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VOA 商务英语Lesson 14

Tate: Mr.Goment, The blue jeans king .Welcome.

Goment: whatever you heard is not true.

T: it’s not true that sell more jeans than any one ?

G: true, it’s true.

T: it’s not true that you have more jeans retail outlets than any one ?

G: yes, guilty has charged.

T: it’s not true that your jeans cataloge in every home ?

G: well ,almost every home.we don’t have 100% market penetration.

Electronic commerce

T: you don’t have 100% market penetration yet .

G: no, not yet. but we are working on it

T: how I can help you toward that goal? What bring you in today.

G: we want to go global.

T: you don’t mean open more retail outlets?

G: no , we want to sell on the internet

T: you are talking about e-commerce

G: prisicely ,we want to get in electronic commerce.

The world wide web with access to the computers/ www


T: electronic commerce will definitely broaden you market.

G: at least the market share with access to the computers

T: and with access to the world wide web.

G: will e-commerce we can reach more people

T: you can access other markets wthout opening new stores

G: every cybercafe is a store.

T: that ‘s true . anyone can walk into a cybercafe and log on.

G: point their browser to our website and buy a pair of jeans


you work too hard , you ought to take it easy.

I orght to but I can’t .

You ought to relax/take a b break /slow down

You should relax/take a b break /slow down

Why don’t you relax/take a b break /slow down
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