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T: Ms. Tade

H: Mr Hell

W: Waiter

T:This is a good place to see custom service in action.

H:This is a coffee shop, I runned a Department store.

T: Service is Service.Whether sell sandviches or dresses.

W: Ready to order?

T:We don't have menus.

W:Hand on ,I'll be back .

H:We've been here for 10 minutes, and no manus. Let's get out of here.

T:Not satisfy with the service.Take your business elsewhere.

H:Let's hope the service in this coffee shop is better.

T:If not there is another one across the street.

W: Hi how are you today?

T: Fine thanks. What's good today?

W: Everything is good here.

What are you in the move for?

T:I think a sandwich.

W:There is special sandwich menu on the wall.

H:Can I have my sandwich on toasted bread?

W:Of course.You can have on anyway you wanted.

T:See the difference between the two service?

H:Like night and day.

T:AT the first coffee shop we were the intrusion.

H:At this coffee shop, we were valuable customers.

T:That's what customer want to be.A valuable one.

H:The customer is king.

T:The customer is always right.

H:Maybe better custom service is answer to my problem.

W: Do you think we need more help?

D: We certainly do!


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