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本单元音标:舌端齿龈破擦辅音 /ts/ /dz/

5.I simply love the ants and crafts of Tibet.
 6.Don't you just love this place?It's one of my favorite restaurants.
 7.One of his bad habits is that he always forgets to turn off the lights.
 8.It's not what we do once in a while that counts;it's our consistent actions.
 9.Nobody wants fights;let's call it quits.
 10.It's strange that he hates pizza so much.
 1.Heads up/Watch out!There's a truck coming right at us!
 2.Great minds think alike.
 3.We are close friends.
 4.We are building up funds.
 5.I hate guys who are no talk and all hands.
 6.His deeds don't agree with his words.
 7.I don't have much work to do,just a few odds and ends to take care of.
 8.He looked backwards and forwards to see if anyone was following him.
 9.Besides,it's deeds not words that matter.
 10.Hundreds of thousands of kids went to the band's concert.
Americans' Favorite Sentences:
Jim's Favorite Sentences:
 1.It's up in the air.
 2.Sounds good to me.
 3.He often puts his hands in pockets.
 4.He always sends postcards to his friends.
Nabil's Favorite Sentence:
 It's very disappointing that John decides things without consulting us.
Kim's Favorite Sentences:
 1.That's more like it!
 2.All the proceeds will be used for good purposes.
 3.Now let's go and meet our guests.
Andrew's Favorite Sentences:
 1.What are your interests?
 2.I don't follow trends and fads.
 1.Storms make trees take deeper roots.
 2.Two heads are better than one.
 3.Please give my regards to your parents.
 4.Improving your study habits will improve your grades!
 5.What's your opinion on the election results?
 6.All roads lead to Rome.
 7.There's nothing that gets me down more than working on weekends.
 8.There are many different methods of learning English.What's your choice?
 1.That's fine with me.我没问题。
疯狂实战:A:I'll bring back your DVDs in two days.我两天后把你的DVD拿回来。
          B:That's fine with me.没问题。
 2.Let's talk over dinner.我们边吃饭边谈吧。
 3.It hurts like hell.痛死了
疯狂实战:A:How does that feel?感觉怎么样?
         B:How do you think it feels?It hurts like hell.你认为会怎么样呢?痛死了。
 4.It tastes great.味道好极了。
 5.Let's be friends.让我们和好吧。/让我们做朋友吧。
疯狂实战:A:Let's be friends,OK?让我们和好吧,好吗?
         B:I can never be friends with you after what you said.你说了这样的话,我再也不会跟你做朋友了。
 6.That reminds me.那可提醒了我。
 7.My hands are tied.我没办法。
 8.It all depends.看情形而定吧。
疯狂实战:A:Do you mind if I take your car?我用你的车行吗?
         B:It all depends.Are you a good driver?看情况吧,你开车技术好吗?
         A:Can you lend me some money?你可不可以借点钱给我?
         B:That depends.How much do you want?那要看情况,你要多少?
 9.That sounds like a good idea.这主意听起来不错。
 10.Kill two birds with one stone.一举两得。/一箭双雕。/一石二鸟。
 1.He tried my patience to its limits.他把我逼得忍无可忍了。   
 2.You have too many complaints.你抱怨太多了。
 Don't rejoice until you are out of the woods.未出危险境,切莫先高兴。
Congratulations !You did it!You're the best!Best luck!


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