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我心所愿(All I Ever Want)




  why, i pleaded with my mother, did i have to share a room with lind a? i was 12 at the time, and i my mind, at least, my seven?year?old sister was still a child. she went to bed earlier than i did, and the light was turned off at her bedtime, i had to resort to flashlight under the covers if i wanted to r ead.

  secretly, i meditated on the bliss of being an only child with a room all my own . and during that summer, my father seemded to be meditating along the same line s. he was going to night school and wanted a room to study in quietly, apart fro m his noisy family. so he decided to build one.

  for my father, adding a room to the house was not a matter of calling in a contr actor or an architect??it meant getting out hammer and saw, buying some nails, plaster and lumber, and getting to work.

  we children were fascinated with the construction process. my baby brother toddl ed about the back yard with cries of “hammoah, hammoah” as he dragged behind h im a hammer bigger than he was. when the framework went up on the concrete found ation, the room became a forest where we played robin hood.

  all through the summer the room rose like a miniature magic castle. daddy built a bookcase into one wall for his schoolbooks, a large closet, and windows facing out in three directions. how i envied him the luxury of a rrom of his own.

  by christmas, the room was finished ?? paleblue walls, blue curtains shot with gold thread, floor laid, heat and electricity turned on.

  on the last day before christmas vacation, i came home from school and found the bedroom i shared with my sister completely rearranged.

  “okay, linda!” i shouted. “what did you do with my books?” linda smiled her smug i?know?something?you?don't?know smile and led me down the hall. my par ents were standing in the new room. “surprise!” they cried. all my things had been arranged in a new maple bedroom suite. my clothes hung in the closet; my bo oks lined the built?in bookshelf. i was overwhelmed.

  “daddy knew?you needed your own room,” my mother said. “so he decided you sh ould have this one.”

  that night, tucked up in my very own bedroom and staring out the window at the s uddenly mysterious and alien backyard in the darkness, i experienced a strange e motion. i was lonely. i missed my sister's sleepy mumbles. “if you don't turn t hat flashlight off, i'm telling mom” had somehow become a missed comfort rather than an annoying threat. i tiptoed to linda's room. she was still awake. togeth er, we tiptoed back to the new room, turned off the lights and huddled under the covers giggling. we told each other ghost stories, each begging the other halfw ay through to stop. beyond the long windows, moonligh sifted through the branche s of the maple tree.

  “i'm glad you're back here,” linda said.

  i was touched. “really?”

  “uh?huh. because now i've finally got a room of my own.”


  “为什么我一定要和琳达同住一间屋子呢?”十二岁那年,我这样问过母亲。至少在我看来,我那才七岁的妹妹还是小孩子。妹妹晚上比我睡得早,而她上床 就得关灯,如果我还想看书话就只得借助手电筒子,而且还得藏在被窝里。

  ? 我悄悄梦想:要是我是家里唯一的小孩,能够拥有完全属于我自己的一个房间,那该多好啊 !那个暑假,父亲似乎也在盘算同样的事儿——他在上夜校,也想有一间屋子清清静静地学 习,躲开一大家子人的喧闹。因此,父亲决定加盖一间屋子。

  ? 对父亲来讲,给原来的房子加盖一个房间用不着请个建筑商或者设计师什么的,而是找出榔 头、锯子,买些钉子,灰泥和木板,自己动手。? 我们小孩对房子的建筑过程着了迷。刚学会走路的弟弟拖着一把比他自己还大的榔头在后院 里一摇一晃地走来走去,一边口齿不清地叫嚷“锤锤,锤锤。”房子的框加架在混凝土地地 基上建立起来后,那间屋子就成了我们玩捉“罗宾汉”游戏的森林。

  ? 整个暑假,屋子就像魔法师手中的微缩城堡一样,日渐成形。爸爸在一面墙上做了一个书架 ,用来放在他读夜校时要用的书;还在这面墙上做了一个大大的壁橱。另外三面墙都开了窗 。我好羡慕他,拥有属于他自己的房间,太奢侈了!? 到圣诞节时,房子完工了。浅蓝色的墙壁,缓有金丝线的蓝色窗帘,铺了地板,装了暖气, 安了电灯。

  ? 临放圣诞假的前一天,放学回到家,我发现我和妹妹同住的卧室彻底变了个样。

  ? “好哇,琳达!”我大叫,“你把我的书怎么了?”琳达笑得神秘兮兮地,好像她知道一些我 不知道的事。她把我拖下楼,来到客厅。爸妈站在新房子里,“大吃一惊吧!”他们朝我大 声说道。我的所有东西都被安放在了一套崭新的枫木卧室家具里。衣服挂在壁橱里,书摆放 在壁架上。我激动不已。

  ? “爸爸知道你需要有自己的房间,”妈妈说,“因此他决定你该住这间。”

  ? 那晚,蜷缩在我自己的独有的卧室里,凝望窗外,黑暗中,突然觉得后院变得陌生而神秘起 来。我体验着一种很奇怪的感觉,我觉得孤独。我想念妹妹睡梦中的呢喃。“你再不关手电 我就告诉妈咪了”也不再是让我头疼的威胁,反而成了令我怀念的慰藉。我踮着脚尖走进琳 达的房间,原来她也没有睡着。我们一起蹑手蹑脚地回到新屋,关掉灯,挤在被窝里咯咯地 笑成一团,我们互相讲鬼故事,讲到一半又吓得彼此告饶,不敢再听了。月光透过长长的窗 户,滤过窗外枫树的技叶,静静地泻进屋子里。

  ? “我很高兴你住在这儿,”琳达说。

  ? 我很感动,“真的?”

  ? “唔,因为现在我总算有我自己的房间。”?

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