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NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版I have just received a letter.我刚收到了一封信。

所属教程:NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版



Unit 46第46单元
I have just received a letter.我刚收到了一封信。
1.I've just received a letter.1、我刚收到了一封信。
2.The hotel receives guests from all over the world.2、这家宾馆接待世界各地的客人。
3.I hope to receive an instant reply.3、我希望立即得到答复。
4.I'm to receive intensive training in school.4、我要留校接受速成集训。
5.The matter will receive proper attention.5、这件事会受到应有的关注的。
6.I haven't received what I desired.6、我还没有得到我想要得到的。
7.They received me with a complete lack of enthusiasm.7、他们接待我时全无热情。
8.We promise that you'll receive the best treatment.8、我们保证让你受到最好的治疗。
Unit 47第47单元
You can trust me anyway.你尽可以相信我。
1.You can trust me anyway.1、让你尽可以相信我。
2.We trust each other.2、我们可以彼此信赖。
3.I don't trust my old clock.3、我不相信那只旧钟。
4.Don't trust your memory-put it down.4、别过于相信自己的记忆了,还是写下来吧。
5.Trust my judgement.5、请相信我的判断。
6.Do you trust your daughter to go abroad alone?6、让女儿一个人出国,你是否放心?
7.I don't trust my son going outside the house.7、让孩子出去玩,不放心。
8.How can you trust a stranger to be in your room?8、留下陌生人在家怎能放心?
Unit 48第48单元
Whose turn is it next?下一个轮到谁了?
1.Whose turn is it next?1、下一个轮到谁了?
2.I feel it's my turn to speak.2、我感到应该轮到我。
3.Please wait till it's your turn.3、应该等轮到你的时候再买。
4.It'll soon be my turn.4、很快就会轮到我了。
5.My turn will come.5、就要轮到我了。
6.Everybody will have a turn to try it.6、每个人都能轮到试一下。
7.I'll hear you all but in turn.7、所有的人我都会听,但得一个一个来。
8.You help people, and in turn people will help you.8、你帮了别人,别人也会同样帮助你。
Unit 49第49单元
I haven't decided what to do.我还没有决定干什么。
1.I haven't decide what to do.1、我还没有决定干什么。
2.We can't decide anything now.2、现在什么都决定不了。
3.It hasn't been decided.3、还没有确定下来。
4.Have you decided yet?4、你决定了没有?
5.It's difficult for me to decide between the two.5、我很难在两者之间做一取舍。
6.Then I'll decide myself.6、那么让我自己决定吧。
7.I've decided to take actions at once.7、我决定立即采取行动。
8.I've decide that I'll go with you.8、我决定了要与你一起去。
Unit 50第50单元
How I envy you!我多么羡慕你!
1.How I envy you!1、我多么羡慕你!
2.I envy your good fortune.2、我多么羡慕你的好运气。
3.He said such things out of envy.3、他这样是出于嫉妒。
4.My success feeds his envy.4、我的成功引起了他的嫉妒。
5.She is the envy of her classmates in her school.5、在学校里她是同学们嫉妒的人。
6.Won't it be the envy of every boy?6、这岂不让男孩子们垂涎三尺?
7.It will be envied by the whole neighborhood.7、这会让邻居们嫉妒的。
8.He is filled with envy due to my success.8、他对我的成功充满了嫉妒。
Unit 51第51单元
Let's eat out for a change.咱们出去吃吧,换换口味。
1.Let's eat out for a change.1、咱们出去吃吧,换换口味。
2.Let's go to the countryside for a change.2、换换样,去乡下吧。
3.Let's go to a movie for a change.3、家人今晚变个花样去看场电影吧。
4.For a change, I'd like to have a Coke.4、今天换个花样,来一桶可乐吧。
5.You really need a change.5、你真该有个改变了。
6.I wish I'd see the sun for a change.6、我希望见到太阳,换个感觉。
7.Many great changes have taken place since I left.7、自从上次离开以后这里发生了许多重大的变化。
8.There's only one change to be made.8、只有一个地方得变动一下。
Unit 52第52单元
I'm rather disappointed.我非常失望。
1.I'm rather disappointed.1、我非常失望。
2.I'm disappointed she was not at home.2、她不在家,我很失望。
3.I was disappointed that you didn't come.3、你没去我很失望。
4.This is very disappointing!4、这真令人失望!
5.The weather is disappointing!5、这天气真令人失望!
6.The holidays are so disappointing!6、这个假期真是太令人失望了!
7.I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I can't come after all.7、让你失望真过意不去,可是我确实不能去了。
8.Dad will never disappoint me.8、爸爸绝不会让我失望的。
Unit 53第53单元
We've met.我们已经认识过了。
1.We've met.1、我们已经认识过了。
2.I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Susan.2、我希望你能够认识一下我的朋友Susan。
3.Haven't I met you somewhere before?3、我是不是以前在什么地方见过你?
4.Come to the party. You'll meet some interesting people.4、来晚会上吧,你可以认识一些有趣的人。
5.My income is hardly enough to meet even my basic needs.5、我的收入还满足不了基本要求呢。
6.This new car meets my requirement.6、新车满足了我的要求。
7.Does the hotel meet your expectation?7、这家饭店是否符合你们的要求?
8.I've never met someone so charming.8、从来没有见过这么迷人的女孩。
Unit 54第54单元
Do you understand this sentence?你们是否明白这个句子?
1.Do you understand this sentence?1、你们是否明白这个句子?
2.I understand how you feel.2、我理解你的感受。
3.You don't understand my position.3、你根本不理解我的处境。
4.A good teacher should understand children.4、一个像样的老师应该了解儿童。
5.I don't understand why she did that.5、我真不能理解她干嘛要那样做。
6.You're getting to understand me better.6、你越来越能理解我了。
7.I don't understand these things.7、这些事我可不懂。
8.I don't understand people better than you.8、关于人的事,我不比你懂。
Unit 55第55单元
I have never been abroad.我从来未出过国。
1.I've never been abroad.1、我从来未出过国。
2.I'll never stay at that hotel again.2、我绝对不再住这家宾馆了。
3.Lost time is never found again.3、时光一去,永不再来。
4.I've never read his works, and I will never read them.4、我从来没有读过他的作品,以后也不会读。
5.You seem never to think of yourself.5、你似乎从来不为自己着想。
6.That will never do.6、那绝对不行。
7.I've never believe in doctors.7、我从不相信医生。
8.Never mind, I'll buy it myself tomorrow.8、没关系,我明天自己买。
Unit 56第56单元
I hope you'll keep it in mind.希望你们能记住。
1.I hope you'll keep it in mind.1、希望你们能记住。
2.But I can keep in mind what you said.2、但是我会把你们的话放在心上。
3.Keep it in mind!3、记住!
4.I'll keep that in mind.4、我会把它们记在心间。
5.Have you got something on your mind?5、你是否有什么心事?
6.I know there's something on his mind.6、我知道他一定是有什么心事。
7.If you have anything on your mind, just tell me.7、如果有什么心事,就告诉我。
Unit 57第57单元
Just one more year to go.还有一年。
1.Just one more year to go.1、还有一年。
2.Only one more mile to go.2、只剩最后一英里了。
3.We have about three more hours to go.3、大约还要过最后三个钟头。
4.How much more do you have to read?4、还有多少才能看完?
5.I've only seven more pages to go.5、我还剩七页了。
6.I'll have one more week to go.6、我又可以休息一星期了。
7.We won't have two or three more days to go.7、我们不能再休息两、三天了。
8.It won't last for one more day.8、再用不了一天了。
Unit 58第58单元
Do a good job of it!好好干!
1.Do a good job of it!1、好好干!
2.Do a good job of mowing the lawn.2、剪修草坪要好好干。
3.The designers have done a good job of it.3、设计师们干得不错。
4.God has done a good job of it.4、上帝干得不错。
5.I hope you'll do a good job in the company.5、希望你在公司好好干。
6.You've done a pretty good job of it.6、你干得真漂亮。
7.Waxing a car is quite a job.7、打蜡可不是件轻松的活。
8.That's quite a job!8、那可不是件容易的事!
Unit 59第59单元
Do you have anything particular in mind?你心中有没有想好什么特别的款式?
1.Do you have anything particular in mind?1、你心中有没有想好什么特别的款式?
2.Do you have any particular restaurant in mind?2、你有没有特别想到什么餐馆?
3.Do you have any particular movie in mind?3、你有没有什么特别想要看到的电影?
4.Do you have anything in particular in mind?4、你是否心里想着要买什么特别的东西?
5.What do you have in mind?5、你心中想的是什么?
6.Do you have anyone in mind?6、你心里有没有想到什么人?
7.I don't know what kind of person he has in mind.7、我不知道他心里想的到底是哪种人。
8.I had no one in particular in mind when I sais so.8.当我提到这个词时并没有特指某个人。
Unit 60第60单元
How long will you be staying?你要呆多久?
1.How long will you be staying?1.你要呆多久?
2.How long will you be staying with us?2.你要跟我们一起住多久?
3.How long will you be staying in China?3.你要在中国逗留多久?
4.How long will you be staying in Canada?4.你要在加拿大停留多长时间?
5.How much longer will you be working on my car?5.修车还要多长时间?
6.How much longer will you be practising on the piano?6.你还要练多久?
7.How much longer will you be studying this evening?7.你还要学习多久?
8.How much longer will you be driving?8.你要开多久?

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