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  Today consumers are facing an increasing amount of advertising from competing companies. To what extent do you think consumers are influenced by advertisements? What measures can be taken to protect them?



  此类题目是典型的blended essay的写法,开头结尾相对容易,body paragraphs分为两段展开,按照题目提问的先后顺序:首先,第一问可以写广告所带来的诸多benefits,比如:广告让我们更加清晰了解产品特点getting a better understanding of how the products work;成为大多数企业的收入来源sources of revenue;部分广告向人们宣传健康生活方式,让人们生活更加幸福快乐more contented。当然也可以写drawbacks,例如:很多商业广告的虚假宣传误导了消费者消费misleading customers;部分广告内容低俗,对青少年的身心发展不利negative effects on mental health;广告泛滥使广告形象大打折扣contribute to a bad self-image。其次,针对问题提出解决的solutions,这里可以从政府的角度切入,广告利弊兼有,政府应当积极引导,以便广告更好地服务于民众。


  1.in response to an advertisement回应广告




  5.tricks and catchy phrases花言巧语

  6.Advertising is now a circus-show.广告现在就像是在进行马戏表演。

  7.be immune to the influence of advertising不受广告的影响


  9.a great variety of beautiful products玲琅满目的商品


  The extent to which people are influenced by advertisements can be measured in terms of the high sales of popular consumer goods, many of them being unnecessary or completely useless. Mainly through the media, advertisements on products and services are able to penetrate the public mind with half truth and half lying. In many cases, consumers are becoming so greedy that they are not only buying things they really do not need but also spending the money they do not have.


  Although advertising gives people a chance as consumers, actually most advertisements tend to cause them to desire for something worthless. Under such circumstances, it is easy to change people's need into greed. So much so, they are constantly encouraged to want things--want this and want that. This human behavior is haunted by the media from all fronts: on radio, on television, and online, not to mention printed circulations such as newspapers and magazines. Obviously, a great number of "impulsive" buyers are persuaded under the illusion that new products or services could make a difference in their lives. Despite all the benefits of the free market economy, the effects of unreliable advertising are particularly negative in that the power of advertising does not reflect the real needs of the society in which products and services are sold.


  Worse still, many consumers are convinced to waste money they do not have. Surrounded by advertisements, people are too unwise to perform a balanced act between income and expenditure. Increasingly, what seems to be good for economy begins to backfire because advertising is misleading consumers deeply into commercial debts which they probably could not afford to pay in due time. Thus, instead of improving people's lives, advertising may be considered as a "necessary evil" in modern time. Furthermore, as manufacturing and service companies are competing to have a larger share of the market, it is next to impossible to expect the media to reduce the amount of dishonest advertising. Besides, when it comes to making money, companies and the media are in the same religion.

  After all, greed being a human instinct, consumers have only themselves to blame for their foolishness toward advertisements. Since outlawing commercial advertising is out of the question, people should educate themselves to be more prudent in buying and spending behaviors. As for consumers, what better measures can be taken to protect themselves other than self-control?


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