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Nowadays,most people learn academic study in university, but others think we should encourage to learn vocational skills more, do you agree or disagree? 现在,多数人在大学学习,但是,有人认为我们应该学习更多的职业技能,是否同意?(2015年11月21日B卷考题)
雅思写作高分语料库 教育类:游历VS上大学图1




In some countries, secondary schools aim to provide a general education across a range of subjects. In others, children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to a particular career. which is appropriate in today's world. 在一些国家,中学生会学习广泛的课程,在一些国家,学生们会学习一些和未来择业相关的课程,哪一种教育方式更加合适?








1. 人们的精力和时间有限,广泛涉猎,难免蜻蜓点水。相反,集中精力学习一门课技能,可使人成为一个领域的专家。人生的奋斗的过程就是追求稀缺的过程,你要成为那个不可替代者。

2. 职业培训学校培养的学生, 择业更有竞争力,因为他们可以适合特殊企业的需求。


1. 通才教育帮助人实现全面发展,培养多元的兴趣和才华,可以使受教育者适应未来不同领域的工作,因此,可以减少单一职业选择带来的失业风险。

2. 职业教育通常传授的是以择业为导向的知识,和就业相关联的技能,仅是一种生存技能的培养,相反,通才教育不仅是传授知识,还涉及到人的道德教育、性格培养、心灵成长,因此,专才教育更能体现完美教育的真谛。


【首段】背景介绍 + 争议焦点 + 作家立场

Education is one of the key words of our time. A man without education, many of us believe is the victim of adversity. However,people’s views differ greatly as to whether or not specialist is superior to generalist. To voice my opinion, focusing on academic study in university enjoys more benefits.

【二段】 学习职业技能的利好

Granted,those who advocate vocational training are, to some extent, never without their reasons. First,zeroing in on vocational skills can help learners secure well-paid jobs quickly, therefore, the family’s financial burden can be greatly reduced. From our life, we can find some examples to prove that job candidates from vocational training schools are very popular because what they have learnt are career-oriented and job-related. Also,Jack-of-all-trades is master of none. In comparison with studying a wide range of subjects,specializing in specific field can make one stand out in a crowd considering that one’s time and energy is limited


What I want to rebut, however, is that we can never ignore the immense value of academic study at university. The most glaring merit is that those who receive university education have plenty of room for career development because they have access to manifold knowledge and techniques. In addition to tapping one’s unlimited potentials in various aspects and helping one realize overall development, experiencing university life can bring more wonderful memories of colorful campus life. Last, this can benefit a nation, all-round education can train more comprehensive talents for a country,which will inject new life into the further development of a nation.


Overall,my stand is that compared with attending vocational training schools,receiving university education is more feasible and rational because it helps students realize comprehensive development and cultivate more personal talents. Likewise, our society need talents with a wealth of knowledge.




1. generalist n通才

2. specialist n专才

3. specialized education n专才教育

4. comprehensive education n通才教育

5. vocational training school n 职业培训学校

6. higher education = high education n 高等教育

7. acquire a range of subjects v 学习广泛的课程

8. travel in the ocean of the knowledge v 畅游知识的海洋

9. avoid the possible risk of unemployment 避免潜在的失业的风险

10. Knowledge is not a burden 艺多不要身

11. be well-prepared for the future career challenges v为未来事业的挑战做好充分准备

12. a wide range of subjects will help one be well-prepared for to work in different fields in the future 学习广泛的课程可以帮助一个人为未来不同领域的工作做好准备

13. secure a decent job with promising future v找到体面的有前途的工作

14. excel in one specific field v 精通于一个特殊的领域

15. realize his or her all-round development. v实现全面的发展

16. have to face more risks of unemployment triggered by a single career choice v面对单一职业选择带来的失业的风险

17. …… is more feasible and rational …… 更加可行和理性

18. enhance one’s competitiveness in the future job-seeking v 提高未来择业的竞争力

19. Jack-of-all-trades is master of none. 样样精通,就是一无所精。

20. inject new life into the further development of a nation v给一个国家的发展注入新鲜活力

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