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Previously on Prison Break
What are you doing?
Trying to remember those blueprints what we lost to the burn. Without them, we'll never be able to navigate. Those pipes beneath the psych ward.
But I need to know where you got that burn right now. Otherwise, your ass is going to solitary. 1
I put my blood into this.
How about you elaborate on that?
How about you stop with all the questions. You're a glorified bodyguard, that's it.
Okay, I got it
Put it down, you are not a killer.
Get out the way.
You Know, May be they gave you those things for a reason.
Yeah. To keep me in there, the invisible handcuffs.
Hello, roomie. You were right about my tattoo. It is a path.
And I need you to remember when you saw it, Haywire.
Who are you?
Scofield Michael Scofield.
Doesn't ring a bell wind back a while in Gen Pop Cell 40?
Gen Pop.
General Population. Officer Bellick assigned you to my cell.
I have a tattoo, you drew it.
Haywire, do I look even vaguely familiar to you?
Are you the guy who stole my tooth-paste?
Yes, I stole your tooth paste so you do remember.
Candy man.
Mr. Potochic. Mr. Scofield.
No, thank you.
Medication is mandatory. Just a mild sedative prescripted by Dr. Tencredi. Come on.

Can I talk to her directly? I'm feeling better.
Oh really? That’s great Now take the pill.
Take them, they are good. I'm fine, thank you
Carter! Can you come here for a sec?
Scofield went J-cat?
It Sure did I saw him come into, I knew he's gonna crack first time I saw.
So he's not coming back here.
Doubt it. They got him in the whack shack.
What about Sucre?
He's in ad seg. Why?
Middle cell, middle tier, prime piece of real estate. You thinking what I'm thinking?
We promise to keep it a single for a couple of months, auction it off.
Make it happen.
I don't need medication.
Swallow it, or it's going in the rear door.
All gone?
You were right, Haywire. I did steal your toothpaste, and you drew that tattoo from memory, and I need you to do it again.
Middle cell, cool in the summer, warm in the winter. 2
How much you asking?
How much you got?
$200.00. Got a deal?
Deal. Now get your ass out of here and I'll put in the transfer.
Hey, man, the toilet's leaking.
Look, it's dripping.
I'll put in a work order. It'll be replaced in 24 hours.
You got it, boss.
I heard you was moving some real estate.
Already been moved.
That Scofield's cell?
Not anymore.
Close up 40!

That’s you daughter?
My wife game me this when she was born.
Outliving your wife is bad enough. Outliving your daughter--no man should have to endure that.
How long does she have?
Hospital says a week, maybe two.
We got us a problem.
Mojo's moving in Scofield's cell, and that ain't all. He's bitching about the toilet, so Geary’s putting in a work order. They move that toilet...they find the hole. We are all screwed.
How much Mojo promise him?
Oh, gomer, see, you had me scared there for a second.
I hear you got a cell.
Not anymore. And if you were smart, you'd keep quiet about that.
Hey, look, I'll double what you're getting.
I'm getting $250.
$500? Ain't a problem.
I ain't talking cigarettes and extra chow line desserts here. I'm talking green paper with dead white guys on it.
I said it ain't a problem.
Come on.
It's a surprise.
I don't wear a diaper.
I never said you did.
Then what are you doing?
You got something in your teeth.
Oh, yeah. Right there.
I don’t.
It's right there in the back.
Come on.
Why are you doing this?
I am helping you. Remember what you used to call those little pills? Invisible handcuffs. Handcuffs on your mind.
You hate them, remember?
You got a phone call.
Who is it?
Your son. It’s an emergency.
Oh, L.J., What were you thinking, kid?
I don't care what happens to me anymore, okay? They won. They'll always win. I just wanted to take one of them down with me.
Put veronica back on.
What are the charges?
Attempted murder. He's also being arraigned 3 for the murder of his mother and his stepfather.
I guess bail's out of the question?
Anything you can do?
Right now, his only shot is if we can get him tried as a minor. But he needs to show some remorse. I need to sell to the court that he was just a scared kid. Where his head's at right now, he won't listen to me.
He'll listen to me. I need to see him.
Lincoln, there's no way.
He gets tried as an adult, he may as well sit in my lap in the chair. You got to do something, Veronica.
Okay, I'll petition the D.O.C, but it's a million-to-one shot they'll let you out to see him.
All right.
Yo, trumpets.
Yo, I got to round up 4 all outstanding debts that are due asap, all right?
Do it right now?
Like yesterday, all right?
I'll put it out there. Good.
Are you insane?
You are done, bodyguard. Lincoln's son, a 16-year-old pothead, managed to track you down and shoot you. You are now a witness in his criminal investigation.
I can still do my job.
You are not to make a move on Burrows under any circumstance. 5 We make that call.
You know what, Trixie? There are actually higher agendas here.
Yes, there are, and they don't belong to you. Paul Kellerman no longer works for the secret service. You're just good Ol'Owen Kravecki from now on. Have I made myself clear?
I need you to focus. I need you to remember what you drew.
Haywire. Time for group. Come on, buddy. Let’s go.
It's a path.
It is a path.
Let's go.
So, what's up, man?
Here's the thing. You got nothing coming.
All your outstanding markers, they're mine now. Is that so?
You got a problem with it, go cry to your new crew--T-bag and the white boys.
Oh...'kay, so that's what this is all about.
This is about staying true to your own.
Well, you know what, man? I can have tea with the grand wizard of the kkk if I want, and I still get my money. You got that, little boy?
No. We don't got that. Now, out of respect for what you once were, I'm gonna let you walk away.
You were right. The pills don't let me see the pathway.
That's a pathway to hell.
No, it's not. It's just the opposite.
I remember.
Whoo! Looks like the bank of Africa wasn't allowing any withdrawals.
Look, we are gonna have to find another way to get that money, okay?
Well, then I reckon 6 it ain't too much of a problem for our friend here to rummage up, ain't that so, D.B.?
A) I'm not D.B. Cooper, and B) there's no visitation today. Which means that none of us can get any money from the outside world.
I guess that only leaves us with one real option. The kitchen game.
Gambling? That's your solution?
Uh-huh. Son, trust me. When I play cards, it ain't gambling. There's maybe five people in this country that can do what I do with a deck of cards.
So why are you just bringing this up now?
'Cause if Jesus over there catches you sleeving aces in the kitchen game, well, let's just say there are lots of knives handy. Of course, you need 50 bucks just for the sit-in, and since we don't have any money, I'd say we're in a catch-double-deuce.
You sit right here.
Take this. And this.
Oh, no...it's gone.
That's why I need you to fix it. That's why I need you to remember what was there before.
Oh, this is bad. You can't break a path. Then it doesn't lead anywhere.
That's right. That's why I need you to remember what was there before it was broken.
I remember. I remember the demons.
Wait, maybe they were pilgrims. They were pointing the way, they were saying, this is the way, this is the way. I can't see it. I can see it, but I-I can't see it.
I'll be right back.
Hey! I need you to give Sucre a message. Tell him I'm okay, and that I'm trying to fill in the blanks. He'll know what that means.
You're trying to fill in the blanks?
Just do it. Please.
What the hell am I gonna do now?
You've been down on 13 as long as I can remember. Why the sudden interest in moving?
Second-story units like this don't come on the market too much. I figure since I'm getting on in age, maybe it's time I retired in comfort.
Open on 40.
Make it quick.
Hey... Bob Vila, it’s a cell. Quit kicking the tires and make a decision.
I'll give you 100 bucks for her.
You wasted my time. Get the hell out of here.
Sorry, boss. I thought it was a good bid.
Close on 40.
Hello, Benjamin.
Now, let me see, minted in 19 and... seventy-two.
That's your buy-in. The rest is up to you.
Damn...keep walking, peckerwood. 7
Got the buy-in for the card game.
Go get our money, boy.
Unfortunately, you and I are gonna have to be partners in this endeavor.
Oh, hell, no. I don't play cards; I’m a dice man.
Look, all you need to know is this: Every time I deal, you bet big and never fold. See, if I'm winning every time I deal, I end up with a colombian necktie, you know what I'm saying? But if you're the one raking in 8 all the cash, well, I seriously doubt anyone would ever think you and I are working together.
Excuse me. I've been all over town--I can't find a charger for this.
Well, let me check.
How you doing, Savrinn? Where's your girl?
She's doing her job, all right? Filing a petition down at the courts. She'll... she'll be at my place in about an hour.
See, that was easy. I shouldn't have to chase you down to get that information.
Why don't you just take a step back?
Why don't you remember who you're talking to, who I work for? You need to keep an eye on Veronica Donovan.
Not some of the time;all of the time. 'Cause pretty soon, we're gonna call in our favor, unless you want to go back on our deal.
Good. Be in touch.
Haywire. Haywire...did you take your meds?
Come on. You got something in your teeth again.
You should be careful when you tell people to remember things, Michael. Because I remember everything now. I remember how you set me up! How you smashed your own head...and had me sent back here.
I also...remember this. The pathway. Your map. Your escape.
Give me that.
Don’t. Don’t.
Now, do I tear this up......or do you tell me exactly where and when you're doing this?
It starts in the basement.
This line leads from a hatch in the coal room to this pipe system here. And that runs to the infirmary. That's how we'll get out. I just need to get out of psych ward to set things up. Three days after I'm gone, I'll come back up through the basement and get you out.
You're just telling me what I want to hear.
No, I'm not. I need you to let me get us out of here. I need you to trust me.
If you try to screw me over again, I'll kill you.
Hey. How did it go?
Filing the petition was easy. Getting it approved, that's a whole 'nother story. You found the charger?
Oh, yeah.
Why didn't you plug it in?
I was just, uh...just thinking for a minute.
About what?
We're in business.
What is it?
His entire phone book is still in here-322 numbers.
No open seats. Gotta wait.
C-note, crap or get off the pot.
I'm thinking.
We ain't betting on CPT here, man. Either you going to see his bet or you can go outside and million con march or whatever your people do. Either way, get on with it, son.
I'm in.
Three bitches, bitches. What you holding?
You tell me.
Full house.
Full house?
That's a concept a Mexican should be quite familiar with, eh, Jesus?
She said what?
She said, in unequivocal terms, 9 that I was not to move on Burrows. Whatever their agenda is with Burrows, it is not the same as ours. This whole business with his father--it interferes with the one thing that we set out to do in the first place--put Lincoln Burrows in the ground. If he lives, you're the one that stands to lose, not the company. They get themselves another candidate, and you're the one that suffers the brunt of it.
Then maybe it's time we broke ranks.
We do that; they'd pull support for the campaign. You know that, don't you?
That is...if they know, Paul.
Mmm! Smell that kitty.
Jacks or better, trips to win.
Last hand. I'm tired of losing all my money today.
How much you up?
I don't know. $300.
Does it hurt?
The horseshoe up your ass.
Rather be lucky than good, ping-pong.
Misdeal. Bury the card.
Man, I don't care if y'all saw my card.
Yeah, I bet you don’t. Bury the card, young blood.
Hey, chill wrinkles. Ain't my fault saltine here got a sloppy deal.
Aw, that there was just uncalled for. Now, all right. You know what? I'll tell you what. I'm going to deal another hand, you gonna be such a baby about it.
On a misdeal, you bury the card, finish out the hand. House rules.
I have some good news for you, Linc. Somehow, your lawyer's petition went through. The department of corrections is allowing you a one hour visit with your son. I've never seen one of these granted before...ever.
Good lawyers.
No lawyer's that good. I'll make the travel arrangements, but this is not going to be a ride in the country. You're gonna be y-cuffed, and the men are gonna be heavily armed. I don't want any problems.
There won't be; I just want to see my son.
I'll bet all I got.
You better have some aces shoved up there with that horseshoe, or that pot's mine.
You in or out?!
I'm in. And I raise you $74.
I said I only got $82 left.
Then I guess you're out of luck. 10
You never heard of a gentleman's game?
Yes, I have, but this ain't it.
You want to borrow some money? Ask your boys.
But I'm in here to make money, bro.
You want welfare, you'd better vote democrat.
If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from me in the yard.
You think you're smarter than me?
No! No! No, no, no!
There’s a pathway--No, there's a pathway! There's a pathway!
He's trying to escape! He's trying to escape--this is his map! He set me up!
Zap him!
There he is.
Hey boss, I think you dropped something, man.
That's half a gino. So when do I move in?
You don’t.
Come on, chief, now, we had a deal.
Renegotiation: The price is $700 now.
That ain't right. I just gave you $500.
What you gave me was a down payment. If you can't come up with the rest, well...11
No, no, no, no, no! Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. One minute, all right?
Man, he's trying to shake us down. I'm gonna need that watch.
Not an option.
Look, would you rather be looking at a picture of your daughter or holding her in your arms once you get outside?
Look, man, father time owed me a few bones. He gave me this in trade. That should be more than enough to cover it.
Eh, not bad. Your problem is somebody already gave me $700 for the cell, so you're S.O.L.
No! Hey, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute, wait a minute. So you're just gonna take my money and walk?
Yeah, well, write your congressman.
Oh, come on!
Hi. They said you wanted to talk to me.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay. Okay.
Thanks. Okay.
I made you something. It's an ashtray.
Um... I don't smoke.
Yeah, I know. But, uh, they only let us make these and jewelry, and I didn't figure you for the macaroni 12 necklace type.
It's very sweet. Uh...how about we talk about how you're doing?
I think we both know I don't belong here. I don't remember much about that night, but being locked up in ad seg, something must've snapped. What I'm trying to say is, I think I've had enough of arts and crafts. But that's your call.
And the doctors here do say that you've been acting fine. The problem is that if you don't tell the pope who burned you, he's gonna lock you back up in ad seg. And after a couple days of that, you're gonna be right back here. Michael, I hate what happened to you, and I hate that you're here. But you have got to let me help you. If you want to get out of psych ward, and stay out, you've got to tell the pope the truth about that burn.
Out with the old, in with the new, 13 cons.
I got a message from your cellie, bro. He says he's okay and he's trying to fill in the blanks.
Did he say he's trying, or that he already got the blanks filled in?
Yo, man, I don't know. I didn't write it down.
Okay. Now you gotta tell him that I filled in the hole.
Yeah, yeah, I'm done with your little secrets and messages, bro.
I saw Scofield's back. He's got a burn in the same spot as the burn in that guard's shirt. I don't know what you're doing but I have an idea, huh? And I'm through helping you until you tell me what's going on.
I can't, Bro.
Then good luck in the hole, Jefe.
No, no, no, no, no! Wait, wait.
Who's that?
That's Linc, Bro.
Linc the sink?
Come here. I think we can work something out.
All I can say is, before I get out of here, Geary will pay. Believe that.
No one's getting outta here if maintenance goes to replacing Scofield's toilet.
I got a way to help you with your scofield problem.
What'd you say, slim?
I said I got a way to help you with...
Who the hell said we had a problem?
It's cool, man. Relax. Lincoln and Sucre told me everything.
What in the hell did they tell you? Exactly what did they tell you?
Everything. They said I can come with you, you know, on early parole, if I can help get the fish outta psych.
What're we, the a-train? Everyone gets to ride with us?
Why don't you take a walk, before I give you a smack?
You got another solution to our situation? 14
I didn't think so.
Me and my Cuz and Lincoln...came up with something. Now, it can work... but it's risky.
You ready to get out of this aquarium, fish?
Assure me I'll be protected.
Michael, you know me well enough by now. Such assurances are not necessary.
With all due respect, warden, if I had been protected in the first place, none of this would have happened.
A name.
He shakes cons down for money, anything he can get his hands on. He knew I went to college, so he must've...he must've thought I was rich or something.
Anyway, when, uh...when I couldn't pay up, he held me down with one arm, and burned me with the other.
I don't know what he used, but...it was hot as hell.
What a surprise.
250 businesses,72 residences, covering all 50 states... London, Martinique, Jakarta, Dakar...
All the numbers out of service.
As soon as quinn disappeared, they must've erased the paper trail within days. Is there anything they can't do?
My P.I. Buddy in dc. What if I send him all this, see if he can make a connection between the numbers? I'll tell him I need it asap.
Thank you.
It's no big deal. I'll just overnight 15 him all this stuff.
No. For everything. For hanging in there, keeping me going. Thank you.
Guy with a six era signs for four mil a year. Sucks at his job, he still gets a raise.
You suck at your job.
You should ask the pope for a raise.
Very funny.
Warden, what brings you to our little clubhouse?
Hey, what gives?
Hey, that was a gift from my old man.
Since when is your name Charles and your dad's name Ann?
This is a railroad. I didn't do nothing!
Don't look at me like I'm some con. You're as crooked as scoliosis.
I don't get caught.
When we get there, I'll take you out of the y-cuffs and put you in a four-piece. Got it?
Got it, boss.
You play nice, I play nice. Understand?
Got it.
She's here.
I've got her.
Scofield. For readmittance to Gen Pop.
Welcome home.
Thanks. I never thought I'd be so glad to be back in my cell.
Um... pope...wanted me to give you this.
What the hell are you staring at, anyway?

1. solitary [?????????] adj. 孤独的
2. cool in the summer, warm in the winter可翻译为:冬暖夏凉
3. arraign vt. 提问, 传讯, 责难。常与for连用。She was arraigned for high treason. 她被控叛国罪。
4. round up 驱集;兜捕;围捕 四舍五入计算all the year round 终年;一年到头 round about 在附近;在近处round the clock 一直;不停地in the round 观众围坐在四周的(剧场);立体的(石头雕像) one's daily round (某人)日常的例行工作 one's rounds 例行巡视
5. in(under)the circumstances 在这种情况下, 因为这种情况under all circumstances 无论如何without circumstance 直截了当地, 不讲虚套地in no circumstances 决不at no circumstances 在任何情况下都不
6. reckon for 对...负责; 说明理由; 考虑到, 估计到 reckon in 把...估计在内, 把...包括在内 reckon on [upon] 依赖, 依靠; 对...作出假设, 设想... reckon with 向...算帐; 向...清算 把...考虑进去; 重视 对付; 解决, 处理 reckon without 不把...计算在内, 没估计到. (常与that连用)认为;看作
7. peckerwood [????????] n. 啄木鸟
8. rake vt., vi. raked, raking 用耙子耙,用耙子拢,常与in连用表示收集。rake up 勉强拼凑 提起(该忘却的往事)
9. unequivocal [?????????????] adj. 不含糊的
10. luck in a bag [废]罕有的好运, 意外的好运luck out:运气特好, 侥幸成功, 逢凶化吉。luck up v. 走运 out of luck 不走运
11. come up with v. 赶上, 提出;提出,拿出come up to v.达到, 符合,达到(标准),比得上,等于come up against v. 碰到,遭遇come upon v. 突然产生, 要求, 成为...负担, 偶遇;突临,突袭
12. macaroni [???????????] n. [食]通心面, 纨绔子弟
13. Out with the old, in with the new. 可翻译为:脏的拿出来 新的拿进去
14. solution [??????????] n. 解答, 解决办法, 溶解, 溶液;解决方案。其常与to连用。表示…的解决方法
15. overnight [??????????] n. 头天晚上 adj. 通宵的, 晚上的, 前夜的 adv. 在前一夜, 整夜, 昨晚一晚上。不及物动词:过一夜:overnighting at a country inn. 在一家乡村旅馆里过了一夜

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