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Lesson 4

T:let me ask you this,do you send files over the internet?

H: A lot.We sent graphics files back and forth(来来回回) all the time.

T:So you download a lot of files too?

H:That's what we got a faster modem.Large files take forever to download.

T:Listen to what I'm telling you. Get a direct internet connection.

H:Is it that much faster?

T" You can download those files in no time(立刻)and get that you design work.

H:All right,let's put it on the list.

T:Speaking of list,that's where we should be working on.

H:I start making a wish list.a list of computer equipment.

H: Let's take a look.

H:It's not quite complete.

T:It looks like you listed every peripheral on the market.

H:Looks that way, doesn't it?

T:You want this stuff, but do you need it?

H:Yes,sure,don't I?

T:Before you purchase any hardware,you should do more research.

H:We should I do these research.

T:Get on the net. Start surfing. Check out what's hot?

H:Where on the net do I look?

T:Search for hardware and software reviews.

H:Ok,I'll read the hardware and software reviews,then what?

T:Email people who use the hardware. Email desingers use the software.

H:Ok,I'll start searching on the net.

Small Talk: That's not in my job description, but OK.

-Would you cope this for me? -That's not in my job description.

-Would you help me set up conference room?

-I'm really busy. Could you help me move this furniture?

-Glad to.

-Sure,what do you need?
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