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Mr.Green: Do you plan to market your soft ware in China?
Miss Chen: NO. First in the US. The game market is bigger there.
Mr.Green: Language is not an issure?
Miss Chen: No, the game is auvidio,the menual will be translated into English.
Mr.Green: Why is the US a bigger market for games?
Miss Chen: The installed base of computers is much larger,it is huge.
Mr.Green: So the sales potential is greater.
Miss Chen: At this time it is far greater in the US.
Mr.Green: Are you planing on opening an office in the US?
Miss Chen: I donot think so, I think I will license the game.
Mr.Green: You want an US firm to publish the game in the States?
Miss Chen: It is too expensive for us to establish a presence in the US,
Mr.Green: But if you do, your profits will be greater in the long run.
Miss Chen: My company is small and short on capital.
Mr.Green: So licensing is a relatively inexpensive way to enter a market.
Miss Chen: We`ll get a smaller reture on each sale, but our risk will be less.
Mr.Green: Licensing will also help you protecting your product.
Miss Chen: In what way?
Mr.Green: The licensee will want to protect his investment, so
Miss Chen: So he will make sure no one infringes on our rights.
Mr.Green: Absolutely,the licensee will look out for your best interests.
Miss Chen: And his best interests too.
Mr.Green: You will have your intellectual property protected.
Miss Chen: Thanks to the licensee.

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