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移动英语单词词汇mobile english lesson3





[a group of ministers that helps lead a government]

The President meets every week with his cabinet.



[(1)to give a name to; (2)to ask for or request]

I call myself John.(1)

They called for an end to the fighting.(2)



[(1)quiet; (2)peaceful ;(3)opposite of tense]

The calm crowd waited for the president to speak.

The city was calm after two days of rioting.

Can your emain calm in a tense situation?(3)

[a device for taking pictures]

Your camera takes very good pictures.



[a place with temporary housing]

There fugee camp provides temporary shelter,food and medical care.



[(1)a competition by opposing political candidates seeking support from voters ;(2)a connected series of military actions during a war]

Presidential campaigns are much too long and cost too much.(1)

The Allied campaigns won the war in Europe and Asia.(2)



[(1)to be able to; (2)to have the right to; (3)a container used to hold liquid or food,usually made of metal]

The two sides can meet onTuesday.(1)

I can live any where I wish in this country because that is my right.(2)

I bought three cans of vegetables at the food store.(3)



[(1)to end; (2)to stop]

Who can celled the agreement?(1)

Mary can celled her plans to have a party next week.(2)



[a disease in which dangerous cells grow quickly and destroy parts of the body]

Scientists continue to find better way stotre at many kinds of cancer.



[a person who seeks or is no minated for an office or an honor]

Each political party has no minated a candidate for president.



[(1)the official center of a government; (2)the city where a country’s government is]

The capital of the government is in Washington.(1)

Washington is the capital of the United States.(2)



[an economic system in which the production of most goods and services is owned and operated for profit by private citizens or companies]

In the United States,capital is has produced the world’s strongest economy.




[(1)to make a person or animal a prisoner; (2)to seize or take by force; (3)to get control of]

Police captured the terrorist before he could explode the bomb.(1)

Rebel forces captured the city.(2)

Democrats won the election and captured control of Congress.(3)



[(1)a vehicle with wheels used to carry people; (2)an auto mobile; (3)a part of a train]

Electric street cars were replaced with buses many years ago.(1)

Fred’s and Martha’s new car will carry six people.(2)

That train has 57 flat cars and 12 box cars.(3)



[(1)to like ;(2)to protect; (3)to feel worry or interest]

Jim told Laura that he cared for her and would like to see her again.(1)

His mother told him to take care of his younger brother.(2)

Would you care if I borrowed your car?(3)



[(1)acting safely; (2)with much thought]

Please be careful when you drive.(1)

He was careful to choose exactly the right words.(2)



[to take something or someone from one place to another]

Would you carry this bag for me,please?



[a legal action]

The judge will call your case next.



[an incident of disease]

There was only one case of chicken pox at the school.



[a small animal that often lives with humans]

My cat climbed that tree and is afraid to come down.



[(1)to seize after a chase; (2)to stop and seize with the hands]

He runs sofas that no one can catch him.(1)

Catch the ball and throw it back to me.(2)



[(1)to make happen; (2)the thing or person that produces a result]

Too much rain caused the flood.(1)

The cause of the flood was too much rain.(2)



[a halt in fighting,usually by agreement]

The cease fire stopped the fighting.



[to honor a person or event with special activities]

I think we should have a party to celebrate your birthday.



[(1)the middle of something; (2)the place in the middle; (3)a place that is the main point of an activity]

There was a hole in the center of the target.(1)

The chair sat at the center of the room.(2)

The experts checked the nuclear center for radiation leaks.(3)



[one hundred years]

This is the first year of the 21st century.



[an actor series of acts done in a special way established by tradition]

The new president took the oath of office at the inaugural ceremony in front of the capitol.



[a person leading a meeting or an organized group]

The party chairman led the meeting.



[(1)the best; (2)the winner]

John is a champion swimmer.(1)

The New York Yankees were the champions of professional baseball in the first year oft he new century.(2)



[a possibility of winning or losing or that something will happen]

We have a good chance of getting home before dark.



[(1)to make different; (2)to become different]

Will you change your decision?(1)

His voice changed last year.(2)



[(1)to accuse someone of something,usually a crime;(2)a statement in which someone is accused of something]

She was charged with stealing a car.(1)

The charge was false.(2)



[to run or go after someone or something]

The dog chased the cat around the house.



[(1)to get by a trick;(2)to steal from]

He cheated on the history examination.(1)

The dishonest lawyer became rich by cheating the people that here presented.(2)



[to shout approval or praise]

The crowd cheered everytime their team scored.



[(1)elements found in nature or made  by people;(2)substances used in the science of chemistry]

Oxygen and hydrogen are the chemicals that form water.(1)

Do you read the list of chemicals listed in the foods you eat?(2)



[the scientific study of substances,what they are made of,how they act under different conditions,and how they form other substances]

How many years did you study chemistry?



[(1)the head or leader of a group; (2)leading; (3)most important]

Mr.Thompson is the new chief of our tax office.(1)

The chief cause of lung cancer is smoking.(2)

The  chief reason he got the job was his experience with tax issues.(3)



[(1)a baby;(2)a boy or girl]

The child was born with the disease.(1)

Every child,boy or girl,should have an equal chance to succeed.(2)



[more than one child]

Sixty children were chosen to go to a camp in the mountains.



[to decide between two or more]

You may choose one meat and three vegetables from the lunch list.



[a closed shape that has all its points equally distant from the center,like an "O"]

The settlers put their wagons in a circle to defend against the attack.



[a person who is a member of a country by birth or by law]

Every citizen is expected to vote.



[any important large town]

I lived in a small town as a child,but nowI live in a city.



[not military]

Many civilians were killed in the attack on the town.



[the political,economic and  social rights given equally to all people of a nation]

The law protects the civil rights of all citizens.



[to say something as a fact]

He claimed that his opponentlied about his activities as a student leader.



[(1)a battle;(2)to fight or oppose]

Ten protesters were injured in the clash with police.(1)

Angry farmers blocked road sand clashed with soldiers.(2)



[(1)to make pure; (2)free from dirt or harmful substances]

Please clean your room.(1)

Too many people  around the world do not have clean water to drink.(2)



[(1)easy to see or see through; (2)easily understood]

Clear water is not always safe to drink.(1)

He won the debate because his arguments were clear to almost everyone.(2)



[a body of officials within are ligious organization]

Many in the clergy supported there forms proposed by the rebels.



[the normal weather conditions of a place]

Many retired people like to spend the winter in the warm climate of Florida.



[to go up or down something by using the feet and sometimes the hands]

The fire men climbed ladders to rescue people living above the ground floor.



[a device that measures and shows time]

I was late for work because my clock stopped.



[(1)to make something not open; (2)near to]

Please close the window before you come to bed.(1)

Stay close to mein this big crowd.(2)



[a material made from plants,chemicals,animal hair and other substances]

I feel cooler in summer when  I wear shirts made of cotton cloth.



[what people wear]

Be sure to bring enough clothes for two weeks.



[a mass of fog high in the sky]

Clouds like those usually mean rain will come soon.



[a solid black substance used as fuel]

Much of our electricity is produced by plants that burn coal as fuel.



[forces,groups or nations joined together]

The country is led by a coalition government of three parties.



[landon the edge of the ocean]

The storm caused high wave sand flooding along much of the Atlantic coast.



[a drink made from the plant of the same name]

People in Seattle drink lots of coffee.



[(1)not warm; (2)having or feeling great coolness or alow temperature]

The water is too cold for swimming.(1)

This has been a cold winter,with much ice and snow.(2)



[(1)to bring or gather together in one place; (2)to demand and receive]

The driver collected the children after school and brought them home.(1)

Your employer collects taxes for the government everytime you are paid.(2)



[a small university]

Have you decided where you will at tend college?



[land controlled by another country or government]

Hong Kong is no longer  a British colony.



[the different effects of light on the eye,making blue,red,brown,black,yellow and others]

I love the bright colors of the autumn leaves.



[to mix or bring together]

The new organization combines radio and television broadcasting.



[(1)to move toward; (2)to arrive

Jan is coming home for the holidays.(1)

The two sides came together on a settlement after long and detailed negotiations.(2)



[(1)to order; (2)to have power over something]

The general commanded the army to move against the enemy.(1)

The President commands all the military forces.(2)



[(1)to say something about; (2)to express an opinion about something]

Mr.President,please comment about the increased number of terrorist attacks.(1)

He commented about the writers who criticized his new book.(2)



[a group of people given special work]

The committee met three times to decide who should get the special award.



[(1)usual; (2)same for all]

He liked to call himself a common man.(1)

The allies united for a common purpose:to win the war.(2)



[(1)to tell; (2)to give or exchange information]

The chairman communicated that he was not happy with the proposed agreement.(1)

Because we communicate well,we understand each other’s situation.(2)



[a group of people living together in one place or area]

Our community includes people from many other countries.



[a business organized for trade,industrial or other purposes]

My friend started an Internet company to repair and sell old musical instruments.



[to examine what is different or similar]

We urge you to compare the price and quality of our products with those of our competitors.



[to try to do as well as,or better than,another orothers]

The Internet lets companies compete almost anywhere in the world.



[(1) having all parts; (2)ended or finished]

I have a complete set of recordings by the Beatles.(1)

We completed all the work yesterday.(2)



[(1)of or having many parts that are difficult to understand; (2)not simple]

The trade agreement is the result of some very complex negotiations.(1)

It may seem simple,but it is really complex.(2)



[the settlement of an argument where each side agrees to accept less than first demanded]

Compromise may not be possible in that dispute.



[an electronic machine for storing and organizing information,and for communicating with others]

Computers area necessary tool for managing a business.



[(1)interest ,worry; (2)to fear]

The president expressed concern about the continuing violence.(1)

He said he is especially concerned that the fighting will spread to other countries.(2)



[to say a person or action is wrong or bad]

The senators condemned the man for refusing to answer their questions.



[(1)something declared necessary to complete an agreement; (2)a person’s health]

The conditions for his resignation included a ten million dollar payment.(1)

The doctor said the examination showed that Gary was in excellent condition.(2)



[a meeting]

I seemed to spend my days going from one conference to another.



[(1) to approve; (2)to say that something is true]

The senate confirmed the appointment of the new Agriculture Secretary.(1)

The candidate confirmed the report that he was ending his campaign.(2)



[(1)a fight; (2)a battle,especially along one]

We had a conflict about politics.(1)

The long conflict finally ended with a cease fire,not a peace treaty.(2)



[to praise a person or to express pleasure for success or good luck]

I congratulate you for getting the highest score on the history test.



[(1)the organization of people elected to make the laws of the United States (the House of Representative sand the Senate); (2)a similar organization in other countries]

The President’s party did not win control of either house of Congress.(1)

Five members of Mexico’s Congress are in Washington to discuss trade issues.(2)



[(1)to join one thing to another; (2)to unite; (3)to link]

If you connect this wire to there done, .(2)

The policeman  [one who usually supports tradition and opposes great change]

William is a conservative about social issues.



[(1)to give thought to; (2)to think about carefully]

Jack is considering what to give Amy for her birthday.(1)

The head of my office said he would consider my ideas for a more effective sales campaign.(2)



[the written general law sand ideas that for manation’s system of government]

How do the laws provide for making changes in the constitution?



[(1)to hold;(2)to include]

The bottle contains one quart of milk.(1)

*one liquid quart=0.9463 liter(米)

The paint in that old house contains a dangerous amount of lead.(2)



[a box,bottle or can used to hold something]

More juice is sold in plastic containers than in glass bottles.



[any of the seven great land areas of the world]

Did you know that long ago all the continents were joined together?



[to go on doing or being]

The govern or said he would continue to fight for justice.



[(1)to direct ;(2)to have power over]

Who controls the daily work of the company.(1)

The chairman of the transportation committee controls all the spending for transportation projects.(2)



[a large meeting for a special purpose]

Political parties hold conventions to choose presidential and vice presidential candidates.



[to heat food before eating it]

Helen will cooks paghetti with meat sauce tonight.



[almost cold]

My coffee is cool.Would you warm it for me, please?



[to actor work together]

If we cooperate on this work,we will finish more quickly.



[(1)to make something exactly like another ;(2)something made to look exactly like another]

Joseph can copy that document for us.(1)

This copy is so bad I can not read it.(2)



[a food grain]

Scientists are worried because genetically - changed corn got into food supplies for people.



[(1)true ;(2)free from mistakes; (3)to change to what is right]

That is the correct date of the election.(1)

That salesagreementiscorrect.(2)

Did you correct that script?(3)



[(1)the price or value of something; (2)to be valued at]

The cost of the book is five dollars.(1)

The book costs five dollars.(2)



[a material made from a plant of the same name]

Most clothes are made of cotton.



[to speak or add numbers]

Her child learned to count by watching Sesame Street on television.



[(1)a nation; (2)the territory of a nation; (3)land away from cities]

English is one of the languages of his country.(1)

Much of the country in the West is desert.(2)

My family had a farm house in the country,not too far from the city.(3)



[(1)where trials take place ;(2)where judges make decisions about law]

We have to give evidence in court today.(1)

The appeals court is considering mistakes made in histrial.(2)



[(1) to put something over a person or thing ;(2)anything that is put over a person or thing]

Please cover the food left from dinner.(1)

Put your name on the front cover of your book.(2)



[a farm animal used for its milk]

He must pump the milk from his cows every morning and evening.



[(1)to fall violently; (2)to hit with great force]

The air plane crashed into the mountain.(1)

The two cars crashed into each other.(2)



[(1)to make; (2)to give life or form to]

She created a beautiful poem.(1)

The Declaration of Independence says all men are create dequal.(2)



[(1)any living being; (2)any animal or human]

A microscope can show a great many living creatures in a drop of water.(1)

People are learning how to live peacefully with other creatures.(2)



[an agreement that payments will be made at a later time]

With this card I can use credit to buy things today and pay for them next month.



[a group of people working together]

Ten members of the ship’s crew were injured by the explosion.



[an act that violates a law]

Telling a lie to the court is a crime.



[a person who is responsible for a crime]

The organization tries to find jobs for criminals released from prison.



[(1)an extremely important time when something may become much better or worse; (2)a dangerous situation]

During a middle age crisis, people often make changes in their life.(1)

The Cub an missile crisis in the 1960s almost caused a nuclear war.(2)



[(1)to say what is wrong with something or someone; (2)to condemn; (3)to judge]

His teacher criticized him for not completing his report.(1)

The judge criticized the man for his evil acts and sentenced him to spend twenty years in prison.(2)

Her edit or asked her to criticize a new book about ancient Egypt.(3)



[plants that are grown and gathered for food, such as grains, fruits and vegetables]

The major crops in this area are corn and soy beans.



[(1)to go from one side to another; (2)to go across]

The mother holds her child’s hand when they cross the street.(1)

This ship crosses the ocean in five days.(2)



[a large number of people gathered in one place]

A large crowd gathered to watch the show.



[(1)to damage or destroy by great weight; (2)to defeat completely]

The falling tree crushed the house.(1)

The T.C. Williams High School football team crushed every team it played that year.(2)



[to express or shows or row or pain]

The thought of never seeing her again made him cry.



[all the beliefs, traditions and arts of a group or population]

Her Western culture and my Eastern culture made our lives exciting.



[(1)to improve health; (2)to make well; (3)something that makes a sick person well]

Living more simply and eating plain food cured most of her health problems.(1)

The doctor can cure the disease.(2) 

Antibiotics are acure for infection.(3)



[an order to people to stay off the streets or to close their businesses]

The streets were empty every night after the ten o’clock cur few.



[(1)movement of air,water or electricity; (2)belonging to the present]

The currents lows down in this wide part of the river.(1)

She found the report in a current publication.(2)



[a long-established belief or activity of a people]

It is our custom to go to church on Sunday mornings.



[taxes on imports]

I like to buy items in the custom-free store because the reare no taxes to pay on the purchase.



[(1)to divide or injure with a sharp tool; (2)to make less; (3)to reduce]

She cut her finger while using the bread knife.(1)

The lab or strike cut the company’s production by 60 percent.(2)

Congress cut foreign aid spending.(3)

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