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[00:00.77]Every architect can point to that one design that changed their career.
[00:00.77]每一个建筑师都有一件拿的出手的杰作 这是他们职业的辉煌转折点
[00:04.51]For me,it was around the time of my 31st birthday.
[00:04.51]对于我来说 是在31岁的生日创造出的杰作
[00:07.44]It wasn't a museum or a concert hall or a skyscraper.
[00:07.44]它既不是博物馆 音乐厅 也不是摩天楼
[00:12.22]It was something else.
[00:13.45]We're opening a restaurant called Rib Town,and we want it to be shaped...
[00:13.45]我们要开一家叫肋骨城的餐厅 最好它的形状是...
[00:17.81]Like a cowboy hat.
[00:21.59]Look,I need the work.
[00:21.59]听着 我需要这份工作
[00:22.76]I don't have any other options.
[00:24.14]Well,there's always that teaching job.
[00:24.14]嗯 还可以去教课嘛
[00:25.58]Yeah,I didn't work this hard toe stuck in some crappy,dead-end teaching job.
[00:25.58]哼 我累死累活得才不是为了去教书呢 逊毙了还没前途
[00:29.80]No offense,Lily.
[00:29.80]绝无冒犯之意 Lily
[00:31.04]I got peed on three times today. No arguments here.
[00:31.04]我今天被小孩淋尿了三次 不想再争论什么了
[00:34.31]I just gotta nail this hat building so,I'll see you all in three days.
[00:34.31]我要专心设计这间牛仔帽餐厅去了 三天后见吧
[00:39.30]For the next three days,I worked harder than I'd ever worked in my life.
[00:39.30]接下来三天 我非常非常认真得投入到设计工作中去
[00:44.20]And I got... nowhere.
[00:44.20]却是... 毫无进展
[00:50.93]Hey,Ted,whatcha doing?
[00:50.93]嘿 Ted 在干嘛呢?
[00:52.71]Designing a building shaped like a hat.
[00:55.08]- Now a good time to chat? - No.
[00:55.08]- 所以现在不适合聊天咯? - 不适合
[00:56.92]So,what do you think of Robin?
[00:58.84]Barney,I really need to get to work,so...
[00:58.84]Barney 我要开始工作了 所以...
[01:01.33]Great.Say you and I went suit-shopping,
[01:01.33]好吧 假设咱们在买西装
[01:04.22]and you happened upon a beautiful suit,a beautiful Canadian suit.
[01:04.22]你看中了其中一件 一件很不错的加拿大西装
[01:13.25]You try it on,but it's not exactly the right fit for you.
[01:13.25]你试了试 觉得并不合身
[01:16.42]So,you put it back. Then I try it on.
[01:16.42]于是你放回去了 然后我试了下
[01:19.66]I don't really want to take the same suit that you had your eye on,
[01:23.52]but at the same time,I really like that suit.
[01:23.52]但是这次 我是真的很喜欢这款
[01:28.89]Buy the suit,Barney. You clearly care about it.
[01:28.89]去买吧 Barney 显然你真的很喜欢它
[01:32.04]Tell the suit how you feel.
[01:37.10]But Ted,remember that that was your answer because...
[01:37.10]但是Ted 记得这可是你说的 因为..
[01:43.75]The suit is Robin. I know!
[01:43.75]这件西装就是Robin 我就知道!
[01:49.93]- I'm with you,buddy. - You are now.
[01:49.93]- 我支持你 伙计 - 你现在当然这样说
[01:53.50]Because I explained it to you.
[02:11.26]Come on,dude,you've been at this for three days without a break.
[02:11.26]好了 伙计 三天来你都昼夜不停得扑在这个设计上
[02:14.50]Now,it's your birthday.
[02:15.61]Come up to the roof and have a beer with me.
[02:17.01]No can do. Presentation is tomorrow.
[02:17.01]不行 明天就要演示设计了
[02:18.97]Hat buildings don't design themselves.
[02:20.97]It's a rib joint for fat tourists.
[02:23.35]Just make sure the doors are wide and the chairs are reinforced.
[02:23.35]只要把门弄宽些 椅子结实点就行了
[02:25.85]Now,birthday beer on the roof. Let's go!
[02:25.85]好了 去屋顶喝庆生啤酒吧 走咯!
[02:28.97]Why do you want me to come up to the roof so bad?
[02:31.09]What,are you throwing me a surprise party?
[02:31.09]干嘛 想给我一个惊喜的派对啊?
[02:33.19]What? Ted,we threw you a surprise party last year.
[02:33.19]什么? Ted 去年我们给你搞了个惊喜派对
[02:37.18]Okay,you don't get two surpse parties in a row.
[02:40.14]I mean,the fact that anyone showed up at the first one was surprise enough,right?
[02:40.14]大家赏脸参加第一个派对就已经够惊喜了 对吧?
[02:43.73]Two surprise parties in a row!
[02:45.84]That is rich! That is rich!
[02:45.84]太有聊了! 太有聊了!
[02:50.71]Classic! He still won't come up.
[02:50.71]太经典了! 他还是不肯上来
[02:55.65]Come on. What the crap?
[02:55.65]够了 怎么回事啊?
[02:57.11]I knew having a second surprise party was a bad idea.
[03:00.19]Yes,Robin,I know.
[03:00.19]是的 Robin 我知道了
[03:02.34]This party is... it's a disaster. It was my idea.
[03:02.34]这个派对真是... 真是场灾难 这是我出的主意
[03:06.92]I take responsibility.
[03:10.44]And there's really only one thing to do about it.
[03:17.90]- Oh,Marshall,no. - Lily,I have to do this!
[03:17.90]- 哦 Marshall 不要啊 - Lily 我一定要做!
[03:21.30]No point in putting it off any longer.
[03:23.80]I should explain.
[03:25.08]You see,a few years earlier...
[03:25.08]你们瞧 几年前...
[03:28.47]No,uh-uh,forget it. This is so not pimped out.
[03:28.47]不 算了吧 这玩意一点也不潮
[03:33.15]If anything,this is pimped in.
[03:33.15]或者说 逊毙了
[03:36.87]You know who knows how to live? Those people.
[03:36.87]你知道谁最会生活吗? 那些家伙
[03:40.34]Ah,the rooftop patio one building over from ours.
[03:43.82]Across a chasm of just six or seven feet awaited a landscaped paradise.
[03:48.14]And best of all...
[03:49.11]That looks to be one hot tub.
[03:54.79]Great. How do we get over there?
[03:54.79]很好 咱们怎么过去呢?
[03:56.42]What are we gonna do? Jump?
[03:56.42]我们怎么办呢? 跳过去?
[04:08.58]I can jump that far.
[04:12.04]Marshall,lately it takes you two tries to get off the sofa.
[04:12.04]Marshall 你最近从沙发上跳下来都得跳个两回了
[04:14.97]You can't jump that far.
[04:18.34]- Really? - Really.
[04:18.34]- 真的? - 真的
[04:20.70]Watch me.
[04:29.67]But he didn't jump.
[04:32.92]This actually is kind of nice.
[04:34.86]Right? Right?
[04:34.86]对吧? 对吧?
[04:40.04]And in the years that followed,he kept almost jumping.
[04:40.04]接下来几年 他都是处于预备跳的状态
[04:43.35]Okay... Okay!
[04:43.35]好了... 好了!
[04:50.41]But each time,without fail...
[04:50.41]但是每一次 毫无悬念的...
[04:52.77]Okay. Here we go.
[04:52.77]好了 我跳了
[04:55.40]He didn't jump.
[04:57.23]But don't worry.
[04:58.36]'Cause if I can make this jump tonight,it's totally gonna save the party.
[04:58.36]如果我今晚跳过去了 就还是能保住这个"惊喜"派对
[05:03.15]Honey,please get down from there.
[05:03.15]亲爱的 求你下来吧
[05:05.36]Lily,when Evel Knievel sat astride his star-spangled rocket on the rim of Snake River Canyon,
[05:05.36]Lily 当飞车英雄Evel Knievel 在蛇河峡谷边缘跨上他的星条旗战车
[05:11.95]do you think his wife said,Honey,get down from there?
[05:11.95]你觉得他的老婆会说"亲爱的 你下来吧'吗?
[05:15.25]For the last time,I am not Linda Knievel!
[05:15.25]最后再说一次 我不是Linda Knievel!
[05:18.67]I will never be Linda Knievel!
[05:18.67]我也不可能成为Linda Knievel!
[05:22.60]You don't need to remind me.
[05:34.27]Marshall,please don't do this.
[05:34.27]Marshall 求你别这样 别跳
[05:37.08]Lily,but I gotta do this.
[05:37.08]Lily 我非跳不可
[05:39.36]- You can't do this. - Why?
[05:39.36]- 你不能这样做 - 为什么?
[05:42.02]You want a reason? I'll give you a reason. I'm pregnant.
[05:42.02]你想听理由? 那我就告诉你 我怀孕了
[05:48.01]Oh,my God!
[05:48.01]哦 天啊!
[05:49.44]Oh,my God,really?
[05:49.44]哦 天啊 真的吗?
[05:51.63]Lily,I mean,I noticed that you gained some weight lately...
[05:51.63]Lily 我确实是觉得你最近胖了不少
[05:55.35]I was lying,you jerk!
[05:55.35]我骗你的 猪头!
[05:58.26]Oh,go ahead and jump. I hope you die!
[05:58.26]尽管去跳吧 我巴不得你死了算了!
[06:04.30]That's all the permission I need.
[06:11.53]听着 Robin...
[06:17.68]- There's something I have to tell you. - But wait.
[06:17.68]- 我有话对你说 - 等等
[06:19.96]Before you do,I have to tell you something first.
[06:19.96]这你说之前 我也有话要说
[06:24.47]What is it?
[06:26.49]I think I'm in love with you.
[06:38.82]It's Ted. Everybody shh!
[06:38.82]是Ted 大家别出声!
[06:43.05]Hey,Ted,what's up?
[06:43.05]嘿 Ted 怎么了?
[06:44.70]It's here,Lily.
[06:44.70]它在这儿 Lily
[06:47.80]It's looking at me.
[06:50.32]What is?
[06:51.89]The goat.
[06:53.32]Now,I've told you some of the story of the goat already.
[06:56.47]How Aunt Lily invited a local farmer to come talk to her class,and how he brought a goat,
[06:56.47]你们的Lily阿姨曾邀请一位当地的农民去班里 他还带来一头山羊
[07:00.95]and how he told the whole class what he was gonna do to the goat later that day.
[07:00.95]他告诉班里的小朋友 接下来怎么处置这头羊
[07:05.06]And how Aunt Lily,in a fit of mercy,bought the goat off the guy in order to commute its sentence.
[07:05.06]然后Lily阿姨出于善心 买下了这头羊 让它免于一死
[07:10.75]Lily,something amazing has happened.
[07:10.75]Lily 奇迹发生了
[07:12.63]I was talking to Robin,I was all set to tell her how I feel,
[07:12.63]我刚跟Robin聊天 我准备告诉她对她的感觉
[07:15.80]but before I could,you'll nev believe what she said.
[07:15.80]但在我开口之前 你都不会相信她先说了什么
[07:19.15]I think I'm in love with you.
[07:21.26]What did you say?
[07:22.32]What do you think I said? What would anyone say to something like that?
[07:22.32]你想我还能怎么说呢? 遇到这样的事还能说什么呢?
[07:26.17]Yeah... Robin,listen.
[07:26.17]好吧... Robin 听着
[07:30.82]You're great. I mean,you're really awesome,but I mean,we're friends.
[07:30.82]你很好 很优秀 但是我的意思是 咱俩是朋友
[07:35.81]It's probably a bad idea.
[07:38.31]I-I guess you're right.
[07:41.09]Uh,have a good party.
[07:41.09]哦 祝你玩得愉快
[07:43.79]You too,kiddo.
[07:43.79]你也是 小鬼
[07:48.05]It's like,as soon as she said that,no more feelings.
[07:48.05]她一开口 我立马没感觉了
[07:51.18]I'm not in love with her anymore.
[07:52.68]So,you've been in love with this girl for the past year,
[07:55.87]and the second she reciprocates those feelings,just like that,you're over her.
[07:55.87]在她对你生情 倾吐爱意的那一刻 你立刻对她没感觉了
[08:00.77]How great is that?
[08:08.20]No! No! This is a washcloth. Not food.
[08:08.20]不! 不! 这是条毛巾 不是吃的
[08:30.76]What the...
[08:32.09]Okay... this is it.
[08:32.09]好了... 就是这样
[08:37.01]Here we... Go!
[08:37.01]我要... 跳了!
[08:42.65]This is it.
[08:44.20]Tracey,Tracey,tell Lily what you just told me.
[08:44.20]Tracey Tracey 告诉Lily你刚跟我说什么了
[08:46.78]Um,that I just moved to New York?
[08:48.55]No,no,but tell her how you got here.
[08:48.55]不 不 在这之前的事
[08:50.37]I just got off the bus from Iowa.
[08:50.37]我从衣阿华州来 刚下车
[08:52.25]Just got off the bus from Iowa!
[08:52.25]从衣阿华州来 刚下车!
[08:56.07]How lucky is it that an aspiring dancer
[08:56.07]这样一位天才舞蹈家 真是幸运
[09:00.70]just off the bus from Iowa runs into the producer of the Rockettes?
[09:00.70]她从衣阿华州来 才刚下车 就遇到了Rockettes舞蹈公司的制作人
[09:06.92]I feel like I'm in one of those classic show biz stories.
[09:09.75]Oh,honey,you are. You really are.
[09:09.75]哦 亲爱的 你确实是在剧里
[09:13.50]Hey,Tracey,why don't you make me one of those rum and beers that your dad loves so much?
[09:13.50]嘿 Tracey 为 何不给我调点你老爹喜欢喝的朗姆酒混啤酒?
[09:17.40]Sure thing!
[09:20.41]- Damn it. - What?
[09:20.41]- 该死 - 什么?
[09:23.62]Everybody always says,Don't tell Lily.
[09:25.99]Lily can't keep a secret. And,usually,they're right.
[09:25.99]Lily守不住秘密 通常 他们说的没错
[09:28.83]But this time,I kept the secret.
[09:28.83]但这次 我忍住没说
[09:31.85]And then you come along with this crap and you force me to pull an old classic Lily
[09:31.85]然后你跑来我面前来了这么一段 逼我回复我Lily的本性
[09:36.76]and spill the beans!
[09:36.76]只能泄密了! (原意为撒豆)
[09:38.79]What beans? There's beans?
[09:38.79]有啥豆子? 还有豆子呢?
[09:41.68]There's beans.
[09:43.47]The suit is Robin.
[09:45.43]I know! Right?
[09:45.43]我就知道! 对吧?
[09:49.52]I'm with you,buddy.
[09:49.52]我支持你 伙计
[09:51.30]You are now.
[09:53.18]Because I explained it to you.
[09:57.68]There you go.
[10:04.87]哦 惨了
[10:06.51]He said that? Oh,my God!
[10:06.51]他那么说的? 老天爷啊!
[10:08.87]What a tremendous ground-breaking surprise!
[10:11.92]- How long have you known? - Eight months.
[10:11.92]- 你知道多久了? - 8个月
[10:13.51]And you've kept it a secret since then? Good for you.
[10:13.51]你保密了那么久? 不容易啊
[10:16.27]Yeah. Good for you,Lily.
[10:16.27]是啊 难得啊 Lily
[10:19.14]I mean,what a bombshell. Who saw that coming?
[10:19.14]好惊人 谁预料到了?
[10:21.71]- How long have you known? - Seven months,29 days.
[10:21.71]- 你知道多久了? - 7个月29天
[10:24.82]God,what am I going to do?
[10:24.82]天啊 我该怎么办?
[10:26.33]I don't know. What are you going to do?
[10:26.33]我不知道 你打算怎么办?
[10:29.70]I'm going to marry Barney in a big church wedding.
[10:32.53]And we're going to move to some sleepy New Hampshire town and open a bed-and-breakfast.
[10:32.53]然后搬到新罕布什尔州的某个浪漫小镇 经营家小旅馆
[10:36.89]- Aww,really? - No!
[10:36.89]- 啊 真的吗? - 当然不是!
[10:39.12]It's Barney. I mean...
[10:39.12]那是Barney 我是说...
[10:42.38]it's Barney. But it's Barney.
[10:42.38]是Barney 但那是Barney啊
[10:46.43]I got to tell him no.
[10:48.19]Oh,man,you're going to break his...
[10:48.19]乖乖 这会伤了他的那个...
[10:51.06]Whatever it is that pumps that black sludge through his veins.
[10:55.14]Crap. You're right.
[10:55.14]该死 你说的对
[10:56.56]The first time Barney expresses feelings for a girl and she rejects him?
[11:00.82]And not just any girl. I mean...
[11:00.82]还不是被普通女孩拒绝 我是说...
[11:04.54]It will destroy him.
[11:07.35]Okay,well,first of all...
[11:07.35]好吧 首先...
[11:13.88]Second of all,there is a maneuver you can try. It's high-risk,but it's also high-reward.
[11:13.88]其次还有个变通之策 高风险 高回报
[11:18.47]For lack of a better term,I'm going to call it...
[11:18.47]没有啥专业命名 我就叫他...
[11:22.19]The Mosby.
[11:22.19]莫斯比法则 (Ted的姓)
[11:23.54]- The Mosby? - No,she couldn't Mosby him.
[11:23.54]- 莫斯比法则? - 不 她不能莫斯比了他
[11:26.36]She could Mosby the crap out of him.
[11:28.77]What's the Mosby?
[11:29.93]Robin,you remember your first date with Ted?
[11:29.93]Robin 还记得你跟Ted的首次约会吗?
[11:31.98]You wanted to hop on the T-train and take a ride downtown.
[11:31.98]你都想跳上电车 直奔闹市了
[11:35.28]I was ready to jump that turnstile.
[11:38.27]What changed all that?
[11:40.90]- I think I'in love with you. - What?
[11:40.90]- 我好像爱上你了 - 什么?
[11:45.20]The Mosby!
[11:47.00]That is genius. And,um... excuse me.
[11:47.00]太有才了 还有... 拜托哦
[11:54.44]I mean,you're very pretty,but you're freakishly tall,and you don't believe in ghosts.
[11:54.44]我知道你很美 但你太高了 还不相信有鬼
[11:59.70]So,when she said she thinks she's in love with me,she meant the opposite.
[11:59.70]所以她说爱上我了 其实正相反
[12:04.84]Exactly. And look how well it worked. You're back to normal.
[12:04.84]没错 你看多管用 你都回归正常了
[12:08.20]Yes. Yes,I am.
[12:08.20]是啊 没错
[12:10.40]And it is great. It's awesome.
[12:10.40]太牛了 太帅了
[12:14.62]- So,Robin's not in love with me. - Nope.
[12:14.62]- 所以Robin并不爱我 - 没错
[12:18.49]Why not?
[12:23.21]Mr. Goat?
[12:40.02]Mr. Goat?
[12:43.41]Okay. That's it.
[12:43.41]好了 到这里吧
[12:48.50]Stupid goat.
[12:50.91]I do not understand your fascination with this washcloth.
[12:54.24]I guess at's what happen when you have a brain thsize of a...
[12:57.39]表 表 表!
[13:01.74]好了 好了 好了...
[13:04.84]Hey,Marshall,can you just go get Ted?
[13:04.84]Marshall 你能去叫Ted吗?
[13:06.68]Lily,I was just about to jump.
[13:06.68]Lily 我-刚-要-跳-的
[13:10.26]Didn't you hear me saying "Okay" over and over again?
[13:13.18]Oh,I'm sorry. Go ahead and jump.
[13:13.18]哦 对不起 你快跳
[13:14.89]No,it's fine. Sorry,everybody. Lily won't let me jump.
[13:14.89]不 算了吧 对不起大伙 Lily拦着我
[13:26.53]Thank God.
[13:40.95]So,what happened exactly?
[13:43.65]What happened is you let a freaking wild animal into our apartment.
[13:49.24]I was savaged.
[13:50.93]That is the sweetest,cutest little goat in the whole world.
[13:54.89]Sweetest,cutest little goat in the whole world?
[13:58.78]I was prettyleep-deprived at this point,
[14:00.55]so this probably isn't how it really happened,but here's how I remember it.
[14:00.55]所以可能记不住事 但我记得是...
[14:22.72]So,you're the guy who tried to make it with a goat?
[14:26.30]Hey,if anything,that goat tried to make it with me.
[14:26.30]嘿 就算是上 也是那只山羊想上我
[14:30.08]- Can I go,please? - Sure,you can go.
[14:30.08]- 我能离开吗? - 当然可以
[14:32.18]But remember,buddy,"baa" means "baa."
[14:32.18]不过记住哦 "哵"的意思是"别"哦
[14:38.71]Great. Great. Now I'm going to be late for my presentation.
[14:38.71]这下好了 我的设计演示要迟到了
[14:41.90]Thanks a lot,Mr. Goat.
[14:43.54]Mr. Goat? Ted,that goat's a girl. Her name's Missy.
[14:43.54]山羊先生? Ted 那是母羊 叫Missy
[14:47.53]You got beat up by a girl.
[14:57.03]- So. You're in love with me. - What?
[14:57.03]- 所以你爱上我了 - 什么?
[15:00.09]Oh,yeah. Very much.
[15:00.09]哦对 特别爱你
[15:02.49]Okay,you can knock it off. Lily told me.
[15:02.49]好了 别装了 Lily都告诉我了
[15:05.07]Damn it. Lily!
[15:05.07]该死的 Lily!
[15:06.37]I can't believe you would do that.
[15:09.11]It's just... Like,I care about you,Barney. And...
[15:09.11]这是因为我关心你 Barney
[15:12.75]This kind of stuff,the emotional stuff?
[15:12.75]这些事 这些情感的事?
[15:15.91]It's not your thing. I thought I'd save you the trouble.
[15:15.91]你不在行 我以为我是帮你摆脱麻烦呢
[15:19.17]Well,maybe I don't want to be saved the trouble.
[15:21.53]Maybe I want the trouble.
[15:23.80]I haven't wanted the trouble in a long time.
[15:26.25]But with you,the trouble doesn't seem so. troubling.
[15:26.25]但是跟你在一起 麻烦好像不麻烦了
[15:32.08]I don't know. I thought...
[15:32.08]不知道 我以为...
[15:34.39]I guess I thought you felt the se way.
[15:38.04]Maybe I do. I don't know.
[15:38.04]也许我就这么想 我也不知道
[15:42.04]I'm not exactly the biggest confronter of feelings.
[15:46.13]I mean,clearly,there's something between us.
[15:46.13]显然 咱俩之间有点火花
[15:49.70]Maybe my head was saying,"Nip it in the bud" because my heart was saying something else.
[15:49.70]我大脑想着要把它扼杀在摇篮里 就因为我心里另有所想
[15:58.01]Look... I have feelings for you,Barney.
[15:58.01]听着... 我确实对你有感觉 Barney
[16:02.85]Maybe I even love you.
[16:05.35]- This is going pretty fast,don't you think? - What?
[16:05.35]- 哎哟 进展太快了吧? 你不觉得咩 - 什么?
[16:08.21]We have a really good friendship going.
[16:10.21]Why screw up a good thing?
[16:12.16]- Friends? - Friends.
[16:12.16]- 做朋友? - 做朋友
[16:16.84]Oh,my God. You just did it again. You just Mosby'd me.
[16:16.84]娘啊 你又来了 你又莫斯比了我
[16:19.13]- I did not. - You did. You little minx.
[16:19.13]- 我没有 - 就有 你好狡猾
[16:21.97]Okay,you're right. I did just Mosby you.
[16:21.97]好吧 你说对了 我刚还是莫斯比
[16:23.77]Why are you so afraid of giving this a chance?
[16:25.87]Because I am scared of how much I like you.
[16:28.90]Whoa,this is a bad idea.
[16:28.90]哇噢 这可不是好主意
[16:30.66]You're right. This is a mistake.
[16:30.66]没错 这是个错误
[16:32.13]- Yes. No. - I love you.
[16:32.13]- 没错 错了 - 我爱你
[16:33.95]- Let's be friends. - Okay,friends,then.
[16:33.95]- 咱做朋友吧 - 好吧 那就朋友
[16:35.74]- I love you. - Let's get married.
[16:35.74]- 我爱你 - 咱结婚吧
[16:37.29]- No,you're smothering me. - Okay,forget it.
[16:37.29]- 不 你别逼我 - 好吧 那算了
[16:45.49]You know what? We can sort this out later.
[16:46.66]- Yeah,that sounds good. - That sounds good.
[16:46.66]- 是啊 好主意 - 听上去不错
[16:51.11]It had been a long and crazy night,but that morning,
[16:51.11]那是疯狂漫长的一夜 但转天早晨
[16:54.26]against all odds,I made it to my presentation.
[16:54.26]抛开琐事 我成功进行了展示
[16:57.21]Here you have it,gentlemen. Rib Town.
[16:57.21]先生们 这就是了 肋骨城
[17:00.84]Right? Right?
[17:00.84]是不是? 好吧?
[17:06.26]Ted,listen. You're great,and you've done a real...
[17:06.26]Ted 听我说 你很牛...
[17:10.52]special job here,and you're going to make some other restaurant very happy someday,
[17:10.02]做的也很好 有天定会让别的餐馆满意的
[17:15.82]but,uh,we have,uh,decided to go...
[17:19.67]- another direction here. - What?
[17:19.67]- 选另一个风格 - 什么?
[17:22.84]Feast your eyes on...
[17:26.07]- Rib Town! - Rib Town!
[17:26.07]- 肋骨城! - 肋骨城!
[17:30.50]Sven (怪兽喷火银行设计组)
[17:35.00]I'll tell you one thing.
[17:36.40]I'm never eating ribs again.
[17:40.19]I am never... eating ribs... again!
[17:45.91]In front of Ted!
[17:48.25]This is a disaster.
[17:50.30]How am I going to come back from this?
[17:53.08]Okay,I'm just going to ask this.
[17:53.08]好吧 我想问句
[17:55.19]Do you really want to come back from this?
[17:57.50]What's that supposed to mean?
[17:58.78]Architecture is killing you,Ted,and it's killing us to watch it killing you.
[17:58.78]建筑业快毁掉你了 Ted 我们都看不下去了
[18:04.08]You're like that goat with the washcloth.
[18:06.34]You want it so bad,and every time the world tries to take it away from you,you keep grabbing it.
[18:06.34]你太想要了 别人越拦你 你越要抢
[18:12.23]But you know what? It's just a washcloth. Why do you even want it?
[18:12.23]要知道不过是毛巾而已 干嘛这么想要?
[18:16.69]Because I... I have to be an architect. That's...
[18:21.12]that's the plan.
[18:22.43]Screw the plan. I planned on being a famous artist.
[18:22.43]让计划去死吧 我计划当知名艺术家的
[18:25.89]Marshall planned on being an environmental lawyer.
[18:28.59]Robin planned on being a TV reporter.
[18:32.41]I am a TV reporter. I'm on every morning at 4:00 a.m.
[18:32.41]我计划成真了啊 早晨4点档都是我的
[18:36.08]Is that still on? Oh,good for you.
[18:36.08]还在播啊 好事好事
[18:38.91]Somebody watch it,please.
[18:38.91]拜托 还是有人看的
[18:41.32]Barney planned on being a violinist.
[18:43.43]- Lily. - Don't tell me things.
[18:43.43]- Lily - 啥也别说了
[18:46.05]Look,you can't design your life like a building.
[18:49.90]It doesn't work that way.
[18:51.20]You just have to live it,and it will design itself.
[18:51.20]你好好生活 生活会自己规划的
[18:55.19]So,what,I should just do nothing?
[18:57.21]No. Listen to what the world is telling you to do and take the leap.
[18:57.21]不是 要听人劝 大胆飞跃
[19:10.35]You're right. You're absolutely right.
[19:10.35]你是对的 你说的很对
[19:15.32]I love you,Lily.
[19:15.32]我爱你 Lily
[19:17.43]Oh,no. Metaphorical leap. Metaphorical leap!
[19:17.43]哎呀 跳跃是个比喻 是个比喻!
[19:22.55]- This is not cool. - Don't do it.
[19:22.55]- 这可不好玩 - 别啊
[19:34.04]- I did it! - Baby,you did it.
[19:34.04]- 我成功了! - 宝贝 你成功了
[19:36.55]- I can do anything! - Yes,you can.
[19:36.55]- 我无所不能! - 没错的
[19:38.96]I'm getting a motorcycle!
[19:40.58]- You absolutely are not! - Okay,sorry. Guys,me on over.
[19:40.58]- 你别做梦了! - 好吧 对不起 大家都过来啊
[20:21.37]That was the year I got left at the altar.
[20:24.17]It was the year I got knocked out by a crazy bartender.
[20:27.63]The year I got fired.
[20:29.85]The year I got beat up by a goat.
[20:32.11]A girl goat,at that.
[20:34.36]And damn it if it wasn't the best year of my life.
[20:42.01]Because,if any one of those things hadn't happened,
[20:44.73]I never would have ended up in a which turned out to be the best job I ever had.
[20:49.06]But more importantly,I wouldn't have met your mother,
[20:49.06]最重要的是 我也不会见到你们的妈妈了
[20:53.58]because,as you know...she was in that class.
[20:58.64]But of course,that story is only just beginning.
[20:58.64]而且 故事才刚刚开始 (期待下一季Barney和Robin的浪漫吧)
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-7558-257707-1.html

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