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NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版There're at least two hours.还有至少两个钟头。

所属教程:NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版



Unit 31第31单元
There're at least two hours.还有至少两个钟头。
1.There're at two hours.1、还有至少两个钟头。
2.There were at least a hundred people present.2、那天至少有一百人来。
3.The repairs will cost at least five thousand dollars.3、修理至少要五千元。
4.At least three hours slipped away.4、至少三个钟头过去了。
5.You may try it at least.5、至少要试一下。
6.You should at least have warned him.6、至少你也该警告他。
7.You might at least have told me.7、这事你至少应该早告诉我。
8.You should pay half of it at least.8、你至少要付一半。
Unit 32第32单元
Would you go through the contract.我想请你过目一下这个合同。
1.Would you go through the contract, Sir?1、我想请你过目一下这份合同?
2.I can't go through these letters in an hour.2、一小时之内我读不完这些信。
3.Go through the account.3、查看一下这些帐目。
4.Go through the paper for the last time.4、再最后检查一下考卷。
5.Let's go through the discussion we've just talked about.5、让你们讨论一下刚才谈过的话题。
6.I'd like you to go through the book.6、想请你审阅一下这本书。
7.Let's go through the plan all together.7、大家一起来讨论一下。
8.I'm sorry, I haven't gone through it.8、我很抱歉还没有看过。
Unit 33第33单元
Bad habits aren't easily given up.坏的习惯很难更改。
1.Bad habits aren't easily given up.1、坏的习惯很难更改。
2.I gave up cigarettes.2、我戒烟了。
3.I give up, darling.3、我不修了。
4.I gave up playing football after I was hurt.4、我自己受伤以后就不再踢了。
5.I'll have to give up going for walks.5、散步的习惯不得不放弃了。
6.That's too difficult, I give it up.6、太难了,我不回答了。
7.I've given up the idea long ago.7、我很久以前就放弃了这种想法。
8.I gave up the journey.8、我放弃了这次旅行。
Unit 34第34单元
I can hardly get out of the house.连门都出不去了,雪太大了。
1.I can hardly get out of the house.1、连门都出不去了,雪太大。
2.I hardly expected to find you still here.2、简直没有想到你还在这。
3.The questions you raised are hardly to the point.3、你提到的问题几乎都没有切中要害。
4.He hardly spoke a word the whole time.4、他一直都没有说什么话。
5.This is hardly the time for buying expensive clothes.5、现在根本不是购买贵重衣服的时候。
6.You can hardly expect me to lend you something again.6、你别再指望我借东西给你了。
7.That's hardly the way to greet a friend.7、那可不是对熟人打招呼的方式。
8.I can hardly believe that.8、难以置信。
Unit 35第35单元
I can give you some advice.我可以给你一些建议。
1.I can give you some advice.1、我可以给你一些建议。
2.Can you give me more information?2、是否可以提供更多的信息?
3.Only poetry and painting give me pleasure.3、只有诗歌和绘画可以带给他乐趣。
4.I'm sorry for giving you so much trouble.4、抱歉,我给你带来许多麻烦。
5.The invitation gives me particular joy.5、这个请柬使我特别高兴。
6.Only hard work gives good results.6、只有艰苦努力才有好结果。
7.This is why I gave them the invitation.7、这就是为什么我给他们发出了邀请。
Unit 36第36单元
I'll come along as often as possible.我会尽可能经常回来。
1.I'll come along as often as possible.1、我会尽可能经常回来。
2.I'll write as soon as possible.2、我会尽快地写信。
3.I'll be here as early as possible.3、我会尽可能早点儿来。
4.I'll have to pack up as quickly as possible.4、我要尽快地打点行装。
5.I'll do it as much as possible.5、我有多大劲就会使多大劲。
6.I've tried as hard as possible.6、我已经尽全力去做了。
7.You haven't worked as hard as possible.7、你没有全力以赴地去工作。
8.Will you help me as soon as possible?8、你会不会尽快相助?
Unit 37第37单元
I'll explain the matter to you in my letter.我会在信中向你解释。
1.I'll explain the matter to you in my letter.1、我会在信中向你解释。
2.Would you explain the question again?2、请你把问题再解释一下?
3.Would you explain it in English?3、请你用英语来解释?
4.I've got to think of a way to explain.4、我得想个办法做出解释。
5.I hope you can explain yourself.5、希望你能对此做出解释。
6.When you know you're wrong, never explain.6、当你犯了错时,千万不要为自己辩解。
7.Would you explain how to use it?7、请你解释一下如何使用?
8.I'll explain that in detail.8、我还会做出详细解释的。
Unit 38第38单元
I go there every day except Sunday.除了星期天,其它的时间每天都去。
1.I go there every day except Sunday.1、除了星期天,其它的时间每天去。
2.I looked everywhere except under the bed.2、除了床底下,我都找遍了。
3.He would do anything except lending me money.3、他什么都可以帮我,就是不会借给我钱。
4.I did nothing except work.4、我除了干活,什么都没干。
5.I can do everything except cooking.5、除了做饭,干什么都可以。
6.Your composition is good except for some mispellings.6、除了几个拼写错误以外,你的作文写得不错。
7.He is perfect except that he smokes too much.7、他哪儿都好,就是吸烟太多。
Unit 39第39单元
We knew each other since we were children.我们儿时就认识。
1.We knew each other since we were children.1、我们儿时就认识。
2.You may have misunderstood each other.2、你们可能是相互误会了。
3.You probably influence each other.3、你们可能是相互影响。
4.Our rooms are next to each other.4、我们是邻居。
5.Please tell the story to each other.5、请把故事复述给对方。
6.We can help each other.6、我们可以互相帮助。
7.Let's talk about our study plan with each other.7、我们各自谈一下学习计划。
8.You can sit down opposite to each other and talk.8、你们可以彼此面对面坐下来谈。
Unit 40第40单元
You must be tired, I assume.我想你一定很累了。
1.You must be tired, I assume.1、我猜你一定是累了。
2.I assume that the has gone for a walk.2、我猜他是去散步了。
3.I assume that there is no animal life on Mars.3、我推断火星上没有生命。
4.I assume he will come as soon as possible.4、我猜他会尽可能早来的。
5.I assume they don't want to see each other.5、我猜他们不想见面。
6.This is what I have assumed.6、这仅仅是我的猜想。
7.I assume you will be able to go home tomorrow.7、我认为你明天就可以回家了。
8.There must be something important, I assume.8、我觉得一定是有什么重要的事了。
Unit 41第41单元
I've almost finished it.我快要把导言完成了。
1.I've almost finished the introduction.1、我快要把导言完成了。
2.I almost ran all the way.2、我几乎是一路跑过来的。
3.It's almost eleven o'clock.3、快要十一点了。
4.She calls you almost every day.4、她几乎每天都打电话给你。
5.I agree with almost every word of yours.5、几乎你的每一个字我都同意。
6.There is almost no snow this year.6、今年可几乎没下什么雪。
7.I almost didn't recognize you.7、我几乎认不出你了。
8.I almost didn't pass the English exam.8、我差一点儿没及格。
Unit 42第42单元
Have you ever been abroad?你是否出过国?
1.Have you ever been abroad?1、你是否出过国?
2.Have you ever been to the Summer Palace?2、你有没有去过颐和园?
3.Have you ever been to Mongolia?3、你是否去过蒙古?
4.I've never been there.4、我从未去过。
5.I've never been out of Shanghai.5、我从未离开过上海。
6.I've been to many places in China.6、我去过中国的许多地方。
7.I've been there two or three times.7、我去过两三次了。
8.Tibet is the only place I've never been to.8、西藏是我唯一没有去过的地方。
Unit 43第43单元
It looks like rain.天像是要下雨了。
1.It look like rain.1、天像是要下雨了。
2.The rain looks like it's lasting.2、看来这雨要持续下去了。
3.It looks like we'll have a white Christmas.3、看来要过一个银色圣诞了。
4.It doesn't look like it to me.4、我看似乎不是这样。
5.It looks like he is the right person.5、看来他是合适的人选。
6.It looks like the economy is turning around.6、看来经济有转机了。
7.It looks like the price of gold will go up.7、看来金价要上涨了。
8.It looks like the market here is limited.8、看来这里的市场有限。
Unit 44第44单元
You're asking for too much.可能你要求太多了。
1.Perhaps you're asking for too much.1、可能你要求太多了。
2.We have too much in common.2、我们有很多共同之处。
3.Do you have much interest in it?3、在这方面有没有很大兴趣?
4.There's nothing much I can do.4、我没有什么事情可做。
5.So much for today, good bye.5、今天就讲这么多吧,再见。
6.Since you started working you didn't come as much as you used to.6、自从你工作以后,就不象以前那样经常来了。
7.I don't have much time to go.7、我没有那么多时间去。
8.So much the better, it'll be cooler.8、那反倒好些,天气会凉爽些。
Unit 45第45单元
What do you feel like?你想来点什么?
1.What do you feel like?1、你想来点什么?
2.Does anybody feel like drinking something?2、有没有人想喝点什么?
3.I don't feel like eating anything.3、我现在什么都不想吃。
4.Do you feel like a walk?4、你想不想去散散步?
5.I feel like lying on a bed and worrying about nothing now.5、我这会儿只想躺在床上,什么都不去想。
6.I like another cup of milk.6、我想再要一杯牛奶。
7.I don't feel like beer tonight.7、今晚我不想喝啤酒了。
8.Do you feel like a swim?8、你想不想去游泳?

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