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Business English. Time for your meeting.

Weiwei: Dr Luckket, it's time for our meetings.
Dr Luckett: Thank you. I'll be right there. Hello, I'm Dr Lin Luckett.
I'm glad you can make today's meeting. We'll make a breath. Give us 25 minutes,
we'll give you the world of business.

-Why are you taking me here?This store is my competitor.
-To do some spying.
-You mean see what's my competition is up to.
-Right,to see why people prefer shopping here.
-I should down this long ago.
-Well,there is no time like the present.
-I don't think I am gong to like what I will see.
-On the other hand,it may be a real eye opener

-Look,it got an information desk right of the front store.
-Of course,they want to show customers where to spend their money.
-Welcome to GRAND DEPARTMENT store,May I help you?
-You will enjoy shopping here,let me offer you a special coupon.this coupon 10 percent
of any items in the store.
-Not bad,maybe I will get more than a pair of gloves.
-Take the coupon to our costomers servive department,they will have special welcome gift for you.
-that nice ,thank you very much.

-Now we have to walk pass eager sales clerks to got a free gift.
-Look at those gloves.
-Aren't you think them beautiful?and goes perfectly with your coat.
-You think so?They looks small though.
-Let me check on the computer to see if your size is in stock.
-All you did is looking at that golves.
-They will bring a large selection to see.
-will it take long?
-Not long at all,in the mean time,let me show you a handbag that will look great with your outfit.
-I would use a new bag.
-I would use an eager beaver like her.
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