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T: I'm very impressed with Direct Computers, Mr. Staten

S: Thanks! We worked hard to build up the business

T: Why is Direct Computers so successful?

S: We customize computers for individual customers.

T: Customizing Computers for individual customers is unique concept.

S: It surly is, we made exactly the computer a customer wants.

T: So each computer you make is different?

S: Each computer is customized for the needs of a particular use.

T: If I want a computer with all of bells and whistles

S: whatever you want, we'll make a customer-make computer just for you.

T: Where do I find your products? Where is your retailer I’ll get it?

S: You order directly from us.

T: Directly? How I specify what I want?

S: Three ways, by phone, by fax or by internet.

T: I don't get to see the product.

S: you spec it; we make it to your specifications.

T: so I spec it and then you send it directly to me.

S: And we send within five days. Another reason we are successful.

T: And I find not satisfied

S: satisfaction guarantee all your money back.

T: when I find a problem with my computer? When there is a bug with the operating system.

S: we don't send computers with bugs. We test everything.

T: But there are usually some technical problems

S: Customers have three options, sending back, call our help line or contact to the field technician.

T: Sending back? What’s your turnaround time?

S: We fix the problem and return to you in two days

T: what about on site help.

S: we have technician around the country who come to your office.

T: I was seem to have problems in the midnight?

S: Our help line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Small talk:

Thank you for your help. You are welcome.

You are a big help.

Thank you so much/ very much for ...


Thanks a lot for ...

I want to Thank you for ...

You are real/ really a big help
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