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NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版As a matter of fact,I finished it yesterda

所属教程:NO-BOOK 傻瓜机英语口语中级版



1.As a matter of fact,I finished it yesterday.事实上,昨天就完成了。
2.As a matter of fact,I just came to chat with you.事实上,我只想同你聊聊。
3.As a matter of fact,it weights a bit more than it should.实际上,份量比应该给的还多了点。
4.As a matter of fact,I do have another question to ask.实际上,你的确还有个问题要问。
5.As a matter of fact,Roger is correct.实际上Roger是正确的。
6.As a matter of fact,we were talking about you just now.其实,我们刚刚还在讨论你。
7.As a matter of fact,it's a present for my classmate's birthday.其实,这是送给同学的生日礼物。
8.As a matter of fact,I'm found of house work.其实,我喜欢干家务。
1.The economic condition is getting better.经济状况正在好转。
2.The general condition is going to be improved.明年总体情况会好转。
3.What's the condition like in your hometown now?你家乡的情况现在怎么样?
4.They need to improve their working condition.他们有必要改善工作环境。
5.Respect and trust are basic conditions of a happy marriage.尊重与信赖是幸福婚姻的基本条件。
6.Similar conditions are found in other nearby cities.在附近一些城市中也发现了相似的情况。
7.I'm at the peak of my condition.我现在达到了最佳的身体状况。
8.I'll lend you the money on condition that you must pay it back.可以给你,但条件是你必须还。
1.She deserved the compliment.她应当受到这样的赞扬。
2.He doesn't deserve such fortune.他不应当拥有这样的运气。
3.A man like that deserves a careful looking after.这样的人应当受到好好的照顾。
4.What have I done to deserve it?我干了什么,值得他们这样对待我?
5.He received a just punishment which he deserved.他得到了应有的惩罚。
6.He deserved to succeed.他成功是应该的。
7.The bad behaviour deserves a spanking.这样的坏行为真应该揍。
8.This is a problem deserving study.这是一个值得研究的问题。
1.I have no objection to that.我对此不反对。
2.I'm sure she will have no objection.我敢肯定她不反对。
3.I have a strong objection.我强烈反对。
4.I'll make no objection if you insist on it.如果你还是坚持的话,我就不反对了。
5.My only objection is that it's too expensive.唯一不赞成的是费用太大了。
6.My objection is that it's too late.不赞同的理由是天太晚了。
7.I'll have no objection to your doing it.你这样做我没有意见。
8.Is there any objection?有没有反对意见?
1.It will be included in your bill.这一项会包括在你的帐单里。
2.It includes two chapters on grammar.还包括有关语法的两个章节。
3.The tour will include a visit to Hong Kong.这次旅行包括去香港。
4.The list includes many new members'manes.名单中包括了许多新成员的名字。
5.Would you include my suggestion in tomorrow's discussion?可否将他的建议包括在明天的讨论中?
6.I can't include all my ideas in it.我不能把所有观点都包括进来。
7.It possessed many mineral deposits including gold.这地方有许多矿藏,包括金子。
8.My family including me is all very happy.我们全家包括我自己都很高兴。
1.For all his wealth,he is unhappy.尽管他有钱,但他并不快活。
2.For all his city ways,he is country boy at heart.尽管他一切都都市化了,可内心仍是个乡下男孩。
3.For all her good sense of balance,she can't dance well.尽管她的平衡能力不错,可仍跳不好舞。
4.He is a decent guy for all that.尽管如此,他还是个不错的人。
5.He might have left for Europe for all I know.据他所知,他可能是去了欧洲。
6.I would not move for all the world.不管怎样,我都不会搬。
7.For all our efforts.we didn't succeed.尽管努力了,但仍未成功。
8.For all that I have ,I still want more.尽管已经有钱了,但我还想要更多的钱。
1.Why don't you inquire by telephone?干嘛不打电话询问一下?
2.I came here to inquire about the product.我来是想问一问有关产品的问题。
3.A man has been inquiring for you in the lobby.那个人一直在大厅里等着求见你。
4.I have been inquiring for you.我一直都在找你。
5.I made an inquiry concerning him.我问了问他的情况。
6.Will you make an inquiry concerning what has happened?你去问问他们发生了什么事?
7.The whole matter has to be inquired into.全盘事情必须深入调查。
8.Our colleagues inquired after you.同事们曾询问过你的情况。
1.Let's have some light music.要听听轻音乐。
2.Then let's have a light topic for a change.要换换口味来一个轻松的话题。
3.Thus I'll go back with a light heart.我可以带着愉快的心情回去了。
4.A light dinner is recommended for digestion.这样对消化好。
5.The room wall should be a light yellow.我喜欢把墙涂成淡黄色。
6.Please turn on the light so that the room is brighter.这样可以明亮一点。
7.Her face lit up with the news.她听了这个消息,神色变得明朗起来。
8.I don't see the matter in the same light as you do.我对这个问题的看法完全不同。
1.I learned English when I was young.我从小就学英语。
2.I learned patience from my mother.我从母亲那里学会了耐心。
3.You'll learn to hide your feelings.你要学会隐藏自己的感情。
4.You'll soon learn it.你们很快便会得知了。
5.Don't forget to learn the text by heart.别忘了背课文。
6.I learned of your success in the newspaper.我还是从报纸上得知你的成功的。
7.The more learned a man is,the more modest he learns to be.越有学识的人就变得越谦虚。
8.I always have great enthusiasm in new learning.我总是对新的知识有很大的热情。
1.Are you keeping up with me?大家能否跟得上?
2.He must study hard to keep up with the class.他要努力才能跟上全班同学。
3.It's too difficult to keep up.课程太难了,跟不上。
4.The situation changes so rapidly that I can't keep up with it.形势变化得太快,我都跟不上了。
5.I'm trying to keep up.我正努力保持不落后。
6.They're my classmates who I have been keeping up with after graduation.这些都是你毕业之后一直有来往的同学。
7.Then you won't keep up with the latest development in China.那么中国的最新发展你就不会了解了。
8.Growing so fast,trying to keep up.发展迅速,努力迎头赶上。
1.Do you mean to make me mad?你难道想把我气得发火不成?
2.Do you mean to say you don't trust me?这难道是要表明你不相信我?
3.Do you mean that I did it?难道你们认为是我干的?
4.I didn't mean to offend you.我不是真要惹火你。
5.He certainly means what he said.他当然说话算数。
6.I mean it.我说话算数。
7.I understand what you mean.我明白这意味着什么。
8.I'm just kidding-I don't mean it.我在开玩笑,不是当真的。
1.I haven't reason to doubt his words.没有理由怀疑他的话。
2.Besides this,he hasn't any reason for feeling proud.除此之外,他没有别的理由感到荣耀。
3.This is the reason I asked you to come.这正是我请你来的原因。
4.He will not do this without a good reason.没有足够的理由,他是不会这要做的。
5.I'm retiring for reasons of health.由于身体的原因,我要退休了。
6.People differ from animals because they possess the ability to reason.人类与动物的区别在于人类有理性的本质。
7.It's wise to settle the dispute through reason.明智的方法是,通过说理去解决争端。
8.That's the only reason for feeling superior.那是我觉着优越的唯一原因了。
1.Why didn't you select a better subject?你当时为什么没选一个好一点儿的题目?
2.Why not try to train your character?干嘛不努力锻炼一下自己的性格?
3.Why bring that up again?干嘛又要提起那件事?
4.Why run the risk?干嘛要冒险呢?
5.Nobody knows why.没有人知道为什么。
6.That's why I came around.这就是你来的原因。
7.That's why he speaks English strangely.所以他英语讲得很好笑。
8.I can't tell why.我说不清楚原因。
9.Why he did it will remain a puzzle forever.他这样做的原因将始终是个迷。
Robbie is by nature sociable.Robbie天性爱与人交往。
1.Robbie is by nature sociable.Robbie天性爱与人交往。
2.His request was by nature a command.他的要求实属命令。
3.It's not in my nature to be jealous of other's fortune.嫉妒别人的运气不是我的天性。
4.I'm by nature a businessman.我天生就是做生意的料子。
5.The nature of metal differs from that of wood.金属的性质不同于木头。
6.It's human nature for parents to be fond of their children.父母爱孩子是人类的天性。
7.She has the most beautiful nature that I have ever come across.她拥有的美好个性是我从未遇到过的。
8.People can not go against nature.人类不能违背自然。
9.Nature is at its best in spring.自然把最美好赋予了春天。
1.I'm lost without glasses.没有了眼镜,不知如何是好。
2.I lost the last part of your speech.我没有听清楚你讲话的最后一部分。
3.The watch is losing one minute a day.目前每天都慢一分钟。
4.There's not a minute to be lost.一分钟也不能耽误。
5.The investors must have lost heavily.投资人这下损失一定不少。
6.My rudeness caused me to lose my job.是你的粗鲁使你丢了工作。
7.I felt so lost that I wanted to do nothing.我觉得很迷惘,什么都不想干。
8.I lost control of myself at that moment.那时候我失去了控制。

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