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林超伦实战口译 Unit 25-30




单元25 Enviros环保公司(英音)

Enviros was founded in 1995 and brought together a number of consultancies with a track record of performance in the environmental field, including Aspinwall, March and Quantisci. Enviros has over 350 people in ten offices in the UK, one office in the Irish Republic, two offices in mainland Europe and one office in Canada. Through partner organizations we extend globally, with active projects on every continent.


Enviros is managed on cross-office basis in line with our market facing divisions. Each division is headed by a director and, together with Dave Murphy, Jeff Iliffe and the four support service directors--Finance, HR, IT and Marketing, make up Enviros' senior management team. Each division is then divided up into groups and the teams reflecting our ideas of expertise. A team typically consists of 5 to 10 consultants.

Enviros实行跨办事处管理,按照面对市场的部门划分。每个部门都由一位董事领导,另外,Dave Murphy, Jeff Iliff和四位支持服务部门的董事,即财务、人事、信息技术和市场推广董事,组成了高层经理队伍。每个部门分成小组,小组分成团队,反映出我们的专长。团队的典型人数是5~10名咨询人员。

Enviros offers a comprehensive package of expertise in business strategy, economics, energy engineering and management, feasibility studies, design and project management, training and specialist software to enable clients to comply with laws and regulations. We help clients to meet climate-change-related requirements of legislation and key performance criteria as well as deliver significant cost savings.


We work with clients and their financial intermediaries to assess the environmental assets and liabilities of a business. We cover all the main regional finance centers in the UK, and through our membership of the CAT Alliance, we can offer advice in more than 50 countries for cross border deals. We are an associate member of the British Venture Capital Association and, with the CAT Alliance, a member of the European Venture Capital Association.


Sustainable waste management requires organizations to design products that use fewer materials; use processes that produce less waste; put waste to good use through re-use, recycling, composting and using waste as fuel; and to choose products made from recycled materials. In waste and resources management, Enviros provides strategic, technical and economic solutions throughout the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.


We have an enviable record of the environmental management of land and water assets for major landholders. With an increasing need to regenerate "brown field" sites, a solutions-based approach to land and water resources has created an unrivalled reputation in the field of contaminated land, redevelopment and its associated disciplines. Decisions on environmental protection require knowledge of how potential hazards would be affected by changes in management practices.


With respect to storage and disposal facilities for radio-active and other hazardous wastes, it is crucial to understand how contaminants move through the geosphere and how long-term performance of disposal facilities can be affected by geological and climatic changes over time. Alongside its UK offices, the group has an office in Barcelona which serves the main local and international waste management agencies as well as key industrial multinational companies.


The team in Barcelona provide chemical and geochemical, hydrological and geological, environmental assessment and software application capabilities, and apply these to a range of radioactive and industrial waster management, soil and ground water pollution problems and environmental management related issues. A major project the Barcelona teams have contributed to is the Epicenter Project to improve environmental performance in organizations across the EU.


单元26 上海招商介绍


Shanghai is on the tip of the Yangtze Delta, in the middle of China's coastline running down from the north to the south. It is very well located. Shanghai averages about 4 meters above sea level. It has a tropical monsoon climate, with four different seasons, plenty of sunshine and good rainfall. The third largest island in China, the Chongming Island, is within Shanghai's territory.


Shanghai has grown from about 636.18 square kilometers in 1949 to about 6,340 square kilometers today. Its population has grown from 5.2 million in 1949 to about 13.27 million today. Shanghai is striving towards its goal of becoming a modern, international metropolitan city. It is China's window to the world and a powerhouse of the Chinese economy.


After the reform and opening up, Shanghai's economy has maintained rapid growth. In 2001, its GDP was 495 billion yuan. Its per capita GDP broke through 4,500 US dollars barrier. It handled 221 million tons of cargo. It exported 276 million US dollars worth of goods and services. It brought in 199.56 billion yuan of tax revenue and invested 198.43 billion yuan in fixed assets. Its GDP growth has been at over 10% a year for 10 consecutive years.


Shanghai is responsible for one twelfth of China's industrial output, one tenth of cargo handling, a quarter of imports and exports, and one eighth of the tax revenue. Shanghai has been making substantial contributions to the modernization of China.


Shanghai is an international city with excellent transport links. It has airline routes to 59 cities in the world, 14 international sea routes. There are 2 international airports and it has the biggest port in China, linking up with over 1,100 ports in over 200 countries and regions. There are nearly one hundred railway lines. Shanghai's excellent transport links have benefited its relationship with the rest of the world.


Shanghai leads China with its modern education system. There are 32 institutions of higher education, 37 adult colleges, 5 senior trade and technical colleges and 267 mid-range trade and technical schools. In the Tenth Five Year Plan, Shanghai will continue to improve its lifelong learning system, accelerate the training and gathering of talents, in order to build up a large pool of human resources.


Shanghai is a highly developed financial city. The People's Bank of China, the Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Construction Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China and the Communication Bank of China all have branches in Shanghai. Together with the share dealing networks, they are everywhere. It is particularly worth mentioning here that many foreign banks have set up branches and offices in Shanghai.


Shanghai has an excellent investment environment and excellent policies, covering dozens of sectors in more than ten industries. There are also concessions for products that are solely destined for export. In order to encourage foreign investment, if you invest in large projects that take a long time to recover investment, for example in the construction and operation of energy and transport infrastructures, you will be entitled to special concessions in addition to the benefits enjoyed by foreign investors.

单元27 富戴劳公司(英音)

In 1884 Joseph and Jules Fuerst established in London an international trading company. It traded as Fuerst Brothers until 1957 when it was acquired by Mrs. Eileen Day Lawson. Trading thereafter as Fuerst Day Lawson the company prospered and expanded into many of the fields covered by the present Group.

1884年,Joseph和Jules Fuerst在伦敦成立了一家国际贸易公司。以富尔斯特兄弟为名营业到1957年,然后被戴•劳森太太收购。收购后,以富尔斯特•戴•劳森为名,公司繁荣发展,扩展到现有集团经营的许多领域。

Organic growth was supplemented by the acquisition of other trading companies in related product areas including Union Merchants Overseas in 1968, Fox Roy Merchants and R. Verney in 1972 and J. C. Duffus in 1978. During the 1980's separate trading identities were created. An increasing involvement in fruit juices led to the formation of Fuerst Day Lawson Citrus and was followed by moves into generic pharmaceuticals, food additives and honey.

自我增长之外,我们还收购了其他相关产品领域的贸易公司,其中包括1968年收购联合海外商品公司,1972年收购Fox Roy商品公司和R. Verney公司,1978年收购J.C.Duffus公司。80年代,建立了不同的贸易品牌。果汁方面的业务越来越多,于是成立了富尔斯特•戴•劳森柑橘公司,接着进入普通医药、食品添加剂和蜂蜜行业。

In 1984 more open policies in China encouraged a substantial development of the Group's business with the world's most populous country and a representative office in Shanghai was opened. In 1987 and after 14 years in the business, Maurice Day Lawson became Group Chief Executive and the majority shareholder. In 1992 the Group acquired part of the activities of the London Export Corporation, adding a liaison office in Beijing to its existing office in Shanghai.


By the end of 1996 annual sales exceeded 220 million US dollars. Following significant growth it was decided in 1997 to simplify the operational and trading structure of the Group into divisions under the Fuerst Day Lawson name. The Holding Company, Fuerst Day Lawson Holdings Ltd, provides strategic direction and other services to its subsidiary companies. Its principal subsidiary, Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd, comprises six specialist divisions.


While each division has its own logistics department providing contract administration, it can also draw on Group services. These include the Group's leverage in the international freight market, giving competitive costs of carriage, and a tracking system which can identify the location of a single container and determine its shipment and arrival time to within 24 hours. The Group also provides centralized computer and communications services supported by a team of Information Technology experts.


The key to FDL's success is its people, skills, knowledge and experience. Over 50% of the account executives and directors have been with the Group for more than ten years. The successful selection, development and training of personnel is critical to FDL's ability to provide a high standard of service to its customers and to respond t otheir needs. The Group therefore provides bonus, profit share and incentive schemes to aid staff motivation, to strengthen personal commitment and to build teams which embrace with enthusiasm both personal and corporate objectives.


As a market leader, FDL is able to attract quality staff. It actively seeks out those who are energetic, persistent, and sensitive to other nations' cultures and good communicator. The FDL account executive is enthusiastic, committed and ready to board an airplane at a moment's notice to manage the consequences of floods and droughts, local politics and customs, and the complexities of currencies and rising markets in order to deliver security to FDL customers 365 days a year.


Individual training programmes are regularly monitored and updated to ensure that staff widen their knowledge of trading, business and management practices. Staff als are encouraged to keep abreast of innovations in the markets in which they operate. Investment in the development of personnel at all levels is one of the processes which enables FDL to maintain a high quality service for its customers and to ensure its own continued success and growth.


单元28 广东招商介绍


I'm delighted to have the opportunity today to be here with you and to talk about economic and trade relationships I'd like to tell you about the economic development in Guangdong, and our strategy and plans for the future. I hope this will help you to understand Guangdong better.


Guangdong is at the southern end of China, covering an area of 178,000 square kilometers, with a population of over 77 million. We are next to the South China Sea, close to Hong Kong and Macao SARs, with a large population of overseas Chinese. We have an abundant supply of talents, excellent external communications and a long history in foreign trade. Our contact with the outside world is multi-leveled and multi-dimensional.


After 20 years of reform and opening up, Guangdong has developed from a relatively backward border province, to one of the most developed economies in China. Our GPD grew from 18.5 billion yuan in 1978 to 1055 billion yuan in 2001, a 57-fold increase. Our tax revenue increased by over 15 folds, consumption 39.6 times, savings 428.8 times, savings 428.8 times.


By the end of 2..1, we had invested over 40 billion yuan in the urban infrastructure. Our water supply capacity was more than 2.37 million cubic meters per day. There were 868.94 kilometers of new roads in the city and 135 new bridges. Our gas utilization had reached 93.93%. Our green coverage was 33.73%. Guangzhou has been awarded the title of "International Garden City" by the International Garden Association.


Guangdong has come a long way in its infrastructure development. It's number one in China in highways, motorways, passenger and cargo transport. In 2001, we invested 27 billion yuan in our transport system, developed many roads, routes, stations, ports and docks. We have 51 class-one ports and 99 class-two ports.


In terms of foreign trade, our total exports in 2001 stood at 176.495 billion US dollars. We have seen steady growth in our traditional export market, and initial results in our newly developed markets. Our exports to the US, EU and Japan have been increasing steadily. Our exports to Africa, ASEAN, India and Russia have been growing even faster.


Guangdong takes environmental protection very seriously. In 2001, we invested in the project of "three concurrencies". The rate of implementation has been 97.8%. 99.8% of the development projects have done their environmental impact assessment as required. 5 counties of the province have been included in a pilot project to establish National Ecological Demonstration Areas. The quantitative assessment of the integrated improvement of urban environments has now been extended to cover 52 municipalities.


Guangdong has decided on its blueprint for reform and development in the new century. The core components are the strategy of an externally driven economy, science and education led, and sustainable development. The strategy will be embodied mainly in the priority given to science and technology, and to education. We need to attract a large number of technical and other types of talents to Guangdong, to integrate technology and production, to make hi-tech and new-tech industry the priority area of growth in our economy development.

单元29 惠普公司(美音)

It all began in the garage and a pie shop. In 1939, Stanford University classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP. The company's first product, built in a Palo Alto garage, was an audio oscillator--an electronic test instrument used y sound engineers. One of HP's first customers was Walt Disney Studios, which purchased eight oscillators to develop and test an innovative sound system for the movie, "Fantasia". Compaq Computer Corporation was formed after a 1982 meeting in a Houston, Texas, pie shop.


Together, employees in the new HP share a passion for customer, an intense focus on teamwork, speed and agility, and a commitment to trust and respect for all individuals. Today, HP is a leading global provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and business. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services, and imaging and printing.


Our $4 billion annual research and development investment fuels the invention of products, solutions and new technologies so we can better serve customers and enter new markets. We invent, engineer and deliver technology solutions that drive business value, create social value and improve the lives of our customers. Since our first year in business in 1939, HP has given back to the communities in which we do business, in the form of philanthropic donations of technology, money and time.


While the scale and reach of our business has changed during the past 60 years, our commitment hasn't. The challenge is to continue to shape the impact of corporations as a constructive force, using our heritage and our actions as tools for doing so. Today, we're employing new models of engagement and new business and technology solutions to enable more people to participate in the world economy, via information technology.


HP has four core business groups. Enterprise Systems Group. ESG focuses on providing the key technology components of enterprise IT infrastructure to enhance business agility, including enterprise storage, servers, management software and a variety of solutions. Imaging and Printing Group. HP is the leading provider of printing and imaging solutions for both business and consumers.


IPG includes printer hardware, all-in-ones, digital imaging devices such as cameras and scanners, and associated supplies and accessories. It also is expanding into the commercial printing market. HP Services. HP Services is a premier global IT services team. It offers guidance, know-how and a comprehensive portfolio of services to help customers realize measurable business value from their IT investment.


Personal System Group. PSG focuses on providing simple, reliable and affordable personal-computing solutions and devices for home and business use, including desktop and notebook PCs, workstations, thin clients, smart handhelds and personal devices. In addition to the four business groups, HP Labs provides a central research function for the company. HP Labs is focused on inventing new technologies that change markets and create business opportunities.


The May 2002 merger of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer Corporation forged a dynamic, powerful team of 140,000 employees with capabilities in 160 countries and doing business in 43 currencies and 15 languages. Revenues for the combined companies were $72 billion for the fiscal year that ended October 31, 2002. Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina leads HP, which has corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California.


单元30 福建招商介绍


Firstly, I'd like to give you a general introduction to Fujian. Then, I'll talk about the main activities of our future plans. Fujian is one of the priority development areas of China. It is along the southeast coast of China, bordering Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Guangdong. It faces Taiwan across the sea. It is one of the closest provinces to Southeast Asia.


Fujian is an important gateway between China and the rest of the world. Fujian has a mild and humid climate. Temperatures average 17-21 degrees centigrade. The average rainfall is 1,400--2,000mm. Fujian covers an area of 120,140 square kilometers. It has 22 deep ports where ten-thousand-ton docks can be built.


In the year 2000, Fujian's population stood at 34.7 million. Fujian is well-known as the home for overseas Chinese. It is also the ancestor land for people in Taiwan. More than 8 million overseas Chinese as well as 80% of the people in Taiwan can trace their roots back to Fujian. Fujian has a long coastline of more than 3,300 kilometers with over 1,400 islands both large and small.


The East China Sea and the South China Sea converge off the coast of Fujian, a subtropical zone with rich fishing resources. 125,000 square kilometers of sea are suitable for fishing. 2,700 square kilometers of sea are suitable for seafood farming. There are over 500 species of fish. Fujian is one of the main fishing areas in China.


Fujian has very rich underground water resources. There are over 100 hot springs. Most hold warm water at between 40-60 degrees centigrade. Fujian has one of the four largest forests in China, with over 6 million hectares of forest and nearly 400 million cubic meters of timber reserve. Its timber output is number 3 in China. Its forest coverage is 52.4%, number one in China.


Between 1978 and 1998, there was fundamental change in Fujian's economy and social development. Its economic strength improved substantially. GDP rose from number 23 in 1978 to number 11 now. Per capita GDP rose from number 22 to number 6.


The people in both urban and rural areas have seen their incomes increase and their standards of living improve. Fujian is opening up deeper and wider to the outside world. It has special economic zones, open cities along the coast, economic and technological development zones, investment zones for Taiwanese business, tax exemption zones and hi-tech parks. This is truly multi-level and multi-dimensional development.


We have developed a market economy in line with international practices. To enable Fujian to benefit fully, and to attract foreign investment, the Chinese government holds China's only inward investment and trade fair in Xiamen, Fujian Province.

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