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Barren adj.贫瘠的 同:sterile
The barren land could produce little food.

Bump v.碰撞 同:collide
The room was dark and I bumped my head against the door.

Devise v.设计;发明 同:invent
He devised a new method for teaching the blind.

Exert v.使用 同:use
My wife’s been exerting a lot of pressure on me to change my job.

Intrigue 1. n.阴谋 同:conspiracy 2. v.引起…的兴趣
The king’s younger brother took part in the intrigue to make himself king.
The book’s unusual title intrigued me into reading it.

Oath n.宣誓;誓言 同:pledge
He placed his right hand on the Bible as he spoke the oath of office.

Postpone v.延期 同:adjourn
The had to postpone their trip because of rain.

Refuge n.避难所;避难 同:shelter
The cat took refuge from the dog behind a tree.

Regain n.恢复 同:recover
It took her a long time to regain her health.

Shatter v.破灭;粉碎 同:smash
Their hope of finding him alive was shattered when his dead body was found.

Tease v.嘲弄 同:vex
At school, the other children always teased me because I was fat.

Tilt v.倾斜 同:incline
He tilted his chair back too far and fell on the floor.

Version 1. n.翻译 同:translation 2. n.叙述
Do you have the English version of this book?

Your version of the accident differs from that of the other witness.

Absurd adj.荒谬的 反:reasonable
His belief that he was too clever to be cautht in his wrongdoing was absurd.

Alien adj.外国的 反:domestic
After ten years his alien speech was still noticeable.

Amiable adj.和蔼可亲的 反:spiteful
She is an amiable girl and gets along with everyone in the office.

Ban v.禁止 反:allow
In most countries the sale of liquor to children is banned.

Figurative adj.比喻的 反:literal
“The sweet temper” is a figurative expression,but “sweet coffee” is not.

Genuine adj.真正的 反:false
Her wedding ring is made of genuine diamond.

Hoist v.升起 反:lower
They hoist the national flag at six o’clock every morning.

Incorrect adj.不正确的 反:accurate
The newspaper gave an incorrect account of the traffic accident.

Massive adj.巨大的 反:tiny
The house was build on a massive rock.

Stale adj.不新鲜的 反:fresh
There was only a piece of stale cake left in the refrigerator.

Thrive v.茂盛 反:decline
Most floers will not thrive without water and sunshine.

Wholesale n.批发 反:retail
The buy at wholesale and sell at retail.

Annoy v.骚扰 n. annoyance
The baby is always annoying his sister by pulling her hair.

Celebrate v.庆祝 n. celebration
We celebrated Christmas with trees and presents.

Diplomat n.外交家 n. diplomacy
The unsociable person is hardly fit for a diplomat.

Foresee v.预知 adj. foreseeable
It is impossible to foresee whether she’ll be well enough to come home from hospital next month.

Induce v.说服 n. inducement
We couldn’t induce the old lady to travel by air.

Mobilize v.动员 n. mobilization
Our country is in great danger;we must mobilize the army.

Precede v.在前 n. precedent
Mr. Eisenhower preceded Mr. Kennedy as president of the United States.

Predetermine v.预先决定 adj. predeterminate
Some people believe that man’s destiny is predetermined.

Prevail v.流行 adj. prevalent
Making resolutions on New Year’s Day is a custom that still prevails.

Subtle adj.精致的;淡的 n. subtlety
Her subtle smile made him curious.

Transact v.办理 n. transaction
The man transacts many affairs connected with the purchase of a home.

Treason n.叛国 adj. treasonous
Helping the enemies of one’s country is an apparent treason.

Utilize v.利用 n. utility
How can we utilize his knowledge and skill to our advantage?

Bosom n.胸
She wore a flower on the bosom of her dress.

Diploma n.文凭
When a person has successfully completed a certain course of study, he is given a diploma by the

Dramatic adj.戏剧的
The meeting between the mother and her blind son was dramatic.

Fume n.烟;气体
The strong fumes of the automobile exhaust early choked him.

Hurrah n.欢呼声
“hurrah!” they shouted as the team scored again.

Miniature 1. n.缩小之模型 2. n.缩小物
In the museum there is a miniature of the ship “Mayflower.”
The child was playing on the floor with his collection of miniature farm animals.

Parcel n.包裹
On her birthday her arms were filled with gift parcels.

Pill n.药丸
The pill stuck in his throat but an extra drink of water washed it down.

Racket n.喧哗
The students made a big racket as they left the school.

Rhyme n.音
The poet used the word “flight” as a rhyme for the word “night”.

Scar n.疤
The man looks terrible; he has many scars on his cheeks.

Sculpture n.雕刻
There are many famous sculptures in the museum.

Skip v.跳
When I read a book, I usually skip over; he uninteresting part.

1. Few plants and animals _____in the desert.
2. Owing to the possibility of rises in prices and wages,it is not easy to _____ the cost of producing this article in our factory.
3. The room was so dark that I _____ my head against the door.
4. The king’s younger brother took part in the _____ to make himself king.
5. In the United States the sale of liquor to children is _____.
6. The unsociable person is hardly fit a(an)_____.
7. When I read a book I usually _____ over the uninteresting part.
8. The poet used the word “gold” as a(an) _____ for the word “cold.”
9. “_____!”they shouted as the team scored again.
10. They _____ the national flag at six o’clock every morning.

1.thrive 2.predetermine 3.bumped 4.intrigue 5.banned
6.diplomat 7.skip 8.rhyme 9.Hurrah 10.hoist

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