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NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版What about a Wednesday? 星期三怎么样?

所属教程:NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版



Unit 1第一单元。
What about a Wednesday?星期三怎么样?
1.What about a Wednesday?1.找个星期三怎么样?
2.What about another song,children?2.再来一首怎么样?
3.What about sitting by the window?3.坐在窗子边怎么样?
4.How about your exam last week?4.上周考得怎么样?
5.What about a cup of tea?5.来杯茶怎么样?
6.What about you?6.是不是也这样?
7.How about you?7.你要不要?
8.How about having dinner together after work tonight?8.今晚工作完以后你想请朋友出去吃顿饭,就问他:
Unit 2第二单元
What do you think of my new-car?你觉得我的新车如何?
1.What do you think of my new car?1.你觉得我的新车如何?
2.What do you think of my speech?2.你觉得我的演讲怎么样?
3.What do you think of my new dress?3.你明知故问地征求大家的意见。
4.That's what I have to think about.4.这正是我需要考虑的问题?
5.You must be thinking about your childhood.5.你一定是想起童年了。
6.He thinks too much about himself.6.他总是为自己考虑的太多了。
7.I'm thinking about emigrating to Canada.7.我正考虑移民到加拿大去。
8.You must not think about it any more.8.你不要再多想了?
Unit 3第三单元
Neither Can I.我也不会。
1.Neither can I.1.我也不会。
2.Neither will I.2.我也不去了。
3.Neither of us can help laughing.3.当时我俩都忍不住笑了。
4.I had neither money nor house.4.我既没有钱也没有房子。
5.Matter can be neither created nor destroyed.5.物质不会自生,也不会自灭。
6.I'll neither listen to nor speak of it.6.我既不会去听,也不会去讲。
7.The result was satisfactory to neither side.7.但是你认为双方都不满意。
8.Neither of them will be able to come.8.他们俩都不能来。
9.He neither takes nor gives.9.他从来不索取也不给予。
Unit 4第四单元
I haven't enough confidence.我信心不足。
1.I haven't enough confidence.1.我信心不足。
2.It'll be enough for five people.2.这些东西五个人也够吃了。
3.The situation is serious enough.3.情况够严重的。
4.I've talked quite enough for today.4.今天已经讲得够多了。
5.Curiously enough, I've never seen her before.5.真奇怪,我从来没有见过。
6.That's fair enough.6.这句话颇有道理。
7.Enthusiasm alone is not enough.7.仅有热情是不够的。
8.I was enough of a fool not to think of that.8.我怎么傻到连这一点儿也没有想起来。
Unit 5第五单元
Would you mind waiting a few minutes?请等一会儿好吗?
1.Would you mind waiting a few minutes?1.请等一会好吗。
2.Would you mind speaking a little more slowly?2.你讲慢一点,好吗?
3.Would you mind not smoking here?3.请不要在这吸烟,好吗?
4.Would you mind doing me a favour?4.可否劳驾你帮个忙?
5.No, I don't mind. I'd love to help you.5.不介意,你愿意帮。
6.Would you mind my sitting here?6.你介意不介意?
7.Yes, I do mind. But you can sit over there.7.我的确介意,但是你可以坐在那边。
8.I don't mind. It's of no importance.8.我不介意,那无关紧要。
9.Never mind.9.没关系。
Unit 6第六单元
I'm only here on a visit.我仅是在这里探访的。
1.I'm only here on a visit.1.我也只是在这里探访的。
2.We'll go to the countryside on a visit.2.我们要到乡下去看一看。
3.You're here on a short visit?3.你来这里只是稍作逗留吧。
4.I'll pay a visit to London this winter.4.我要去伦敦。
5.I paid a visit to America last year.5.我去年刚刚去过。
6.How about a regular visit each week?6.每周固定来一次好吗?
7.I'm going on a six-week visit.7.我走六周。
8.This afternoon, I'm going to visit a friend in the hospital.8.我下午要到医院看望一位朋友。
Unit 7第七单元
What's the matter, Ruth?鲁思,怎么了?
1.What's the matter, Ruth?1.怎么了?
2.What's the matter with you foot?2.你的脚怎么了?
3.What's the matter with my report?3.我的报告有什么问题?
4.Of course it does matter.4.当然很有关系。
5.It doesn't matter how you're dressed.5.穿什么都没关系。
6.It doesn't matter.6.没关系。
7.Does it matter if I go first?7.有没有关系?
8.It doesn't matter whether you get there early or not.8.早去晚去都没有关系。
Unit 8第八单元
It's interesting, isn't it?很有意思,对吗?
1.It's interesting, isn't it?1.很有意思,对吗?
2.Try to make it more interesting.2.尽量编得有意思一点。
3.I'm interested in it.3.我对此感兴趣。
4.I'll try to interest you in it.4.我也想让你们对其感兴趣。
5.I'll read it with great interest.5.我会带着浓厚的兴趣去读的。
6.Is there anything of interest in the newspaper?6.有什么有趣的事?
7.He always considers the interest of all people.7.他总是能为大家的利益着想。
Unit 9第九单元
There's nothing like swimming for exercise.什么运动都不如游泳。
1.There's nothing like swimming for exercise.1.什么运动都不如游泳。
2.There's nothing like a hot bath for me now.2.现在什么都不如洗个热水澡。
3.There's nothing like a vacation with salary.3.什么都不如放假又发薪水的好。
4.When you're interested, you work like anything.4.你一旦有了兴趣,就什么都不顾了。
5.We love you like anything.5.我们爱你爱得什么似的。
6.It's nothing of the kind.6.哪有的事。
7.There's nothing else but to wait.7.没办法只有等了。
8.There's nothing else to buy a new one.8.没办法只好再买一辆新的了。
Unit 10第十单元
I'll copy it at my leisure.我在闲暇是把它抄下来。
1.I'll copy it at my leisure.1、我在闲暇时把它抄下来。
2.Take it home and read it at your leisure.2、带回家在你有空时读。
3.I'll consider it at my leisure.3、我得慢慢考虑。
4.I'll read it at my leisure.4、我要从容一点读。
5.I spend my leisure time reading and listening to music.5.我有余暇来读书和听音乐。
6.I have little leisure time.6、我很少有闲暇时间。
7.The workers are working leisurely and silently.7、工人们不慌不忙, 一声不响地工作。
8.He always does everything in a leisurely way.8、他干什么事总是不慌不忙。
Unit 11第11单元。
What have you been doing lately?你近来忙什么?
1.What have you been doing lately?1、你近来忙什么?
2.Lately I've taken to making clothes by myself.2、近来我开始为自己缝制衣服。
3.This is my latest design.3、这是我的最新设计。
4.This is the latest news.4、这是最新消息。
5.An instant later, the explosion occurred there.5、不一会儿在那就发生了爆炸。
6.I'll be back at the latest by ten.6、我最迟十点钟回来。
7.You'll have to finish it on Friday at the latest.7、你最迟星期五完成。
8.Sooner or later you'll have to face it.8、迟早你也得面对。
Unit 12第12单元
I know of the city.我听说过那个城市。
1.I know of the city.1、我听说过那个城市。
2.I don't know him, but I know of him.2、我不认识,但是我听说过。
3.He is known by everyone as a good dentist.3、他是人所周知的好牙医。
4.Mary is known for her intelligence.4、她是因聪颖而出名的。
5.It's known as tension from a psychiatrist's point of view.5、心理医生称这为紧张。
6.I know of a beauty salon.6、我知道一家美容院。
7.She must be well known as an excellent dancer.7、她一定是以一个优秀的舞蹈家而著称于世的。
Unit 13第13单元
I just want to talk to you.我只想和你聊一聊。
1.I just want to talk to you.1、我只想跟你聊一聊。
2.There's just one thing I can do for you.2、只有一件事,我可以为你做。
3.We were just looking for you.3、我们正好在找你。
4.That's just what I want.4、我恰好想要这个。
5.I'm just out of the hospital-I'm going home.5、我刚刚出院,要回家去了。
6.What you just told me is very amusing.6、你刚刚讲的真有意思。
7.Just over there.7、就在那边。
8.Just round the corner.8、就在拐弯那边。
9.The book is just about finished.9、书马上就要完成了。
Unit 14第14单元
It's out of place.这显的不得体。
1.It's out of place.1、这显得不得体。
2.It's out of place to laugh at the elderly.2、嘲笑老人是不应该的。
3.It was out of place to shout before he left.3、这样未等他离开就吵,是不恰当的。
4.It is out of place to have such manners on this occasion.4、这种场合下这种举动是不合适的。
5.I felt out of place among the foreigners at first.5、我起初夹在一群老外中间很是别扭。
6.I felt out of place.6、我觉得很别扭。
7.It's out of place to dance wearing such informal clothes.7、穿得这么不讲究,跳舞不合适。
8.I'm leaving.I feel out of place being here.8、我要走,我在这里觉得不自在。
Unit 15第15单元。
They have no children of their own.他们没有自己的孩子。
1.They have no children of their own.1、他们没有自己的孩子。
2.I want to have a car of my own.2、我想要一辆自己的车。
3.An experience of my own confirmed this.3、我自己的经验也证明了这一点。
4.The five children have lives of their own.4、五个孩子都有了各自的生活天地。
5.I'll do it on my own.5、我要靠自己去做。
6.I'll live on my own after my graduation.6、我毕业以后就要自己住。
7.Do you mean I have to get all these done on my own?7、难道你要把这一切都留给我一个人吗?
8.This year I'll go on vacation on my own.8、我今年要独自去度假。

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