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[00:01.19]Kids, your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life,
[00:01.19]孩子们 你们结婚的日子 一定会是一生中最幸福的日子
[00:05.23]the perfect ending to a perfect love story.
[00:08.20]My wedding-- at least my first wedding-- didn't go so well.
[00:08.20]我的婚礼--至少是我的第一个婚礼 --却不那么尽如人意了
[00:25.80]It's funny looking back on it now.
[00:25.80]回头想想 真是滑稽
[00:28.42]I was so sure Stella was the one.
[00:31.35]And when she left me, I was so devastated.
[00:31.35]当她离开我 我崩溃了
[00:34.59]But you guys got me through it.
[00:36.63]And now the painful part's over.
[00:38.85]I've come out the other side a little bit stronger.
[00:42.31]You know, I... I hardly even think about her anymore.
[00:42.31]你们知道 我... 我现在几乎都已经不再想她了
[00:45.90]That's what time does, I guess.
[00:45.90]我想 这就是时间的力量
[00:51.17]Ted, the wedding was yesterday.
[00:51.17]Ted 昨天才举办的婚礼啊
[00:53.99]It's been 24 hours.
[00:55.71]I know. And this is me, moving on.
[00:55.71]我知道 只是我已经重新开始新的生活了
[00:59.16]A great new chapte of my life began today, and we're gonna celebrate.
[00:59.16]我生命中的新篇章今天开始书写 我们要庆祝一下
[01:02.81]Right now, we need two things. We need Kool, and we need the Gang.
[01:02.81]现在 我们需要库尔邦乐队 (美国70年代最有影响力的Funk乐队)
[01:07.59]It's jukebox time, huh?
[01:07.59]点唱时间到了 哈?
[01:13.69]I look at that young man popping and locking his way over to the jukebox,
[01:13.69]我看着那个年轻人扭着 一路跳向点唱机
[01:18.64]and I think to myself, you know...
[01:18.64]我这么想着 你们知道...
[01:21.59]maybe Stella made the right call.
[01:24.09]Ow, pain.
[01:24.09]嗷 疼啊
[01:25.47]How is he dancing right now?
[01:26.97]He should... he should be smashing up Stella's car with a sledgehammer.
[01:26.97]他应该... 他应该用个大锤把Stella的车给砸了啊 (损友损招 囧)
[01:32.57]Ted isn't pretending to be happy.
[01:34.80]Ted really is happy.
[01:36.27]He never wanted to get married in the first place.
[01:38.30]Ted just pulled off the greatest train dodge since Stand by Me.
[01:38.30]有我的支持 Ted摆脱了最沉重的负担
[01:42.96]Well, not the first kid, but the other kids.
[01:42.96]那个拖油瓶还好说 后面要生一堆孩子够他受的
[01:46.61]No, he is in bad shape.
[01:46.61]不 他情况很糟糕
[01:50.09]What's up?
[01:52.46]Really bad shape.
[01:54.65]And we need to be there for him.
[01:57.10]But as much as my friends wanted to be there for me,
[01:59.80]I was, by all appearances, fine.
[01:59.80]但我 从任何方面来看 都好得不得了
[02:02.63]Hey, buddy. Want to hang out?
[02:02.63]嘿 伙计 出去玩不?
[02:04.90]Guys, I'm fine.
[02:04.90]老友们 我没事
[02:09.03]Hey, pal, you want to have a catch?
[02:09.03]嘿 伙计 来接手几招吗?
[02:11.06]I'm fine.
[02:15.93]Hey, kiddo.
[02:15.93]嘿 小子
[02:18.06]Barney, I'm fine.
[02:18.06]Barney 我没事
[02:19.69]This is not necessary, and it's actually kind of weird.
[02:19.69]没必要这样 而且这太别扭啦
[02:23.48]No offense, ladies.
[02:23.48]没有冒犯的意思 女士们
[02:25.13]I did not realize you'd be home.
[02:28.28]Ladies, to the stairwell.
[02:28.28]女士们 我们转战天井
[02:41.96]How I Met Your Mother Season04 Episode06[02:41.96]老爸老妈浪漫史 第四季 第6集
[02:43.96]Finally, after two weeks, the inevitable emotions boiled over.
[02:43.96]最后 两周后 这种无可避免的情绪发作了
[02:47.44]Hey, you guys want to get some dinner?
[02:47.44]嘿 你们想去吃晚饭吗?
[02:49.08]Oh, shut up.
[02:49.08]哦 闭嘴
[02:51.10]I'm sorry, sweetie.
[02:51.10]对不起 亲爱的
[02:52.53]It's just, Ted, you've been through something traumatic,
[02:52.53]只是 Ted 你正承受着精神痛苦
[02:55.89]and we're trying to be there for you as friends,
[02:55.89]作为朋友 我们想要安慰你
[02:58.13]but you're not letting us, and it's pissing us off, you selfish bitch.
[02:58.13]但你拒绝我们 让我们滚开 你个自私鬼
[03:03.84]Look, we're just worried that you're not dealing with this whole Stella thing.
[03:03.84]听着 我们只是担心 你不能承受Stella这事的打击
[03:06.75]Do you remember when Lily left me?
[03:08.78]You remember how I held in my feelings?
[03:11.41]I... miss... her so much.
[03:17.59]Yeah, dude, you were a rock.
[03:17.59]耶 天啊 你可真是坚强啊
[03:19.85]Well, I should have been even worse, okay?
[03:19.85]嗯 我本该更落魄的 好吧?
[03:21.67]I should have gotten mad.
[03:22.82]I should have taken your advice and set all of Lily's stuff on fire.
[03:25.66]Oh, nice-- thanks, Ted.
[03:25.66]哦 好极了 多谢了 Ted
[03:27.76]But I didn't, and I think that that's why it took me so long to get better.
[03:27.76]但我没有 我想这就是为什么我那么久才能恢复过来
[03:30.68]So, now, Ted...
[03:30.68]那么 现在 Ted...
[03:32.76]I want you to explode.
[03:34.61]Release the berserker. Okay, ready?
[03:34.61]释放你的愤怒的狂暴武士吧 好吗 准备好了吗?
[03:41.43]- I'm good. - No.
[03:41.43]- 我很好 - 不
[03:43.38]Guys, get off his back. He's happy.
[03:43.38]伙计们 饶了他吧 他现在很开心
[03:45.89]Listen, if Ted were married right now, he'd be married,
[03:45.89]听着 如果Ted已经结婚了 那么他就是结婚了的
[03:49.54]he'd be living in New Jersey, and he'd be married.
[03:49.54]他就要住在新泽西州 他就是婚姻的囚徒
[03:54.48]He's fine. Now, let's eat. How about Flat Michael's?
[03:54.48]他很好 那么 咱们开吃吧 去Flat Michael's吃怎么样?
[03:57.39]No, that's 44th and Lex. Can't do it.
[03:57.39]不 那在44大街和Lex大街交叉处 不能去那
[03:59.25]Why not?
[03:59.99]It's too close to Stella's gym. Might run into her.
[03:59.99]那儿太靠近Stella的健身馆了 可能会碰见她
[04:01.95]Anywhere else, though.
[04:03.43]Okay, um, how about Hurley's?
[04:03.43]好吧 嗯 那么Hurley's餐馆呢?
[04:06.09]Right between Stella's office and her dry cleaners. No, sir.
[04:06.09]就位于Stella的办公室和她去的干洗店之间 不行
[04:09.56]Well, what about Meatloaf Charlie's?
[04:09.56]好吧 那Meatloaf Charlie's餐馆呢?
[04:11.82]Two blocks from Stella's mother's hairdressers.
[04:14.13]Well, geez, Ted, is there anywhere in Manhattan we can go to dinner?
[04:14.13]好吧 Ted 在曼哈顿还有我们能去吃饭的地儿吗?
[04:18.30]Of course. Check this out.
[04:18.30]当然 我们来看看
[04:22.98]What you got there, Ted?
[04:22.98]你这哪来的 Ted?
[04:24.31]A little reference map I made for myself.
[04:26.36]A New York guide to places you might run into Stella Zinman.
[04:26.36]这是一张能指导大家不遇见 Stella Zinman的纽约城市指南
[04:29.63]Red areas are places to avoid.
[04:31.36]White areas are safe.
[04:32.87]Blue is water.
[04:34.34]- That is just ridiculous. - Well, water is blue.
[04:34.34]- 太荒唐了 - 但是 水域倒还真是蓝色的
[04:37.53]You can't live that way.
[04:39.21]She leaves you at the altar, and you're the one avoiding her?
[04:39.21]是她在婚礼上撇下你走了 而你却要回避她?
[04:41.90]Yes, I'm avoiding her. What's the big deal?
[04:41.90]是的 我是在回避她 有什么关系吗?
[04:44.51]That's how we do it.
[04:45.46]Who's we, gutless weenies?
[04:45.46]"我们"是谁 胆小鬼吗?
[04:46.95]Uh, no, "we" is people from the great state of Ohio.
[04:46.95]才不是 "我们"是指 从伟大的俄亥俄州来的人
[04:51.47]When life gives us pain, we Buckeyes ta that pain and we push it down.
[04:51.47]当生活的痛苦来临 我们七叶树州人 (俄亥俄州人的别称)面对它 打压它
[04:56.27]And if the pain starts to come up again, we push more pain down on top of it.
[04:56.27]当痛苦再次来临 我们更多的打压它
[05:00.32]Why confront something when you can avoid it, right?
[05:00.32]能避则避 干嘛要去犯事 对吧?
[05:02.76]All I have to do is never see Stella again, and I'll live a long, happy life.
[05:02.76]我所能做的就是永不再见Stella 这样我就能快乐幸福的生活了
[05:07.55]Now, who wants to get something to eat?
[05:07.55]现在 谁想吃点什么东西吗?
[05:08.91]Oh, somebody just told me about a tapas place that's in the white zone.
[05:08.91]哦 有人跟我推荐过一个好去处 就在白色区域里
[05:12.53]Great. Let's go there.
[05:12.53]不错 咱们就去那吧
[05:15.87]You ready to order?
[05:17.02]Uh, not quite yet.
[05:17.02]嗯 还没呢
[05:18.03]Oh, can we get some of those almonds for the table?
[05:18.03]哦 我们能来点跟那桌一样的杏仁吗?
[05:21.90]Nice call, Lily. This place looks great.
[05:21.90]干得不错 Lily 这地方看起来不错
[05:24.51]Who told you about it?
[05:25.80]You know, I don't remember.
[05:31.69]I just remembered.
[05:42.72]Oh, my God, oh, my God.
[05:42.72]哦 天啊 哦 天啊
[05:44.52]Okay, okay, just be cool.
[05:44.52]好吧 好吧 冷静点
[05:46.36]We're just gonna have to deal with this.
[05:48.23]Everyone... follow my lead.
[05:48.23]大伙... 跟着我做
[05:53.96]- Oh, you're kidding. - Is he serious?
[05:53.96]- 哦 你不是开玩笑吧 - 他当真吗?
[05:55.68]I am not getting under this table.
[05:58.31]I'd maybe get under that table.
[06:01.24]She's turning around.
[06:08.35]Think,hink, think.
[06:08.35]想想 想想
[06:10.35]Everyone, just stay here. I'm gonna go take a look.
[06:10.35]大伙待在这儿 我去探探情况
[06:13.27]Marshall, go take a look.
[06:21.28]And will you need utensils?
[06:22.91]No, I'm just going straight home.
[06:22.91]不 我外带回家
[06:27.15]She's placing an order to go.
[06:28.89]Did she seem happy? Did she say anything about me?
[06:28.89]她看着开心吗? 她提起我了吗?
[06:31.09]I don't even care.
[06:32.76]Where are those almonds?
[06:34.07]Gosh, where would Ted's nuts be?
[06:34.07]啊呀 Ted这个傻瓜哪儿去了?
[06:35.70]Hey, why don't you check the vise in Stella's garage.
[06:35.70]嘿 建议你去Stella家车库的钳子里找找
[06:39.01]Go yell at her.
[06:40.13]Ted, you may be from Ohio, but you live in New York now.
[06:40.13]Ted 也许你是从俄亥俄州来的 但你现在住在纽约了呀
[06:43.35]We don't push down our feelings in New York.
[06:45.61]We take our feelings and we shove them in somebody else's face!
[06:45.61]我们表现愤怒 一定给别人好看!
[06:48.64]Oh, spare me, Lily.
[06:48.64]哦 饶了我吧 Lily
[06:50.05]You'd be doing the same thing if you were in this situation.
[06:50.05]如果是你 你也会这样做的
[06:52.14]That's outrageous.
[06:53.32]There is not a person on Earth I would hide under a table from.
[06:57.03]Oh, really, not a single person?
[06:57.03]哦 真的 没有人吗?
[06:59.43]Not even... Gasser?
[06:59.43]甚至... 毒气工也不行?
[07:02.14]How dare you mention that name to me.
[07:05.02]Who's Gasser?
[07:06.33]He's the last person I'd want to see walk through that door.
[07:09.84]Michael Sasser.
[07:09.84]Michael Sasser
[07:11.54]He's a guy I went to high school with.
[07:13.68]Michael sat next to me in freshman biology.
[07:13.68]新生生物课时 Michael坐在我旁边
[07:16.38]He had been a bit of a loser all through middle school,
[07:19.17]but the summer before ninth grade, he grew 12 inches and joined the baseball team.
[07:19.17]但是在九年级 他一下子长高了12寸 还参加了棒球队
[07:23.71]He was right on the precipice of becoming one of the cool kids.
[07:27.30]Until one day...
[07:30.85]Oh, Lily, we've all been there.
[07:30.85]哦 Lily 我们都经历过
[07:33.70]When you've ripped one, it's not pretty.
[07:33.70]你放屁的时候 那可不是一般的难忍
[07:35.77]What did you do?
[07:36.95]Are you kidding? This was ninth grade.
[07:36.95]这还用问吗? 那可是九年级啊
[07:40.17]I only had one choice.
[07:42.47]Oh, my God, Sasser. Fart much?
[07:42.47]哦 我的天啊 Sasser 这屁够响的啊?
[07:46.73]No, it wasn't me. It was her.
[07:46.73]不 不是我 是她放的
[07:48.69]Oh, as if, Sasser. More like Gasser.
[07:48.69]哦 装什么啊 Sasser 你个毒气工
[07:53.16]- Gasser! Gasser! Gasser! - No.
[07:53.16]- 毒气工! 毒气工! 毒气工! - 不
[07:56.39]- Gasser! Gasser! Gasser! Gasser! - I'm on the baseball team. I-I'm cool.
[07:56.39]- 毒气工!毒气工!毒气工! 毒气工! - 我参加棒球队呢 我-我酷着呢
[07:59.76]Gasser! Gasser!
[07:59.76]毒气工! 毒气工!
[08:02.10]The nickname Gasser stuck.
[08:04.31]He got teased so much, eventually he had to change schools.
[08:04.31]他总被嘲笑 最后不得不转学了
[08:07.92]Kids are awesome.
[08:09.36]I've always felt awful about that.
[08:11.70]But if Gasser-- Michael-- walked in right now, as hard as it would be,
[08:11.70]但如果毒气工 不对 是Michael从那走进来 不管怎么艰难
[08:17.17]I would go up to Gasser-- Michael-- and I would resolve things between us.
[08:17.17]我也会走向毒气工 不对 是Michael 了结了这件事
[08:21.57]Right, clear the air, as it were.
[08:21.57]对 顿时神清气爽 宛如新生
[08:24.00]Oh, man.
[08:24.00]哦 伙计
[08:25.55]Those don't come around often.
[08:27.73]Y'all are welcome.
[08:31.31]Hey, are you guys okay?
[08:31.31]嘿 你们还好吧?
[08:32.78]Oh, yeah. We're just gonna be eating down here if that's okay.
[08:32.78]挺好 如果可以 我们想在这下面吃呢
[08:34.90]Well, here's your almonds.
[08:34.90]好吧 这是你的杏仁
[08:36.45]Oh, thanks... you guys have any specials today?
[08:36.45]哦 谢谢... 你们今天有特价菜品推荐吗?
[08:38.84]Ted, this is ludicrous.
[08:38.84]Ted 这太可笑啦
[08:40.70]Ted, I am a person who...
[08:40.70]Ted 我是这样的人...
[08:42.94]well, let's just face it.
[08:42.94]好吧 让我们面对事实吧
[08:44.00]There are a lot of people I don't want to see--
[08:46.28]people of the "chicks I banged" persuasion--
[08:48.99]but if any of them were to walk in here,
[08:50.69]I would stand up, and I would look them right in the eye.
[08:50.69]我会站起来 直盯着她们的眼睛
[08:53.96]Some of them for the very first time.
[08:53.96]其中一些我们上床的时候 我都没直视她眼睛呢
[08:56.61]Really, you wouldn't hide from anyone?
[08:56.61]真的 你真的谁都不躲吗?
[08:59.74]Not even, say... Becca Delucci?
[08:59.74]就连...Becca Delucci?
[09:03.03]You son of a bitch.
[09:04.99]Who's Becca Delucci?
[09:04.99]谁是Becca Delucci?
[09:06.63]Do you mind?
[09:11.84]So, who is Becca Delucci?
[09:11.84]好了 谁是Becca Delucci呢?
[09:13.34]Becca is just this girl who lives upstate.
[09:15.59]I used to visit her now and again.
[09:16.98]Mm-hmm, where exactly upstate, Barney?
[09:16.98]呒 北部具体哪里啊 Barney?
[09:21.03]Bedford Hills Federal Penitentiary.
[09:23.65]And yes, the visits were of a conjugal nature.
[09:23.65]没错 我是以你丈夫的名义来看你的
[09:28.28]- No way, really? - Really.
[09:28.28]- 没门 真的? - 真的
[09:31.62]And what I had with Becca was a perfect relationship.
[09:35.14]She was only allowed, by law, to call me once a week.
[09:35.14]根据法律 她每周只允许给我打一次电话
[09:38.96]If she ever got clingy, the armed guards stopped her.
[09:38.96]她要是想多说一句 武装守卫就会阻止她
[09:42.36]And I never had to pay for dinner.
[09:44.25]Well, that's not true. I pay taxes.
[09:44.25]也不能这么说 我交了税
[09:46.29]Then again, I guess we all paid for dinner. Thanks a lot, guys.
[09:46.29]所以我觉得我们都要为吃饭付钱 谢了 伙计们
[09:48.81]Anyway, the last time I visited, I kind of screwed things up.
[09:48.81]我最后一次去看她的时候 貌似把事情搞砸了
[09:53.18]I know it's hard, baby, but I'm in a prison, too.
[09:53.18]我知道很苦 宝贝儿 我也在坐牢啊
[09:57.89]A prison of my own heart.
[10:00.73]Is that room ready yet or what? Can we... Tick-tock.
[10:00.73]现在有空房间吗 我们能... 时间快到了?
[10:05.29]Barney, you're the only thing that's keeping me going here.
[10:05.29]Barney 你是唯一能让我坚持下去的原因
[10:08.09]That's what I'm here for, baby. I'm your rock. I'm... oh, my God. Hello, strange.
[10:08.09]所以我来了 宝贝儿 我是你坚强的依靠 是... 天啊 你好 美女
[10:19.10]Barney Stinson, attorney at law.
[10:19.10]嗨 我是Barney Stinson律师
[10:21.14]Let's talk about getting you off.
[10:22.71]Oh, hell, no!
[10:22.71]混蛋 不!
[10:36.25]Now I get letters from Becca and she's all,
[10:36.25]现在我收到Becca的来信 她完全疯了
[10:38.80]"I'm coming to get you the day I get out of here.
[10:41.28]I'm gonna hang your eyes from my rearview mirror."
[10:41.28]我要把你的眼睛挖出来 挂在我车子的后视镜上
[10:45.09]Women, huh?
[10:47.49]See? You're scared of Becca. Lily's scared of Gasser.
[10:47.49]看吧 你怕见到Becca Lily怕见到毒气工
[10:50.86]We're staying under the table.
[10:55.82]We don't have to. Stella's gone.
[10:55.82]我们用不着躲了 Stella走了
[10:57.76]Oh, my gosh.
[11:01.89]There, all done, and that's how we do it Ohio style.
[11:01.89]终于没事了 这就是我们的俄亥俄风格
[11:06.80]Problem showed up. We avoided it. It went away.
[11:06.80]有情况出现 但我们避免了 没问题了
[11:09.22]- Now we can enjoy our meal in peace and... - She's back.
[11:09.22]- 现在我们可以好好的享受大餐... - 她又回来了
[11:16.71]Ted, we all think that you need-- wait, where's Barney?
[11:16.71]Ted 我们都觉得你必须... 等等 Barney哪去了?
[11:26.10]Ted, we all think that you need to go talk to her.
[11:26.10]Ted 我们都觉得你必须跟她谈谈
[11:29.52]- I don't. - What?
[11:29.52]- 我不觉得 - 什么?
[11:30.50]Yeah, if the last person I wanted to see walked through the door, I wouldn't say a damn word.
[11:30.50]要是我最不想见到的那个人进来了 我绝不会跟他说一个字
[11:34.03]- Really? - And who's that?
[11:34.03]- 是吗? - 是谁?
[11:35.68]My father.
[11:37.69]You guys, that other table is off the hook.
[11:37.69]伙计们 那张桌子游戏结束
[11:40.75]- What are we talking about? - Robin's dad.
[11:40.75]- 你们在谈什么? - Robin的爸爸
[11:42.67]I haven't spoken to him in three years and I don't intend to start now.
[11:42.67]我已经3年都没跟他说过话了 现在也不打算说
[11:46.68]It goes back to the day I was born.
[11:49.08]You give me my son now. Push.
[11:49.08]把我儿子生出来 用力
[11:53.22]Oh, no... oh, no.
[11:53.22]哦 不...不 不
[11:57.74]He wanted a son and the fact that I was a girl didn't change his plan.
[11:57.74]他想要个儿子 但是个女儿的事实 也没有改变他的计划
[12:01.13]What do you mean?
[12:02.87]My full legal name is Robin Charles Scherbatsky, Jr.
[12:02.87]我的全名是Robin Charles Scherbatsky Jr.
[12:07.98]And it only gets worse from there.
[12:10.09]When I was eight, he took me hunting for the first time.
[12:10.09]我八岁时 他第一次带我去打猎
[12:13.29]I don't want to shoot a deer.
[12:15.16]Nonsense, R.J.Shooting deer is the noblest of pursuits.
[12:15.16]胡说 R.J 射鹿是很高贵的消遣
[12:19.02]But they're cute.
[12:20.94]You said the same thing about our rabbits.
[12:23.25]Remember how delicious they were?
[12:26.49]Over the years, as my body developed...
[12:28.45]Whoa, hold on a sec.
[12:30.94]Sorry, go on.
[12:30.94]抱歉 继续说
[12:33.26]It became harder and harder for him to pretend I was a boy.
[12:36.92]The lowest moment came when I turned 14.
[12:39.21]My peewee hockey team had just won the Squamish Invitational
[12:41.98]and everyone came back to my house to celebrate.
[12:44.22]You lads availed yourself splendidly out there on the ice.
[12:49.83]You go on outside.
[12:50.94]I'll come back with an assortment of soft drinks and American pretzels.
[12:50.94]我去拿些饮料 和椒盐脆饼来
[12:58.51]I can't believe you missed that last empty-netter, you hoser.
[12:58.51]我真不敢相信最后那个空门 你也没打进 你个小姑娘
[13:00.93]You're the hoser.
[13:02.34]No, you're the hoser.
[13:02.34]不 你才是小姑娘
[13:11.36]What are you doing?
[13:13.57]You're teammates, hockey players.
[13:13.57]你们是队友 冰球手
[13:17.15]Teammates don't kiss!
[13:19.90]Hockey players don't kiss!
[13:24.47]Oh, my God. I have no son.
[13:24.47]天啊 我没有儿子
[13:32.09]Oh, you poor thing.
[13:34.45]To have to grow up in Canada with America right there.
[13:34.45]旁边就是强大的美国 但却偏偏出生在加拿大
[13:39.09]That... sucks about your dad, Robin, but congratulations on that game.
[13:39.09]你爸真太过分了 Robin 但祝贺你们赢了比赛
[13:45.61]And Kyle and I weren't even doing anything serious.
[13:48.04]We only went to the blue line.
[13:49.82]The blue line?
[13:50.64]Yeah, you know how when you're a kid, you put everything into hockey terms?
[13:50.64]当你还是小孩子的时候 总是把什么事都用冰球术语表示
[13:53.73]The blue line is kissing; the red line is getting naked;
[13:53.73]蓝线代表接吻 红线就是脱光了
[13:56.01]and I think "in the crease" speaks for itself.
[13:56.01]我想 在击球线 就不言而喻了
[13:59.16]Anyway, after that, my relationship with my dad pretty much went north.
[13:59.16]那之后 我和我爸就闹僵了
[14:03.10]I moved in with my mom, grew my hair out, became a Canadian pop star.
[14:03.10]我搬过去跟我妈妈住 留了长发 成了加拿大流行歌手
[14:07.04]You know, normal teen stuff.
[14:09.16]Don't you think it would feel better to talk to him about all this?
[14:12.36]No, that's the point. It wouldn't solve anything.
[14:12.36]不 这是关键 这解决不了任何问题
[14:15.38]It's in the past. It's done.
[14:15.38]都是过去的事了 已经发生了
[14:18.24]I mean, what would I even say to him?
[14:19.66]I wish you hadn't raised me as a boy?
[14:21.67]"I wish you hadn't taught me how to hunt and fish and smoke cigars and drink Scotch"
[14:21.67]我希望你没有教我打猎 钓鱼 抽烟 喝苏格兰威士忌
[14:26.49]"because that's not what girls do.
[14:28.48]And you know the reason I throw like a girl, Dad," is because I am a girl."
[14:28.48]而我打球像个女孩子 也是因为 我就是个女孩子
[14:34.09]Wow, you held onto that for a long time, huh?
[14:40.34]It really messed you up.
[14:43.19]- Yeah. - That sucks.
[14:43.19]- 是啊 - 太糟糕了
[14:44.67]- I'm sorry. - That's hot.
[14:44.67]- 真遗憾 - 挺热辣的
[14:48.07]And then I realized...
[14:52.19]all of my friends were haunted, but there was a difference between my ghost and theirs.
[14:52.19]我所有的朋友都有心结 但我的情况和他们有点不同
[14:58.26]It wasn't too late for me.
[15:01.30]I'm gonna go talk to her.
[15:08.81]She's gone. I'm going after her.
[15:08.81]她走了 我去追她
[15:10.92]Go, go.
[15:10.92]走 走
[15:14.86]There she goes!
[15:23.40]Okay, I see her. She's two cabs ahead on the right.
[15:23.40]我看到她了 在我们前面 隔了两辆车 往右开了
[15:24.86]Just stay with her, okay?
[15:24.86]跟紧她 好吗?
[15:26.31]Finally. Finally, you're doing this.
[15:26.31]终于 你终于这么做了
[15:28.44]You're going to confront her.
[15:29.69]- Yes, I am going to confront her. - Yeah.
[15:29.69]- 是的 我要面对她 - 是的
[15:31.66]- This is so exciting. - Totally.
[15:31.66]- 太兴奋了 - 绝对是的
[15:33.23]What are you going to say?
[15:34.44]I'm gonna say, "Stella, I'm sorry things didn't work out."
[15:34.44]我会说 Stella 很抱歉 我们没能结成婚
[15:38.97]- Ay, caramba. - No!
[15:38.97]- 天哪 不是吧 - 不!
[15:40.35]Yes. We're going to talk about this like adults.
[15:42.73]She can tell me her side and...
[15:45.11]I'm going to listen.
[15:45.11]而我 会听
[15:46.83]Probably should have done a little more of that before.
[15:48.73]Driver, can you run us into the nearest lamppost?
[15:48.73]司机 拜托带我们往最近的灯柱上撞吧?
[15:50.54]Everyone, buckle up. Not you, Ted.
[15:50.54]大家系好安全带 除了你 Ted
[15:52.25]Ted, Ted, you got to get mad right now.
[15:52.25]Ted Ted 是你发泄愤怒的时候了
[15:55.31]Come on. Dig deep.
[15:55.31]拜托 挖掘内心的怒火
[15:57.28]Dude, come on. This isn't about me waving my arms, stamping my feet, and getting really mad.
[15:57.28]伙计 拜托 关键不是我捶胸顿足 暴跳如雷
[16:01.18]This is about Stella and I finally communicating.
[16:04.16]- I mean, clearly, that was... - Stella hated Star Wars.
[16:04.16]- 很明显 那... - Stella讨厌星战
[16:07.05]She lied to you. Search your feelings, Ted.
[16:07.05]她欺骗了你 跟着你的感觉走 Ted
[16:09.65]You know it to be true.
[16:12.44]Well, that's her business.
[16:13.69]Come on, Ted. She left you at the altar.
[16:13.69]拜托 Ted 她在婚礼时离开了你
[16:16.72]- I don't understand! - Ted, in the name of all that is sacred...
[16:16.72]- 我真不明白! - Ted 你想想那多恶劣啊...
[16:19.90]Wait, wait, wait! Where is she going?
[16:19.90]等等 等等! 她往哪去了?
[16:22.08]Her cab just missed the turn for the Lincoln Tunnel.
[16:24.20]Why would anybody buy takeout food and bring it all the way back to New Jersey anyway?
[16:28.17]Maybe she's going to her office.
[16:31.25]The waiter asked her, "Will you need utensils?"
[16:31.25]服务员问她 你要餐具吗
[16:33.65]and then she said, "Nah, I'm just going straight home."
[16:33.65]她回答说 不 我直接回家
[16:36.09]But if she's going home, why are we still heading...
[16:36.09]但要是她回家 为什么还来...
[16:39.28]Oh, my God.
[16:39.28]哦 天啊
[16:41.67]Tony lives downtown.
[16:43.59]Home is Tony's apartment.
[16:46.59]She was going to make me move to New Jersey and then she moves into the city with Tony?
[16:46.59]她要我搬到新泽西 而她自己却搬到市里跟Tony住?
[16:53.30]Son of a bitch!
[16:55.37]Finally. Finally, buddy.
[16:55.37]终于 终于明白了吧 老兄
[16:57.22]- I am so angry right now! - I know, and I love it!
[16:57.22]- 我现在非常生气! - 我就喜欢这样!
[17:01.89]Yeah, that is awesome!
[17:03.84]Sir, we'd be happy to cover the cost of that window crank.
[17:03.84]先生 我们很乐意付车窗摇杆的钱
[17:07.40]I love angry Ted!
[17:08.95]So do I!
[17:11.86]Get it out, baby. Let it out.
[17:11.86]说出来 喊出来 发泄出来
[17:14.04]she's stopping.
[17:15.34]Oh, it is on. It is on!
[17:15.34]就是现在了 我要爆发了!
[17:17.56]Yes, Ted. Go get her, buddy!
[17:17.56]Ted 上去和她说清楚 老兄!
[17:19.62]Go get rid of your demons!
[17:21.01]My leg is asleep!
[17:22.12]Okay, wa-wa-wait. Wait, hold on.
[17:22.12]等等 等等 别急
[17:23.33]- Lily, what are you doing? - All right, hold on.
[17:23.33]- Lily 你干嘛呢? - 等一下 别急
[17:27.02]Look, Ted, it's great that you're angry right now.
[17:27.02]Ted 你现在发怒了很好
[17:30.27]- It sure is. - Yes.
[17:30.27]- 当然 - 是的
[17:32.82]And that you're finally dealing with this, but you only get one shot here.
[17:32.82]你终于要面对了 但你只有一次机会
[17:37.04]Let's just take a beat and, and think about what you're going to say.
[17:37.04]我们得讨论一下 你该说些什么
[17:41.76]Oh, I know exactly what I'm gonna say.
[17:54.41]You picked the wrong guy.
[17:59.36]You picked the wrong guy.
[18:03.03]You made a really, really, really bad choice.
[18:03.03]你做了一个非常 非常错误的选择
[18:09.65]What were you thinking?
[18:11.13]That guy? Are you kidding me?
[18:11.13]那男的? 你在耍我吧?
[18:14.68]Have you learned nothing in the last eight years?
[18:14.68]过去的八年里 你都没认识到什么吗?
[18:17.89]You're just gonna regret this. You know that, right?
[18:17.89]你一定会后悔 对吧
[18:20.05]You are going to regret this, and now there is nothing you can do about it because it's too late.
[18:20.05]你会后悔的 但你什么都做不了 一切都太迟了
[18:26.24]All you can do now is go up there and start your crappy, disappointing life
[18:26.24]你所能做的就是上去 开始你糟糕的 令人失望的生活
[18:31.80]that will never be nearly as happy as the one you could have had with me.
[18:39.13]Ted, wait.
[18:39.13]Ted 等等
[18:39.79]Look, Stella, I am not here to win you back.
[18:39.79]Stella 我来这不是要把你抢回来
[18:43.38]I am here because I need to know that you know you made the biggest mistake of your life.
[18:43.38]我来这是确认你意识到 你犯了人生中最大的错
[18:50.86]I know.
[18:59.58]That's what I'm gonna say.
[19:01.69]Ooh, dag! Cold-blooded.
[19:01.69]真狠! 真冷血
[19:03.71]Yeah, that's good. Go say that.
[19:03.71]那很好 去 就这么说
[19:10.29]So I got out of the cab, ready to say all of that stuff, ready to explode, but then...
[19:10.29]我下了车 准备说那些话 准备爆发 但是...
[19:21.90]It all just went away.
[19:28.47]And that was it.
[19:29.96]In that moment, I wasn't angry anymore.
[19:29.96]那时候 我一点也不生气了
[19:33.08]I could see Stella was meant to be with Tony.
[19:36.74]Kids, you may think your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it in someone's face.
[19:36.74]孩子们 也许你们以为只有两条路 忍气吞声 或者把气撒在别人身上
[19:41.74]There's a third option: you can just let it go,
[19:41.74]其实还有第三种选择 让它过去
[19:45.48]and only when you do that is it really gone, and you can move forward.
[19:45.48]也只有你这样做了 它才真的消失 你才可以开始新的生活
[19:49.43]And that, kids, was the perfect ending to a perfect love story.
[19:49.43]孩子们 这才是最完美的爱情故事 最完美的结局
[19:53.78]It just wasn't mine.
[19:56.13]Mine was still out there waiting for me.
[20:02.35]老爸老妈的浪漫史 第四季 第6集
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