a heavy shower, ;他总是忘带雨伞. 有时候下阵雨,
but Professor Boffin never notices little things like that! ;可伯菲教授从不注意那 种小事.
Revision Lesson 13 Mrs Gasbag ;复习课13 盖斯伯格太太
This is Mrs Gasbag. She lives next door to the Clarks. ;这位是盖斯伯格太太, 她住在克拉克家的隔壁.
She's a terrible gossip! ;她是个可怕的长舌妇.
She usually does her housework in the morning, ;通常,早晨她在家做家务,
but this morning she isn't doing her housework. ;但今天早晨她没有做家务
She's looking out of the window. ;却在看着窗外.
What can she see? She can see Professor Boffin. ;她看见什么了? 她看见伯菲教授.
Professor Bofin is wearing his hat and is holding his bag and umbrella. ;伯菲教授戴着帽子, 提着包和伞.
But he's still wearing his pyjamas,and Mrs Boffin's running after him! ;可是他还穿着睡衣. 伯菲太太在后面追他.
Revision Lesson 15 The weighing machine ;复习课15 磅秤
Narrator:Sandy and Sue are coming home from school.They meet Professor Boffin. ;旁白:桑迪和苏 正从学校回家. 他们遇见了伯菲教授.
Narrator:Professor Boffin is taking his coat off. ;旁白:伯菲教授正在 脱大衣.
Sandy:What are you going to do, Professor Boffin? ;桑迪:伯菲教授, 您干什么呀?
Professor:I'm going to weigh myself,Sandy. ;伯菲教授:桑迪,我想 称称体重.
Sue:Where? ;苏:在哪里称?
Professor:I'm going to weigh myself on this weighing machine. ;伯菲教授: 就在这个磅秤上称.
Professor:I'm going to put a penny in the slot.There! ;伯菲教授:我要把一便 士塞进那个口子. 进去了.
(Sandy and Sue laugh.) ;(桑迪和苏笑了起来)
Professor:What's the matter,children? ;伯菲教授:孩子们, 怎么了?
Sue:You're still holding your coat, Professor Boffin! ;苏:伯菲教授, 您还拿着大衣呢!
Lesson 17 Flour and water ;第17课 面粉和水
Sandy:Mum,we're going to make some paper hats. ;桑迪:妈妈,我们要做 几顶纸帽子.
Sue:We want some things. ;苏:我们需要一些东西.
Sue:Have you any paper and glue,mum? ;苏:妈妈, 你有纸和浆糊吗?
Mother:I have some paper,but I haven't any glue. ;母亲:我有纸,可我没有 浆糊.
Mother:You can make some glue with flour and water. ;母亲:你们可以用面粉 和水做点浆糊.
Sue:Have you a bowl, mum? ;苏:妈妈,有碗吗?
Mother:Yes,I have one. Here you are. ;妈:有的,有一只碗, 给你.
Sue:Now we can mix the flour and water. Stir it, Sandy. ;苏:现在,我们可以把 面粉和水混在一起了. 桑迪,搅一下.
Mother:Sandy!What are you doing? ;母亲:桑迪,你在干什么?
Sandy:I'm eating it. It's lovely! ;桑迪:我在吃呢, 味道真好!
Sue:Ugh! ;苏:哎呀!
Lesson 19 Sandy's money-box ;第19课 桑迪的储蓄盒
Sue:Sandy wants to buy a present for Miss Grant,but he hasn't much money. ;苏:桑迪想给格兰特小姐 买件礼物,可他钱不多.
Mother:He has lots of money in his money-box. ;母亲:他储蓄盒里 有好多钱.
Mother:Listen! It's full of money. Give it to him,Sue. ;母亲:听!都装满了. 苏,把储蓄盒给他.
Sue:Here's your money-box,Sandy. Open it. ;苏:桑迪, 这是你的储蓄盒. 把它打开.
Sandy:All right,Sue. ;桑迪:好吧,苏.
Mother:How much money has he,Sue? ;母亲:苏,他有多少钱?
Sue:He hasn't much,mum His money-box is full of buttons. ;苏:妈妈,他钱不多.他储 蓄盒里是扣子.
He has twenty-four buttons and three pennies! ;他有二十四粒钮扣, 有三个便士.
Lesson 21 Father hangs a picture ;第21课 爸爸挂图
Father:I'm going to hang this picture here. ;父亲:我想把这幅画挂在 这儿.
Sue:Can I help you, dad? Father:Yes,Sue. ;苏:爸爸,要我帮你吗? 父亲:好的,苏.
Father:I need a piece of chalk.I want to put a mark on the wall. ;父亲:我要一支粉笔, 我想在墙上作个记号.
Father:Now I need a hammer and some nails. ;父亲:现在我需要一把 锤子和几个钉子.
Sue:Here you are,dad. ;苏:爸爸,给你.
Sue:Be careful,dad! Don't hit your fingers. ;苏:爸爸,小心点, 别砸着手指.
Father:Ouch! My fingers! ;父亲:哎哟!我的手指!
Sandy:What's the matter with dad,Sue? ;桑迪:爸爸怎么了?
Sue:He's all right, but he needs some sticking-plaster! ;苏:没什么, 但他要点橡皮膏.
Lesson 23 Professor Boffin's umbrella ;第23课 伯菲教授的雨伞
Father:My goodness!It feels nippy this morning. ;父亲:我的天! 今天上午真冷!
Father:What's it like outside,dear? ;父亲:亲爱的, 外面怎么样?
Mother:It's not a nice day.It looks cloudy. ;母亲:天气不好, 看上去是阴天.
Mother:I'm going shopping now. ;母亲:我去买些东西
Father:Goodbye,dear. ;父亲:再见,亲爱的.
Mother:Good morning, Professor Boffin. ;母亲:伯菲教授,早上好!
Professor:Good morning Mrs Clark. ;伯菲教授:早上好, 克拉克太太.
Mother:Oh dear! It's raining. ;母亲:噢,天哪!下雨了.
Professor:Come under my umbrella. ;伯菲教授:和我撑一把伞 吧.
Mother:Thank you, Professor Boffin. ;母亲:谢谢您,伯菲教授.
Professor:What's the matter,Mrs Clark? ;伯菲教授:怎么啦, 克拉克太太?
Mother:Your umbrella leaks,Professor Boffin! ;母亲:您的伞漏雨, 伯菲教授.
Lesson 25 It sounds terrible? ;第25课 听上去真可怕
Narrator:Mother,father and the children are walking in the park. ;旁白:妈妈,爸爸和孩子们 在公园散步.
Sandy:Look!There's a band.They're going to play some music. ;桑迪:瞧,那儿有个乐队, 他们要奏乐了.
Sue:That man's going to sing a song. Let's listen to him. ;苏:那个人要唱歌了, 咱们听听.
Father:What do you think of the music, dear? ;父亲:亲爱的,你觉得这 音乐怎么样?
Mother:It sounds terrible! ;母亲:太糟了.
Singer:Stop that noise!I can't hear my own voice. ;唱歌者:别出声,我都听 不见自己的歌了.
A member of the band: You're very lucky! ;奏乐者:你太幸远了.
Lesson 27 A funny cake ;第27课 一块滑稽的蛋糕
Narrator:Professor Boffin is going to bake a cake,but he can't find any flour. ;旁白:伯菲教授准备做块 蛋糕,可他找不到面粉.
Narrator:He goes and gets a big bag from the store-room. ;旁白:他到储藏室拿来 一只大口袋.
Professor:It's ready now,dear.It looks lovely! ;伯菲教授:蛋糕做好了, 亲爱的.看上去真不错.
Mrs Boffin:It looks funny to me. ;伯菲太太:我看它有点怪.
Mrs Boffin: It looks like cement. It feels like cement, too! ;伯菲太太:看上去像水泥, 摸上去也像水泥.
Mrs Boffin:It has a funny taste.It tastes like cement. ;伯菲太太:有种怪味, 吃上去像水泥.
Mrs Boffin:My goodness Professor Boffin! Look at this bag! It is cement! ;伯菲太太:天哪,伯菲教授 看看这个口袋, 这是水泥啊!
Lesson 29 Mother meets Mr May ;第29课 妈妈见到了梅先生
Mother:I'm going to come to school with you this morning,Sue ;母亲:苏,今天早晨我跟你 一起去学校
Sue:All right,mum. ;苏:好吧,妈妈.
Mother:Who's your new teacher this year? ;母亲:今年谁是你们的 新老师?
Sue:It's Mr May,mum. ;苏:妈妈,是梅先生.
Mother:What's he like? ;母亲:他长得怎么样?
Sue:He's very tall and thin.He always has a pipe in his mouth. ;苏:他又高又瘦, 嘴上总含着个烟斗.
Sue:Look,mum!There he is!The man with the pipe in his mouth. ;苏:妈妈,你看,他来了, 那个嘴里含着个烟斗 的人.
Mr May:Good morning. Sue. ;梅先生:早上好,苏.
Sue:Good morning, Mr May.This is my mother. ;苏:早上好,梅先生, 这是我妈妈.
Mr May:How do you do, Mrs Clark? ;梅先生:您好, 克拉克太太.
Mother:How do you do, Mr May? ;母亲:您好,梅先生.
Lesson 31 Sandy has a bad cold ;第31课 桑迪得重感冒了
Mother:Good morning, Doctor Richards. ;母亲:早上好, 理查兹医生.
Doctor:Good morning, Mrs Clark. ;医生:早上好, 克拉克太太.
Doctor:What's the matter with Sandy? ;医生:桑迪怎么了?
Mother:He looks ill. ;母亲:他看上去病了.
Doctor:Hullo,Sandy. How do you feel? ;医生:嗨,桑迪, 你感觉怎么样?
Sandy:I don't feel well,Doctor Richards ;桑迪:我感觉不舒服, 理查兹医生.
Doctor:Open your mouth Sandy.Show me your tongue.Say 'Ah'. ;医生:桑迪,张开嘴,让我 看看你的舌头.说"啊".
Sandy:A-a-a-ti-shoo! ;桑迪:啊….
Doctor:Sandy has a bad cold,Mrs Clark.He can't go to school. ;医生:桑迪得了重感冒, 克拉克太太. 他不能去上学了.
Sue:Isn't he lucky! ;苏:他真运气!
Lesson 33 Sandy's medicine ;第33课 桑迪的药
Mother:How's Sandy today,Dr Richards? ;母亲:桑迪今天怎么样, 理查兹医生?
Doctor:He still has a bad cold,so he must drink this medicine. ;医生:他仍患重感冒, 所以他必须吃这种药.
Doctor:Goodbye, Mrs Clark. Mother:Goodbye, Dr Richards ;医生:再见,克拉克太太. 母亲:再见,理查兹医生.
Sue:Why is Sandy drinking this medicine,mum? ;苏:妈妈,桑迪为什么在 吃这种药?
Mother:Because he still has a bad cold ;母亲:因为他还有重感冒.
Sue:What's it like, Sandy?Is it nasty? ;苏:桑迪,味道怎么样? 很难喝吧?
Sandy:No,it's very nice.It tastes like strawberries! ;桑迪:不,味道很好, 像草莓.
Sue:I want some too. Ugh!It tastes like poison! ;苏:我也想喝点. 哎呀,吃上去像毒药.
Lesson 35 No parking ;第35课 不准停车
Mrs Boffin is driving the car.Professor Boffin is sitting on the back seat. ;伯菲太太开着车, 伯菲教授坐在后座.
Mrs Boffin stops. "You mustn't park here dear,"Professor Boffin says. ;伯菲太太把车停下. "亲爱的,你不能把车停 在这里,"伯菲教授说.
"Why not?" Mrs Boffin asks. ;"为什么不可以?" 伯菲太太问.
"Because it says, 'No parking,'" Professor Boffin answers. ;"因指示牌上说不准停 车,"伯菲教授回答.
"I don't care," Mrs Boffin says. "Wait for me here." ;"我不管," 伯菲太太说, "在这儿等我."
"I'm going shopping now.""And I'm going to sleep!"Professor Boffin says. ;"我去买点东西." "我想睡觉," 伯菲教授说.
The police take away the car,and they take Professor Boffin,too! ;警察拖走了车,也拖走了 伯菲教授.
He is fast asleep on the back seat! ;他在汽车后座 上睡得正香呢!
Lesson 37 Pour it over yourself! ;第37课 你自己倒
Mother:Have some meat, Sandy. ;母亲:吃点肉,桑迪.
Sandy:Thanks,mum. ;桑迪:谢谢,妈妈.
Mother:And have some potatoes. Help yourself. ;母亲:吃点土豆,自己拿.
Sandy:O.K.mum. ;桑迪:好的,妈妈.
Mother:Do you want any bread,Sue? ;母亲:苏,你要面包吗?
Sue:No thanks,mum. ;苏:不,谢谢你,妈妈.
Sandy:May I have some gravy please? ;桑迪:我可以喝些肉汤吗?
Mother:Of course.Pour it over yourself. ;母亲:当然,自己倒.
Sandy:Pour it over myself? ;桑迪:把它倒在我身上?
Mother:Over your food,silly! ;母亲:倒在你菜上,傻瓜!
Lesson 39 Haircut or shave? ;第39课 理发还是修面
Mother:You must have a haircut,Sandy.Your hair's very long. ;母亲:桑迪,你该理发了, 你的头发很长了.
Mother:Go to the barber's now. Sandy:All right,mum. ;Mother:现在就去理发店. 桑迪:好吧,妈妈.
Mother:Here's some money. Sandy:Thanks,mum. ;母亲:给你钱. 桑迪:谢谢,妈妈.
Barber:Who's next? Bald man:I am. ;理发师:轮到谁了? 秃顶:我.
Barber:Do you want to have a haircut,sir? ;理发师:先生, 你要理发吗?
Bald man:A haircut! Of course,not! ;秃顶:理发?当然不.
Bald man:I want to have a shave! ;秃顶:我要修面.
Lesson 41 A fight ;第41课 打架
Mr Crisp:What are those boys doing? ;克里斯普先生:那些男孩 子在干什么?
Mr May:They're having a fight. ;梅先生:他们在打架.
Mr Crisp:Now,now,boys! ;克里斯普先生: 嗨,嗨,孩子们.
Mr May:Break it up! ;梅先生:别打了.
Mr May:Go and have a wash.All of you! ;梅先生:全都去洗洗.
Sandy:Let's have a wash,Billy. ;桑迪:比利我们去洗洗.
Billy:We're hot and dirty. ;比利:我们又热又脏.
Sandy:Billy!Look in the mirror! ;桑迪:比利,照照镜子.
Billy:Why,Sandy! ;比利:干什么,桑迪?
Sandy:Because you have a black eye! ;桑迪:因为你一只眼睛 发青了.
Lesson 43 Where's the key? Where's the car! ;第43课 钥匙在哪里? 车在哪里?
Professor:Where's the key to my car,dear? I can't find it. ;伯菲教授:我的汽车钥匙 在哪里,亲爱的? 我找不到了.
Mrs Boffin:You are careless! ;伯菲太太:你真粗心!
Mrs Boffin:The day before yesterday,it was in this tin,but it isn't here now. ;伯菲太太:前天它在这个 罐子里,现在不在了.
Mrs Boffin:Yesterday, it was in this box, but it isn't here now. ;伯菲太太:昨天还在 这只盒子里, 现在也不在了.
Professor:And where is it today,dear? ;伯菲教授:亲爱的, 今天它在哪儿呢?
Mrs Boffin:Perhaps it's in your car. ;伯菲太太:可能在你的 车里.
Professor:I must go and have a look. ;伯菲教授:我得去看看.
Mrs Boffin:Well?What's the matter now? ;伯菲太太:嗯,怎么了?
Professor:Now I can't find my car! ;伯菲教授:我找不到我的 车了.
Lesson 45 Sue's diary ;第45课 苏的日记
Sandy:What are you doing,Sue? ;桑迪:苏,你在干什么?
Sue:I'm writing in my diary. ;苏:我在写日记.
Sandy:Can I see it please? Sue:No,you can't! ;桑迪:我看看好吗? 苏:不,不行.
Sue:Where were we yesterday,Sandy? ;苏:桑迪,昨天我们在 哪里?
Sandy:We were at school. ;桑迪:在学校.
Sue:Where were we the day before yesterday? ;苏:我们前天在哪里?
Sandy:We were at school. Sue:Go away,Sandy! ;桑迪:也在学校. 苏:桑迪,走开!
Sandy:I want to have a look. ;桑迪:我想看看.
Sue:Oh,all right. ;苏:噢,好吧.
Sandy:It's not very interesting! It says 'School, School,School!' ;桑迪:你的日记一点也 没意思,总是"学校, 学校,学校".
Lesson 47 Professor Boffin's shoes ;第47课 伯菲教授的鞋
Professor:That's funny. ;伯菲教授:怪了?
Mrs Boffin:What's funny,dear? ;伯菲太太:亲爱的, 什么怪了?
Professor:I can't find my shoes. ;伯菲教授:我的鞋找不 到了.
Professor:They were here a minute ago. ;伯菲教授:刚才还在这儿 的.
Mrs Boffin:Perhaps they're under the bed.Have a look. ;伯菲太太:可能在床底下, 看看.
Professor:No,they aren't there. ;伯菲教授:不,没在床底 下.
Professor:Where's our dog? ;伯菲教授:我们的狗呢?
Mrs Boffin:He was here a few minutes ago. ;伯菲太太:几分钟前还在 这儿的.
Mrs Boffin:Look! There he is! ;伯菲太太:看,狗在那儿.
Mrs Boffin:And there are your shoes! ;伯菲太太:还有你的鞋.
Lesson 49 Scientists are clever men ;第49课 科学家是聪明人
Sandy:How long ago were you in America, Professor Boffin? ;桑迪:伯菲教授 您多久前在美国?
Professor:I can't remember.Let me see. ;伯菲教授:我记不得了. 让我想想看.
Professor:I was there in 1960. ;伯菲教授: 我1960年在那儿.
Sandy:How many years ago was that? ;桑迪:那是多少年以前了?
Professor:Let me see. One,two,three...yes! I was there ten years ago. ;伯菲教授:我想想. 一,二,三…对了, 我十年前在那里.
Sandy:Scientists are very clever men, Professor Boffin. ;桑迪:伯菲教授,科学家 都是聪明人.
Sandy:But do they always count on their fingers? ;桑迪:但他们是不是总是 扳手指数数的?
Lesson 51 Sue's diary: At the dentist's ;第51课 苏的日记:在牙诊所
Narrator:Sue is writing in her diary again. ;旁白:苏又在记日记了.
Sue:Where were we on Saturday,mum? ;苏:妈妈,我们星期六在 哪里?
Mother:We were in the country,Sue. ;母亲:在乡下,苏.
Sue:Ah yes. That's right. ;苏:噢,是的,对了.
Sue:Where were we on Friday afternoon? ;苏:星期五下午我们在 哪儿?
Mother:Let me see. Mother:What date was it? ;母亲:我想想. 那是几号?
Sue:It was January 24th. ;苏:一月二十四日.
Mother:You were at the dentist's. ;母亲:你在牙诊所.
Sue:I'm not going to write that in my diary! ;苏:我可不打算把这件事 写进日记里.
Mother:Why not? Sue:I don't want to remember that! ;母亲:为什么呢? 苏:我不想记住那件事.
Lesson 53 Put those cakes back! ;第53课 把那些蛋糕放回去!
Sandy:May I have a cake please,mum? Mother:Yes,Sandy. ;桑迪:妈妈,我吃一块蛋糕 好吗? 母亲:好的,桑迪.
Sandy:There are lots of cakes in this tin. How many can I have? ;桑迪:这个铁罐里有好多 蛋糕,我可以吃几块呢?
Mother:You can have one! Sandy:Oh! ;母亲:你可以吃一块! 桑迪:噢!
Sue:Mum!Sandy's eating a cake.I want one,too Mother:All right,Sue. ;苏:妈妈,桑迪在吃蛋糕, 我也要一块. 母亲:行啊,苏.
Mother:I can't understand it. ;母亲:我真不明白,
There were some cakes in this tin a minute ago but there aren't any now. ;一分钟前这铁罐里还有些 蛋糕可现在一点都没了!
Mother:Sandy!Put those cakes back in the tin please! ;母亲:桑迪,把那些蛋糕 放回到铁罐里去!
Lesson 55 Professor Boffin buys some eggs ;第55课 伯菲教授买鸡蛋
Mrs Boffin:Go to the grocer's and get some eggs and some matches please,dear. ;伯菲太太:亲爱的,去杂 货店买些鸡蛋和火柴.
Professor:Good morning May I have some eggs and some matches please? ;伯菲教授:早上好, 我买鸡蛋和火柴.
Grocer:Eggs and matches.I'm afraid that I haven't any matches. ;售货员:鸡蛋和火柴. 恐怕没火柴了.
Mrs Boffin:Well,dear? Professor:He had some eggs but he hadn't any matches. ;伯菲太太:嗯,亲爱的? 伯菲教授:他有鸡蛋, 可没火柴.
Mrs Boffin:Where are the eggs,dear? ;伯菲太太:鸡蛋在哪儿呀, 亲爱的.
Professor:Here, in my pocket. ;伯菲教授:这儿, 在我口袋里.
Mrs Boffin:Don't hit your pocket like that!Oh!Look at those eggs! ;伯菲太太:别这样拍口袋, 噢!瞧这些鸡蛋
Lesson 57 A lovely treat ;第57课 一次令人愉快的款待
Last week mother, father and the children had lunch at a restaurant. ;上星期,妈妈,爸爸和孩子 们在一家餐馆里吃午饭.
Mother,father and Sue had some soup. Sandy didn't want any. ;妈妈,爸爸和苏喝了汤, 桑迪不要汤.
Then father and Sandy had some steak. Mother and Sue had chicken. ;接着,爸爸和桑迪吃了 牛排,妈妈和苏吃鸡.
But the last course was the best. ;但最后一道是最好的.
They all has strawberries sugar and cream. "Yum!Yum!"Sandy said. ;他们都吃了奶油, 白糖拌草莓. 桑迪说:"啊唔,啊唔."
"Did you all have a nice meal?" father asked. ;爸爸说: "你们都吃得好吗?"
"Yes,thank you,dad," Sue answered. ;"是的,谢谢你,爸爸," 苏回答说.
"It was a lovely treat,"Sandy said. ;"这是一次丰盛的款待," 桑迪说.
Lesson 59 Sue's diary: Grandma and Grandpa ;第59课 苏的日记: 奶奶和爷爷
Grandmother and grandfather arrived this morning. ;今天早上奶奶和爷爷来 了.
They are going to stay with us for six days. ;他们要和我们在一起住六 天.
We waited for them at the station. ;我们在车站等他们.
They travelled by train.The train arrived at five o'clock. ;他们坐火车来的, 火车五点钟到.
Grandma and grandpa had some lovely presents for us. ;奶奶和爷爷送给 我们可爱的礼物.
A flute for me,and a water-pistol for Sandy. ;给了我一支笛子, 给了桑迪一把水枪.
We liked our presents very much,but mother didn't like them at all! ;我们很喜欢这些礼物,可 妈妈却一点也不喜欢.
Lesson 61 Mrs Boffin's birthday ;第61课 伯菲太太的生日
"I want a big bunch of flowers please", Professor Boffin said. ;"我要买一大束花," 伯菲教授说.
Professor Boffin carried the bunch of flowers home. ;伯菲教授拿着那束花回家
"What lovely flowers!" Mrs Boffin said. ;"多么漂亮的花啊!" 伯菲太太说.
"Many happy returns, dear," Professor Boffin said. ;"祝你长寿,亲爱的," 伯菲教授说.
"It's the 27th of February today. I remembered your birthday this year." ;"今天是二月二十七日. 今年我记住你的生日了."
Mrs Boffin smiled. "My birthday was the day before yesterday," she answered. ;伯菲太太笑了, "我的生日是前天," 她回答道.
"But thank you all the same.Better late than never!" ;"但还是得谢谢你, 迟送花总比不送花好."
Lesson 63 Sue's diary: The donkey ;第63课 苏的日记:毛驴
Grandfather and I walked into town a few days ago. ;几天前,我和爷爷进城去.
On the way we noticed a lot of people. ;在路上,我们见到许多人.
"What's going on? grandpa asked. "Let's have a look," I said. ;爷爷问:"出了什么事?" 我说:"咱们去看看."
"Look"I cried. "There's a donkey walking across the road!" ;我叫道:"看," "有只毛驴在穿马路."
We both watched the donkey. It was very funny. ;我们俩看着毛驴,很有趣.
It stopped in the middle of the road and it stopped all the traffic,too! ;毛驴在路中央停下了, 并且挡住了来往的车辆.
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