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零距离美语会话[娱乐]Lesson 1




Unit 4   Entertainment
One     Let’s take a vacation!
 1   Introduction
A    Americans are very mobile, and travel is very popular for many people.   In America, when people take a vacation, they often drive a car.  Some families travel far within their home state once a year during vacations.  Some would even go abroad for a change if they have time. 
B    Instead of Chinese summer vacation and winter vacation, Americans have two or three weeks off from work specifically for vacations.  They may choose to take three one-week vacations depending on the workplace. 
C    American children have the entire summer months, June, July and August, for vacation from school.  They also have Christmas to New Year’s, Easter and Thanksgiving holidays. 
D   American vacations are usually longer than four days. Otherwise, they are considered weekend getaways.  
 2   Sample Sentences
1.   I’d like to buy a timetable.
2.   I want an upper berth / a middle berth / a lower berth in the sleeping car.  
3.   I’d like to leave / register my luggage, please.
4.   Is this the platform for the train to Shanghai?
5.   How long does the slow train / fast train / express train take to get there? 
6.   I’d like to take a short cruise / take a tour of the harbor. 
7.   Can I hire a rowing boat?  There’re two of us.  I’d like it for one hour.  What’s the charge per hour?
8.   Can you recommend a sightseeing tour / a sightseeing package? 
9.   I’d like to hire an English-speaking private guide for half a day. 
10.  Is there a reduction for children / the disabled / groups / pensioners / students? 
11.  What’s the rate for excess baggage?
12.  I’d like a single (one-way) / return (round trip) ticket to Los Angeles. 
13.  The bus to Boston leaves on the half-hour.  
14.  I usually stay home on my day off. 
15.  I wish I could start my summer vacation early. 
3   Conversations
1.   I need this vacation. 
At a research laboratory in Southern California.
Robert:  Anita, I’ve been here only three days and you’re leaving already. 
Anita:  Just for a few weeks.  I need this vacation.  You’ll be all right.  You know the project we’re working on, and you’re a good scientist.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be back as soon as I spend or gamble all my money. 
Robert:  Gambling?  Where? 
Anita:  Las Vegas.  I find gambling relaxing.  I don’t take it seriously, the way some people do.  Besides, I love the shows and the all-night atmosphere of the town.  The casinos1 never close, you know. 
Robert:   (Laughing) If you gamble all night, you’ll run out of money in a few days.
(The director of the laboratory walks in.) 
Anita:  Good afternoon, Dr. Green.  I just finished showing Robert the ropes around here. 
Green:  That’s good.  He’ll be able to keep the project going in your absence.  Where are you going on your vacation? 
Anita:  I’m going to Nevada to relax.  The desert is a good place to get away from the stress of work. 
Green:  Enjoy yourself.  We’ll see you when you get back. 
2.   Ted and Laura are in a loud disco.
Ted:  Hi, my name is Ted, what’s yours?
Laura:  What?
Ted:  I said, I’m Ted, who are you?
Laura:  Huh?  Oh, my name is Laura.
Ted:  Do you comehere often, Laura? 
Laura:  Huh?  I can’t hear you; the music’s too loud. 
Ted:  Let’s go outside and talk.  So Laura, do you come here often?
Laura:  Hold on, my ears are still ringing from the music… what was it you asked me?
Ted:  I asked if you come here often.
Laura:  Sometimes, usually once every few weeks.  Do you? 
Ted:  No, this is my first time here. 
Laura:  I usually come with a group of friends.  We dance a little, have a few drinks, and just have a good time.
Ted:  Yeah, that’s why I’m here.  My friends dragged2 me here, because they think I spend too much time studying. 
Laura:  That’s good.  It’s good to hit3 the books, but you need to get out once in a while. 
Ted:  I guess so.  But the music is too loud.  I don’t mind getting out and meeting people, but next time I’ll do it in a park.
3.  Anna is Lucy’s American friend.  They’re talking about traveling. 
Luke:  Hi, Anna. I haven’t seen you for ages. Where have you been?
Anna:  I’ve been away on holidays for sometime.
Luke:  No wonder I haven’t seen you recently.  Where did you spend your holidays?
Anna:  I went with my husband.  Our first stop was Bangkok4.  We stayed there for 5 days.  Then we flew to Hong Kong, stopover for 3 days.  Our last stop was China.  We visited the Great Wall. 
Luke:  You must have a wonderful time.
Anna:  Yes.  We enjoyed ourselves very much.  Have you traveled much, Luke? 
Luke:  No, my wife doesn’t like traveling.  We haven’t been traveling for more than ten years.  The first time we traveled together was in 1978 when we just got married.  We spent our honeymoon in the Alps. 
Anna:  Oh, I see.  Yeah.  Some people like traveling, some don’t.  My husband didn’t like traveling at first, either.  He said ‘what’s the use of traveling?  A waste of money and a waste of time.’  At last I got him on the move5.  After all, he loved me.  We went to Bali, Indonesia6, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  That trip left a very deep impression on him.  Since then whenever we have holidays and money, we’d like to patronize7 the travel agency.  Isn’t it a bit dull to shut yourself at one place all your life?
Luke:  I know that.  But at present we just can’t arrange time for traveling.  The kids are still young.  The eldest one is in middle school, the second one is in primary school and the youngest one is still in kindergarten.  Besides, my wife is very busy with her doctorate8. 
Anna:  Life must be a bit hard for you at present.  But don’t worry.  You’ll certainly be better off9 when the kids are grown up.  Then you’ll have more time to travel, and your wife will change her mind, too.
Luke:  I hope so.
4.  Taking a vacation. 
George:  Lili, let’s take a vacation! 
Lili:  George, how can we?  Vacations cost money.  And this month we don’t have much money left after paying the rent. 
George:  Well, Lili, we can visit different places in the state in our van10.  We are not going to take a plane or stay at a hotel this time.  Trust me, it won’t cost much. 
Lili:  Where will we sleep, then? 
George:  In the van.  
Lili:  What about other expenses? 
George:  Let’s see.  Gas, food, recreation11, we won’t spend much.  Come on.  Don’t hesitate.  We need to get out of the house once in a while.  We have been working hard, haven’t we? 
Lili:  Maybe you’re right.  When do you plan to go? 
George:  The sooner the better!  I can’t wait! 
Lili:  Oh, I don’t know where we’re going yet. 
George:  As long as we’re going,you can decide where to go.  I trust your judgments12.  I know you miss Chinese food, so we can eat at a Chinese restaurant this time. 
Lili:  Let’s go to Chicago.  We can have lunch in Chinatown.  Then we can go to a ball game at Wrigley Field!  
George:  You have such good ideas! 
——只要我们去,你就可以决定我们去哪。 我相信你的判断力。我知道你想吃中国菜,所以这次我们可以去一个中国饭店吃饭。
 4    Words and Expressions 
1. casino  (有跳舞、音乐等娱乐的) 赌场
2. drag  拉,拖;拖着(脚等)行进
3. hit   打,打击;击中
4. Bangkok  曼谷(泰国首都) 
5. on the move  在活动中;在进行中 
6. Indonesia  印度尼西亚 
7. patronize  资助,光顾,惠顾
8. doctorate  博士头衔,博士学位
9. better off    景况较佳;更有余裕
10. van  有盖小货车;箱形客货两用车
11. recreation  消遣;娱乐,游戏
12. judgment  审判;判断力,辨别力

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