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新视野大学英语读写教程第一册unit2-c Teenage Talk




Section C

Teenage Talk

At school, Sandy often went to the library with her best friend, Autumn, who came to America from Japan. They were in the same grade, even though Autumn was a year older. They helped each other with homework, worked on research for class assignments and talked about their problems.
Sandy explained her parents didn't like her makeup or her music and were getting very strict. Autumn's parents made her study on Saturday nights but Sandy didn't tell her parents. She didn't want to give them any ideas! 1. ______
The teenagers shared many secrets, trusting each other entirely. Sandy told Autumn about her telephone conversations with her brother Bill. An only child, Autumn liked hearing about Sandy's brother.
Sandy didn't tell anyone Autumn had a boyfriend. Autumn's parents didn't permit her to date and insisted Autumn attend Japanese school on Saturdays. During lunch, she visited her boyfriend, Jackson, at an ice cream shop near where he worked. Autumn described Jackson as very funny, always telling jokes and making her laugh. After seeing Jackson, Autumn usually shared his jokes with Sandy.
Autumn looked sad.
"What's the matter, Autumn?" asked Sandy.
"I wish I could really go out with Jackson, not just see him in secret. I do not often lie to my parents, but I have to lie about Jackson."
"I understand," said Sandy, "but you're lucky. At least you have a boyfriend."
"I feel lucky. He's so good looking, smart and funny. I really like him. I just wish I didn't have to keep secrets from my parents." 2.______
"I know what you mean. My brother, Bill, has been calling me, but doesn't want me to tell my parents."
"Why not?" asked Autumn.
"He's having a really hard time in school — failing one of his really difficult classes. I'm worried about him."
"Maybe your parents could help him. He should probably talk to them. What class is it?"
"Higher level math. Math was never his best subject," answered Sandy.
"He always seemed like a really bright person," said Autumn. 3. ______
"That's just an act," said Sandy. "Bill has a really hard time paying attention. You and I help each other work things out and do a lot together. Bill can't do that. He won't let anybody know he isn't perfect. That's why he doesn't want me to say anything to our parents, but they need to know. I promised I wouldn't tell them. What should I do? His grades are very low. If he fails, my parents will be so upset." 4. ______
"If you promised, you can't tell. But he sounds like he needs help."
"You're right, Autumn. He's mentioned dropping out of school. I'm so worried because my parents would feel terrible. I just don't know what to do."
"I don't get it. Why does he have to drop out? He's only failing one class," said Autumn.
"He feels he just doesn't fit in at college. He's very quiet, by himself and doesn't like to go to parties too much. He likes to sit at home, listen to music, and draw. He's kind of a dreamer." 5. ______
"Is he very unhappy?" asked Autum quietly.
"I'm not sure," said Sandy. "When I ask, he says no, but sometimes he doesn't really answer."
"That's brave — to ask," said Autumn.
" He's my brother. I want to help him," Sandy said. "College isn't right for him because he doesn't like to study. But I can't tell my parents because they go crazy when anything is not perfect," said Sandy. 6. ______
"That's probably why he doesn't tell them," said Autumn. "Sandy, this is a serious problem. He's in trouble and needs help — maybe more than you can give."
"Maybe we shouldn't talk like this, but I'm worried about him. It's so awful when you have to keep secrets. I hate secrets," said Sandy. 7. ______
"I do too," smiled Autumn, "but I'm glad you told me. My problem with Jackson doesn't seem so bad now."
Sandy smiled at her friend. "I'm happy for you. I think you need to stop thinking about Jackson so much. If your parents find out, you'll have a huge problem."
"You're right. I'd better get going. I'll call you tonight at eight o'clock."
"OK. Thanks for listening."
"No problem."

Words: 710

    在学校,桑迪经常和她的知心朋友秋去图书馆。秋是从日本来美国的。 她俩同年级,尽管秋比桑迪大一岁。做作业时, 她们总是相互帮助,做课堂小实验时也一起动脑筋,她们还一起谈论她们的烦恼。
    桑迪告诉秋说自己父母不喜欢她的化妆品,也不喜欢她的音乐,而且变得很严厉。 而秋的父母强迫秋星期六晚上也学习。这一点,桑迪没有告诉自己的父母。 她根本不想让他们知道。
    两个少女私下里交流着许多秘密,彼此十分信任。 桑迪把她和哥哥比尔常在电话里聊的事儿讲给秋听。 秋喜欢听桑迪哥哥的事情,因为她家就她一个独生女。
    秋的父母不让她去约会。他们还坚持要秋星期六也得去上日语课。 秋的男朋友杰克逊工作的地方附近有一家冰淇淋店,秋趁午饭时间上那儿去看她的男朋友。 秋说杰克逊非常有趣,老讲笑话,逗得秋大笑。 见过杰克逊后,秋通常都要把他说的笑话讲给桑迪听。
    "怎么啦,秋?" 桑迪问。
    "我希望我能真正地和杰克逊一道出去约会,不是偷偷摸摸地去看他。 我对我父母很少撒谎,可说到杰克逊,我就得撒谎。"
    "为什么?" 秋问道。
    "高等数学。数学从不是他的强项," 桑迪回答道。
    "他一向看上去那么聪明," 秋说。
    "装装而已,"桑迪说。"比尔真的很难集中精力。 你和我相互帮助,一起做许多事,一起解难题。 比尔却不能。他不想让别人知道他并不十全十美。 这就是为什么他什么也不让我告诉父母,可他们需要知道。 我答应他不告诉父母。我该怎么办?他的分数很低,要是这门课不及格,我父母就会非常不安。"
    "这我就不明白了。他为什么想中途辍学?他只不过一门功课不好," 秋说道。
    "他觉得自己不适合待在大学里。他话不多,什么事都闷在心里,不想与人多交往。 他喜欢一个人待在家里,听音乐,画画。他像个梦想家。"
    "他很痛苦吗?" 秋悄声问道。
    "我还拿不准," 桑迪说。"我问他时,他说不,可有时侯却一言不发。"
    "你敢问他,真有胆量," 秋说。
    "他是我哥哥,我想帮助他," 桑迪说。
    "大学不是他待的地方,因为他不喜欢读书。 可我不能告诉我父母,要是有什么不完美的事,他们会气疯的。"
    "也许这就是他为什么不对他们说实话的原因, " 秋说。"桑迪,这是个严重的问题。比尔有麻烦,他需要人帮忙,也许你一个人还帮不了他。"
    "也许我们不该这样谈论,但我替他担心。保守秘密真是件糟糕的事。我讨厌保密。" 桑迪说。
    "我也一样," 秋笑着说。"但你能把比尔的事讲给我听,我很高兴。现在看来,我与杰克逊的问题似乎不那么让人心烦了。"
    桑迪朝她的朋友笑了笑。"我为你感到高兴。我看你不要老想着与杰克逊的事儿, 要是你父母知道了,你就真有大麻烦了。"

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