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[00:00.86]Kids, in the fall of 2008,your Aunt Robin was unemployed and a little bit adrift,
[00:00.86]孩子们 2008年秋 你们的Robin阿姨失业了还有点小落魄
[00:05.68]so she valued her friendship with Lily more than ever.
[00:08.10]Hey,so I hear Marshall has to work late on Friday. You know what that means-- ladies' night.
[00:08.10]嘿 我听说Marshall这周五又要加班了 你知道这意味着--女士之夜
[00:13.18]Oh,actually one of the teachers at my school,Jillian, is having a birthday party.
[00:13.18]哦 实际上 那天我们学校一个 叫Jillian的老师要举办生日派对
[00:18.67]- OK. - What?
[00:18.67]- 好吧 - 怎么了?
[00:20.91]It's just I've never even heard of this Jillian person before
[00:24.29]and suddenly she's,like,your best friend.You can't shut up about her.
[00:24.29]她突然间冒出来 成为你的好友 让你谈得滔滔不绝的
[00:28.06]Don't be jealous.You and I hang out all the time.
[00:28.06]别吃醋嘛 咱俩从来都一起玩的
[00:30.68]Yeah, but Marshall's always there.We don't get a lot of quality time to talk,just the two of us.
[00:30.68]没错 但是Marshall总横在中间 我们都没时间聊天 私下聊天
[00:36.09]That's not true.
[00:37.99]So that's when the story gets really good.
[00:40.83]So,we go to the,uh...
[00:40.83]那么 我们去到 嗯...
[00:45.74]place. And then that...
[00:45.74]那个地方 然后..
[00:47.77]guy asks about that thing with the stuff that I told you about at that place that time.
[00:47.77]那时那地那人问我关于那件事 我跟你提过的
[00:53.05]Long story short-- events transpired.
[00:57.74]Oh,my God.
[00:57.74]哦 天啊
[00:59.44]You and the guy from the mayor's office did it in the UN building
[00:59.44]你和市长厅的那家伙做了 就在联合国大厦
[01:01.89]under the desk of the Ambassador from Zaire? Nice.
[01:01.89]在扎伊尔大使的办公桌底下? 妙极
[01:06.40]I just wish we could have some girl time.
[01:08.36]I love Marshall,but he's always talk-blocking me.
[01:08.36]我也爱Marshall 但是他总是打断我说话
[01:11.79]So come out with me and Jillian then.
[01:14.24]Okay,but I don't want to stay out too late because...
[01:14.24]好吧 但我不想玩的太晚 因为...
[01:17.92]Remember that,um,thing last month after I went to the place?
[01:21.91]Well,you know who said it's fine,but she gave me some stuff.
[01:21.91]嗯 你知道是谁跟我说没事 但实际上却让我难受的很
[01:25.83]You still got that yeast infection,huh?
[01:40.87]How I Met Your Mother Season04 Episode08
[01:40.87]老爸老妈浪漫史 第四季 第8集
[01:42.87]Marshall,I want you to enjoy this moment.
[01:42.87]Marshall 我想要你好好享受这一刻
[01:45.88]What moment?
[01:46.68]The last moment of you and I being even slightly in competion for the title of Ted's best friend.
[01:52.46]- Marshall'sy best friend. - Exactly. It's a tie.
[01:52.46]- Marshall是我的最佳好友 - 没错 这是个定势
[01:55.54]But all of that is about to change.
[01:56.99]Ted,am I correct that you are an architect?
[01:56.99]Ted 你是个建筑师 我说得没错吧?
[02:00.71]My best friend would really know that,but go on.
[02:00.71]是我的最佳好友就肯定知道的 你接着说
[02:03.46]And what are you currently designing?
[02:06.39]Actually,we're renovating the new York Public Library.
[02:06.39]实际上 我们正在翻修约克的新公共图书馆
[02:09.16]Wow,Ted,that's huge!
[02:09.16]哇 Ted 大工程啊!
[02:10.90]No,not the New York Public Library.
[02:10.90]不 不是纽约公共图书馆
[02:13.51]It's the new public library in York,North Dakota.
[02:17.15]Their books are in two sections: fishin' and non-fishin'.
[02:17.15]他们的书归为两类: 与钓鱼有关的和无关的
[02:21.25]Then I think you are going to really like what happened at work today.
[02:21.25]那么我想你一定会 为我今天上班所发生的事而高兴的
[02:25.28]And so,while those bribes did destabilize the regime and caused the death of most of the royal family,
[02:25.28]那么 当贿赂削弱了政权势力 使多数的王室覆灭
[02:30.41]it did lead to looser banking regulations in Rangoon.
[02:34.13]So yay us.
[02:35.90]Okay,last order of business.
[02:35.90]好的 会议最后一项
[02:37.27]It's been decided we're going to move forward with plans
[02:37.27]已经决定了 我们要开展新项目
[02:39.12]for Goliath National Bank's new downtown headquarters.
[02:43.07]Who's gonna design it?
[02:44.29]Was my first question.
[02:46.60]Who's gonna design it?
[02:48.00]We've already approached one firm about it.
[02:49.42]This Swedish architecture collective called Sven.
[02:49.42]是个瑞典的建筑设计团队 叫Sven
[02:53.11]Sven? Sven?
[02:53.11]Sven? Sven?
[02:56.71]Sven was this Swedish architecture collective revered for their bold,innovative designs.
[02:56.71]Sven就是这个瑞典的建筑设计团队 以其大胆 创新的设计而饱受好评
[03:01.79]I hated those guys.
[03:03.31]I hate those guys.
[03:05.28]Swedish architecture collective.
[03:07.69]- Lame. - Pretentious.
[03:07.69]- 不靠谱 - 自命不凡
[03:09.09]"We're not a company. We're a collective."
[03:09.09]"我们不是一家公司 我们是一个团队"
[03:11.57]I know.
[03:12.41]"We are Swedish.
[03:14.18]"We are so cool with our baguettes and our Eiffel Tower."
[03:19.03]Dude,Sweden's not France. You know that,right?
[03:19.03]伙计 那是瑞典不是法国 你知道的吧 对吧?
[03:21.40]Oh,it's France.
[03:21.40]哦 是法国没错
[03:23.76]So anyway,I say to Bilson...
[03:23.76]不管怎样 我跟Bilson说...
[03:26.78]Bilson,with all due respect...
[03:26.78]Bilson 怀着十万分的敬意...
[03:29.00]No,I stand up,and I say to Bilson...
[03:29.00]不是 我站起来 我跟Bilson说...
[03:32.62]Bilson,with all due respect...
[03:32.62]Bilson 怀着十万分的敬意...
[03:34.99]Music. Imagine patriotic music playing.
[03:34.99]来点音乐 想象着正在播放爱国音乐
[03:39.27]Bilson,with all due respect,it would be terrible if a job
[03:39.27]Bilson 怀着十万分的敬意 这事很荒唐 如果这份工作...,
[03:45.62]that could go to a hard-workingAmerican architecture firm
[03:50.11]went to a bunch of French guys.
[03:53.20]Where is our patriotism?
[03:55.16]Our sense of country?
[03:56.94]Our love of all that is...
[03:56.94]我们的爱 也就是...
[03:59.23]Look,Stinson,no one hates every other country in the world as much as I do,
[03:59.23]听着 Stinson 这世上没人比我更仇视别国了
[04:03.36]but you better have a point.
[04:04.61]I do.
[04:05.94]I know a fantastic American architect who would be perfect for the job.
[04:05.94]我认识个很棒的美国建筑设计师 他非常适合这个工作
[04:10.51]Ted Mosby.
[04:10.51]Ted Mosby
[04:12.23]So,all you gotta do is come in,pitch your design,
[04:12.23]那么 你所需要做的 就是走进去 把你的设计丢给他们看
[04:14.83]I get the board to approve it,and the job is yours.
[04:14.83]我负责说服董事会通过你的设计 那么这份活就归你们了
[04:17.37]Do you realize what a hero I would be if I brought this project to my firm?
[04:17.37]你知道吗 如果我能给公司揽到这个活 我都变成公司功臣啦?
[04:20.59]And that's not even the best part.
[04:21.89]All three of us are gonna be working together.
[04:24.25]Ted can be on the conference call.
[04:25.80]He can totally be on the conference call.
[04:27.22]What's the conference call?
[04:28.06]The way it works is,one of us will duck into the other's office and say...
[04:28.06]它是这么回事 我们其中一个 偷偷潜进另一个人的办公室 说...
[04:31.77]Marshall,the conference call's about to start.
[04:31.77]Marshall 电话会议马上开始了
[04:35.46]I'm sorry,guys,I gotta go.
[04:35.46]抱歉 伙计们 我得走了
[04:37.28]And then we go up to the roof of the building...
[04:39.94]and drink beer.
[04:41.41]This is awesome.
[04:43.50]Drinking at work.
[04:45.03]We're basically Mad Men.
[04:46.63]We are! We're such Mad Men!
[04:46.63]确实! 我们就是疯子!
[04:49.06]I'm gonna go smack a secretary on the ass.
[04:51.32]That's totally what they would do on that show.
[04:54.26]What show?
[04:56.40]And then,we throw crumpled up beer cans at pigeons.
[04:56.40]然后 我们拿揉成一团的啤酒罐去扔鸽子
[05:01.22]I don't do that.
[05:02.25]I totally want to do that.
[05:04.26]Well,I am gonna make that happen.
[05:04.26]好吧 我来安排
[05:05.75]Seriously,Barney,after everything I went through with Stella,getting me this opportunity...
[05:05.75]说真的 Barney 在我从Stella的旧伤中复原后 能得到这个机会...
[05:10.99]it really means a lot.
[05:12.20]It really did.
[05:13.51]You see,kids,when I became an architect,I had one dream--
[05:13.51]孩子们 当我成为建筑师的时候 一直有个梦想
[05:16.72]to contribute a building to the skyline of New York City.
[05:19.78]I wanted to be able to point to one of those buildings and say,see that one?
[05:19.78]我想要指出其中某座楼问别人 看到那座楼了嘛?
[05:23.39]That one right there?
[05:25.16]That's mine.
[05:27.31]This job was my opportunity to do just that.
[05:35.20]Your friend's having her birthday here?
[05:37.19]What's she turning,19?
[05:37.19]她过几岁生日啊 19?
[05:39.26]No. Believe me,this isn't her scene.
[05:39.26]不是的 相信我 这不是她的风格
[05:41.87]She probably just didn't know what kind of place this was.
[05:44.40]Lily! Over here,you sexy bitch! We've got bottle service!
[05:44.40]Lily! 过来 你个性感的小贱人! 我们买了酒哦!
[05:51.73]Oh,my God. At school,she's so quiet and normal.
[05:51.73]哦 天啊 在学校的时候 她可是很文静很正常的啊
[05:55.19]I had no idea she's...
[05:57.82]she's a Woo Girl.
[06:00.33]What's a Woo Girl? Let me explain.
[06:00.33]什么是"尖叫女"? 容我解释一下
[06:02.50]A Woo Girl is a type of young woman,who,like the cuckoo bird or the whip-poor-will,
[06:02.50]尖叫女是年轻的女人 她们尖笑起来像布谷鸟或北美夜鹰一样
[06:06.75]gets her name from the signature sound she makes.
[06:11.00]Now,a woo can be elicited in many different ways.
[06:11.00]那么 有几种事情可以触发尖叫女
[06:14.06]From a certain song coming on the jukebox...
[06:19.26]Oh,my God,this song is totally about me.
[06:19.26]哦 天啊 这首歌就是为我写的啊
[06:23.54]to half-priced shots.
[06:27.86]From a ride on a mechanical bull...
[06:33.70]to,well,pretty much anything.
[06:33.70]实际上 也许什么事情都能让她们尖叫
[06:35.39]Oh,my God,I was worried that I didn't feed the cat,but then I rembered that I did.
[06:35.39]哦 天啊 我担心还没喂猫呢 后来发现我喂了
[06:43.56]I swear,at school Jillian seems so un-woo-y.
[06:43.56]我发誓 在学校的时候 Jillian看起来可没有半点尖叫的样子
[06:48.52]Yeah,she doesn't look wooish.
[06:48.52]没错 她看着不像会尖叫样子
[06:50.59]Maybe she only observes the high holidays,like Mardi Gras and Spring Break.
[06:50.59]也许她只是在狂欢节啊 春假之类的时候 才上演这种保留曲目
[06:54.52]Maybe she's just a cultural Woo.
[06:58.03]Now,uh,go easy on me.
[06:58.03]那么 嗯 别抱太大期望啊
[06:59.81]It's a work in progress.
[07:03.61]Ted,this is amazing.
[07:03.61]Ted 这太棒了
[07:05.36]The detail. The shading. The playfulness of the lines.
[07:05.36]这些细节 这些形状 这些调皮的线条
[07:09.87]This is exactly what Princess Leia would look like topless.
[07:09.87]这就像莱亚公主没戴帽子的样子 (星球大战公主)
[07:13.61]My way of saying thanks.
[07:15.14]So,uh,you want to see my designs for the building?
[07:15.14]那么 嗯 你想要看看我的设计么?
[07:18.07]Nah,I'm good.
[07:21.35]So get this. Lily just texted me.
[07:21.35]听着 刚刚Lily发短信给我
[07:23.26]She's at that bar Giddyups with a bunch of Woo Girls.
[07:23.26]她在Giddyups酒吧里 和一群尖叫女在一起
[07:29.53]Oh,my God,you guys,my boob just fell out of my top at the bar.
[07:29.53]哦 天啊 姐儿们 刚在吧台那我的咪咪露点了
[07:33.52]Trick! I pulled it out for a free drink!
[07:33.52]骗你们的! 我自己扯露出来的 为了免费啤酒!
[07:38.34]So,Jillian,I hear when you're not flashing bartenders,you teach the second grade.
[07:38.34]那么 Jillian 我听说当你 不与调酒师调情的时候 你教中班啊
[07:43.61]What's that like?
[07:44.64]So rewarding.
[07:45.79]I don't know if you're familiar with the RIE technique,
[07:47.82]but it derives from the progressive educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner,
[07:47.82]但是它是基于Rudolf Steiner的 循序渐进教学理论产生的
[07:51.22]who founded the Waldorf School,which...
[07:51.22]他建立了Waldorf学校 它...
[07:53.89]Oh,my God. I love this song!
[07:53.89]哦 天啊 我爱死这首歌了!
[07:55.80]Come on,you lazy skanks,let's dance!
[07:55.80]来吧 你们这些懒婊子 咱去跳舞吧!
[08:00.77]You,too,you dumb whores.
[08:00.77]还有你 你个死贱人
[08:02.53]No,thank you...
[08:02.53]不了 多谢...
[08:04.40]ya ignorant hussy.
[08:08.71]Why,Lily Aldrin,you sly minx.
[08:08.71]为什么 Lily Aldrin 你个狡猾的女人
[08:11.78]I've been saying for years that our gang need a Woo Girl,
[08:11.78]我早就说过我们的小团体 需要这么一个尖叫女
[08:14.57]and here you've been hiding a whole batch of them from me.
[08:16.85]We do not need a Woo Girl. No one needs a Woo Girl.
[08:16.85]我们不需要尖叫女 没人需要尖叫女
[08:19.88]Be careful,Lily.
[08:19.88]你要注意咯 Lily
[08:21.51]The world absolutely needs Woo Girls.
[08:24.80]If there were no Woo Girls,there'd be noGirls Gone Wild,
[08:24.80]如果没有尖叫女 就不会有狂野女
[08:28.32]no bachelorette parties,no Las Vegas poolside bars...
[08:28.32]没有告别单身节 没有拉斯维加斯池畔酒吧的狂欢...
[08:32.44]all the things that you hold dearest,Lily,would be gone.
[08:32.44]你所拥有的一切美好事物 Lily 都会消失
[08:35.73]Those are none of the things...
[08:36.86]The souvenir shot glass industry would collapse.
[08:40.36]So would the body glitter industry and the stretch Hummer rental industry.
[08:40.36]还有涂体闪粉化妆行业 和悍马车出租业都会倒闭
[08:46.08]Tiny cowboy hats would be worn only by tiny cowboys.
[08:51.92]And when "Brown Eyed Girl" would come up on the jukebox,all you would hear...
[08:51.92]当点唱机播放棕眼女孩组合的歌 你们能听到的...
[08:57.19]would be silence.
[09:00.38]And "Brown Eyed Girl."
[09:02.73]But who would woo,Lily?
[09:02.73]但是谁会尖叫呢 Lily?
[09:04.63]Who would woo? Would you?
[09:04.63]但是谁会尖叫呢? 你会吗?
[09:09.58]Would you...
[09:13.21]Who wants to name my boobs?
[09:18.80]Now if you'll excuse me,I have a date with Hannity and Colmes.
[09:18.80]那么抱歉了 我和Hannity以及Colmes有约了
[09:24.83]Over the next couple of weeks,I dove into work.
[09:24.83]接下来几周 我埋头工作
[09:27.37]It felt great to be working on something that I really cared about.
[09:27.37]从事真正在乎的工作 我感到很开心
[09:30.36]Finally,the morning of the presentation arrived.
[09:30.36]最后 展示我设计的那个早上到来了
[09:33.06]And we believe this timeless design will radiate the strength
[09:37.87]and stability that is Goliath National Bank.
[09:41.73]Thank you,gentlemen.
[09:41.73]谢谢 先生们
[09:46.36]I left there feeling pretty good about my chances.
[09:49.09]Later that night,we ran into Barney.
[09:49.09]晚上 我们碰见了Barney
[09:51.05]嘿 Barney!
[09:52.67]Give me the good news.
[09:54.56]You didn't get it.
[09:57.85]The board decided to go with Sven.
[10:12.75]I can't believe I didn't get it.
[10:12.75]真难以置信 我没中标
[10:14.76]I really thought I nailed the pitch.
[10:16.80]Why would they go with Sven?
[10:18.26]I did everything I could to change their minds.
[10:20.70]But they wouldn't budge.
[10:22.54]I'm sorry.
[10:23.84]Wow,this really sucks.
[10:23.84]哦 这太糟糕了
[10:26.88]After the way these last couple of months have gone...
[10:30.30]I guess I need this more than I thought I did.
[10:36.06]You want to go down to the current GNB building and just,like...
[10:36.06]你是不是想去现在的戈里亚国际银行大厦 然后比方说
[10:40.60]I don't know,just pee on it a little bit?
[10:40.60]我也不知道 在上面撒泡尿?
[10:45.02]Yeah. Yeah,I think I need that.
[10:45.02]嗯 是 我想我是需要
[10:49.90]Finish your beer.
[10:55.98]What happened?
[10:57.04]Oh,Ted didn't get that job.
[10:57.04]哦 Ted没得到那个工作
[10:59.68]But that's not the biggest disappointment of the day.
[11:03.98]We saw you woo.
[11:06.11]Saw who woo?
[11:08.25]I didn't woo.
[11:09.17]- You did,too. - That's not true.
[11:09.17]- 就是你没错 - 这不是真的
[11:10.75]Your nose just grew.
[11:13.24]You're,like,best friends with Jillian now?
[11:15.97]No. It's just...
[11:15.97]不是 只不过...
[11:17.67]You're married,Lily,but I'm still single.
[11:17.67]你结婚了 Lily 可我仍然是单身
[11:19.89]Whenever I hang out with you,I'm usually the third wheel to you and Marshall.
[11:19.89]无论什么时候我跟你在一起 我总觉得我是你跟Marshall之间的电灯泡
[11:23.52]Sometimes,it's fun to go out with other single women and do stuff that you don't want to.
[11:23.52]有时跟其他单身女人一起出去 做一些 你不喜欢做的事情 是很有意思的
[11:28.03]Like what?
[11:29.64]Like woo,Lily. Like woo.
[11:29.64]比如尖叫 Lily 就比如尖叫
[11:32.57]- I can woo. - That's not true.
[11:32.57]- 我可以尖叫的 - 这不是真的
[11:34.35]- I can,too. - It's just not you.
[11:34.35]- 我也可以的 - 那就不是你了
[11:39.90]- Bilson. - Yeah?
[11:39.90]- Bilson - 怎么了?
[11:42.24]Look,I just...I just want to say,I know you guys went with Sven,
[11:42.24]听着 我只是 我只是想说 我知道你们支持Sven
[11:44.71]but Ted Mosby is tremendously talented,
[11:44.71]但是Ted Mosby非常有天赋
[11:47.86]and I think he would have done a hell of a job.
[11:50.47]I agree. That's why I voted for him.
[11:50.47]我同意 这就是为什么我投他的票了
[11:53.65]So,then,it's agreed.
[11:54.98]From now on,all ATM fees are now called Freedom Charges.
[11:54.98]从今以后所有ATM机收费现在 叫做为自由而付费
[11:59.17]Conference call. Now.
[11:59.17]电话会议 现在
[12:05.01]You got something you want to tell me?
[12:06.77]Oh,damn it.
[12:06.77]哦 该死的
[12:07.63]I told Heather to put everything back on your desk the way it was.
[12:07.63]我告诉过Heather把所有东西 都按原样放回你桌子上
[12:10.76]Bilson told me he wanted to give the job to Ted. So what happened?
[12:10.76]Bilson告诉我他想把那个工作给Ted 那么发生了什么?
[12:18.01]哦 好吧
[12:20.19]will radiate the strength and stability that is Goliath National Bank.
[12:25.94]Thank you,gentlemen.
[12:25.94]谢谢 先生们
[12:36.55]That was great. I love it.
[12:36.55]很好啊 我喜欢它
[12:38.49]Yes! Looks like we got our guy.
[12:38.49]对! 看起来我们找对了人
[12:40.50]I don't think we even need to meet with,uh...
[12:40.50]我看根本用不着再见那个 呃...
[12:44.16]I am Sven Jorgensen.
[12:44.16]我是Sven Jorgensen
[12:45.74]With me are Sven Pilsen and Sven Johanssen,and we are...
[12:45.74]我旁边的是Sven Pilsen和Sven Johanssen 我们是...
[12:51.43]You are Goliath National Bank.
[12:53.31]You are cutting edge. You are new. You are fresh.
[12:53.31]你是前沿 你是新的 是崭新的
[12:56.49]Women want to be with you,men wish to harm you,
[12:56.49]女人想跟你在一起 男人想伤害你
[12:59.05]but the fool who dares challenge you shall be crushed!
[13:02.51]Your headquarters will tell the world of these facts.
[13:05.41]Oh,and one more thing... Don't look now!
[13:05.41]哦 还有一件事...现在别看!
[13:09.76]Which of you is Barney Stinson,head of the search committee?
[13:09.76]哪位是Barney Stinson 遴选委员会主席?
[13:12.64]Oh,my God. That's me!
[13:12.64]哦 天啊 说我呢!
[13:14.22]You,Barney Stinson,are a man of power and virility.
[13:14.22]你 Barney Stinson是个有力量和男子气概的人
[13:17.72]Your office shall be here,in the head of a Tyrannosaurus rex.
[13:17.72]你的办公室应该在这里 在暴龙Rex的头部
[13:21.39]I never knew it till now,but I've always dreamed of that.
[13:24.69]On your large desk of Honduran rosewood shall be this button.
[13:24.69]在你洪都拉斯红木的大桌子上面 会有这个按钮
[13:28.66]What does the button do?
[13:29.82]Press it! Press it for glory!
[13:29.82]按一下! 为了荣誉按一下!
[13:37.54]This is the most awesome building in the universe.
[13:40.55]There is no way this building could be more awesome.
[13:43.31]There is a strip club in the letter "N."
[13:49.26]What the hell is the matter with you?
[13:51.00]This is Ted's big break!
[13:52.65]And then you sold him out because you wanted to work in the brain of a Tyrannosaurus rex,
[13:52.65]然后你把他出卖了 只因为你想工作在暴龙Rex的脑袋里
[13:56.43]which,incidentally,if you knew anything about dinosaurs,is really,really small.
[13:56.43]顺便提一句 如果你稍微了解恐龙的话 它们的头是非常非常小的
[14:00.63]Marshall,this isn't about my office.
[14:00.63]Marshall 这跟我的办公室没有关系
[14:02.86]Ted's building was good.
[14:04.36]Sven's was better.
[14:05.49]And I am not going to let the fact that I am Ted's best friend be a factor in business.
[14:05.49]我不能让我是Ted最好的朋友 这一个原因影响我的工作
[14:10.02]You didn't pick Sven's building because it was better.
[14:11.88]You picked it because you wanted to work in a cool dinosaur office.
[14:11.88]你挑了那个是因为你想工作 在一个很酷的恐龙办公室里
[14:13.78]That's a lie!
[14:15.44]I picked it because it-it...
[14:15.44]我选它是因为 因为...
[14:18.75]It breathes fire,Marshall.
[14:18.75]它会喷火 Marshall
[14:22.00]"Fire Marshall."
[14:25.21]I didn't even notice.
[14:26.45]How could you do this to Ted after everything he's been through with Stella?
[14:26.45]你怎么能这样对Ted呢 尤其在Stella事件发生之后?
[14:29.97]You're just being selfish.
[14:31.57]Marshall,I wouldnever ma a business decision for selfish reasons.
[14:31.57]Marshall 我绝对不会出于个人目的 做商业决策
[14:35.77]I am a professional.
[14:37.25]Now,come on.
[14:37.25]现在 来吧
[14:38.39]Let's get a nice daytime drunk going,and throw empties at pigeons.
[14:38.39]我们白天喝醉了吧 然后用空酒罐砸鸽子
[14:41.00]No. No. For two reasons.
[14:41.00]不 不 因为两个原因
[14:43.28]One,pigeons are smarter than you think. They hold grudges.
[14:43.28]一是因为鸽子可比你想象中聪明的多 它们记仇的
[14:46.29]And,two,this is our last conference call,Mr. Stinson.
[14:46.29]二是因为这是咱们最后一次电话会议 Stinson先生
[14:50.85]There are repercussions to screwing over a friend.
[14:53.04]- Like what? - Like this.
[14:53.04]- 比如什么? - 比如这样
[15:20.41]Oh,my God,you guys.
[15:20.41]哦 天啊 姐们儿
[15:21.71]Last night,we raised $10,000 for my charity to help combat childhood illiteracy.
[15:21.71]昨天晚上我们为我的慈善晚会募捐了1万块 帮助那些读写困难症的孩子
[15:26.61]It's a really serious issue.
[15:30.93]Someone just earned herself an ass-first ride down the dance floor spank canyon!
[15:45.10]Lily,what are you doing here?
[15:45.10]Lily 你来干什么?
[15:46.49]Oh,just doing the fun things you single girls do.
[15:46.49]哦 只不过做些你们单身女孩 才做的有趣的事情
[15:49.87]What's with the plastic fireman's hat?
[15:52.33]Oh,I didn't have a cowboy hat,and today was fire safety day at school,so...
[15:52.33]哦 我没有牛仔帽 今天是学校消防安全日 所以...
[15:58.07]Oh,my God,bitch. This is our anthem.
[15:58.07]哦 天啊 贱人 这是我们的颂歌
[16:01.20]Really? Who sings this?
[16:01.20]真的吗? 谁唱的?
[16:04.87]Is LL Cool J still doing things?
[16:04.87]LL Cool J还唱吗? (美国东海岸著名Hip-Hop老歌手)
[16:08.47]This is great,Svens.
[16:08.47]这很好 Svens
[16:10.80]You guys are so much cooler than Marshall.
[16:12.93]He doesn't even own a unitard.
[16:15.78]Who wants a brew?
[16:17.22]I don't understand.
[16:19.14]Where is the conference call?
[16:21.43]Thisisthe conference call. Get it?
[16:21.43]这就是电话会议 明白吗?
[16:24.18]In America,when we work late,welieabout a conference call,
[16:24.18]在美国如果我们工作到很晚 我们就撒谎说要开会
[16:28.31]and we come up here and we drink a few beers.
[16:30.05]It's awesome.
[16:31.31]This is a waste of time.
[16:36.00]Misty,you are such a slut.
[16:36.00]Misty 你真是个荡妇
[16:38.14]Let's do another shot.
[16:41.66]You're the slut,you skank. Shots are on you.
[16:41.66]你这个小贱人 这一杯你买单
[16:46.64]No,bitch,shots are on you.
[16:46.64]不 贱人 你买单差不多
[16:48.38]You're such a whore.
[16:51.76]You're all a bunch of prostitutes. You probably have STDs.
[16:51.76]你们真是一群妓女 你们也许有性病
[16:59.60]Let's go dance.
[17:06.10]Lily,this isn't working. You shouldn't be here.
[17:06.10]Lily 这不适合你 你不该在这里
[17:08.45]Oh,I get it.
[17:08.45]哦 我明白了
[17:09.57]Because I'm happily married,I'm some kind of loser?
[17:09.57]因为我幸福的结婚了 我就是个失败者?
[17:12.07]Exactly the opposite.
[17:13.83]Lily,why do you think the Woo Girls have to woo when they win a game of beer pong,
[17:13.83]Lily 你觉得那些尖叫女孩为什么 因为一杯酒或者一个游戏
[17:19.00]or when a hot guy takes his shirt off?
[17:19.00]再或者勾搭上一个帅哥 就不得不尖叫?
[17:21.22]It's because that is as good as life gets for them.
[17:23.68]They're really sad people.
[17:26.73]And,when they hang out with someone who's got it all figured out--
[17:29.25]someone like you-- it bums them out.
[17:29.25]比如你 他们会很沮丧的
[17:32.14]It takes away their woo.
[17:33.65]You're just saying that so I don't feel like an old married lady.
[17:33.65]你这样说只不过为了不让我觉得 自己是个已婚的老女人
[17:37.13]Look at those girls,Lily.
[17:37.13]看看那些女孩 Lily
[17:39.26]Look at them and listen to what their woo's are really saying.
[17:39.26]看看她们 听听她们的尖叫实际上是在说什么
[18:05.01]Oh,those poor girls... a-and Ted.
[18:05.01]哦 那些可怜的女孩 还有Ted
[18:08.29]I-I just want to go give them all a hug.
[18:08.29]我 我只想过去给她们个拥抱
[18:10.91]Lily,right now I'm like them.
[18:10.91]Lily 现在我跟她们差不多
[18:12.70]I'm unemployed,I'm single,I'm a little lost.
[18:12.70]我失业了 单身 我有些迷茫
[18:16.93]So every once in a while,I need to woo,
[18:20.62]but when I need to talk about something real,
[18:23.23]you're the one I turn to.
[18:25.51]You're my best friend.
[18:26.89]And you're mine.
[18:28.18]And I promise I'll make more time for just us.
[18:31.28]Marshall doesn't have to tag along to everything we do.
[18:34.11]Hey,have you guys tried these purple hooter test tube shots?
[18:34.11]嘿 你们试过这紫色试管酒吗?
[18:36.51]I've had,like,five of 'em. I don't even think there's alcohol in here.
[18:36.51]我喝了五六杯 我觉得这玩意儿都没度数的
[18:39.51]- Where'd you get that hat? - What hat?
[18:39.51]- 你从哪搞来的那个帽子? - 什么帽子?
[18:46.49]- We fired Sven. - What?
[18:46.49]- 我们不用Sven了 - 什么?
[18:48.70]Yeah,those guys were idiots.
[18:48.70]嗯 那些家伙是白痴
[18:50.42]I mean,sure,they had some cool ideas-- some really cool ideas.
[18:50.42]我的意思是 当然 他们想法很酷 有些真的非常酷
[18:54.44]Actually,I wonder if it's not too late to...
[18:56.89]The point is: you got the job.
[18:56.89]关键问题是 你得到了这个工作
[18:59.75]- Really? - Yeah.
[18:59.75]- 真的吗? - 对
[19:00.83]The search committee realized they made the wrong decision.
[19:03.72]Plus,you really mean a lot to them and they want you to be happy.
[19:03.72]另外 你对他们真的很重要 他们希望你能开心
[19:08.52]That's weird.
[19:10.27]Look,Ted,your design was the best,and you deserve it.
[19:10.27]听着 Ted 你的设计是最好的 你受之无愧
[19:15.92]There's also something that you should know about why you didn't get the job in the first place.
[19:15.92]还有为什么你一开始没被选中 我得跟你说点实话
[19:21.17]- You see,Ted... - It was Bilson.
[19:21.17]- 你听着 Ted... - 是因为Bilson
[19:23.35]对 对
[19:24.87]Bilson just wanted to have an office in a dinosaur head,
[19:28.53]but Barney convinced him that it was really,really stupid.
[19:31.45]Well,you know.
[19:31.45]是啊 你知道的
[19:33.74]Thank you,Barney.
[19:33.74]谢谢你 Barney
[19:35.61]I can't believe this. I-I just got our firm the biggest account we've ever had.
[19:35.61]我不敢相信 我...我刚刚得到了 我们公司创建以来最大的客户
[19:43.21]Next round's on me.
[19:49.29]Why'd you let me off the hook?
[19:52.15]You did the right thing.
[19:53.30]Seemed like you deserved a bye.
[19:56.15]Plus,it would have really bummed Ted out,and he's-he's finally...
[19:56.15]另外 那件事真的让Ted很失望 他现在 现在终于...
[19:59.26]- happy right now. - Yeah.
[19:59.26]- 高兴起来了 - 是啊
[20:03.68]You really are Ted's best friend.
[20:07.65]And so am I. It's a tie.
[20:07.65]我也是 这是不言而喻的
[20:10.52]谢谢你 Marshall
[20:12.08]Marshall wound up caving and telling me the truth about Barney,like,ten minutes later,
[20:12.08]Marshall不服输 大概十分钟后告诉我关于Barney的事
[20:16.12]at which point we tied Uncle Barney to the mechanical bull,
[20:18.84]cranked it up to a setting called "Paint Mixer" and went home.
[20:18.84]把手柄转到"七荤八素"档 然后回家了
[20:22.82]- I love you,man. - Love you,too,buddy.
[20:22.82]- 我爱你 伙计 - 我也爱你 伙计
[20:24.84]Hey,you going to ride the bull tonight?
[20:24.84]嘿 你今天晚上想骑公牛吗?
[20:26.36]No,not if you paid me.
[20:26.36]不 即使你请客我也不骑
[20:27.73]I have an inner ear thing.
[20:29.80]It was a pretty great night.
[20:35.16]Three hours. That's a bar record.
[20:35.16]三小时 破了酒吧的纪录
[20:38.62]That's right,ladies.
[20:38.62]没错 女士们
[20:41.69]Jillian,you know what'd be really crazy and funny and stupid to do tonight?
[20:41.69]Jillian 你知道今天晚上有什么 疯狂有趣愚蠢的事可做吗?
[20:45.86]If you and me find a guy and have a three-way.
[20:49.52]Maybe... if we found the right guy.
[20:49.52]也许... 如果我们找的到合适的人
[20:52.83]嗯 不过...
[20:54.05]if we don't find the right guy,maybe you and I could just...
[20:54.05]如果我们找不到合适的人 也许咱们俩可以...
[20:57.40]You know who was pretty cute?
[20:59.26]That guy Ted.
[21:00.80]Let's go find him.
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