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Previously on Prison Break
You know you got a couple of foxes in your henhouse, right?
They both want out of here. They'll behave until then.
Look, this is it, man.
Ain't no do-overs this time.
We break out tonight, or we ain't never getting out.
Brains of the outfit, huh, Scofield?
He's leading you off a cliff, boys.
And you acting like you still in charge.
Pretend I ain't here.
Yeah, you and the radio.
The thing I can't quite figure is, with a crap storm this thing's become, why they haven't killed you.
We have an employee who's not working out. We fire her. It needs to be that simple.
She's the vice president of the United States.
That's all she'll ever be, Jim.
What's going on?
Get to Blackfoot, you find Steadman.
Just-just give me a chance.
Where's the lawyer?
We're through.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. You okay, old head?
Oh, god...
Sound the alarm.
Come on, Michael!
Sound the alarm!
Come on! Come on! Michael, come on, move it! Grab my hand! Grab my hand...
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

We got a 10-98!
Inmates over the wall!
Who was with you?!
Nobody, huh?
Talk or I swear to god, 1 I will snap your neck right here!
I don't know!

Names, I want to names
Scofield...Burrows, Sucre. And that vanilla ice kid.
Who else?!
Bagwell, man. C-note. Abruzzi. And that bug-eyed J-cat. 2
Was there anybody else? Was there anybody else?!
We got inmates over the wall!
How many?
Warden? They just found Bellick.
Get my shotgun.
Pope's already given orders for all the co's...
Did I stutter? Get me my shotgun!
Those piles of crap, doing what they just did, they just signed their death warrant. Every last one of them.
When those men went over the wall, they made a choice. That choice makes them a threat to society once again. Now as many of you know, some of those men are convicted killers. Now, our job is to protect and ensure the safety of the general population. That means if we have to bring them down to ensure that safety, by god we will do it! This time we're playing for keeps, gentlemen. Now it's been at least 12 minutes, since they went over that wall. That's one mile on foot at best. If they got their hands on a vehicle, they could be ten miles from here. So let's get moving!
Yo, come on, man, we got to roll.
We don't got to do anything but wait right here. Let them get ahead of us.3
I don't know if we're gonna get a chance, papi.
Dogs. Son of a bitch.
They're coming right for us.
Nobody move.
They can't smell us.
But they can see us.
Hey..... Can't get to the phone. Leave a message after the beep.
Hey, Nick, it's me. Look, I just landed in Montana. I'm about an hour outside of Blackfoot. And this house, it's got something to do with Terrence Steadman's murder, I know it. If whatever's here can help free Lincoln, then I wanted to say thank you.
Soft money makes the world go around. 4 You know it, and I know it. You cut my funding and I can't run a proper campaign without it.
There was a lot of internal debate, trust me. And there's every chance you can still win with your message, and it would certainly be our loss...
Oh, cut the crap. Is there anything else you want to tell me, or did you just come here to twist the knife you stuck in my back?
Well, actually, I came here to express our gratitude for all that you've done for us over the years. And to let you know that this isn't personal. Surely you've been in politics long enough to know that.
Look, is this about the energy bill?
The energy bill has nothing to do with it.
Why am I finding that so tough to believe?
I'm a grown woman.
How about you give it to me straight?
All right. All right. The bottom line, Madam Vice President, is that you can't affect change in the oval office. And that is what we need the most: Certitude. Simply put...you can't get things done.
Well, maybe you don't know me so well.
I highly suggest 5 that in the coming weeks, as the race narrows and the candidates start falling out...that you walk away, quietly, of your own volition. Otherwise, maybe it'll be...of the company's volition.
Hey, hey, take the suit off. You're practically glowing in the dark.
I only got my skivvies on underneath.
Take the suit off!
I'll freeze to death!
Hey! Hey, hey!
Hurry up.
We got to do something about that freak.
You got it.
Now, come on. Come on, hurry up.
Where the hell is the van? Eye-tie, where in the hell is the van?
Ye of little faith.
Come on, come on.
Watch out. There, I told you.
Behind the wheel, cro-magnon.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
What the hell you doing?
I'm getting us invisible.
John, where are the keys?
The keys, where are they?
I told you, in the garbage can by the trees in a plastic bag.
What are you waiting for?
Come on, come on.
No, no, no, no! No!
We got the on-ramps to 55 and 80 being monitored. We've got traffic checks on 171, 6 and 53. Special services has secured a watch on passenger lists at O’Hare and midway.
How are we doing with the wiretaps?
They're being set up on all the family members of the escapees as we speak. Surveillance teams are being established outside the residences as well.
Thank you.
What do you got?
Door wasn't forced.
Lock wasn't picked. As far as I can tell, they basically just walked right in.
I don't see how that's possible. These doors are locked down every night when we leave. It's priority number one. Only thing I can think is...
Someone left it open for them.
Hey, John, I've got to ask you why you were so intent on Lincoln driving and you taking that particular seat? What is it exactly you got up underneath there, huh?
What the hell are you doing?
You think that's gonna stop me, huh?
Think twice, Johnny boy, hmm.
You shoot me, pretty here will be dragging around 170 pounds of dead alabama flesh with him. And considering how much you need him to complete this little Fibonacci vendetta of yours...so I just don't think you're gonna be pulling that trigger.
You give me the key…
You son of a bitch.
Get it, get it. Get it.
You looking for this?
Come on.
Spit it out! Spit it out! Come on.
They drink this; it's only a matter of minutes. This glycoside saxitoxin hybrid 6 goes to work in the blood stream instantly. Five minutes is the outside limit even the strongest cardiac muscles can continue to function. After that--massive cardiac arrest with no chance of survival.
What about toxicology tests?
Well, they'll reveal nothing. Death will appear to be from natural causes. 7 This is high treason, you know that don't you?
It's fresh, boss.
From tonight?
Can't be more than an hour old.
Dogs get the scent?
Already have.
Hey, boss, check this out.
Captain...this guy lives up the road. Works on the property during the day.
You see a vehicle parked here?
I think so, yeah.
What did it look like?
Uh, like a van. A blue van.
You didn't think to report it to the authorities?
A parked car?
If you think I won't gut you myself to get that key, you're in for a big surprise.
I encourage you to remember the last time you came at me with a knife.
Shut up! Shut up! Both of you!
You can settle this in Mexico.
How far to the airstrip?
Five miles, maybe.
Your jet better be there, Mr. Mafia. You feel me? It better be there.
Canine unit being deployed. Over.
Roger that.
Push past the search perimeter before we can pick up track. Over.
They're everywhere out there.
Tell me something I don't know.
You're saying you don't know anything about this?
Honestly, I don’t.
The door was left open, Katie.
It wasn't me.
Then who was it? Only you and Dr. Tancredi were left at the end of the night. The orderly confirmed that.
It wasn't me.
Then you're telling me it was Dr. Tancredi?
I know you know something, Katie. And anything you know, you have got to tell me. If you don't, you are going to lose a lot more than your job. Withholding 8 information makes you an accessory. And I will press that button if you don't start talking!
What about Sara?
Sara had a thing for Scofield.
Thank you, Katie.
All I want to do is touch her belly, feel that he's in there. After that, whatever I got to do, I'll figure it out. I just want to touch her belly. We're close, papi.
We got trouble.
Yo, dawg, man, this is bananas. We got to get off this road.
Any other way to the airstrip?
This is the only road.
Let's just run this bitch.
Somebody shut him up, or I will.
Can we go back?
That won't do us any good. It'll only get us farther from where we need to be.
Which means we got to bust that roadblock.
Maybe not. We've got to try and go around. Come on.
We're gonna get that key from you. I don't care if you got to crap it out.
You got a foul mouth sometimes, pretty.
Son of a bitch, we're stuck! Everybody out.
Listen to the speech tonight?
Need some id.
Secret Service.
Have at it.
Come on!
This thing ain't going nowhere!
How far is the air strip?
On foot? Maybe two miles.
What the hell are we waiting for? Let's move.
Three-legged race over here ain't going to make it ten feet.
We'll manage, won't we?
Sure, pretty. We're teammates.
Teammates till the end.
Let's get out of here! Let's go!
Let's go.
This is as far as you go, my friend.
No, man, you can't leave me out here, not like this.
We had a deal, remember?
But come on, bro.
You and I, we're not bros. I don't think you want me telling the guys what I know. Now walk. We got trouble, pretty. We got more than that.
Go! Go!
Come on!
Oh my God
Oh, come on
And now what?
What do we do now Michael?
I don't believe this.
What now?
It is clear. I'll gonna pop back.
It's coming back y'all! It's coming back! Make yourself small.
There's no way we are gonna make two miles like this. Especially with that bird up there.
We are if I got something to do with it.
Excuse me.
What can I do for you?
Sort of was going to ask you the same question. I run the tower during the day.
There's no traffic allowed here after sundown.
Had some mechanical problems.
Need me to take a look at anything?
No, no, we got it. Don't trouble yourself. We'll be on our way in no time.
You sure?
Have a good night, hey, buddy?
Yeah. You, too.
Those guys better hurry up.
It’s me. I've got an unidentified 9 aircraft here at goose park. Think you better have a look at it. Tail number's 986-delta.
Hurry it up.
Linkie, just let papi work a little bit of his magic, okay?
You know what you're doing?
Are you kidding me? Hot-wiring this thing is like hot-wiring a toaster. Now, if it were to be an Acura, or one of those Chinese cars, that's a whole different story. Electronic ignition, computer chips, forget about it. But no, we're good.
That chopper's gonna be coming back again, so hurry up.
What they got in Mexico, anyhow?
You never been there?
Ain't never been nowhere except for Iraq, chi-town and Fox River. What you looking at?
Look, man...is it a place where you can have a family?
Lots of families down there, so I hear.
Man, you know what I'm talking about.
For a black man, an American man with a family.
So that's the plan? They're going to meet you down in Mexico?
Yes. It’s worse to not see them. And I can't do that no more.
Not much of a life for them.
But it'll be a life.
More than what me and them have been having for the last two years, man. They're family, snowflake. Ain't no way in hell I'm leaving them behind.
We're good. I must have done this a thousand times.
Man, I thought you got busted for armed robbery.
That’s what they caught me for.
Red's the juice, white is the ground. Strike them together and we blow this town.
What? What?
I don't get it.
Great! That's just great
Engine’s still warm, and I don't see any other tire tracks out here.
They're on foot, and judging by 10 how hot this engine is, they haven't gone far.
Five, ten minutes ahead of us, at the most.
Where are you? Renwick road?
A quarter mile west of Weber on Renwick.
Okay, we've got Renwick on the south, Weber on the east, 143rd street on the north and 55 on the west. Units are in place along all those roads.
And I've got a dozen more coming.
Brad, this could be over quicker than we thought. We've got 'em boxed in.
Sir, we've got an update on Dr. Tancredi.
Tell me.
None of the staff had any interaction with her. 11 She left work suddenly in the early afternoon.
Returned for maybe an hour, then left again. All of it's very erratic.
Has anyone been able to reach her?
Doesn't have a home line, cell phone seems to be shut off. Chicago pd identified her car outside her residence. They're getting an emergency warrant to go in.
Sir, it's none of my business, but are you going to call the governor?
This is his daughter we're talking about.
Captain, the dogs picked up a trail.
Which way?
That way and that way.
They split up?
Looks like it.
What the hell we waiting for?
I think it's pretty clear that our policies have been effective. We've had 14 consecutive quarters of GDp growth above three percent. Tax cuts are working.
Madame vice president!
Madame Vice President, a lot of people question the wisdom of granting tax cuts to the oil industry, in light of the fact that they're seeing record profits. Do you have thoughts on that?
We're a market-driven economy, 12 peter. Punishing companies for being a good business model doesn't make a whole lot of sense to this administration.
Madame vice president!
Thank you. Madame vice president, are you saying...if you're elected president?
If those tax breaks result in growth, yes.
Excuse me? Excuse me? Sir? Yes? Sir, can I...
Where are they?
They were way the hell back there.
This ain't going to work like this. We've got to do something.
This way.
Come on.
What's going on? What’s going on?
What the hell you doing?! What the hell you doing?!
I swear to god!
You swear what?
I guess it was just meant to be, hey, now, fellas?
He’s lucky I didn't take this to his head.
You cut his...you cut his...You... you cut his...
Sucre, shut up.
Hello? Hello? Hello?!
Come on, let's go.
We can't leave him just like...
You want to stay here? Be my guest.
Yes, this is warden Henry Pope at Fox River penitentiary. I need to speak with the governor.
Governor, I'm sorry to bother you, but, uh, there's been an...
Are you watching this?
Watching what?
I suggest you turn on your TV, warden.
Doctors at Washington medical center have corroborated that president Mills was admitted into emergency care here a little more than 45 minutes ago. In the chief surgeon's words, president Mills suffered massive cardiac arrest and doctors were unable to revive him. The news out of Washington medical center is official now. The president of the United States, Richard Mills, is dead. And keeping with protocol, vice president Reynolds is in an undisclosed location being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.
...Will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.
I hereby 13 recognize you as the 46th president of this country.
And now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot to attend to tonight. Thank you all.
And you said I couldn't get things done.
Madam vice president, perhaps we could get together and discuss how to move forward...
It is "president" now, madam. And you're going to have to talk to my organizers. My schedule is suddenly quite full. I'm sure you'll understand.
Sara Tancredi! It's the police. We have a warrant to come in. It's easier if you just open the door. Otherwise we're going to come on in.
The airstrip's on the other side of that field. Just 500 yards and this whole thing's over.
He's not moving.
Every second we stay here is another chance for them to find the plane. We got to go now.
Wait, wait.
All right, let's go. Let’s go.
Michael. If this doesn't work out, I just want you to know, I...
I know. I know.
Freeze! Don't move!
I'll tell you when we got to go.
No Man, we got to go.
Fire her up.
We find the defendant charged of murdering Terrence Steadman, guilty.
This stunt... by Lincoln Burrows’ defense counsel is an affront 14 to the memory of my brother.
We made an imprint of the deceased's teeth and compared them to 15 the dental records of Terrence Steadman.
They were a perfect match.
Who killed Terrence Steadman?
Hello, Terrence.
I can see it.
Keep it moving, come on. Come on, they're close behind us.
Let's go. Hurry.
Hey! Hey!
No! No! No!
What do we do now?
We run.
This way.

1. swear:vi. 诅咒 v. 宣誓, 发誓swear at:咒骂,诅咒swear by:非常依靠或信赖…swear off :保证弃绝或放弃
2. bug-eyed [???????] adj. 暴眼的, 瞪大眼的
3. ahead:adj. adv.在前, 向前, 提前, 在前面be ahead:领先,占优势
4. Soft money makes the world go around. 此句是俗语,可以翻译为:有钱能使鬼推磨。
5. 英语-ly副词与其同源副词的用法有些不同,不带-ly的副词表示具体的行为和动作,说明的动作或状况有可测量性和可见性;而 以-ly结尾的同源副词所表达的常常是抽象性的行为和状况。这时,这些词大都具有"greatly"和"extremely"的含义。
6. glycoside [????????????] n. [化]配醣, 配糖类 saxitoxin [?????????????] n. [生化]蛤蚌毒素,贝类毒素
7. appear表示似乎,看来好像有两种结构:(1)It appears that 从句,如:It appears they are right. 看来他们是对的。 (2)主语+appear +to do 结构,如:He appeared to be talking to himself. 他似乎在自言自语。
8. withholding [???????????] 扣交
9. identify [???????????] vt. 识别, 鉴别, 把...和...看成一样 v. 确定。identified 是其分词形式,也可作形容词,反义词:unidentified
10. judge: vt. 断定。通常与by 连用,如:Don't judge a person by his appearance. 勿以貌取人。
11. interaction:n. 交互作用,互相影响。通常与between, with连用。
12. market-driven economy:以市场为导向的,驱动的经济,即市场经济。
13. hereby:adv. <书>由此,以此,借此,兹,特此。通常用于句中。如:I hereby resign my office. 我特此辞职。
14. affront:[???????] 可数名词,公然侮辱,无礼的言行。常与to连用,如:put an affront upon somebody 当众侮辱某人 也作vt. 公然侮辱人,故意使人难堪。
15. compare v. 比较, 相比, 比喻 n.比较。当它涉及描述不同事物相似性的活动时,Compare 常用介词 to。如:He compared her to a summer day. 他将她比为夏天。当涉及考察两个相象的事物以辨别他们的相似或差别时,它取with。compare notes:交换思想、观点或意见。n.(名词)Comparison: 比较

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