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Previously on Prison Break
I'm through.
See you on the other side.
It can't be done.
We're not getting out of here.
There's only one person who can really stop this execution.
Would you talk to your father... for me?
I'm the last person in the world that my father listens to.
The governor has reviewed your case.
He's not granting clemency.
Let's proceed.
I came in here a man; give me the strength to walk out of here a man.
Doctor...you can leave.
It's him. Mi... Michael...
What's he saying?
Michael... turn around...it's him.
What do you think he's saying?
Michael...turn around.
What’s going on?
I don't know.
What's happening? What the hell's going on in there?
I can't tell you how sorry I am that you've had to go through all this.
What happened in there?
Judge Kessler called. The execution's been delayed.
What do you mean, “delayed"?
Apparently, some new evidence has come to light.
What evidence?
I don't understand. How long do we have, One day, two days?
That's all the information I have at the moment. I'm sorry. I'll give you a minute.
I need to know how much time we have.
I'll go and see the judge and find out. You’re with Michael; you’ll be okay.

Did you see him?
The guy in the viewing room.
It was dad. It was dad.

It was him; I know it was.
That's not possible, Linc.
It is possible. I saw him.
I don't know how you could have. There were only a half a dozen people in that room-me, veronica, and a bunch of reporters. He wasn't there.
You don't know that.
I do. I would have recognized him.
You don't remember what he looks like. I do.
This is a man who took off, what, 30 years ago? Why would he come back now, at the very last minute?
I don't know.
Why is he still alive?
It appears that some information was anonymously slipped to the judge. 1
Anonymously? It was your fat little friend, Hale. If you had taken care of him sooner—
It wasn't Hale.
How do you know that?
If Hale had given Veronica Donovan anything that could have gotten a stay of execution, I think she would have brought it up when she made her argument in court. It didn't come from him.
Well, who else on your end knows?
Who else on your end knows? Why all the finger-pointing at us? Are you sure that the leak didn't come from your end? From the company?
We are all on the same team, remember? Absolutely. Just find the leak...and plug it.
Thank you, ma'am.
One more thing--the next time you're in my office, I expect you to stand when you're addressing me.
All I can tell is...I was working late in chambers, I left at 11:00, and there it was, right under my door. One is Terrence Steadman's autopsy report. In it, his appendix is noted as present and unremarkable. The other paper is an operative report from when MR. Steadman an was 12 years old. The procedure was an appendectomy. 2
That's impossible. Let me see this.
I want the conviction overturned and Lincoln Burrows immediately released from custody.
Not so fast. These records haven't even been certified.
The hospital can tell you.
The hospital does not keep records going back that far. I checked.
So, as far as we know, these documents could be a hoax from some anti-death penalty advocate, or, dare I say it, defense counsel.
Please. You're preposterous.
Let's just all take a deep breath here, okay? I don't know what these papers mean and, for that reason, I'd like to err on the side of caution. I'm going to delay the execution for two weeks. That should give us more than enough time to exhume the body.
Exhume the body.
Your honor, all due respect--that is a drastic measure.
It's also the only way we're going to know if that body in the ground is really Terrence Steadman.
So that's not Steadman that was buried?
We don't know. If it isn't, Lincoln's free. If it is, we’re back where we started. Take care yourself, Michael.
So that body--what if it's him?
Well, I'm not going to sit around hoping.
What does that mean?
That means we get back to work.
God, I was hoping you would say that.
They're digging up the body?
To be honest, I’ve never been in a situation like this before. If nothing else, you can be glad that you've got people who'll go to extreme lengths to get you out of here.
No kidding.
Warden...at the execution, there was a man in the viewing room. I was just wondering if you or anyone in the prison had spoken to him.
Well... according to this, those present were your brother, his attorney, and three reporters--two women and a man.
The man--who was he?
He was from the headline press. William Prall. You know him?
Hold it steady, please.
What exactly are you looking for in all that ink?
A new way out of here.
You know all those plans by now?
No. Memorizing it would be like memorizing the phone book.
But why not just tat up route 66?
Contingencies?! You saying you found another way?
What do you mean, "maybe"?
There's always been another way, but it's suicide.
Man, it's so cold, my hands are stinging. You know what they say about weather in the Midwest--if you don't like it, wait an hour.
We’re still going out through the infirmary, and we're still going to do it from the guards' room. It's just the in-between 3 that's going to have to change.
Wait a minute. Why are you changing plan, man? We're already through that room beneath the infirmary. That's all we gotta do is to get through that pipe and we're home free.
There's a reason they replaced it with a 12-inch pipe, Darwin. People can't get through it. The only way we're getting into that infirmary is from beneath. We're going to have to find another way.
The psych ward?
It's the only building that shares a subsurface line with the infirmary.
You telling me to get to the infirmary, we gotta go through the whack shack?
Unless you got a better idea.
And there's a subsurface line that runs from the guards' room to the psych ward.
Sort of.
Oh... what do, what do you mean "sort of"?
We can go into that hole in the guards' room. About 40 yards up route 66, there's a grate that'll get us halfway there.
What about the rest of the way?
We gotta do it above ground.
So just a bunch of cons, taking a stroll in the middle of the night for all the guards to see?
Yeah you're right. It is suicide.
This grate that you're talking about, it’s hidden, right, partner? The C.O.S can't see it.
Not exactly.
Well, where is it?
You're standing on it.
When we come up on that ground there, that tower there...that tower there...that tower behind me is going to see us. We'll be like ducks on a shooting range. You feel me?
Hurry it up, cons.
You plan sucks, snowflake.
I gotta go back into the walls tonight.
I gotta get over to psych ward, familiarize myself with the pipes beneath, make sure we can get through. 4
I don't know, Michael. C-note's got a point. We come up in the middle of that yard, we're sitting ducks.
I know.
I might have an idea.
My family and I are more than dismayed by Judge Kessler’s decision to allow the exhumation of my brother. This stunt by Lincoln Burrows' defense counsel is an affront and an insult to the memory of my brother, a good man who tried to make positive change in this country. This is being done in the name of trying to release a convicted killer from prison.
Steadman asked for a "green burial," no embalming, biodegradable coffin, it's, very environmentally aware.
Or smart if you don't want the body to be identified.
We haven't hung in months, and now you want a favor.
You know I love you, cous, but that's a big ask. I gotta say no.
You can't say no. Whatever.
If my mom, or worse your mom, knows I did anything in here to get you in trouble, forget it.
I'm in prison, Pendejo. How much trouble can I get into?
A lot. Geez. You owe me.
Like hell I do. It's your turn, not mine.
Miss Mangene's broken window.
The Terrado sisters.
Your brother's "lost" el Camino.
The church collection basket. The donkey.
We took an oath, bro.
Don't make me break it.
Come on, Linc, we want to catch batting practice. Let's hurry. Take my hand.
Great seats, huh? See 11 over there? Keep your eye on him. Watch him closely.
You got it?
Where is it?
Oh, he's cool.
You get caught with this, they’ll kill you.
Hey, I'm going to need this back by morning. They'll know if something like that is missing. And cous. now you owe me.
You dropped something. Does that say "Iraq"?
Let’s look busy.
What the hell?
Damn, what did you do?
It's the cement we dug up.
My god, you cons are slower than a spelling bee full of stutterers.
Y'all think you can slow-walk this job, play grab-ass in here? Drag it out for months? Get to work.
You got it, boss.
How about it, eight ball? Get to work.
Oh, you know, boss, my leg just...fell asleep.
You disobeying me, convict?
The man said get to work.
What the hell is your problem, old head?!
My problem is young con punks who don't know how things work around here.
Construction is a sweet gig. You want to clean toilets, be my guest. Otherwise, grab a hammer.
All right. Still got some piss and vinegar in those old veins, Charles? I like it.
Close one
What we gonna do with this?
It was ole miss, right, ole miss?
It was a Midwestern school.
No, not Iowa. Hold on a second.
Hey, Bagwell.
Do you know what school Art Schlichter played for?
Not really sure there, boss.
I really ain't much of a football guy, boss. Too much violence.
Come on.
You know the guy I'm talking about. Art Schlichter, the quarterback, got nailed for gambling.
No, doesn't really ring a bell. Bet if I asked you what his ass looked like, you'd remember.
Maybe someone in the brain trust knows.
Stolte, come on, man, let's grab some lunch. Hold on, I just want to figure this out. It’s driving me crazy. 5
Ohio State!
That's right. He was a buckeye. 6
You're not completely worthless, after all.
How's your stomach? Any more vomiting?
Just nauseous. 7 Must be the nerves.
That's understandable, considering. I can give you something for it.
No, it’s fine.
All right. You, you let me know if there's anything you need.
Can I ask you a question, Doc?
Yeah, what?
With all that went down yesterday--head pounding, heart racing-could that cause me to see something that wasn't there?
Yeah! Anxiety attacks are often accompanied by flashes of light, black spots...
No, no, no. I saw someone in the viewing room.
There were people there.
This person couldn't have been there.
Lincoln, you’ve heard of, post-traumatic 8 stress disorder, right?
I'm going to call you a prime candidate. I don't think a lot of people have been through what you just did. So if you, if you thought you saw someone, it's possible that it was your subconscious giving you what you wanted. Whoever it was that you wanted to be there with you in that moment to comfort you. Who was it you thought you saw?
Thanks, doc. Thank you.
Sure thing.
Seen a lot of rackets in my time, but if you're doing what I think you're doing with those postcards, yours definitely takes the cake.
How about saving the small talk, old head, because you and I ain't got nothing in common. 9 What do you do? Write them here and then send them to a pal in Iraq and have him mail them your wife's way?
Why don't you just shut your word hole because you don't know nothing about my racket.
A con pretending he ain't in the hole to his family. I seen that once or twice, but Iraq?
You the one to talk.
Dede-is that your wife or your kid?
Now, you listen. I don't even want you to say her name in this prison. You feel me?
A daughter. Definitely a daughter.
What'd you know?
Because I got one myself. You know. after you break outside these walls, that's the first place they're gonna look for you-family.
Now, why is it you think that I'm that dumb that I would go directly there?
'Cause that's exactly the first place I'm gonna go. Turns out maybe we got something in common after all.
See 11 over there?
Keep your eye on him. Watch him closely. Mid-level reliever at best. But he's always working at it. That's why he's your old man's favorite player. Work ethic.
William Prall. You know him?
The pipe system beneath the psych ward is...well, it’s complex. Be real easy to get lost.
How complex can it be?
When they build this place in 1858, the pipes were lead. A century later, they discovered lead was a health risk so they went to copper. But they never removed the lead pipes. Cost too much. There's thousands of yards of the stuff still down there. Then a few years ago, they switched to industrial plastic. Again it was cheaper just to lay it over the old stuff.
If I make a wrong turn down there tonight, I won't make it back by count.
You won't make the wrong turn, right?
I don't believe my eyes. One of the blues actually coming into psych ward.
Yeah, I gotta hit the head, and I didn't want to walk all the way back to a-wing.
Mind if I use your facilities?
Yeah, be my guest.
I don't know why you guys are so scared of the whack shack. I mean, between the killers and the crazies, I'll take the crazies. Because a crazy steps out of line, all I gotta do is shoot him with 40cc's of shut your trap and it's beddy-bye.
So, uh, which way is the bathroom?
Down the hall, through the door, make a right.
Hey, blue. What you doing down there?
Hey. Uh...I was just looking for the bathroom.
Down here?
Yeah. You said down the hall, through the door and to the left.
No I said through the door and make a right.
Ah. My bad. Have a good night.
Blue! Hold up. Don't you still gotta take a leak?
Yeah. Which way was that again?
With decomposition this extensive, the most accurate identification tool is dental records. We made an imprint of the deceased's teeth and compared them to the dental records of Terrence Steadman.
They were a perfect match.
Thank you, doctor.
That can't be Terrence Steadman.
If you like, you can bring in a forensic examiner of your own choosing to examine the body, but I can tell you now, they'll come to the same conclusion that I have. 10
Thank you.
I hope you're proud of this. You've gotten your pound of flesh. Are you done now? Or would you like to hurt my family some more?
Come on.
Hey, Mack, you there?
What's your 20?
Uh, I got to stop by maintenance real quick. I'll be up in a minute.
You ok?
I'm burned. All right, help me take this off.
No, it's, like, burned into your skin.
Take it off.
I can't, it's melted into your skin.
If the guards catch me wearing this, I’m a dead man.
Bro, it's just...
Do it. Please do it.
Ready? One...two...three!
Michael, it’s Sara. How are you feeling?
It's the anesthesia. 11
Why did I have anesthesia?
We had to perform a procedure.
So you got so sick of 12 Scofield's smart mouth that you decided to deep fry him, is that it?
I didn't do anything to him, I swear.
Let's review. A locked cell. Two inmates. One gets branded like a south Dakota steer. You think we should call Matlock in on this one?
Who's Matlock?
Fernando ,you're only going to make things more difficult if you don't cooperate.
I told you I didn't burn him. I found him like that.
You found him like that?
He was acting kind of weird when we lined up for final count.
He was sweating, you know?
But he's not a big talker anyway, so I didn't think much of it. Middle of the night, I get up, you know, to shake hands with the president, and there he is, face down on the floor.
My... ass.
Ask him yourself when the doc's done with him.
I didn't touch him.
How bad is it?
Uh, I'd take the pills.
Do I get to see it?
No, the bandage stays on for now. Take your pills. Your cellmate do this to you?
Who did?
This is the part where I don't answer you.
All right. I'll have you sent back to your cell. All yours.
Hey, Katie, it's me. Listen, uh, can you come up to my office for a second? I got something I want to show you.
What the hell am I going to do now? I'm a dead man.
I'm sorry, cous. It was an accident.
Bull's going to see this and flip his lid.
Hey, slim! You got my uni ready?
Um, there's been a bit of a problem, boss.
What the hell is this?
I left the iron on it too long.
You are as stupid as you are fat, do you know that, D-cups?
My new shirt's coming out of your kick.
You're going to tell me right now.
Tell you what?
What the hell you've got going on that's got you burning up guard suits?
Trust me, primo, the less you know, the better.
Any news?
No. No, not yet. Testing takes a couple of days.
What do you remember of dad?
Your dad?
I didn't know him. Your mom said some pretty horrible stuff about him when we were growing up.
I think I saw him, when I was in the chair.
It was him, I know it was.
How would you know? You haven't seen his face in 30 years.
The name that was used-William Prall.
It's the name of this guy who threw for Chicago back in the day. Dad and me were really into him. But I'd forgotten all about him. It's really weird. 13 Been having these dreams, memories, things I guess I suppressed when he left, but...
This man who came to the execution, how do you know he used that name?
Pope told me.
Was that before or after you had the dream? Look, I’m sorry, okay? I don't mean to challenge what you're saying, but your dad's been mia almost your entire life.
I know what I saw, V. I know what I saw.
This is the security camera footage of the courthouse from the night that Judge Kessler got those documents. Now check out this guy. He is very skilled. He moves casually enough to avoid suspicion, and you see how he shifts his hat when he turns corners to hide his face? He knows exactly where those cameras are. Wait. Right there.
See that reflection?
Rewind it, rewind it. Right, can you blow that up?
Son of a bitch.
I know that guy.
What is it?
It was fused into Michael Scofield’s skin. I removed it during the debridement 14 procedure.
What about it?
Well, this fabric doesn't come from a standard issue prison uniform.
Where'd it come from then?
As far as I can tell, a guard's uniform.
Open on 40!
Close 40!
How you feeling?
What's wrong?
The blueprints--the ones we need to get from the psych ward to the infirmary...our map out of here...they're gone.

1. appear:lt appears(to me)that...= lt seems that…(据我)看来, 好像,我觉得。
2. appendectomy [?????????????] n. 阑尾切除术
3. in-between [???????????] adj. 在中间的 n. 局中的物体,中间人,中间存在者
4. familiarize: 与with连用。使熟悉,使周知,使精通,使熟习,使家喻户晓,使通俗化。等于be familiar with。be familiar to 为…所熟悉 be familiar with 熟悉,通晓,精通。familiar,intimate,confidential 都含“亲密的”,“亲近的”意思。 familiar 指“通过经常接触了解而不拘礼节的”,如: I'm not familiar with her. 我同她不太熟悉。 intimate 指 “关系密切的”,如:He is my intimate friend. 他是我的密友。confidential 指“亲信的,机要的,心腹的”,如:She became my confidential secretary. 她当了我的机要秘书。
5. drive:vt. 开车, 驱赶, 推动 drive at:用意;意欲;表示。 如:What's he driving at? 他的用意何在?
6. buckeye [??????] n. 七叶树之类,美国俄亥俄(Ohio)州人
7. nauseous [????????] adj. 令人作呕的, 厌恶的
8. posttraumatic [????????????????] adj. [医]外伤后的
9. common:have nothing in common (with) (与...)没有共同之处 in common 共同, 共同享有的, 共同使用的 in common with 和…一样 out of (the) common 不寻常的, 特殊的 common强调“常见的”、“ 不足为奇的”, 如:Colds are common in winter.感冒在冬天很常见。ordinary强调“平常的”、“平淡无奇的”, 如:His ordinary supper consists of only bread and milk. 他通常的晚餐不过是面包和牛奶。general意为“普遍的”、“一般的”, 如:This book is intended for the general reader, not for the specialist. 这本书是为一般读者写的, 不是为专家写的。
10. conclusion:come to (draw, reach)a conclusion 得出结论, 告一段落 in conclusion 最后, 总之a foregone conclusion 早已确定的事, 必然的结果, 毫无疑问的事 arrive at a conclusion 得出结论, 告一段落
11. anesthesia [????????????] n. =<美>anaethesia 麻木
12. sick vi. (常与up连用)恶心,作呕 be sick of 对…感到厌恶 go sick 请病假 (= report sick)
13. weird [????] adj. 怪异的, 超自然的, 神秘的, 不可思议的, 超乎事理之外的 n. <古><苏格兰>命运, 预言, 符咒
14. debridement n. [医]清创术, 扩创术(即清除伤口腐肉的手术)

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