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例:How much is the shirt?

A.        19.15

B .9.15

C . 9.18


1.         Why will dorotl de on the weeknd?

A.        Go out  weeknd end

B.        Work on her paper.

C.        Make some plans.

2.         What was the normal price of the T-shirt?


B. $30

C. $50

3.What has the woman decided to do on Sunday aftermoon?

A.To attend a wedding+

B. To visit an exhibition.

C. To meet a friend.

4.Where dose the bank close on Satuerday ?

A.At 1:00 pm

B. At 3:00 pm

C. At 4:00 pm

5.Where are the speakers?

A.In a store

B. In a classroom

C. In a hotel.

第二节  (15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5)



6.What do we know about Nora?

  A.She pre fers a room  of her own.

  B. .She likes to work with other girls.

  C. She lives near the city center.

7What is good at about the flat?

   A. It is a large sitting room.

   B. It has a good futuree.

   C. It has a big ketchen.


8Where has Barbara been?




9What has Barbara got in her suitcase?





10Who is making the telephone call?

A.Thomas Brothes.

B.Mike Landon

C.Jack Coooper

11What relation is the woman to Mr.Cooper?

A.His wife.

B.His boss.

C.His secretary.

12What is the message about?

A. A meeting

B. A visit to France

C. The date for a trip.


13.Who could the man speaker most probably be?

A. A person who saw the accident.

B. The driver of the lorry.

C. A police office.

14.what was  mrs.franks ding doing  when  the  accident  took  place?

A. walking  along   churchill avence  .

B. getting  ready  to   cross  the   road   .

C. standing  outside  a   bank

15. when  did   the  accident   happen  ?

A. at  about   8:00 am

B. at    about   9:00am

C. at    about   10:00am

16.How  did  the  acidcent  happen  ?

A.a   longhit  a  car

B. a   car  ran   into   a lorry

C. a bank clerk  rushed   into   the   street .   


17. What is the talk mainly about?

A. The history of the  school .

B. The courses for the term.

C. The plan for the day.

18. Where can the visitors learn about the subjects for new students?

A. In the school hall.

B. In the science labs.

C. In the classrooms.

19. What can students do in the practical  areas?

A. Take  science courceses

B. Enjoy  excenllnt   mears

C. Attend workshops.

20. When are the visitors excepted to ask questions?

A  During the lunch  hour .

B.  After the  welcome   speech .

C.  Before the tour of the labs.


M: Do you have any plans for the weekend, Dorothy. Would you like to join me for an outing?

W: Thanks, but I am going to work on my paper all weekend.


W: So what did you buy?

M: A T-shit, it was a real bargain. I got it half price, saving 15 dollars.


M: I am going to the museum Sunday afternoon. There is a new exhibition of Indian art. Want to come with me?

W: I’d love to, but my best friend is getting married on Sunday, and I won’t miss it for anything.


W: National Bank, can I help you?

M: Yes, please. What are your business hours? Toay.ks5u.com

W: We open at 9:00 and close at 4:00 during the week, on Saturday we close one hour earlier at 3:00, and we are closed on Sunday.


W: May I help you, sir.

M: Yes, I seem to have lost my room key.

W: In that case, you need to go to the front desk to get another one.


M: Hello, Nora, I heard about a flat that might interest you girls. It’s near the central bus station on the main road, and about 75 pounds a week, quite reasonable. The problem is, it’s only got two bedrooms, but I expect two of you could share. www.ks5u.com

W: Well, as long as it’s to me, I’ve got to have my own room, because I’ve been working at home most of the time, any other information?

M: Yes, it’s got a very big and well equipped kitchen, and I know you like cooking. So that’s another point in its favor, but there is a small sitting room, and not much furniture yet. So let me know quickly if you want it or it will be taken.


M: Hello, Barbara, welcome back. You look great.

W: Rod, it’s lovely to see you again.

M: How was your trip?

W: Fine but tiring. Milan was interesting, it’s bigger than I expected, noisier and dirtier, too.

M: And Florence, what did you think of Florence?

W: Well, I didn’t go there. Have you been there?

M: No, I’ve never been to Italy. I’d really like to go to Roma. Well, the cars are in the car park. Is this all your luggage?

W: Yes, but the suitcase is very heavy.

M: Barbara, what’s in it? Books or stones?

W: Just 20 pairs of shoes.


W: Hello, Thomas Brothers.

M: Hello, this is Mike Landon here. Is Jack Cooper there by any chance?

W: I am afraid not, he is away for a day or two, back on, let’s see, Monday morning.

M: Oh, well perhaps I can live a message for him.

W: Yes, of course, just a minute. Now, let’s see, to Jack Cooper from Mike London.

M: No, Landon, L-a-n-d-o-n.

W: Sorry, yes, got that, and what’s the message?

M: Well it’s just this: could he come to a meeting on Monday afternoon at 5:00 pm?

W: That’s this coming Monday, October 12th ?

M: Right, it’s to discuss the new factory in France.

W: Fine, I’ve got that. I will see that he gets it as soon as he comes in on Monday.

M: Good, thank you, goodbye.


M: Now, Mrs. Franks, I just like to read your statement back to you, and then you can write your name on it.

W: Fine.

M: I was standing in front of the Second National Bank building at about 8:50 am, I saw a small red car heading for the cross roads of Churchill Avenue, and York Road, it was coming towards me along Churchill Avenue at about 40 miles per hour. The traffic lights on York Road changed to green, and a delivery lorry began to move forward at about 5 miles per hour. The driver of the car probably didn’t see that his traffic light has changed from orange to red, and ran into the side of the lorry.

W: That’s correct.


Welcome to Montfort School, thank you for choosing our school and for joining the happy Montfort family, which has been educating boys since 1916. We are so happy that you have taken time off to be with us today. It is with great pleasure that we have prepared some events that we hope will please you. At 9:00 am, our headmaster will give a welcome speech; this will be in the school hall. Please be sited by 8:45 am. Following the speech, it’s the guide tour of the exhibition at 9:30, here you can see the proud history of our school and our achievements in the field of education. The exhibition is laid out in the classrooms on the 2nd floor.

Then the guide tour of science labs at 10:20 am, here you can see the subjects that new students will be studying. You will also notice that our labs have excellent equipment. At 11:00 am, you will be guided to the tool to practical areas. This covers our technical workshops, music, and other areas of our school life. At Montfort, we believe in all around development of our students.

Lunch will be at 12:00. It has been specially prepared for our guests. All our teachers and student leaders will be present to answer any questions that you have in your minds. We are so happy that you could be with us today.

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