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Dodge: Tate associates is a global consulting firm, right?
Tate: That’s right. A few years ago, we had just two offices. Now we’re up to 90.
Dodge: Why so many, so fast?
Tate: We had to. To by a global player, we need to access to local markets. A local office gives us to access to these markets. (一个当地的办事处能使我们介入这些市场)
Dodge: So local companies come to you…
Tate: They come to us and asked: “What do I do now”?
Dodge: In what areas?
Tate: You name it. Accounting, computers, all areas.
Dodge: So you consultant all areas.
Tate: We consultant wherever there’s a need. And if there isn’t a need, we create one.
Dodge: So you consultant all areas.
Dodge: Specifically, though, what are your strengths?
Tate: The core of our businesses is accounting, we provide accounting services for many of our clients.
Dodge: You are more than bookkeepers.
Tate: Of course. We’re planners. We help our clients keep pace with the global economy.
Dodge: Having offices around the globe helps.
Tate: We can say to our clients, “we have access, we know people… my friend in Tokyo, my friend in Washington, my friend in BJ.”
Dodge: So your network is another of your strengths?
Tate: Yes. Our global network is a major strength.
Dodge: Global networking isn’t easy.
Tate: For us it is easy. All of our employees speak several languages.
Dodge: So they are sensitive to local culture?
Tate: They are sensitive and they are objective.
Dodge: Objectivity is a …
Tate: It’s a necessity for consultants. You have to be objective or your can’t do your job.
Dodge: So sensitivity and objectivity are the major strengths of your employee, correct?
Tate: Correct. But let me add competent. My employees are very, very good at their jobs.
Dodge: In sum, then, your employees are sensitive, objective, and competent.
Tate: That sums it up nicely.
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