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真实生活英语Employment and Job Services 就业和工作




Unit 2 Employment and Job Services
就 业 和 工 作

Part One: Expressions

1. I work full-time at the University hospital.
2. I had a part-time job waiting tables when I was in college.
3. Is the job full-time or part-time?
4. How many hours a week does the job require?
5. I’m doing some temporary work to make money until I find a more permanent job.
6. Do you know of a good temp*-agency?
7. This agency had lots of work for me.
8. I work there one night a week for the extra income.
9. I volunteer for this organization two weekends a month.
10. I’d like to do some volunteering in my free time.

Part Two: Dialogues
1. Full-time and Part-time Jobs 全职和兼职工作
A: Did you have a part-time job when you were still in school?
B: No, I was way too*busy studying all the time. How about you?
A: Yeah, I worked about twenty hours a week in a pizza restaurant.
B: What was that like?
A: It was always very busy there.
B: What did you do?
A: I stood behind the register and took pizza orders.
B: Did you get any perks on the job?
A: Yeah, I got to eat as much pizza as I could for free.
A: 你读书期间有没有兼职工作的经验?
B: 没有,我总是忙着学习,你呢?
A: 有过。我在一个比萨饼店每周工作20个小时。
B: 工作怎么样?
A: 那儿总是很忙。
B: 你在那儿负责做什么呢?
A: 我站在收银台后面接单。
B: 你的工作还有没有什么好处?
A: 有,我可以免费任意吃比萨饼。

2. Temporary and Casual Work 短期工

A: Have you found a new job yet?
B: No, not yet. I’m still looking. I’ve been doing some work through a temp-agency though.
A: What kind of work?
B: I’m temping at a pharmaceutical company.
A: What do you do there?
B: Mostly office work - filing and so on.
A: How long is the assignment?
B: Till the end of the month.
A: 你找到新工作了吗?
B: 没有,还没有找到。我还在找。但是我通过一家中介公司介绍在做短期工。
A: 那是什么样的工作?
B: 是一家制药公司的短期工。
A: 你在那儿做什么事?
B: 大多是办公室里的事情--存档之类的。
A: 做到什么时候呢?
B: 到这个月底。

3. Voluntary work 义工

A: Want to meet for lunch this Saturday?
B: Sorry, I can’t. I’m busy.
A: What are you doing?
B: I always do volunteer work on the first Saturday of every month.
A: What kind of volunteer work?
B: I help out at the children’s hospital. I help plan activities.
A: Oh, yeah?
B: Yeah. It’s exciting. This month we’re doing crossword puzzles.
A: 这个星期六一起吃午饭吗?
B: 对不起,不行。我很忙。
A: 你在做什么?
B: 我每个月的第一个星期六总是要做义工。
A: 是什么性质的义工?
B: 在儿童医院帮手。帮忙组织活动。
A: 哦,是吗?
B: 是呀,很令人兴奋。这个月我们要做字谜游戏。

Part Three: Substitution Drills

1. A: Can I help you?
  B: Yes, do you have any (full-time/ part-time/ temporary) work available?
2. A: What do you do?
  B: I work full-time at the (hospital/ library/ supermarket).

3. A: How many hours a week are you hoping to work?
  B: I work about (forty/ twenty-five/ forty-five) hours a week.
一星期大概工作(40/ 25/45)个小时。

4. A: Do you know anything about this temp-agency?
  B: I’ve heard they’re very (helpful/ reputable/ well-connected).

5. A: How many (hours/ reports/ meetings) a week does the job entail?
  B: Usually about twelve.

6. A: I’ve been there for about (four months/ six days/ three years).
  B: That’s nice.
我在那儿已有大约(4个月/ 6天/ 3年)。

7. A: I’ve been thinking about doing some temp work.
  B: This agency had lots of (work/ assignments/ information*) for me.

8. A: How busy is your schedule?
  B: I work (six days/ five days/ sixty hours) a week.
我一星期工作(6天/ 5天/ 60个小时)。

9. A: Ted volunteers for the children’s hospital once a month.
  B: Gee, what a nice/ kind/ warm-hearted guy!

10. A: What do you do there?
    B: I (file paperwork/ enter data into the computer/ take orders from customers).


Part Four: Monologue
“When I was a student I was broke*, so I took a part-time job to help support myself. I needed something that wouldn’t interfere with my class schedule. I found a job at the local supermarket working twenty hours a week in the evenings. Mostly I took inventory and stocked the shelves. The work itself wasn’t so interesting and it was hard for me to find the time to study. It was good for me though; I got some practical working experience and I learned a lot about how to manage my time. And plus, money. I mean, hey, who can complain about that?”                                                                                         
--Cristoph Burleson

Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
-- full-time 全职
-- part-time 兼职
-- temporary  临时的;暂时的
-- permanent  固定性的;常在的
-- agency 中介;代理
-- volunteer 自愿参加者,志愿者,义工
-- register  自动登录机,收银机
--entail  必需;使承担
-- experience 经验,体验
--* temp - abbreviation for temporary
--* way too - slang, same as “much too”
This is too expensive < This is much too/ way too expensive.
--* “Information” does not take “s” as a plural: never “lots of informations”.
--* broke - slang, have no money

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