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商务英语听说Unit 5 Produd Presentation(上册)





area. bestseller. browser. circulation. countdown timer. currency converter. cut sb off. demonstration. diameter. dimension. distribution. download. enthusiasm. environment-friendly. installation. launch. measurement. mileage. on-site. PDA(personal digital assistant). performance. predictable. promotion. publicity. radios. respectively. retail outlet. rival. selling poing. SIM(subscriber identity module). specification. stock watch. user-friendly. visual. visual aids. voice-styling. warning. web. wireless application protocal. warranted.

3.Listen to the phone call regarding the supply of SIM office systemsand complete the chart below.

A: Good morning!TMU Office Equipment Supply. May I help you?

B:Yes. We move into a new office and we think of buying some new office equipment.

A:Just a moment. I'll put you through the sales department.

B:Thank you.

C:Hello.Sales department. What can I do for you?

B:Hello.This is Tony Blake,from Top-tech International Comany Limited,Guangzhou office.I'm calling about office (......)equipment.

C:How do you do,Mr.Blake.This is Jack Chen,sales manger. It's my pleasure to serve you.First, could you tell me what you need in your office?

B:I think we need some movable partitions to serve the divided offices. Can you give me the measurements?

C:Sure. Our partitions are 3.3m long, 1.8m high.

B:How about the thickness?

C:Let me see.They are 5cm thick.

B:How much are they?

C:The unit price is 50dollars.

B:How long is the guarantee period?

C:There is a 1-year guarantee period.

B:OK.I think we also need 2 filing cabinets,what size are available?

C:We have 2 kinds of filing cabinets available right now. One with 3 drawers, the other with 5 drawers.

B:We prefer the one with 5 drawers.It can take more files and documents,right?

C:Yes.But it takes more room.It's 1.76m in height,90cm in width.

B:I'd like to know how deep each drawer is.

C:Its depth is 50cm.

B:What's the unit price?

C:It's 125dollars.The guarantee period is 15months.

B:Have you got any computer desks?

C:Yes,we have some very good, multi-purpose computer desks.

B:How big are they?

C:They measure 95cm long,by 40cm wide,by 65cm high each.

B:How much do you charge?

C:The prices are very reasonable,each costs only 30dollars. Is there anything else you need?

B:Yes .We would like to have 3 computers and 2printers.

C:We have a big collection of computers here.Which brand and model would you like?

B:I'm not sure,I thind we want sth inexpensive but with good quality.

C:I suggest you buy Aser computers. The US model with memory capacity of 20megabytes costs only 800dollars.

B:Can you tell me its dimensions and warranty?

C:It's 30cm high by 25cm thick by 40cm wide and it has a 2-year warranty. As the printers, we suggest the ~color printer.It's the best choice if you have a limited budget since it only costs 250dollars.

B:How big is it ?

C:It's quite small in size, 20cm long,15cm wide and 10cm high.

B:Well. It sounds like what I want. We 'll place the order in 2 days.Thank you.

C:My pleasure.

1. what are the dimensions of the photocopier?

2. what's diameter of the desk?

3. do you provide a money-back guarantee for your product?

4. this product is attractive,inexpensive,user-friendly and environment-friendly.

5.this model comes in 3 colors: white, black, grey.

6.what's the shape of the product?

7.is it made of plastic or is made of steel?

8.the container has a volume of 45cubic cm.

9.what's the selling point of your product?

10.this high-tech product is well received both at home and abroad.

A:Good morning,sir. Welcome to our shop.Is there anything I can do for you?

B:Good morning. I'd like to buy a photocopier.

A:Would you like to have a look at our photocopier on show first?

B:Yes,thank you. And this one looks nice, can you tell me about this model?

A:Yes,of course.This model is our latest product ,it was launched this summer.As you can see, it has an attractive shape. Compared with other products, it was relatively small in size and light in weight.It only weights 9 kg.Its width,depth and height is 33.3cm,56.6cm and 35.8 cm respectively.This model has 3 colors available:white ,black, grey.

B:How many sheets of paper can I copy in a minute?

A:You can make 100 copies in one minute.It's quite fast, isn't it? What's more, this model makes little noise while operation, and you'll find it easy to operate.

B:Would you please give me a demonstration?


B:Oh,that's very convenient,but what is worrying me is after-sale service.

A:I can show you its quality .This model is very sophisticated in technology and therefore needs little maintenance.We offer you a 2-year guarantee.Besides, we provide free on-site maintenance.If there is something wrong with the machine, just contact us.We'll send the technician over as soon as possible.

B:How much is it?

A:We charge 12000yuan for each copier.I think its price is quite reasonable,compared with other products in terms of performance and quality.

B:OK.I'll take this model in grey. I hope you can deliever it to our company today.

A:No problem.

  Thank you for  giving me the opportunity to present you the latest model of our mobile phone,Sweet Voice 2003.I intend briefly to run through the 3 "Let"s for the new model------the product, the place and the price. Please feel free to interrupt me wherever you 've got a question.

  To start with our focus on the features of this new model. If you look at the screen behing me, showing a picture of Sweet Voice 2003 and the animation and its functions, you'll see that is small enough to fit writing into the palm of your hand. It has a decent weight and inernal internet. The phone is inclusive of web browser and you can connect it into Internet as well as syn-based information services. There is a 100-name internal phonebooks. In addition to those, you can store on the same card and there is a space for up to 12 voice-stylings notes which serves as the selling point of this model. The 2002 model comes with 38 ring tones with space for 9 more for downloading the ring tone from the Internet. Close the ring tone composer,a vibrating alert disgracefully informs you of the incoming calls and messages while 5 games will stop you from getting bored. Of course, it has all the common features such as clock alarm, reminders, stock watch, countdown timer, calculator, currency converter etc. I hope that all make sense.In any case, I'll leave this retail specification with you,which you can study it at your leisure.

   OK,now ,let's move on to the next point:the place. By place,I mean, how we are going to distribute the product and where.The launch day for the Sweet Voice 2003 will be January 1st,next year,since it will definitely be a season to buy new mobile phones as presents for the new year or the spring festival.It will then be in stock in all registered retail outlets throughout the country.We'll also be making the phone available by mail order and online order with the guarantee 6 day's delievery.

   Pricing comes along with the product going on the market.At present, the new model will retail at approximatly 3000 yuan. It should be quite a reasonable price considering the quality and the advanced features.

   Right.I'll stop here.

   I hope you have a clearer picture of the new model,Sweet Voice 2003.I am sure that you now share my enthusiasm for the product and hopefully you will be 100%behind this model. Thank you for your time and attention.

People use a lot of expressions to guide the audience through the presentation. Listen to some of these expressions ,write them down and identify the functions listed below.

A. if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them at the end.

B. let me just go over that again.

C. I'll have a close them.

D. today I am to talk about aftersale service.

E. let 's turn to the question of advertising.

F. I'll divide my talk into 3 parts.

G.so, we've covered 3main points.

H.I'd like you to look at this chart.

I.I think we all agree that the new product has to be launched next month.

J.Let's start with the market research result.

K.Is all that clear?

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