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零距离美语会话[住房]Lesson 1




Unit 6    Housing     住房问题
One      Do you rent an apartment or own it?
 1   Introduction   
The issue of housing is something that China and America generally have in common.  In the U.S., like here, houses and apartments are usually more expensive in the cities and the suburbs.  The places to live in rural America are usually much less expensive.
2 Sample Sentences 
1.  They live in the apartment above ours. 
2.  The kitchen sink is broken.
3.  Are there friends or family in the neighborhood?
4.  Would you like a duplex or a mobile home?
4. This one is furnished, and the neighborhood looks nice. 
6.  Does the garage apartment have a fenced yard? 
7.  The suburbs usually have their own churches, schools, and shopping centers. 
8.  Many people prefer to live near the center of cities, but because houses there are expensive, they often commute from suburbs. 
9.   There are only two crimes this year so far in my neighborhood. 
10.  The place I’m living now has planes flying over day and night.  I can’t stand the noise sometimes! 
3.  Conversations 
1.  House and employment. 
A:  Susan, I am inviting you and Frank to our “house warming” party this weekend.
B: A house warming party?
A:  Yes, Deborah and I are going to buy a new home in Woodlawn.
B:  Congratulations! That’s wonderful. I bet both of you are quite happy.
A:  Well, we have always dreamed of owning our own home, but real estate1 in this area is extremely expensive.
B:  I understand. That’s why Christopher and I want to find a place in a small town, far from the city.
A:  That’s a good idea if you can find employment nearby.
B:  I agree. That’s why Christopher is already looking for a job in Maine, or Wisconsin. 
2.  High rent.
A:  I can’t believe the cost of apartments in New York City.
B:  Oh, you didn’t know that apartments here are considered valuable, even if they are small and crowded?
A:  Of course I had heard about that, but now I know how expensive it is to rent a place here.
B:  I don’t mind paying high rent to live in New York. 
A:  Why?  You pay so much for such a tiny2 space to live.
B:  Yeah, but so what!  I’m proud to live in the world’s most excting city. And, the salaries here are the highest in the nation, too. 
3.   Meeting new neighbors.
A:  Hi, my name’s Karl.  My wife and I are moving in next door.
B:  Hello, Karl.  I’m Chuck Jones.  We’re going to be neighbors.
A:  I’m happy to meet you.  It seems everyone in town is so friendly.
B:  This is a small town, and we like to be neighborly3.  We know everyone who lives around here.
A:  Well, I’m from Chicago.  There few people take the time to get to know their neighbors.
B:  So, tell me, Karl, whydid you come all the way to Minnesota to live? 
A:  We wanted to live in a more peaceful4 community and have more space.  Another reason is, we can afford to buy a home here, but we can’t in Chicago! 
——我们想住在一个更加安宁,地方也更加宽敞的居民区。 还有一个原因是,在这里我们可以买得起房子,但是在芝加哥却不行! 
4.  How much is the rent?
A:  Let’s move out of here.  This apartment is too small. 
B:  I agree.  I’ll look in the paper.
A:  A house would be great.  I could plant a garden.  And you could use the garage for a workshop.
B:  Here’s an interesting ad:  For rent.  Two-bedroom, unfurnished5 house, fenced yard, one-car garage.  Pets6 OK. 
A:  How much is the rent?
B:  The ad says $325 plus deposit7. 
A:  When is the place available?
B:  It’s available now, and it’s got a very good location8.  You won’t be far from work. 
 4   Words and Expressions
1. real estate 不动产
2. tiny 极小的; 微小的
3. neighborly 像邻居的; 亲切的; 和睦的
4. peaceful  平静的; 安宁的
5. unfurnished 没有家具设备的
6. pet 供玩赏的动物, 宠物
7. deposit  保证金; 押金; 定金
8. location 位置; 场所, 所在地

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