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Previously on Prison Break...
Hey, John, you know, actually, about Jesus...say hi to him for me, will you?
It's him.
Did you see him?
The guy in the viewing room.
No. It was Dad.
Where's your girl?
She'll be at my place in about an hour.
Pretty soon, we're gonna call in our favor.
Have at it.
Department of Corrections is allowing you a one-hour visit with your son.
I'll make the travel arrangements, but I don't want any problems.
We used to have a Great Dane, big and wild.
When she was 12, she got cancer, so we had to put her down.
And you'd think it would be this big, dramatic event, but...it was very peaceful.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
One minute, she was breathing, the next, she wasn't.
Everything OK? Need me to call 911?
No, no, no, I got it.
Engine's smoking pretty bad, looks like it could blow up any second. 1
It's okay, actually.
You think? Yeah.
Fernando Sucre released...
You're out.
It's good to see you.
Y'all can sign each other's yearbooks later. Where we at?
The map is complete.
Got what I needed.
Then we're ready.
Almost. I know which pipes we need to take beneath psych ward now. Which means our way to the infirmary is clear. With our new route, we're gonna come up on the far end of that building. Which means we've got to walk down 30 feet of hallway to get to the doctor's office--our exit point. Which means there's only one piece left to this whole thing-- a key to that room.

No sweat. All we got to do is run a bump and grab on a C.O. like we did last time, grab the keys, make a copy.
It's not that easy. Only the medical staff have those keys.
How you fixin' on getting it then, Pretty?
No more surprises this time, right?
Mary, Joseph.
Hello, John.
How are you?
Any day above ground is a blessing. Thanks be to God. You mind?
Thank you.
Lot of rumors 2 going around.
I'm glad you're back.
I'm surprised you're still here. I thought you'd be gone by now.
Well, we had a few setbacks.
Still planning on it?
That depends. How does the idea of escaping sit with the new you?
Oh, the old sinner who was confined to these walls, he's dead. The new soul deserves to be free.
Well, the old sinner was going to have a jet ready for us. Is the new soul going to be able to pull that off?
Noah had his ark, did he not? Let's pray.
I'm gonna need a blade...pronto.
Hit and run?
Yes, sir.
And Burrows is gone?
That's right.
The officers?
Two are dead, one is in critical.
Do you realize what the media's gonna say when they get a hold of this?
We'll get him back, sir.
40 years in corrections, and this is how they're gonna remember me.
This is Kane County. Sheriff Ballard's a good friend of mine. 3
He hasn't said a word to anyone yet. Yeah.
Give us four or five hours, we'll find him.
If I don't report this to the D.O.C. right now...
They don't have to know.
You've always been a by-the-book guy, boss, but this time, the book's gonna get us all fired. Find him
The records of every phone call made to and from every contact in Quinn's cell phone.
Well, we have our haystack. Any idea what the needle might look like? There must be thousands of calls here.
But to who? To where?
You know, it's gonna take us forever to go through all of these. What if these have nothing to do with Lincoln and Steadman, huh? What if we're just burning time? We're just that much closer to the execution.
What's going on with you, Nick? It's almost like you want to quit.
I don't want to quit.
Then let's get to it.
Dr. Tancredi will be right in.
How you, uh, how you feeling today?
We got checkpoints up at 171 by Lemont at Sage Bridge and at the river going towards Romeo. According to our witness over there, this new perp was driving an '06 Mustang, black, dark blue, maybe.
We're not gonna be able to sit on this thing very long, Brad.
This is me, Nate. I need this.
All right. You go back to Fox River. I'll be in constant contact. 4
Mind if I...
How you doing, Mr....Roy Hawkings. Hi.
Where you going?
Uh, I'd like to get going if I could. I'm late for a meeting in Aurora.
Where you coming from?
Kind of an indirect route to get to Aurora.
Not from around here.
...2006 Mustang, black. No ID on the plates. Burrows' mugshot...
If any of you get so much as a whiff of anything, I want to know about it immediately.
Makes two of us, pal.
What do you want from me, Michael?
Sara...I need you to do something for me.
Wait for me. It won't always be like this. In this room, in this place.
Until then, I can't. We can't. Damn it. I can't. I have got to go.
Hey, Squirt.
How many times I got to say it? You address me formal-like.
Mr. Bolz-Johnson.
That's better.
I think maybe you and I can work something out.
Yeah, check it, I got a this homie on the outside. 5 He can put a hundie into your commissary account each month.
It's nice of you to think of me like that, but you only got one thing I need.
I need you to get something for me. Do your bump and swipe thing.
Like I did with the watch?
Yeah, that did me a lot of good. Guards found out, they stuck me in a cell with Avocado. So if you want something glommed, you need to do something for me. Kill that son of a bitch.
That's not something I can do.
Screw Honus Wagner.
What was that?
This kid in my neighborhood, his dad had a baseball card collection...so I figured, you know, I'd swipe it. I could get some party cash, you know? There was one card in there. A 1910 Honus Wagner. Doesn't mean nothing to me, you know. Hoops is my sport. This card, it was worth $300,000, so they slapped me with grand larceny. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm sitting on a nickel getting turned out like a little bitch. A baseball card
What are you doing here?
As soon as I heard they granted you a visit with your son, I knew they'd make a move on you.
I mean what are you doing here?
I've got a car about 20 miles from here. We'll switch out. After that... I'm gonna make sure you disappear. Then this business will just be between me and them. Can you move?
What are you talking about? They're after me, not you.
It's not as simple as that, trust me. I worked for them.
You worked for them?
You're an alcoholic, a...
Is that what you remember? Or is that what you were told?
Why did you leave?
I took a position with a group of multinationals we called The Company. They call every shot this country takes--what the laws to pass, what judges to appoint, what wars to fight. Thing is, if you wanted to rise in the ranks like I did you had to commit to 6 leaving everything you know behind. Because then, you start to get access to the real information. Information people would do a lot of things to get their hands on...like harm your family.
You expect me to believe that?
Why didn't you reach out to us? Why didn't you call us?
I regretted it every day. 7 But I didn’t have a choice. Lincoln, the day I left The Company, I took all that information with me. That's why they're doing this to you! All of it... to stop me.
You have to trust me.
Then you'll have to tell me what's going on.
I can't do that.
Then I can't help. Look, I did what you asked. Green card for credit card, that was the deal.
Then, we'll make a new deal.
Michael, if somebody finds out...
Believe me, I'll be in more trouble than you will.
I know, and that's why I won't help you.
Look, Nika, I promise you...
Look, I don't know what's going on. I don't know why you're in there, but if there's one thing those guys that brought me here taught me, it's that if you fight, if you struggle, you only make things worse. Stop fighting, Michael.
Just think about it, okay?
I'm sorry.
There it is again, the 406 number. It's on every listing.
Yeah, there's over 200 businesses, another hundred residences in 17 different countries.
They're all calling the same number.
Can you check the prefixes?
This doesn't make sense. All these people from all over the world are calling this place in the middle of nowhere with a population of 42. Blackfoot, Montana.
I thought you understood, Terrence. If you want to talk, we set up a meeting, at home, in person.
I saw the latest tracking. Your polls are headed south. Maybe the Burrows thing is finally starting to gain some traction with the swings. It could hurt.
Good-bye, Terrence.
You said it was almost over.
It is.
Are we talking about Lincoln Burrows... or your candidacy?
The only reason that you are still alive is because I won't let them kill you.
Yeah, I'm pretty clear on that.
But the thing I can't quite figure is with the crap storm this thing's become...why they haven't killed you.
Figure out how you're going to get the key to the infirmary yet?
Not quite.
You working a game on her, or what?
I don't know.
I've had time to think. Not that you tried to kill me, but about how Jesus saved me.
I didn't come here, Theodore, to inflict 8 any more pain. Take my hand so we can put this behind us. Please.
Show me the palm of your other hand. Don't insult me. After all you've done, the least I ask is that you don't insult me.
Does not a warm hand feel better than a cold shank? You got a point there, John. 9
Truce. You got it. Truce.
Son of a bitch. It's been two and a half hours and you're telling me that sheriff's got nothing?
I'm telling you the roads are blocked off. That Mustang's going to be somewhere within those ten square miles.
All right, listen, you got two hours to find him. And after that, I have got to talk to the press.
There's an escaped killer outside our walls and there are some things that are more important than career. Now you find him.
Hey, Captain.
I don't have time.
He says he really needs to talk to you.
You have something for me or do you need something, 'cause if it's the latter, you just wasted my time.
That cellie you stuck me with, Avocado...
Do you have something or do you need something? Last time I'm going to ask.
I'm asking you to just please get me out of that cell. Boss, please. Boss!
Let’s go.
You need to start relaxing. It'll hurt a lot less.
Can we go on your bunk?
Sure, squirt. Let me make it a wee bit more comfortable.
Now we're talking it.
Are you the doctor from the prison?
Uh, yeah. Can, I, uh...? Do you know a prisoner named Michael Scofield?
I do. You're his wife, right?
I need to talk to you. I think Michael has got himself in some trouble. And I think he's planning on doing something dangerous to get out of it. 10
Um, so what is it...?
Michael he has deep need to help people.
So I've come to understand.
That's actually how we met. There were these men that brought me here. Told me I'd have good job, but that was just a lie. They were going to sell me. And until they did, I...Michael paid them off for my freedom. And not to keep me for himself, like I've heard from other girls, but to give me an opportunity.
He's a good man.
Yes, he is.
Nika, I want to do whatever I can to help Michael. To do that, I need you to tell me what it is you think he's mixed up in.
Listen, could I just have a contact number for you in case I see...
I don't think that's a good idea. Please don't tell him that we met.
Something I don't get. How could killing me stop you?
'Cause I'm the one who leaked the information about EcoField.
They could've covered up the scandal a thousand different ways, but they chose to fake Steadman's death. And they chose you, 'cause they knew it would flush me out. They knew that any man with a son on death row who was innocent, would have to come forward. 11
But you didn't.
We had a cause, Linc. We have a cause. Their wars can be averted, millions of lives can be saved.
So you were willing to sacrifice one.
Yeah. At least I thought...But I couldn't watch you die.
You know what you've done? The mother of my child is dead.
I know.
Do you?!
Then I'm guessing you know Michael's in Fox River and LJ's rotting in some jail.
I know all of it.
If you think for a second...!
You don't have a choice right now.
This is all on you. All of it.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm here. 'Cause there's still a chance we can make it right.
That man in there is our transportation out of here, which means, now, you go after him, and it messes with my chances of me seeing my family, so I ain't gonna let that happen.
So why don't you hand me that shank you're holding.
Hey, Sara.
Hey, Rick.
You all right?
Yeah. I can't find my keys. Would you let me in?
Oh, sure. I'm surprised to see you here.
That makes both of us.
Look...You were right, and I'm sorry. I should never have gotten you involved in this.
Oh, it's okay.
No, it's not. If anyone knew what I asked...
I'm not even sure why I did it.
Thank you.
Now we're even.
You didn't owe me anything.
Yes, I did. I owed you everything... 12 but that's over now. Good-bye. The lady doctor... she cares for you.
Bellick! It's the sheriff. I think he's got something.
Go for Bellick.
We just got a call from Steve Schimek up at the junkyard. Our Mustang is on the premises. 13
He seen Burrows?
Yep, I got a couple of units five, 10 minutes away tops.
Good, I'm right behind you.
Here. You ready to travel?
Place is gonna be crawling with cops. You know that, right?
There's an unimproved road down by the river. There's a chance they haven't blocked it off yet.
We got trouble. Come on.
Through here.
Come on!
Get out of here. Go.
Turn around.
Bellick! Bellick, don't shoot!
Step forward, forward.
Right up here.
There, right there!
On your knees! On your knees!
Hands up! Let's see them!
Thought you'd go for a little stroll, did you?
Did you hear about Avocado?
Got his salchicha sliced.
Tweener. But Avocado's saying it got caught on the frame while he was hopping down off his bunk. 14 Yeah.
Why did he lie?
Doesn't want Tweener to go to the shu, 'cause he can't get him in there.
All I have to say is as soon as Avocado gets out of the infirmary...Tweener's a dead man. How's that key coming?
What about your car?
I just checked.
Uh, your apartment?
Uh... no, 'cause I had them this morning.
Then they got to be here. Just retrace your steps. When did you first notice they were gone?
When I came back from lunch
Hey, Kev, I need to take a look at that visitation log.
Michael I need to know where he is.
Fibonacci. You see, my conversion requires that I not only seek forgiveness, but provide forgiveness, even to my greatest transgressors. 15 Don't look at me like that, like I'm the same old man I used to be. I'm not. Trust me, I need to reach out to Fibonacci, so we can heal.
That's a good story, but the answer is no.
I understand. I'll be patient.
Hey, you're now officially on standby.
And you'll have her there. Do you understand?
Do my best.
Hey, I said "Do you understand?"
Yeah. Loud and clear.
Good. Goose Park Airstrip. Find it on the map. Soon as I call, You have that bitch there ready and waiting.
Hey. You still want me to swipe the thing you were asking about?
'Cause I'm having a going-out-of-business sale.
Why don't you get yourself to Ad Seg.
For that to happen I'd have to admit what I did to Avocado.
That'd get me what,20 years? I'm dead no matter what.
There may be another way out of here.
Yeah, in a body bag.
I need to know if I can trust you.
I'm as straight up as they come, you know?
No, I mean really trust you.
How are you?
I'm fine. You?
Have your hand, please?
Here they are.
Here what are?
Your keys, they were right over there by your inbox. You got a maintenance guy waiting outside here, says you wanted him to change the locks.
Want me to call him off?
No, send him in.
Is it okay if I...
Yeah. We're about done here. There something wrong?
No. Unless you want to talk about what happened this morning.
I think I have a pretty good idea. We're done here.
I want him under 24-hour surveillance. He doesn't sneeze without my knowing it.
What the hell for? What did I do?
Someone tried to kill me.
Finding you at a junk yard eight miles from here makes me think different.
Who was your accomplice? 16
What accomplice?
24-hour surveillance.
I heard Avocado cut his hose on your bunk. Must have been some serious gymnastics going on.
I got something for you this time, boss, but I want guaranteed protection from Avocado, and I want time cut off my bid. 17
Anything else?
Couple of big-canned whores available to you 24/7?
Believe me, what I got is worth it. So are you gonna step up or what?
This is your last chance, Tweener. You blow smoke again; they'll be scraping you off the heel of my boot.
Scofield and his whole P.I. crew?
They're escaping.

1. blow up:v. 使充气, 爆炸, 放大blow over:v. 经历, 被淡忘blow out:v. 吹熄, 爆裂blow off:v. 吹掉, 放出
2. rumor [??????] n. 流言, 谣言, 传闻 vt. 谣传, 传闻
3. mine=my friends
4. be in contact: 在联系中。通常与with连用。lose contact with 和...失去联系, 离开 make contact with 和...接触[联系]
5. homie [??????] adj. 家庭似的, 舒适的, 自在的
6. commit oneself on 对...表态;委身于,专心致志于。commit, discharge,do 都含有“进行某种活动”的意思。 commit指“犯错误或犯下某种罪行”, 或指“干某种坏事、傻事”, discharge指“忠实能干地执行任务”, 也指“履行职责或诺言”,do 指“从事任何一种具体的或抽象的工作”。
7. express regret at [for, over] 对...表示可惜[遗憾], 为...表示抱歉。have no regrets 没有遗憾
8. inflict [????????] v. 造成。inflict on(upon)使...受痛苦; 给...以(打击, 惩罚)
9. point:要点;含义;论点;寓意point at 瞄准 (= point towards) point out 指出;把注意力引向
10. plan on 打算, 计划plan for 为...作计划, 打算。plan,design,project,scheme 都含有"计划"的意思。 plan 系常用词, 指"为做某事, 事先作出的安排或方案", 如: I have a plan for overcoming the difficulty. design 指"为实现意图或达到目的而作出的精心安排", 如: They have a design for a rich, full life. project 指"为试验或实验而提出的一项计划或方案, 该计划或方案常是大规模的", 如: a project to build a new dam. scheme 着重指"为谋私利而采取的狡诈策略", 但有时也指"对工作或活动的安排, 相当于plan 或 design", 如: a one-sided scheme
11. innocent: adj. (常与of连用)无罪的,无辜的;清白的
12. owe: vt. 欠(债等); 应该向(某人)付出 owe sth. to 把...归功于; 为...而应感谢v.
13. 欠,应感激,应该把…归功于(to) vi. 欠钱
14. on the premise of [that]... 在...前提下
15. hop [???] v. 单脚跳, (鸟, 蛙等)跳跃
16. transgressor [???????????] n. 违背者
17. accomplice [?????????] n. 同谋者, 帮凶
18. cut off: 切断;阻拦cut a fat hog吃不消cut short缩短cut up卖弄,炫耀cut in打断cut down削减cut back削减,缩减

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